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Behind The Scenes: Pt. I [Quest: Yuurei]

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Behind The Scenes: Pt. I [Quest: Yuurei] Empty Sun Jul 31, 2022 11:55 am


Yuurei had been back home, and it would seem like he was doing well while here. It would seem like Nilan had finally decided to reach out to him about the unusual plant life. It would seem like he wanted him to come to the office as to what it had said in the letter. The Nephilim would bring Renji with him, and he would soar through the sky. His destination to Orchidia City wasn’t something that would take too long. When he got there, he would descend to the ground as he would start walking to Nilan’s office.

When he to the man’s office, he would knock on the door. Renji was on the ground by this time, and they waited for an answer.

“Come on in.” He said to Yuurei.

The Nephilim would go inside as he would hear the man’s words. Nilan would see that it was Yuurei and was excited that he was here.



Behind The Scenes: Pt. I [Quest: Yuurei] Empty Sun Jul 31, 2022 11:55 am


“Take a seat please.” He said to Yuurei as he would sit down on the chair next to him.

Renji would do the same thing as they waited for Nilan to explain what he wanted them to do today. He would clear his throat before speaking to Yuurei.

“So there have been reports of a hooded figure roaming around the city. It seems like this person has been the one causing all this mayhem with the plants that we have been trying to take down. I thought it just appeared out of nowhere, but that isn’t the case.” He paused for a second, which gave Yuurei time to respond.

“I see, so someone has been doing this to Orchidia the entire time. I don’t like that, where would I find them?” He asked him waiting for an answer.

Nilan was glad to hear this because it meant that Yuurei was taking the job.



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“That’s good to hear Yuurei. Now from what onlookers have gathered is that they had spotted the person near the Orchidia Forest. It seems like they might be planning to do something with the plants again.” He said to Yuurei.

The Nephilim would hear his words and he would get off the seat. Renji would do the same thing as he knew where they were going now.

“Alright I’ll let you know what I find out. Hopefully, we can stop this from happening any more.” He said this to Nilan.

The inspector would nod to him, and he would watch Yuurei walk out of the office. The Nephilim would take flight and he would start soaring through the sky. He had a destination now, and he would move through the area without being stopped. He was going to make sure that these plants would stop causing harm to the people and animals of Orchidia.


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