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Pest Control PT. 17 (Neutral)

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Pest Control PT. 17 (Neutral)  Empty Sat Jul 16, 2022 2:09 pm


Yuurei and Renji had been doing a lot lately. They were making sure that everything was for what was to come. The Nephilim had decided that it was getting close to the time when he would face Ansem once again. Still, he had to make sure that he had gotten everything he needed. He also had to make sure that he had decided who would be the next guild master if he were to perish. The man had been Yuurei last time, so he figured that there was a chance it could happen again.

While he was doing this, he would hear a knock on the door, and he would look over the door. He would lean back on his chair as it seemed like today would be another day to do a job.

“Come on in.” He said this while waiting for them to enter.

Renji was sleeping on the desk as usual as he was waiting for them to do something.



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The man would open the door and he would be holding a letter in his hand. Yuurei would motion for him to come over to his desk. The man would do just that as he would move without hesitation. When he got to Yuurei he would hand him the letter and he would bow slightly before leaving the room. The berserker would open the letter and he would read through it. When he got through it, he wondered who had actually been selling all of these properties.

In the end, it didn’t matter. He would get up from where he was, and he would look over to Renji who was relaxing. The Exceed would hear the sound of his friend getting up, and he would open his eyes. The cat would get up from where he was laying down and stretched his arms into the air. Once he was done with that, he would go to Yuurei and climb on his shoulder, so they could be on their way.



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Once Renji was on his shoulder, Yuurei would walk over to the window, and he would open it without a problem. There he would move out of the window, and he would leap out of it. He wouldn’t use his wings this time, but he would allow his cape to keep him from falling. The Nephilim had closed the window before he would start soaring through the air and toward their destination.

Yuurei was moving through the sky as he was heading to the city. He had another client that needed and wanted his help. The light mage figured he would get to do that, so everything would be fine in the end. He wanted to get paid and have more money for himself and Renji in the future.

As time had gone by the three of them would see Orchidia City from where they were positioned. He would have a smile on his face as he started moving down to the ground.



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Yuurei would look around to see that there were people looking at him. He would smile at them as they would do the same thing. He started moving through the area now and while doing that Renji would climb off him. He would move around right by Yuurei as he had to make sure that he didn’t gain any type of weight. The two of them walked through the streets of Orchidia and soon enough they would find themselves in the market district.

They were going to clear out an entire shop for their client. He really felt like he needed to find the source of all these rats. It was getting tedious, but he was doing all of this for the good of the people in this city.

“So, I saw you didn’t turn into your angel form to fly Yuurei. Why is that?” He asked his friend.

“I think Uriel isn’t pleased with me, so I decided not to use my form for the time being.” He said to his friend as they continued moving.



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Renji would hear those words from Yuurei and he would shake his head about this. He wouldn’t say anything about that as they continued their travel through the district, they were in. They were following the directions of the letter. They were looking for a woman this time and Yuurei figured it wouldn’t be too hard to spot one.

He kept walking around the area, and it wouldn’t take long before he would spot a woman in front of a store. It seemed like she was waiting patiently for him to arrive, but now he was here. The Nephilim would walk over to the woman, but he would make sure that he wouldn’t get too close. He would come to a stop, and he would look over at her with a smile on his face.

“I’m here for the letter you sent me.” He said to the woman as he wondered what she would say.

She would look up to the Exceed and the man and she would stare them down for a few seconds.



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The woman would notice who was in front of her after she looked at them. This was perfect as she would walk over to the two of them. She was excited that this man had taken her offer and knew that he was good for it. She would bow slightly to Yuurei and Renji as she looked at the two of them.

“I’m glad you’re here Yuurei and Renji. I bought this place and it’s infested with rats. I heard from other shop owners that you were the person to get. I didn’t think you would look this good though.” She said to Yuurei with a smile on her face.

Yuurei would hear her words and he would chuckle at the compliment.

“You’re right about that. We’re good for this type of stuff. You don’t have to worry about it. The only thing I can tell you is that I need you to find someone who can permanently close a hole that should be in your establishment.” He said to the woman.



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She would hear his words and she was happy that he would take on this job. The light mage could see it in her eyes that she was excited about this. That was good and he would walk over to the door that was behind her. She would look to turn to him, and she would hope everything would be alright. The way he looked made her feel like he couldn’t be that strong. Before Yuurei could open the door, he would look over at her one more time.

“Don’t come inside until I come back out. Make sure to have someone to clean up the mess and fill that hole up by the time I come back out.” He said to her.

She would nod when she heard his instruction, and he would turn to open the door. He would enter and at the same time, Renji would enter as well. They would move around the area together and look around to see where they were going to go.



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Yuurei would look around and he decided that he would move to the right side of the shop. He would go through this side of the shop, but he wouldn’t find any rats here. Renji was confused about this but figured he would see if he could find anything inside this room. The berserker would wait for his friend to look around the place, and soon enough he would find valuables that he would put in the bag. The Nephilim saw this, and he figured that it was time to move on to the next area.

They would go to the next spot in the shop and hoped that the rats would be in this room. The Exceed and the half-elf would make it to the next room and in this room, there was nothing there as well. Yuurei and Renji would look around the area to see if they were missing anything, but the room was cleared.



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Renji would come to Yuurei soon after with a smile on his face. He didn’t see any rats, but he had found more valuable things and on top of that, he would also find the hole where the rats would come from. The light mage would hear Renji’s words and he would find something in the room to cover the hole for the time being. Once he had done that he would look over to Renji as he was confused as to why they couldn't find rats. This was the first time they had done it in this order, which he found interesting. Still, he kept it pushing as he knew that they would find the rats soon.

Yuurei and Renji would move on to the next room. In this room, the two of them would be attacked by the rats without warning. The Nephilim would see this, and he would dodge the surprised attack from the rat that was closest to him.



Pest Control PT. 17 (Neutral)  Empty Sat Jul 16, 2022 5:02 pm


Yuurei was surprised about that attack, but now that he was on guard, he would be able to dodge the attacks. The rats were coming toward him, and he would move around the area. They didn’t even go after Renji as it seemed like they knew he was the stronger of the two. The Nephilim moved around the area, and he would start taking out the rats that were in front of him. When he landed the first punch, Renji would open his bag, and items Yuurei wasn’t wearing would appear on him. The Nephilim would start taking them out quickly without a problem.

The rats would squeal as they fell to their death. They wouldn’t be able to do much in the battle against Paradise Dawn’s Guild master. After a couple of minutes of fighting the rats, they would all be taken care of. This room was filled with dead rats, and Renji could only keep a smirk on his face.



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Renji was looking at Yuurei because his friend had come a long way from when they met. This was good, but now they would be done with everything in this area. The Nephilim would and his Exceed would go through the shop one last time. They had to make sure that none of the rats had slipped past them. When they saw that it was all clear, Yuurei would make his way out of the shop and into the open. He would see the woman waiting for him and he would have a smile on his face. She would notice that he was fine, which led her to assume that he had finished the job.

Yuurei would explain everything that he had done in the shop. He had told her where to find the hole in the wall, and what he used to cover it. It wasn’t just that, but Renji would give her all the valuable stuff he found in the shop as well. Once she heard and saw everything, she would reward Yuurei for his hard work.

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