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Her Nightmare [Alisa]

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The Nightmare's Daughter

Perhaps it should not have been odd. It should have felt as though she were back home once again. Back where she felt safe. Where she felt she belonged.

Something felt different about Hargeon.

It had not been very long since she had first left the port city for Hosenka, not expected to be back here again for several days still, more even if she had found herself so inclined. But the events that had taken place through the early days of her vacation had managed to completely throw Vyra’s plans awry. Such, to be back here, for the smells of sea water to overwhelm the air than that of burnt skin, blood, and the poor conditions befallen the North, it was as much a vacation by its own right.

It nothing else, it brought with it a sense of relief.

The nature of the North, the powder keg situation that she had been thrown into; the suddenness of it all paired alongside the actual output, the carnage that she witnessed and in and some instances even had a hand within. To no longer be there, words could hardly describe it proper. So much so that as she saw the city of Hargeon through the window of the elegant carriage, the vibrant blues of the sea off in the background just within the distance, she could not help but let out an overdue sigh of relief.

From the point that everything had at first seemed to calm down, where Veronica Barothy had finally ascended to the throne once held by her father, where a loose sense of peace settled upon her new lands, she had found herself feeling like she still had to hold her breath. The conflict itself, the nightmares that plagued her throughout her time in the North, the shift between the two gave the Demi-Human more than enough reason to tread carefully.

More even, an unwelcome visit from her other self, the interaction had between the two being one that was much too close for comfort for Vyra. To have encountered her again, even under the circumstances being different, left her as conflicted, if not far worse than the first time before. Not to detract from the environment, her own dream perverted into that of a nightmare run amok, Vyra having has little input or sense of agency within her own mind as she had been when she first encountered her other self.

But even within her own dreams, it felt all the worse. To suffer the ailments of her Magic run unhinged, spreading an almost corruptive-like state within her own body, that was an agonizing experience. But that, to be within her own dreams, knowing that she had no control, that with every passing second that the world around her only got worse and worse, there was a true terror to that.

It only further lent to the relief that came with being back home.

So much that she was looking forward to; the sleeping within her own bed, within her own room. Being able to enjoy the foods that Blue Pegasus and Hargeon alike were able to offer – perhaps not quite as foreign to the now somewhat Hargeon Demi-Human native as Hosenka may have had to offer – and the unexpected benefit of being recognized and having the respect that came with being a Blue Pegasus wizard were both welcome boons too. But perhaps more than anything else, it was that after all of the madness she had encountered only recently, between the Barothy coup, the worsening nightmares, and the second encounter with her other self that Vyra would be able to find a sense of peace and a sort of maternal advice from her guildmaster, Alisa Vollan.

Though, for as exciting as that prospect were, she still dreaded such confessions. For as much as she might have thought to explain the appearance by her other self as the cause for everything, the Demi-Human could not do that. Especially not to Alisa. It had been the feeling throughout her time in the North, the knowing that at some point, she would have to explain what happened, if only to know where she went wrong, how things could have been different, if she were at fault. Being merely moments from actually returning to Hargeon, the anxious nature of it all left her almost second-guessing herself again.

It wouldn’t be easy. Neither explaining anything that happened, nor even the changes in Vyra, namely the vibrant red color within her hair that now replaced every trace of the unique but beautiful light blue color. A gift from her visit into the Nightmare, that was how the two Sisters described it, talking as though it were commonplace. Vyra doubted that it would be something that Alisa would wholly understand, but the woman had already more than shown that her worldly understanding of not just what was before them, but also that Magical in nature, far exceeded anything Vyra could have appreciated.

Stepping out from the carriage just before the main gate into the port city, Vyra let out an overdue sigh of relief, a burden of stress lifting from her as the reality set that she were home.


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"...As I've already told you thousands of times... She wouldn't do anything like this unless somebody manipulated her into doing so. Did you even bother trying to hunt down the midnight cult or did you rush here looking for a scapegoat?", anger seethed off the woman's very demeanor, every single word from her lips laced with venom.

She'd been worried sick for Vyra after she'd heard all about that mess taking place all the way up in the east, and the troubling tales of a blue haired demi human with goat horns aiding the cultists in overthrowing the ruling powers in the land. Nobody had named Vyra directly... But not that many people matched her description, and now here she stood, getting question by Rune Knigghts about her whereabouts:

"They're basically ghosts... But her... She's a light mage who made this disaster possible.", the man shook his head, yet his words were unflinching, even when standing before an uncooperative Alisa

"Right... You didn't seem too bothered by your own members defecting to dark guilds, but a light mage being tricked into helping a cult, that's what you find unforgivable?", she snapped back, hand on her hip

Even the two armoured knights looked almost sheepish as they turned to one another, coming face to face with an immovable object, a mother's wish to protect her beloved daughter. Realizing they wouldn't get anywhere, they shook his head as one of them added:

"Be that as it may... She's the only one who might know who those cultists are. Please, do send for us when she finally returns."

"Sure, i'll keep that in mind. Don't be surprised if she leaves after seeing a whole garrison swarming Hargeon.", she warned, waving her hand dismissively.

The knights went off their way, leaving Alisa all by herself once more. She'd opted to meet the guards out on the street rather than the Guild hall, or rather... She knew they were coming to meet her and much preferred not to give them any excuses to poke their nose inside Blue Pegasus:

"What in the world did she get tangled up in...?", she mumbled, hand reaching for her chest, anxious and on edge at the thought of what might have happened. Clad in a pair of denim shorts and a breezy purple top, Alisa looked just like any other citizen going about her life, and yet. She had none of the cheer and delight at the soothin summer heat shining down from those clear blue skies.

Was she safe...? From what the rumours told her, whoever roped Vyra into this succeeded in their goals, weakening the illuminan faith in the region. Morrigan cultists, yet again. Her brow twitched at the though... More of Odin's buddies, or former buddies. The church of Illumin was a fake religion, but Morrigan's wasn't much better... Just like Illumin, Alisa doubted the woman knew of the reverence she held, or even cared much for it. But the insidious deeds these people got up to in her name. That was unforgivable. Her fists clenched as she stewed in her anger... She couldn't forgive them for manipulating Vyra like this. And soon they'd need to be eradicated off the face of the Earth. Alisa mulled over plans, what to do, how do deal with this... And this whole time, she lingered close to the city's gates and the area around it, idly hoping the blue haired girl would come that way when she finally returned. In the end, her eyes flared open, a wave of relief washing over her as she caught the girl right as she walked through the gates, running over and pulling her into a tight, tender embrace, pulling her head onto her shoulder with misty eyes:

"Vyra!!!", she called out, her voice ecstatic, relieved to see her safe and sound, unharmed despite the bedlam that took place upstairs. She peeled away soon enough to look into her eyes, hand on her shoulders, her own growing misty as she looked her over, searching for injuries, "Are you alright...? What happened to you out there?"

Still, staying out here was a bad idea... Without warning, she looked left, then right, and finally took Vyra's hand and lead her across the alleyways, looking left then right... No matter what, they had to make it to the guild hall without any of the knights spotting her.

"Come on, we need to get out of here... They Knights have been looking all over for you."

Alisa clicked her tongue... How frustrating. If they caught her and demanded Alisa turn her over to them, well... No matter how that turned out, Hargeon wouldn't be a home for her anymore. Either she yielded to their demands, or she refused, which would pit the Knights against Blue Pegasus. She didn't particularly care for her status as a light mage, but if Hargeon became a warzone, neither her, nor Vyra, nor anybody else could live here peacefully... She'd need to think of a solution, and fast.

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Her Nightmare [Alisa] CyhFjWA

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The Nightmare's Daughter

It was undeniable.

Hargeon was different.

Just quite how, she could not put her finger upon it. But there were no doubt to the Demi-Human and Blue Pegasus mage Vyra that things felt different.

Warranted perhaps. After all, her time in the North had left her as much affected too, not just per the crimson red hair which were cast out to all sights, more than a few heads turning to see; those whom had come to know her in some capacity or another. Many just whom had become accustomed to the presence of the Demi-Human than that of her actual character and person, but to assume the hues and shades of red where blue had been rooted within their memories, they as much found similar doubt to what she were encountering.

Perhaps more, it had been the quiet.

The festival, having previously consumed all of Hargeon’s attention and focus only a short few days ago, had long since ceased – Vyra herself only having had a chance to enjoy with Alisa upon one of the last days of it. The merriment, the comradery, the laughter and cheer, as encapsulating as it had been, it were no more. Normalcy had returned. Or at least, what passed for normalcy within Hargeon.

Even this though wasn’t quite that.

It was in the air, a feeling of something. Nervousness? Not exactly. Fear? No, she had encountered more than enough fear up in the North to know that that was not what seemed to lace the air. It left her feeling awkward, as if it were not entirely her home despite it having been exactly that. Unease set it, perhaps what was within the air all along. A feeling of uneasiness, started upon by the relative quiet filling the streets, odd even by the typical Hargeon standard, made all the more apparent and obvious with the hushed whispers and cautiousness taken by the random passerby’s.

It left Vyra utterly confused. Until she saw them.

It was brief, barely out of the corner of eye for that matter, but if her mind had come to doubt her eyes, certainly the startled cries that echoed through the adjoining alleyways did not leave much for confusion. A small gathering, maybe not even a dozen’s worth in total, but the clanging of chainmail scrapping against armor was not a sound that were hard to be mistaken for, especially not for the Demi-Human, the memories of traversing through the Barothy Keep trying to secure away the Countess as the rioters of the North descended upon them still all too fresh in her mind.

No reason to suspect Barothy forces, but certainly something else. Guards. But not even those local to Hargeon. Never could Vyra remember there being the need for the city of Hargeon to bring forth armored patrols. Even during the festival, whatever outside security there may have been, they didn’t behave or operate like that of a unit; they were mercenaries effectively.

“What…” She softly spoke, muttering under her breath more than anything else. It was impossible to ignore the curiosity, but she had come to know better at this point the risk that came with reaching out.

Another noise, this one far closer and clear than the clamoring of soldiers’ movements, sent a sudden shiver down her spine, the Demi-Human looking in all directions for some place safe, some place to be hidden. An alleyway. Hardly anything impressive, but under pressure it at least drew her out of sight as the noise became more apparent, forming now into that of a conversation on by its own.

“Rune Knights in Hargeon… World’s gone to hell man…”

“Hey! People care about these things. You can’t tell me that you’re not at least a bit stunned as the rest of us,” another voice retorted, a conversation between two parties, with Vyra inching as close as possible to hear every little thing she could.

“Nah fuck the North! Bunch of either mountain people or people living in trees…”

“Damn, tell me how you really feel…”

“Come on, they do their own shit, they have their own governments, kingdoms, whatever you wanna call them as. Like, you can’t tell me that this is a shocker. An old type of government, you treat the people like slaves, and suddenly we’re surprised when they get tired of that? I just don’t get why it’s something that the South should be concerned with.”

An incredulous gasp escaped out of the mouth of the other, Vyra seeming to as much have a hard time finding where one could disagree. She had seen how the people lived under Lord Barothy. Free perhaps, but barely that. “You’re not serious are ya? Forget the South, I mean the people of Hargeon should care cause our city’s guild may have had a member involved in that!”

Vyra’s heart sank, the strength waning out of her legs as she listened. Had news of what happened in the North already spread through Fiore? How was that possible? Worse even, how had it been reasoned that someone were involved? She knew it to be her that they were talking of, but wished that it weren’t. That none of it were true.

She wanted to move. To go somewhere. Anywhere other than here. But she found herself paralyzed, dread overtaking her. Dread of how she may have come to feel if, or rather, when, Alisa would find out. Mustering her will, she moved, darting down the alleyway, not sure where she were going, what may have been there, or anything of the sort.

She just had to move.

Vyra didn’t even see her at first. How long she had been running, she did not know. Exhaustion had set upon her as she leaned against one of the alleyway walls, those ahead of her looking no different than that of what she had been through only moments ago, and before those as well. She had not even seen her until after her voice flooded through the narrow path, the Demi-Human looking up to see something she had not envisioned.


In the immediate moment she felt her spirits begin to lift, a sense of relief rushing over her, as she responded in rushing towards her guild leader in kind, throwing her arms around her, an embrace that despite how routine or common it may have been, held no shortage of absolute delight and meaning towards her.

Within Alisa’s arms, Vyra felt safe.

Not wanting to let go, it was not until the Sculptress spoke again that the Demi-Human lifted her head, the sense of absolute safety starting to peel away as the concern upon the woman’s face started to become more and more evident. “What…” she muttered out, her thinking of her fears beginning to seem made manifest. “Happened where?” False confusion spewed through in her words, the Demi-Human a poor liar in her own right, even worse towards someone like Alisa – the very notion of such an act being all but sacrilege to her – but to believe that her reality were simply just a foolish notion of dreams, she would have championed that as well as she could have hoped to.

But like the branch expected to hold the weight of the world within the storm, the illusion she wished for herself were all but left shattered as the words escaped from Alisa’s mouth. Whatever strength may have come in absolute glee dissipated immediately, the Demi-Human’s skin going white, causing the crimson locks to stand out even more than before. “What… no…” She couldn’t figure anything else to muster, no words to adequately describe the bowels of self-hatred she found herself now within. It was hard to tell, ┬ájust quite what was it that she hated more; the idea that what she had found herself a part of could have run so rogue in this regard, or that the one person in the world that she cared about found herself as much involved.

Her grip waned, one knee giving out altogether as Vyra nearly slumped down, her fingers mustering enough strength to grab hold of the Alisa and secure what could only be described as a poor balance, but there was little she could do.

Through eyes that focused upon the face of Alisa, the woman whom she would have done anything for, given anything to see happy, within her heart she saw only the abyss, the Nightmare staring back upon her.


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Alisa overheard many of the same remarks along the way, and boy did they infuriate her... Despite directing none of the anger at the people, she immediately resented the council for how they'd handled this whole situation, painting Vyra like their perfect little scapegoat, the only single person in this whole fiasco who they could actually point their fingers it. Drawing the people's focus away from their incompetence. Of course they didn't miss a beat, not when the alternative was admitting they not only didn't know the names of the ones responsible for overthrowing the Barothy, but they also had no clue just how long they'd been operating right under their noses. This kind of hipocrisy turns people against the government overnight, and it's no surprise many felt that way... But in the end, she had no thoughts to spare for them when the girl whose return she yearned for now stood right before her. From that first look alone, she could immediately recognize the changes she'd gone through, enough to she'd endured far more than even the worst rumours implied:

"I'm so glad you're okay...", she whispered, her eyes tearing up as she clung tightly to the girl, holding her to her chest, her hand coming to rest behind her head, the worst of her tension seeping away now that she had Vyra in her arms, safe and sound.

At that moment, she didn't have to think about what to do next... How could they possibly deal with a veritable army of Rune Knights combing through the city looking for her, and how the girl had miraculously returned without having to go through them. She wanted nothing more than to savour this moment of reunion, a little repieve before they inevitably had to deal with the fallout. With that question alone she could immediately sense the tension in the girl's body, enough for Alisa to peel away just enough to gaze into her frightened eyes, her forehead resting up to hers... No matter how much guilt Vyra might have felt about her part in what happened up there, Alisa didn't hold that against her for even the slightest moment, an urgent, worried, but understanding look in her eyes:

"It's alright Vyra... I won't let them touch you.", she reinforced, her brow furrowing, not for a second holding that little lie against her. Instead, she pressed the same question, her gentle, loving hand reaching up and stroking the demi human's cheek, "Everything you tell me will stay between us."

She wouldn't give the council any more ammo... They'd already decided she was guilty, without even taking a second to think about who manipulated her and why... Those wretched cultists... Had they seriously planned that far ahead? Roping in an impressionable Light mage to draw their pursuers attention? More so than the council, Alisa would never forgive them. Plenty of hapless mages could have fallen prey to such tactics, but the fact that they'd gone after her family infruriated her beyond all semblance of reason... No doubt Vyra had just found herself in the wrong place at the wrong time... But that alone only made this all the more revolting, how they ended up targeting the one girl who desperately needed a home more than anybody else. Despite the odd twitching of her brow, Alisa took a deep breath, brushing a loose lock of Vyra's hair behind her ear as she asked:

"You were just supposed to go on vacations, how could they have snared you into their scheme like this?", her eyes growing misty once more, Alisa shook her head, taking solace in the solitude the alleyways provided the two as she couldn't help but grip tightly to the girl... How could she have been so foolish? To have let someone she cherished so fall prey to the machinations of an insidious cult, "Please, tell me everything... I know this wasn't your fault."

Alisa already knew some of it... Bits and pieces, rumours that had reached all the way down from various sources, some contradictory, but others consistent enough to raise a few eyebrows. The fact that whatever changes seemed to have affected her appearance only validated Alisa's worries, instantly leaving her wondering how the Morrigan cultists had messed with her. Even if Vyra's alter ego might have had some involvement here, she doubted that woman too had any particular reverence for Morrigan either. Odds were, she might have just exploited them to further her goals as much as she could... In either case, Alisa devoted all of her attention to the girl in her arms, eyes flaring open as she felt her grip weakening as she all but staggered in place. Alisa's arms wrapped tighter around her, supporting her weight, letting her lean into her and hopefully let some of the tension seep from her body:

"Whoa... I got you... Lets get back home alright?", flashing her a warm, loving smile, instead of striding further along the alleyways, Alisa turned to the nearest doorway, plucking her skeleton key from her pocket dimension and sliding it into the keyhole, opening a doorway directly to Vyra's room through which she led her, out of sight of even the nosiest of citizens and persistent of Rune Knights. With nobody having seen Vyra coming in, none would assume her to have already returned to the guild, giving both women a measure of privacy to collect their thoughts in peace.

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Her Nightmare [Alisa] CyhFjWA

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The Nightmare's Daughter

How unfortunate the nature of how things had played out.

A game, with each of them serving as their own piece.

And Vyra neither knowing her presence upon the board nor the direction the unseen Nightmare moved her piece about.

In the company of Alisa, it should have been the safest place that she could have ever imagined herself, the Demi-Human having desperately wished for it throughout her endeavors not only within captivity of the Witch Hunters, but also whilst her time in the Northern parts of Fiore had reached their absolute worst. Here now though, having actually achieved that desire for, should it not have been blissful? Vyra felt only agony, agony for a world that had deemed her as a monster.

A monster like how her mother had deemed her.

Like how everyone before her first arrival in Hargeon had recognized her as being.

Except for Alisa. The woman who held her close now had been one of the only few whom ever looked at Vyra as something more than a freak, than as a monster, than as a fetishized woman, as some expendable. And it warmed her heart. But it did not change the coldness that the Demi-Human felt throughout herself, the lingering sense that her life was no longer becoming her own. First brought forth by the incumbent nightmares, amplified by the advent of her other persona returning within her dreams, then the horror itself; whatever the manifested world of her dreams had become twisted into. Whatever the Nightmare had begun to warp it – warp her – into becoming.

For as grateful as Vyra was to be home, as safe as she wished to have felt in Alisa’s arms, she had come to realize in part that she would never be truly safe. Nor could she have kept Alisa safe she feared. Whatever it was that lingered within that realm of nightmare, the voice that echoed through, with every word sending a sense of death through her very being; to ever wish to drag someone else, least of all someone who mattered as much to Vyra as Alisa did, she could not dare reason so.

How she wished to believe Alisa, to believe that what she would confide would be kept between them, but what were she quite to believe? Her experiences in the North had already traveled faster than even she had in her return, their telling coming by way of whom? Those whom she had thought aligned with, traitors whom still held loyalty to the late-Lord Barothy? A ploy by Veronica Barothy? Perhaps nothing sinister; simply a case of unfortunate timing on some account. Whatever it may have been, she found herself nonetheless torn at the idea of opening up.

What were to happen if she were to confess and that be discovered too?

A campaign had been waged against her already on such basis. No reason to think that it would not only devolve into more torches and cruelty towards her and Blue Pegasus by extension.


It would not be by Vyra’s hand that Blue Pegasus were to find themselves in such a state. They had done more for her than she could have ever hoped to repay. And even for Alisa, someone who cared deeply for her, and for which the affection was mutually felt, Vyra could not dare put Alisa’s guild in such risk. For as much as she sought to just confess, to express all of her pain, the agony that lingered within her, the fear that clung to her like the hot air upon the summer day, she could not take that chance in the open. Nor within the relative privacy of the Hargeon back alleys.

With how she felt already, it were unlikely that even that could have been managed if she felt different. Her body weak, the support of Alisa being just enough to keep from collapsing upon the ground outright, it taking several moments for the Demi-Human to extend her hand upon the cobble wall, her body instinctively leaning against it, what weight she could put upon herself holding her steady, albeit weakly.

Enough to see Alisa moving towards a door. Nondescript by all rights, a door that led to any number of locations or destinations, likely though just a cupboard of sorts, far from uncommon throughout the back alleys as Vyra had come to find in her earliest days within the city. It left Vyra confused though, to where it was that Alisa thought this may have led, for a moment Vyra thinking that Alisa expected her to expose her plight in the company of brooms and other miscellaneous pieces. As her guild master reached out though and took hold of her again, giving Vyra the briefest of reprieves to simply relax herself, what she saw as Alisa opened the door left her speechless.

It did not quite process until they had stepped through together, the door quickly shutting behind them as Vyra turned her head. Everything just as she had last left it. The bed haphazardly made, about as shoddy of an effort as Vyra may have found herself willing to give, evening garments laid about upon the floor, the plate of which her breakfast had been served to her, the very same one that she had promised to have brought down to the cook still upon the large table, empty save for a handful of crumbs.

She was back in her room. Her room within the Blue Pegasus Guild Hall.

Turning to Alisa, her face was as much in a state of disbelief and absolute confusion, elated feelings conflicting in real time against those of wonderment. It perhaps was something that she should have seen coming; never had Alisa found herself at a lacking to surprise the Demi-Human, and this seemed to be no exception. She wanted to ask just how it was that she achieved such a feat, but stopped herself just shy of asking, a part of her as much knowing the wonderment that came of such a feat were in that she did not know, and to think that Alisa had ever exhausted her means of impressing Vyra, she were far from the course.

A sense of adrenaline rushed through her though, a feeling of renewed energy, of rejuvenation, some of it brought through the being within her room again, much of it coming now out of a true sense of safety, one that could never be wholly realized within the open streets of a city under Rune Knight siege. But so much time had passed, even being within here felt almost different, off even. From her brief time in Hosenka to the number of locations that she found herself resting within the North, to be face to face with her own bed again, the massive piece of furniture that dwarfed anything that she had been resting upon in the previous days, it was a welcome sight.

For the most part.

While her eyes looked upon the bed, the silken sheets, the feeble effort that Vyra had made to actually make her bed, so came a rush of dread that sent a painful shiver upon her backside. It was impossible not to look upon it and see the terrors of her dreams, the nightmares that had robbed her of her imagination and restfulness, the corruption that seeped through every step she took as she traversed a world deprived of her. A world where her own greatest fear had become stronger within.

A world that she had no way of avoiding. She had felt the effects of exhaustion before, the torment, the delirium that came with it being some of the worst experiences she had faced in near memory. And for as much as she may had dreaded the prospect of being faced within the world of terrors again, more she faced when her trying to evade the rest of sleep would eventually cost her more than just her mindfulness, but rather her own life.

Vyra swallowed hard, her mind at points racing back and forth from that horrid scene that she had traversed through, the echoes of whatever lingered there ranging hollow within her ears, broken away only by the contrasting sounds of Alisa’s warm voice, the words indecipherable, but the sound alone enough to remind her of where she was. The darkness in her mind parted briefly, looking around again to see the room, the faintest of smiles appearing upon her face. She was safe there, she knew it but struggled to admit it to herself.

Glancing to the woman again, Vyra exhaled, a part of her wanting to say nothing at all, desperate to keep her nightmares her own and not taint Alisa, but she knew for as much as it may have hurt her that Alisa wished to know, so that she may better help her.

As painful as it would be to open that wound and let forth those terrors, it was with the best of intentions.

“I don’t know how things went so wrong… It just all happened…”

And so she began, describing everything, how the carriage driver refused to go further and that led her to the remains of the battlefield, the coffin that everyone had died trying to acquire, the staff within it. She kept quiet about some of the details throughout it, such as her individual involvement in it all, but continued. Then it was about Hosenka, the armored Knight – who turned out to be a werewolf – who abducted her, brought her to Lord Barothy, left her sleep deprived, ready to be executed.

“It wasn’t a trial… It was just a show… From the moment they had brought me there, they already determined what they were going to do…”

She explained how Veronica Barothy saved her from her father’s tyrannical decision, led her to safety, the two Sisters who allowed her residence. Vyra paused for a moment, reluctant to go on, but then went on to explain of what Sister Talia and Mara described, how they viewed Vyra, and what afflicted her. That was she was infested by the Nightmare, as they described it.

“The Nightmare… I didn't know what to think of it…”

Then she talked of her other persona, the entity that Vyra knew Alisa was still fully aware and familiar towards, the part of her that had indirectly drawn the two close, the one that would have done anything to see them torn apart. Vyra wished that she could have said that there was nothing about that encounter that left her worried, but everything did. She looked different, more warped in nature, with hair red in color just as Vyra’s ended up becoming. And how she moved, how she commanded herself within the nightmarish realm that Vyra struggled to exist within; it was terrifying the parallels that she saw between that and the first encounter within the recesses of her mind, the same contrast in power between the two.

“She was different… Worse. I thought, I thought that after the encounter with the Witch Hunters, that that was the end of it, but I’m afraid… I’m afraid that she’s just getting stronger and stronger…”

It all led to the ordeal through the actual coup that took place, Veronica Barothy seizing power from her father, orchestrating the fake kidnappings, riling the townsfolk to fight her war for her, Vyra being a pawn throughout it. The cultists, the deal struck, Vyra confessed everything to it, a part of her still unsure of if what she did was right, if it were more motivated out of anger, fear for the people of what the Lord Barothy may have done, or simply driven by guile?

“I thought I was doing a good thing…”

And then there was only one thing left to talk of, to convey to Alisa. The Nightmare itself. Vyra physically shook as she recalled what happened, the horrid environment, the dream world that was being torn asunder through her very eyes, the desire that ran through her at every given moment to tear out her own eyes at what she was seeing. And the voice, the echoing voice that with every word wished for her to die right then and there, any fight that may have been within her, any sense of will to continue on being drained in that moment.

From her nostril came a thin trail of crimson that descended down her upper lip, some of it falling to the ground in a small puddle that formed upon the polished wooden floors, some of it upon her hand as it happened to move upon its trajectory. As she realized it, the Demi-Human’s eyes widened, stunned, terrified, unable to do much more than simply remain there with a horrified look, quite whether it were the retellings of her encounter or something else not quite obvious.

All she could do was look to Alisa, a look upon her face that screamed out of desperation. A plea to help her, to help her from something that scared her more than anything else she could have dared imagine.


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Holding her hand, Alisa guided the girl to sit at foot of the bed beside her, holding her close as her arm draped around her shoulder, as though her warmth could soothe the girl's anxiety after all the hardship she'd been through... This wasn't the first she soothed the girl... But this was different. Never had the girl's experiences visibly affected her body as such:

"Take a deep breath, Vyra... You have all the time in the world, okay?", she encouraged, her voice soft and soothing, letting the demi human take her time. She doubted she could get truly comfortable now, or in the next few days to come... But Alisa would protect her. Even if the Council did all they could to tear the two apart, she wouldn't let them. Even if she had to hide with her somewhere they'd never find her.

Alisa had heard the rumours... How the Lord's daughter had overthrown her father while enlisting all manner of help she could find. That alone revolted her, but the mere fact that Vyra had found herself caught up in that mess infuriated her to no end... Even now the mere thought of what happened left her clenching her teeth, biting back the unyielding rage clamouring to do what the pathetic knights didn't have the gall to do and march back there by herself, putting an end to Veronica Barothy and all the filthy cultists she teamed up with, one by one. A mother's rage at seeing her daughter so callously used and exploited, left to fend for herself, thrown into the depths of her own nightmares. There would be no forgiveness... The next time she heard of any cultists planning to Summon Morrigan... Alisa was going to kill them. Didn't matter who it was. Only Vyra's words stopped her from stewing in her rage. She embraced her, brushing her hand through that blood red hair. No amount of changes would ever diminish the love and affection she felt for the girl she'd come to look to as her own family:

"That's why the Rune Knights are up in arms...", Alisa sighed, an exhasperated hand on her forehead, wondering just how deep the conspiracy ran, just how much the Barothy woman or the cultists helping her had planned out ahead to recruit less than willing help to achieve their goals. As for the nobles, they only cared about seeing their fellow Lord overthrown, and the Council was all too eager to bite the bone offered, grab on and never let go, not keen on explaining why they allowed Dark Mages with such malevolous intent operate unimpeded, right under their noses. The fact that a light mage helped them provided a convenient excuse for both them, a scapegoat, "The nobles are terrified that one of their own could be so easily overthrown. That a Light mage was seen at their side. They have enough influence to get the council to move this boldly."

Even as the lithomancer took long, deep breaths, quelling the racing in her heart and the twitching in her brow, she couldn't quite hear about how that woman had "saved her". No, the way she saw it, Veronica Barothy only wanted another pawn, and a light mage in her debt was an offer she couldn't refuse. It filled her with rage at that foul, accursed family of hyenas, gnawing and clawing at everything in the way to get what they want, seizing every opportunity, exploiting whatever they can if it gets them even an inch closer to their prize. The father who tried to put Vyra to the sword, and the daughter who used her... The apple never falls far from the tree. Perhaps at some point she might have had good intentions, or believed she did. But the damage dealt along the way made her just as bad as her father:

"She was so desperate for the throne that she was willing to sell her soul, and that of everybody working underneath her. Anything to claim the prize she craved.", Alisa shook her head, brushing Vyra's silky red hair away from her eyes as she looked into them, concern palpable in her eyes as she heard of the cultists. Even as the girl confessed her part in it, Alisa looked to her without judgement, concerned only for her safety, "What did they do to you?"

The Nightmare...? Alisa didn't know many entities with authority over nightmares, but one in particular stood out. Nacht, the Nightmare Dragon. Since the events of Zagan's dungeon, Nacht's influence in Earthland had expanded massively, enough that Dragons loyal to him now felt bold enough to attack Earthland... And more importantly... Enough that his influence had tainted a mortal: Ariael, the founder of Sleeping Calamity. Could this nightmare Vyra mentioned have any connection to Nacht? No, that didn't really make sense... Why would Morrigan cultists care about Nacht? At the same time, many Members of the Midnight Cult now filled the ranks of Eternal Nightmare, a guild formed around the goal of reviving Nacht. That's where their name came from after all. Clearly, what she didn't know far outsweighed what she knew:

"Was she the one who pulled you in with those people?", Alisa frowned immediately, knowing this wasn't the first time Vyra's alter ego had pulled her into dangerous situations only to paint herself as a glorious savior...

No, this was far worse. Alisa gulped as she imagine just how much she could have benefited from the cultists interference. All while Vyra did all she could to help the people around her. What happened in the North would have happened with or without her... Alisa's heart ached at the thought of her hometown being caught in the middle of that upheval, but she still hoped that remote village in the mountains would have escaped the depredations of Morrigan's cultists.

"And you did... You saw someone in need and did everything you could to help them. Even people far older than you can find themselves exploited like this.", Alisa reinforced, shaking her head... She wouldn't blame a gentle, kind hearted young woman for trying to help, even if she was taken advantage of. All the more so when she already blamed herself more than enough, "Please Vyra, no matter what... Promise me you won't blame yourself."

Alisa cupped Vyra's cheek, stroking it gently, as though holding her there looking into here eyes... She could tell Vyra wasn't finished but she couldn't leave her stewing in those feelings. But when she spoke of the Nightmare, Alisa all but shuddered... She remembered the foul inner world she'd described earlier, the place inside her mind where she'd come face to face with the other woman for the first time. Seeing that thin trickle of blood dripping down from her nose, Alisa reacted on reflex, pulling out a handkerchief, gently wiping it off... But as Vyra noticed those red droplets dripping down on the floorboards, she all but froze, a look of pure horror drawing on her face. What did she see? What happened to her?!

"Vyra!!", As those frantic thoughts went wild inside her head, Vyra clamouring at the top of her lungs, pulling her arms tightly against the girl, squeezing her close, as though her warmth could keep out the horrors of the nightmare lurking inside her thoughts, threatening to spill free. How could she have been so careless... So sloppy, letting the girl wander off on her own? She squeezed her tighter, tears welling up in the corner of her eyes, "I'm here Vyra... I'll never let you go. We'll fix this, together."

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The Nightmare's Daughter

In Alisa there was something that had been long lost from Vyra. Something that over the course of time she had found that she needed, more and more.


She had come to lose that, Vyra had. Throughout her plight in the North, even in the moments that came prior to, her presence in Hosenka, the catalyst to all of this, had been an attempt to instill that within her. An escape from Hargeon, of sorts. Of the corruption that ran rampant, the politics that as much influenced the daily lives, and the hardships surrounding it, hardships that as much enabled for someone like to end up homeless within the streets as it enabled for a group like the Witch Hunters to commit such horrid treatment upon her.

A city that as much abandoned her at her lowest and betrayed her at her highest.

In this trip, it had meant to repair that relationship. Instead, it left her wondering how much of her was still human. How much had been lost to her other persona, who through no active action had shown herself once again, having long remained one step ahead of her, in the wake of everything now being no exception. And how much were gone to the Nightmare within her? The infection that had spread beyond her dreams, that had blurred her own senses of reality such to where the blood upon her made her wonder herself if she were dreaming, the worst images her mind ever hoped to process rushing through her over and over again in perpetuity.

What saved her from further fearing that madness were the woman whom held her tight, the woman that Vyra more than anything else wished to keep safe, wished both to not have her involved for Alisa’s own safety, but also wished to have her there throughout all of it. In her heart she knew that could not happen, thus in the moments here, within these precious moments she at least could hope to reflect on the life that gave her the motivation to live on, rather than the nightmare-inducing hell she had come back within.

In her guildmaster’s words were the echoings of reassurance, of praises to the good natured girl that Vyra hoped to be, of what she hoped they thought her to be. “I wanted to help… I thought… I thought that this is what we did. Blue Pegasus, we help people, right!? I didn’t mean for this to happen, I swear!”

It hurt. For the past two years, she had lived within this room, as much within reach of the life that she never had been given, seeing all those around her, those whom she saw strength in, inspirations for how she wished to live, proof that the world was not as cruel as she had come to view it. When given the chance, she hoped that she could live up to that standard that they had set, that Alisa had set.

But instead, who knows the lasting ramifications of her actions, how she may have tarnished everything; all the hopes and aspirations that she had only a few days may have had. How much of them remained?

How much of her dreams had been stolen by nightmares?

She felt the tight hold of Alisa, the emotion building up within her, wanting to reciprocate outwards, to hold her as close as possible and never let go. But she couldn’t. For as much as Vyra desperately missed Alisa, she was terrified too.

The echoing words of her darker self, the cruel lamenting of the insides of her mind, the plane of existence dissolving away into more horror before her eyes still seared throughout each time she closed her eyes. Within her ears rang the hollowing laughter of the horrid entity that existed, that taunted her, that filled every bone in her body with a sense of absolute dread and petrifying panic, a part of her still terrified to sleep, terrified to encounter it once again.

She felt something off, a wet feeling that she was not sure of, not sure quite how to appreciate. A faint ringing echoed through her ears, weakly, almost as though through a sort of filter. She held a finger to her ear, pulling it back to see it soaked in crimson, Vyra’s eyes widening in absolute dismay, terror and agony suffering through every muscle, every limb, every instinct of her wanting to make it stop, to rip her eyes from her socket, to cut out her tongue, to flay her flesh from her body, every moment of her head screaming in utter agony.

“Make it stop!” She cried out, suddenly reciprocating Alisa’s caring hug with one of her own, of absolute desperation, of a pleading nature like that of a hound wishing to be put out of its misery.

The nightmares further played out, the room around her being torn asunder as the Nightmarish Magic ripped through, tendrils penetrating through furniture, flooring, and walls alike, the ceiling being torn upon itself as it revealed the blackness of the void above, the howling laughter echoing all throughout.

Then she opened her eyes and everything was as she wished it to be. Nothing tarnished, nothing destroyed, nothing at all having been done. Alisa remained there, still holding her.

And it was quiet.

The echoes, the maddening urges, the agony, the horror, it was gone.

Except for within her mind, the brutality of it being little more than a constant reminder of the hell that was her world now.

Her heartrate quickened, her breathing became more erratic, confusion and fear constantly gripping her as she tried to hold on even tighter, the pressure so intense that she could feel her own nails beginning to sink within Alisa’s flesh, her instincts wishing her to pull away, but her fright causing her to only further cement herself to such a fate.

What comfort may have come were through her own weakness, the exhaustion and confusion of before, amplified by the terrors of the present draining her of her own energies. Her grip waned as suddenly as it had intensified moments before, leaving the Demi-Human effectively supported by the hold of Alisa Vollan.

She lifted her head slightly, eyes bloodshot, veins having burst from stress leaving her eyes stained with a faint blend of crimson atop otherwise golden pupils. “Why is this happening to me? What did I do to deserve this?”


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Of course she'd never forgive herself for this... Vyra was a kind, loving young woman, exactly the reason why Alisa had felt so drawn to her. Despite all the hardship she'd lived through, she'd never lost sight of that wide eyed admiration as she took in all the new sights this world had to offer, as though she was laying eyes on them for the very first time. Up there in the north, people had exploited that wide eyed innocence and used her willingness to help for nefarious deeds. The mere thought of that made her stomach churn:

"No Vyra. Don't blame yourself for this, you can't.", With a vehement shake of her head, she peeled away, taking both of Vyra's hands in her own, squeezing them firm yet gently, that tenderness in her eyes contrasting with the upfront anger and disgust she felt towards the other parties involved in this conflict, "This was their fault. The Barothy woman, her cultist friends, everybody who conspired to claim the Lordship at the expense of everybody else around them. They used you Vyra. I know you'd have never helped them if you knew what they intended to do."

With every word from her lips, Alisa felt her brow twitch, the anger she'd been suppressing slowly bubbling into the surface. No, she didn't resent the girl at all... And yet she seethed with vindictive rage against those who'd manipulated her beloved Vyra, someone whose life had already seen far too much hardship that any one person should ever have to endure:

"I'll never forgive them for what they've done. And if I ever see them... I'll make sure they regret what they did to you even more than you do for what happened.", she squeezed firmly onto the girl's hands, holding her gaze, undaunted. Indeed, the ramifications of her actions would be felt in the north for years... But this wasn't really something she'd wanted. The Barothy woman wanted her father's title, the cultists wanted to expand their influence. Vyra was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, and that infuriated her more than anything else, "Them, or anybody who would help them."

She would kill them all without hesitation. Nothing would even happen to her, after all, Veronica Barothy earned the ire of every single person with power in this country. None would care much if Alisa did what they all wanted to do, considering she'd conspired with cultists who wished to summon unspeakable horrors into this world. She'd remind her of this as many times as she had to, but in a split second, everything changed. Worries about what may have happened in the North seemed like a distant concern when Vyra looked utterly stricken with terror, until the startled Alisa couldn't help but hold her close:

"Focus on my voice Vyra. There's nobody else here... Just you and me, nobody else.", whatever grueling nightmares she was seeing... Alisa couldn't even imagine... She all but winced as the girl clawed at the back so deeply she may as well draw blood. But she wouldn't make a peep. Whatever pain she might have felt paled in comparison to the agony tearing through the girl's body.

She couldn't stop it... Not the way she wanted, not the way Vyra wanted... She didn't know if this Nightmare had any connection to Ariael's Nightmare Dragon Slayer, after all, she had no explanation for how she could have gotten her hands on it. If anybody threatened Vyra, in the real world, Alisa could have fought them off, killed them if she she wanted to. Wouldn't really be hard... But she couldn't do anything when the threat came from inside the girl's mind. Helpless, she didn't know how much Vyra could resist the nightmares, just how much of their power resulted from Vyra's own magic... But as tears trickled down the corner of her eyes, as she grit her teeth and winced at the mere thought of what might be happening in her mind... Alisa could do nothing but hold her close, squeezing her into her chest, weathering the storm until she finally felt the worst of the tension seeping from the demi human's body:

"No matter what happens... I won't let them get between us.", she spoke at last, hand cupping Vyra's cheek as she peeled away, still supporting the gil whole fetching a handkerchief, using it to cleaned the trickles of blood dripping down her face.

The cultists in the north made sure that Blue Pegasus was no longer a home for her... Vyra's belonging to Blue Pegasus allowed that brought the Rune Knights here to wait for her, and they'd continue to prowl around what they believed to be her home. Alisa was mistaken to have brought the girl into the guild, confident she could at least have had a home here for longer if she hadn't joined. She'd hoped being part of the guild would protect her, but she couldn't have been more wrong. But even as Alisa realized there was no escaping that unpleasant truth, her resolve remained the same. She'd protect her, even if Blue Pegasus could not:

"I... You didn't do anything to deserve this, Vyra... Nothing at all.", Alisa would have never let her go all by herself if she knew there was something this horrible going on with her, "Even now, I can't begin to understand what did those witches up in the North do to you? But... We'll figure it out together."

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The Nightmare's Daughter


To be trapped within the prison of one’s fears, in itself a frightening void, but to Vyra, such horrors would present themselves as a vacation than her current predicament.

A living hell.

The only way to describe it. Her mind betraying her, her own greatest fears exacting themselves upon her very soul with every shuttering of her eyes, her heart stopping for the briefest of moments, petrified of the reality before her and the reality that she dreads realizing.

Even before Alisa, one of the last vestiges of her own sanity, of her humanity, and she felt weak, the blood fading from her head per every passing second, fearful that the woman whom she looked up to with the affection equal to that of a daughter would not wring her hands upon the Demi-Human’s neck. She dreaded every moment of it, her own uncertainty, fear echoing in the air and her own will wrestling against the desire to tear her own throat out.

An easy escape from the hell she had been subjected to.

But, as she felt the blood curdle beneath her skin, the air in the air as much providing her with the certainty that she were still alive versus the fear that her life had been forsaken, a part of her sought hope. She longed for the wishful belief that Alisa could help, would still be willing to help, but the doubt within her mind remained persistent and unwaivering. Silently, she mouthed a prayer, knowing no god in particular, but just wishing for something.


That anyone would be able to help her.

A sense of warmth flooded through her body as strength returned to her fingers, her grip - a vice that had left her guild master ensnared - finally releasing, allowing her to finally breath. A texture upon her face, a small cloth that brushed just beneath her eyes, from the corner of her own eyes her seeing the glimpse of the crimson smeared upon the cloth. Her blood. Blood from her eyes. To know such a circumstance were befalling her, what hope could be inspired from it?

Her gaze lifted up, her heart dropping to see the distress upon Alisa’s face; the absolute severity of what she had put upon her, upon her guild, now coming to light within Vyra’s mind. What had she done? Beyond the ramifications of what had happened to her up in the North – ramifications that even she could not appreciate herself – what had she brought forth upon the Blue Pegasus Guild? Upon Alisa? It ate upon her, to see such pained looks upon her, looks that someone as fortunate as Alisa, having given up so much already, should never be expected to again cast upon her.

The tears started to flow.

Hues of crimson intertwined with empty, colorless liquid, the intensity waning with each droplet that descended down her cheek. Only a short time until the crimson droplets – the remains of another nightmarish reality – ceased altogether. An irony that a Vyra crying normal tears were a more welcome sight than what came before, if only in a minor way.

“No… no there isn’t…”

Through tear-filled eyes she looked directly into Alisa, pain intermeshing with a sense of failure that no words could have abated. To hold back the Nightmare, it took every ounce of her being, all of her will to not feel the urge to flay her own skin, the madness that Alisa were not Alisa at all, she struggled through it all.

Worse even, the monster that neither dared address, the monster that existed within her from the very beginning, the one who no doubt sat deep within the recesses of her own mind, watching all that transpired in front of Vyra, no shortage of delight festering. An opportune time as any, Vyra feared, for her to make an appearance, a reality that she dreaded equally as much as she did the Nightmares itself. What hope could she have of surviving the Nightmares knowing that there were a part of her waiting for an opportunity to betray her?

“Even now, it’s here, scratching at me. I close my eyes, and the world, me, you, none of it is the same when I open them,” her words were weak, fatigue, exhaustion, pain, all blending together in one common tone. Defeat. “I don’t know what’s real, what it wants me to think, what even is even me believing anymore.”

Running her fingers along her palms, she could feel the blood flowing out of them, the grip that she had maintained so ferociously now but a memory as they felt cold to the touch, slow, immobile save for the capability to simply appreciate she had feeling still. Were it out of fear? The natural expectation of atrophy in the wake of fright? Or evidence enough of her body no longer becoming her own?

Then to whom?

The Nightmare?

Or herself?

“I wish I could take all of this back,” Vyra remarked, her tone defeated, a part of her seeing through whatever illusions of hope she may have had, no hope in sight. “I wish… I wish none of this happened… I don’t know what to do…”

She looked on, her eyes focused on Alisa, but her sight not upon the woman, but rather seemed to look through her. Into emptiness.

“I just want everything to go back to how things were.”

But in her heart she knew, as much as it killed her to admit it, that could not happen.


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Alisa held the girl close to her... No matter what the Knight said, she'd never let them get their hands on her, or throw the girl out to the wolves. Watching the girl weep in agony only hardened her resolve to keep her safe, somehow, someway as she brought that handkerchief back to her cheeks, brushing away the tears as she nodded as the girl confirmed what Alisa had just told her. There wasn't anybody else here in the room.

"Mmmm... What were you seeing, Vyra?", she asked, a stern look in her eyes, knowing that even though she hated to force the girl to revisit such gruesome imagery... She couldn't sit idly by and wallow in her ignorance. She cupped the girl's cheek, stroking it gently.

She doubted anything she could say could ever quite pull the girl from the torment she now found herself in, especially when she had no clue just how exactly had she fallen into it. But now more than ever Alisa refused to let Vyra suffer alone, her arms lingering around the girl, looking into her eyes, planting a soft, tender kiss on her forehead:

"You and I are real.", Alisa spoke, her words soft and soothing as she her hand drifted back down to Vyra's, holding it gently as she shook her head, wincing in discomfort at the thought of her facing an unseen enemy she couldn't fight, distorting her memories and her perception, "Remember those times we spent together... That's what your reality should be."

With every word from her lip, Alisa felt a knot forming in her brow. She couldn't even blame anybody specific for stealing the joy Vyra deserved. Whether it boiled down to a simple stroke of bad luck or a cursed fate, the girl had found herself in the wrong place at the wrong time far too often, and now here she was, forced to sneak back home with Alisa's help while the Rune Knights hunted after her as Fiore's most wanted, haunted by nightmares neither of the two could understand. As the girl voiced her sorrow at that happiness so cruelly stolen from her, Alisa simply pulled her tightly, squeezing the blue haired girl into her arms, easing her chin onto her shoulder:

"And they will, Vyra. Even with everything that happened, I promise...", perhaps she shouldn't have been promising something like this... Could she even make good on her intentions when it seemed like all the odds had been stacked against them? To get the Knights to stop hunting after her... Free the girl from this merciless nightmare... Tears welled in the corner of her eyes. How could she have been so foolish? To let the girl get captured and used like a pawn in such a cruel game? Her nails dug into her back as the tall woman's lavander scent all filled Vyra's senses, "I'll bring those days back to us."

Indeed, such a thing was impossible at this point\. Not yet at least, and a clear proof of why soon made itself heard, as Alisa's whole body tensed as she heard a familiar voice from outside the door:

"Wait, did you hear that...?"

That voice low and dulled, almost a whisper with the walls and door between them, audible only thanks to the guietude that settled in the meantime. One of her own guildmates, somebody Alisa undoubtedly trusted, but now had not choice but to respond warily, as though Vyra was somebody she needed to keep hidden even from her own guild:

"Shhhh...", turned her head around, Alisa's brow furrowed as she glanced towards the door, her fingertip coming to rest on Vyra's plush lips.

It's not that she believed her guildmates would run to the Rune Knights... At the same time, she wasn't confident enough in all of their ability to keep a secret, and gossip tends to travel fast in the Blue Pegasus Guild Hall. Before long, anybody would know that, and any inqusitive knight would figure out what happened simply from looking at the Pegasus mages. Many lacked the skills in deception to hide their elation from the inquisitive knights:


"From Vyra's room. Maybe she's back?"

"Oh, no way... She'd have to get through a whole legion of Knights. How could she have made it to her room without anyone seeing it?"

"Hmmm... G-Guess you're right... Still, I hope she's okay."

"She's fine... Master just left to go look for her. I'm sure she'll..."

Don't make any noise... Not even a peep... Alisa wouldn't utter a sigle word, but she simply held that dainty digit to the girl's lips, looking warily towards the door, letting out a low, heaving breath once the voices finally trailed off, hinting at how the two Pegasus mages had wandered out of earshot at long last. She couldn't even recognize which guildmates those voices came from, nor did she bother to... At that point she merely felt a wave of relief washing over her once they finally left, still holding tightly to Vyra when she turned her gaze towards her, a sense of urgency in her voice:

"Sounds like we can't be here for much longer, Vyra... We need to find someplace the Knights can't get to you."

No matter what, refused to let the girl become the scapegoat for what happened in the north. She wouldn't let her face trial, and she wouldn't throw her to the wolves... But at this point, a grim reality was slowly starting to settle in: Blue Pegasus was a dangerous place for her to be. Any light guild was. As much as she reviled the thought of pulling the girl from her home... She refused to let her live in a warzone. And by know, that outcome was growing increasingly likely, whether it came from Alisa's opposition to the Knights, or the enemies she'd soon make when exacting vengeance for the girl's predicament.

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