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Pest Control PT. 16 (Neutral)

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Pest Control PT. 16 (Neutral)  Empty Fri Jul 08, 2022 11:12 am


Yuurei and Renji were relaxing for the day. They didn’t know what to do as they were in the office. The light mage was working on things within the office. He was making sure that everything in the office was done before he had to do a job. He wasn’t sure when the messenger would appear, but he knew that it would be any time soon. The Nephilim continued his work as he kept doing all his work. After a while, someone would knock on the door. He would stop working as he would lean back on his chair and look at the door.

“Come on in.” He said to the person behind the door as he waited for them to open the door.

When they open the door, Yuurei could see that it was the Paradise Dawn’s messenger. The man had a letter in his hand and he would hand it over to Yuurei on his desk.



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Yuurei saw this and he would take the letter and he would lift it off his desk as he would open it. The messenger had done what he needed to do, and he would walk out of the room. Yuurei would take the letter and he would start reading it. He would nod as he was going through it all and it would seem like there was another person who needed help. The person had bought a shop and he needed someone to clean up the infestation that was there. He would sigh because this was not something he enjoyed doing but seeing his clients happy was worth it.

“Renji we got a job to do. We got more rats to take out, so let’s be on our way.” he said as he had gotten from his chair.

Renji would see this as he would get up from where he was laying down. The Exceed would make his way to Yuurei, he would climb on his shoulder, and would look over to Yuurei as he was waiting.



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Yuurei would smile at his friend as it seemed like he was ready to go. This was good and he would walk over to the window, and he would open it up. After that, he would step out of the window, and he would jump out of it as his wings sprouted from his back. There, he would look over to the window and close it before he started soaring through the sky and toward Orchidia. The Nephilim was moving through the area freely as he was moving at full speed now through the air. He wasn’t being bothered or anything like that, so he got close to the city fast. It wouldn’t take long, but he would see the city from down below. It was then he would start soaring downward and toward the city.

When he got close enough to the ground, he would disperse his wings and he would land on the ground without a problem. The berserker had landed at the entrance today and he would start walking toward the shopping district.



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Renji would get off Yuurei’s shoulder and once he was down, he would start walking side by side with Yuurei. They were walking through the area, and it was nice because they would see a lot of people who noticed them. Yuurei would wave toward them as they were doing the same thing to him. They all had a smile on their face, and he did too. He was wondering if anybody from Sleeping Calamity would show up since their guild was located around here. He doubted that would be the case, and honestly, he didn’t care. The Nephilim kept moving through the city as he was making his way to the shopping district.

Renji would just look around and he would shake his head. He wondered how famous the young man had gotten and how far he would continue to become in terms of fame? In the end, it didn’t matter because they would make it to the district they were looking for.



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Yuurei and Renji continued moving through the district as they were using the sheet of paper to navigate where they had to go. Their travel to their destination was quite a while, but they would make it to the area where they were supposed to be. How did they know this? Well, they would see a man waiting for someone in front of a shop. It would seem like this might be the guy and the two of them would approach him without wasting time. When they got close enough, the two would come to a stop as they would look over at him.

They would wave at what might be their potential client. They would get his attention as the man would look up to them. It wouldn’t take long, but he would notice that the person who was there was Yuurei, the famous mage in Fiore. He had a smile on his face because he was hoping he would show up.



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The client would step up to the two of them and he would look at them with a serious look on his face. He would look at the two of them and then he would just stretch a bit before his face changed to a smile.

“I didn’t think you would show up, but I’m glad you did.” He paused for a second as he looked at Yuurei.

“I bought this shop and little did I know was that it was infested by rats. I heard from other shop owners that you were the guy to call to get rid of all of the giant rats.” He said to Yuurei hoping he was fine with this.

Yuurei would look at him and he would just think about it for a few seconds. He had already made a decision, and now he was going to give the man the answer.

“Yeah I don’t mind taking out the rats that are inside your shop. It shouldn’t be too hard to do. You should get someone to clean up the entire shop though. Killing the rats won’t make them disappear.” He said to his client.



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Yuurei would walk toward the door of the shop after he spoke to his client, and Renji would be next to him as well. He would hold onto the doorknob as he looked over at his client again.

“I almost forgot you also want to get someone who can fill holes up as well. I say call for them now or something, so they are here when I’m done with it all. Don’t let anybody in until I come out though.” He said to his client as he would open the door and he would enter the shop.

Renji would be right behind him and the two of them would look around the place.

“Are you going to summon Galatea?” He asked Yuurei wondering what he would say.

Yuurei would think about it and he figured he would give her a break for this job.

“Nah, we’re fine here without her.” He said to Renji as he started moving to the right side of the shop.



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Renji would hear this as he would run after Yuurei as he didn’t want to be alone. When he caught up to his friend, he would notice what was waiting for them. There were tons of rats in this room, and they were lurking around. It wouldn’t take long, but they would turn to Yuurei. Their eyes pierced through the room and toward him and Renji. It wouldn’t take long for them to make their move toward the two of them.

Renji would see this, and he would open the bag that contained Yuurei’s four items. They would all appear on him now as Yuurei was rushing straight toward them. When he got close, he would dodge their attacks and he would swing his fist straight into a couple of them as he moved away from the others. They would see their friends die from those attacks and would rush to Yuurei to make sure he couldn’t take any more of their lives.



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Yuurei watch as they were moved toward him, and honestly, he didn’t care. He would sidestep to the side as he had a serious look under his helmet. He would uppercut the first rat as he would send it flying into the air. The second he would move out of the way, and he would kick it without hesitating. The Nephilim didn’t have to worry about them hitting him with an axe, so he was free to attack with his unguarded limbs. The rats would drop to the ground without giving much of a fight as he continued throughout the room.

The army of rats was dwindling, and he kept pushing through without worrying. It was scary how he was so battle-ready as the rats would become nothing. The berserker would stand on his two feet without breaking as much sweat as the rats around him had been killed and taken care of. Still, now that he was done here, he was going to check the rest of the shop.



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Yuurei and Renji were now checking the shop for the client. They were making sure that they didn’t miss any rats around the place. While they were doing that, Renji was picking up any valuable items that he could find along the way. There wasn’t much, but it was better than nothing. The Nephilim and his Exceed continued to move through the shop, and soon enough they would see that all the rats were together in that one room. He wasn’t sure why, but it seemed like they were doing something. He didn’t think too much about it as he needed to do something else.

They needed to find the hole where all the rats come from. It was the next thing on their task for the job they were doing. Now that they didn’t have to worry about rats jumping on them, they were free to move around as they wanted. Their eyes focused on what they might have missed.



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It wouldn’t take long but they would find the hole in the wall. When they did, they would look around to find something that could cover the hole in the wall. They needed to do this quickly so no other rats could make their way inside. The two would find something soon enough and they would cover the hole for the time being. Once they were done with that, they would walk to the entrance of the building, and they would come out of the shop to see if the client was still there.

Yuurei and Renji would explain the situation to him, and Renji would hand over the valuables that he found in the shop. Their client was pleased with the results that he heard from Yuurei and he would hand them the jewels for the job. When he got the rewards the other two men that Yuurei recommended his client to get had arrived as they were ready to do their jobs. Yuurei would leave the area and move his way home.

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