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Trade Deal PT. 2 (Neutral)

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Yuurei was doing paperwork through the office within his guild. He was wondering what he was going to do today. Renji was walking around and pacing himself. He had been bored the entire day. He figured that the light mage would just work in the office all day. It wouldn’t take long, but someone would rush through the door. Both Yuurei and Renji would look over to see who it was. When they saw it was the messenger, they looked at his hand and would know that he had a letter. Yuurei would stop doing his work and he would look at him.

The messenger would walk over to him, and he would hand over the letter to Yuurei and he would leave the office. It seemed important, so Yuurei would open it without waiting any longer. He would start reading the letter and when it came to an end it would seem like they were going to be playing peacemaker for today.



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Yuurei would get up from his seat, and when Renji saw this, he would walk over to him. It wouldn’t take long, but he would be climbing onto his shoulder.

“Today there is no fighting. We aren’t even mining. Today, we are going to be peacemakers. It seems like one of the village’s chiefs is being stubborn with their final decision in Worth Woodsea. It’s our job to make sure that we change his mind.” He said to Renji.

The Exceed was surprised that Yuurei was taking this job. He knew that he was good at it, but the man never seemed to enjoy these types of jobs.

“Alright, let’s do this and show them what being a leader truly is.” He said to Yuurei with a smile on his face.

Yuurei would give him a thumbs-up as he enjoyed what his friend had said to him. He walked over to the window as it was time to be on their way.



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Yuurei would open the window and he would step out of it. When he did, he would transform into his Nephilim form as he would close the window behind him as he was now flying. They were ready, and with that Yuurei would push through. The Nephilim would soar through the sky as they had their destination in sight. The forest that was located throughout the North was beautiful. It wasn’t just that, but it was a place he was comfortable with. The light mage had the directions on how to get there, so he knew it wasn’t going to be hard to find.

Renji kept his eyes closed the entire time because he wasn’t used to this type of speed in the air yet. He knew that given a few, things would change for him, and he would be able to take the wind hitting him. Their travel to their destination was quiet and calm though. They didn’t have anybody bothering them or getting in their way.



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Yuurei would see the village from where he was as he was descending from the sky. The light mage was moving toward the people that were there, and when he got close enough, he would disperse his form. It would cause him to land on the ground safely, and at the same time, he wouldn’t be affecting anybody in his form. People who saw him coming were surprised to see him in that form, but when they knew who it was, they would relax. It was nice to see a famous face within the village, and it seemed like they knew why he was here.

A lot of people knew that the chief and their neighboring village were coming close to an agreement, but things somehow were ruined in the end. They didn’t know what was going on, but they needed someone to intervene and change their chief’s decision. They were hoping it would be him as they would find themselves waving and smiling at Yuurei.



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Yuurei would look at them and he would do the same thing. He was happy that people knew him because it would make things easier for him. The guards heard that someone drop from the sky, but when they heard who it was, they would leave him alone. The light mage would start walking around the village he was in. He was looking for where he could find the village chief right now. While he was doing this, Renji would climb off his shoulder and get on his feet. He wanted to walk around as well, and he would do just that. The two of them would continue walking through the village aimlessly as they were trying to figure out where things were.

The light mage and the Exceed would see someone walking toward them. They would be on their guard, but they would continue moving with a smile on their face. When the person got close enough, the two of them would come to a stop and look over to see who it was.



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The two of them would see this person and they would notice that it was a young man. The two of them didn’t know who he was, but they figured that they were going to find out right now. The man would cough a bit as he would smile at them both. He was happy to see them here in his village, which meant that they could help him.

“I’m glad you two have arrived here. I was hoping the man who leads Paradise Dawn would help me and my future village out.” He said to Yuurei.

Yuurei was confused with those wordings, and he figured he would ask what he meant by that.

“How will this be your future village? You plan on taking out the current chief?” He asked bluntly waiting for an answer.

The man would laugh when he heard that because he would never do such a thing.

“I would never kill my father, but the day he steps down I will take his lead and position.” He said to Yuurei and Renji.



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Yuurei would hear his words and he would relax when he heard them. He thought he was trying to kill the chief, and he was going to ask if he could do it. That wasn’t the case, and he figured that meant he knew where to find the chief.

“So, he’s your dad. Does that mean you send me the letter to come here?” He asked him waiting for an answer.

The man would smile when he heard that because it meant they can get to business.

“Yes, I am. I’m glad you’re here, so I will get to talking and explaining the situation. I hope it will help you in talking to my father.” He said to Yuurei as he waited to see if he was ready to listen to him.

“Sure, I’m fine with listening to you. I guess you can do this while we walking to where your father is located.” He said to him waiting for an answer.



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“Sure we can do that.” He said to Yuurei and Renji.

It was then that three of them would start walking. The son of the chief would lead them through the streets of the village.

“So my village is going through a turmoil where we need certain stuff from a different part of the woods. There is another village that basically grew what we need. Of course, we won’t steal from them, but they won’t give us any of their materials either.” He paused for a second.

“They tried to negotiate with us, but my father has a problem with their village chief, and decided that he didn’t want to give them what they wanted. I need someone to talk to my father and show him that he is wrong with his decision. I figured that you could be the person to do that.” He said to Yuurei and Renji.

Yuurei thought about this because he remembered he had to do this for another village a while back.



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He would laugh a bit when he decided to help as he looked over at the guy.

“Okay I will talk to your father about this. I’ve done something like this before, so I don’t think it should be a problem. Still, I’m a blunt person, so he might not like what I have to say. In the end, I will do my best to change his mind and I hope from there you guys can do what needs to be done.” He said to the man with a smile on his face.

The young man would hear these words and he would smile at him. He understood what Yuurei said, but he needed him to be the one to talk to his father because of his reputation and his fame.

“I’m fine with that. I know if it’s you then you can change the chief’s mind.” He said to Yuurei.

They got quiet as they walked toward the village chief’s home.



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Soon the three of them would be in the front of the village chief’s home. They would look at each other, and he would smile at Yuurei and Renji.

“I will leave you two to it. Just tell him your reason for being here. He knows who you are, but at this point who doesn’t know who you are.” He said with a smile on his face.

“I cannot go in with you though.” He said as he would wait outside.

Yuurei would walk inside the house of the chief and he would notice that there were guards there. He would walk over to the chief who was sitting down. The guards would step forward for one second, but then the chief would signal them to move away from him.

This would give Yuurei space to get to the chief before coming to a stop.

“You are the village chief right?” He asked as he waited for an answer.

“Yes, I am, Yuurei. What brings you here?” He asked him waiting for an answer.



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Yuurei would hear him as he was glad that he knew who he was. He figured it was time to talk to him about his situation and what would happen if he doesn’t change his way of thinking.

“I’m here to change your mind about not wanting to trade with the other village. They didn’t send me here, but from what I heard you are being stubborn.” He said this and the guards got defensive with him.

The chief would signal them, and they would back down again.

“I get why you don’t want to trade with them. You never needed them before, so why do you need them now. It’s been like that for generations, so why is it different now? Well, things change, and even though people may look happy and satisfied, but things can change. I’m trying to help you prevent that, so you can continue to lead this village.” He said as he paused for a second.



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Yuurei would see that he didn’t say anything, so he decided to continue going.

“If they decide to act upon you not making things better for them, then your family will no longer be chief of this village. They will lose their trust in you and your family and would feel as if you all wouldn’t have their best interest in mind. You need to do this trade, for if you do it will show you care about them more than anything and are even willing to change. It will make them relate to and like you more, and therefore will allow you to stay in power longer. Even these guard will eventually change their mind on how things are run if you don’t change.” He would pause for a second as he wondered what the man would say.

The chief would stay quiet as he was thinking about what Yuurei had said. This man was famous and known to help everybody that needed his help. He knew he wasn’t underhanding him or anything like that.



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It wouldn’t take long, but he would come to a decision. He would sigh with disappointment because he had to do this. He understood what Yuurei said and knew that something like this might happen one day. He wanted his son to lead one day, and if continued acting that way, that day will never come.

He would lean back on his chair as he looked at Yuurei and Renji.

“You’re a brave man and that’s for sure. I didn’t think you would say all those things to me without worrying about yourself. I guess you do know you can handle everyone in this room without a problem.” He paused for a second before he started talking again.

“I will change my mind on how I was doing things. I will get things ready to trade with the other village. You won’t have to worry about me changing my opinion on that matter. If someone from the outside feels that I will lose my power if I continued to act this way, then I will take it into consideration.” He said to Yuurei.



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Yuurei was glad to hear this from the village chief, which meant his work was done. Yuurei would bow his head to the man, and he would turn around and walk out of the house. When he got to the outside, he would see the chief’s son was waiting for him. It would seem like he was waiting for him to see what happen.

“I got your father to change his mind. I hope things go well with you. I basically told him what was going to happen to this village, if he continued to act the way he did. It seemed to have gone through to him because he’s going to go with the trade.” He said to the man.

The young man would hear these words and he would jump in the air with joy. He was excited that Yuurei had done this for him, and he would hand over Yuurei his reward. The light mage would take the reward and he would be on his way back home.

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