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Pest Control PT. 13 (Neutral)

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Pest Control PT. 13 (Neutral)  Empty Thu Jun 02, 2022 9:51 am


Yuurei and Renji were together relaxing in his office. He didn’t have anything to do, or he avoided doing things right now. He was lying on the couch that was placed inside his office, and while he was doing this someone would knock on the door. He wouldn’t hear it at first, but soon enough the continuation banging on his door would bring him to open his eyes. He would look around to see who was intruding in his home but noticed it was in his head and it was the damn door. He would sit up on the couch before he decided to speak.

“Come in.” He said to whoever it could be.

It wouldn’t take long, but the messenger of the guild would open the door. He would see that his guild master was sitting on the couch and looked like he had just woken up from his slumber.



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“I brought you a request for you specifically master. You should go take care of it, I think it will be important if you do.” He said to Yuurei.

He would walk over to him as he would hand him the sheet, and he would step back after Yuurei took the paper. He would look over it and he would lean back on his chair. It would seem like they had a job to do today, and it was going to be a big one.

He would sigh as he was readying himself. He would look over to the corner of the couch and he could see that Renji was laying down without a worry in the world.

“Hey Renji we have a job to do, so I need you to wake up.” He said to the Exceed.

The Exceed would hear those words and his eyes would open slowly. He knew it was going to happen, but why today.



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Renji would get up and stretch into the air as he walked over to Yuurei. He was rubbing his eyes as he would instinctively get on his friend’s shoulder.

“Alright let’s get this over with. I kind of want to stay sleeping, but I guess this is important.” He said to Yuurei.

The light mage would chuckle a bit as he would walk over to the window. He would open it as always and he would jump out of it as his wings would sprout from his back. It would keep him in the air long enough to close the windows. Once that was done, he would descend and start flying toward Orchidia. He traveled quicker than a lot of people would be able to do. The travel from the guild and Orchidia wasn’t long, and he could see the city from his line of sight.

Renji had his eyes closed the entire time as they were approaching their destination. When Yuurei got there he would descend down from the sky.



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When he touched down his wings would disperse, and he would return to normal. He didn’t want to make anybody feel sluggish in the city unless they were his enemy. Yuurei was walking through the streets of Orchidia as he was heading over to one of the big buildings that resided in this city. He was going to clear it all up, and it was why he was heading over there today.

“This should take a while but I guess the pay will be worth it in the end.” He said to Renji.

Renji would hear his words and he would smile. The more money they had, then the more well off they were.

“Good because I want to eat fish today, and lots of it.” He said to Yuurei.

“I always make you fish though, so that isn’t a problem.” He said to Renji.

While they spoke, they got close to their destination. They had touched down where all the buildings were, but now it was time to find the right one.



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Yuurei and Renji moved around the buildings that they were surrounded by. The Nephilim was using the direction he was given to find his destination. It wasn’t hard to read, which was good. His travel brought him to say hello to a bunch of people who kept moving seeing he was on the move. The light mage kept moving and he would soon see it in the distance.

There was a person waiting in front of a large building. They were wearing fancy clothes, which indicated that they were just loitering around. They were clearly waiting for someone. The berserker would approach them as it seemed like this was the right place. The duo would keep moving toward their potential client and when they got close to them, they would come to a complete stop.

The person in front of them would look at the two of them. It wouldn’t take them long to figure out who was in front of them, which brought a smile to their face.



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“It’s Yuurei and his partner Renji. I’m glad that you two could make it today. I need you to clear this building of its massive rat infestation. It seems like it’s got out of hand and those who owned the building didn’t care to take care of it. I mean it was cheaper for me to buy it, but now I need someone to get rid of those massive monsters. They aren’t even normal rats, and it creeps me out.” He said to them both.

Yuurei and Renji would look at each other, and then chuckle a bit. It would seem like Orchidia had the biggest rats in Fiore from what they could tell. Still, this was going to be their job, and Yuurei knew he was going to have to be prepared.

“Yes, we can take care of them without a problem. So you stay out here until we come out from your building.” He said to their client as he would look over at Renji.



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Renji would see Yuurei’s eyes, and he would start walking toward the building door. Yuurei would do the same thing as they would make it to the front of the building.

“It’s time to smell like rats at the end of this.” He said to Renji.

“Tell me about it. I’m a cat and I hate rats.” He said as they would open the door.

They would enter the establishment and their hunt for rats would begin. When they entered the place, they would have a welcome committee waiting for them. It was interesting, but there were five rats right there. They were alerted when they open the door, and they were running toward Renji and Yuurei.

The Exceed would run away as he was opening the bag. He didn’t need Yuurei to speak to give him his items. It was then that Yuurei had his gear daunted on him, and he would avoid the attacks of all five of the rats there trying to bite and swipe at him.



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Yuurei noticed that these rats were smarter as they were working as a team. Of course, it wouldn’t stop him from avoiding getting hit by them. It wouldn’t take long, but he would see that one of them would slip up on their tactic. The light mage would take advantage of the mistake and would kick the crap out of the rat. It would send it flying ten meters away and into a wall. The other rats came to a stop when they saw this. They could tell from the attack that the man was dangerous.

Still, they made a mistake, and it was stopped. The Nephilim would take advantage of that as he rushed straight toward them. He would be at full speed within two seconds as he made it in front of one of the rats. It was then he would punch the rat and send that one flying straight toward the wall. The other three would shriek from what they saw, but Yuurei wasn’t done there.



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Yuurei had kicked off the floor as he ran to the remaining three rats. They had noticed he was fast, and when they had gone to move it was too late. The half-elf was right in front of two of the three of them, and he would drop kick them both without hesitating. When they were kicked, they would be sent back flying to the wall. As he fell to the floor, the man would put his hands on the ground behind him. When his hands touched the ground, he would use them to push himself back to his feet.

Renji was relaxed now as there was only one left here. It would seem like this rat was upset with Yuurei as it was rushing straight toward him. The Dawn’s Sword would see this, and he would run toward the rat as he dashed straight toward the rodent. He was charging at him and when he bumped straight into the rat, he would send it flying to the wall.



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Yuurei would stop running now as he noticed that they had taken care of their welcome committee. This was good, but how was it going to be in the other areas of the building? He wasn’t sure, but he was going to find out. The duo would continue now as they were checking the first floor of the building. On the first floor, they would bump into more rats. These were far easier than the five that he had fought in the beginning. It would seem like the rats from before were indeed different than the rest. Still, Yuurei wouldn’t take long to rid the first floor of rats. While he was doing that as well Renji was looking to see if he could find anything of value.

Of course, the Exceed would find what he was looking for and he would pick it up. Renji would put it in his bag to give it to the new owner of this building when the job was done.



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Yuurei and Renji would make it to the second floor of the building. There, they were met with tons of rats. It was crazy, but it was not something that Yuurei could handle. It would seem like the hardest rats he had to deal with were at the beginning. It was interesting, to say the least. He figured they were trying to use their strongest from the beginning. It would stop a lot of them from dying if they were able to succeed. Too bad it didn’t work like that. The light mage would make quick work with the rats on this floor. Renji knew he wasn’t needed to fight, so he looked for the valuable things while Yuurei took care of the problem.

It wouldn’t take long for the two of them to reunite and head over to the third floor. When they got there it would be a similar situation as the rats ran straight toward him.



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Yuurei would see them coming and he would dodge their incoming attacks. His armor made him feel safe and it allowed him to move freely without thinking about getting hurt. This was why he was able to take out the rats on the third floor without a problem. They would meet their end quickly, and when he was done, Renji would make his way back to where he left Yuurei. His bag was filled with stuff to give their client at the end of this. He was trying to get more money for their hard work.

The duo would move onto the next floor. This was the fourth floor, and at first, it was suspicious. They didn’t see any rats at the beginning, but when he turned behind him, they were all there. They were lunging straight toward him ready to take him out altogether. This was interesting, but not the first time he would see them do something like this.



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Yuurei would be able to take care of the rats on the fourth floor without a problem. He didn’t have to use his magic as his armor and his own strength was more than enough. When he had finished them, he would look around to see if he could find Renji. The Exceed had run off when he saw the rats were behind them. While doing that, he was able to get everything that was on this floor. This was great as they were handling and doing their job quicker than expected.
The light mage and his cat would make it to the last and final floor. When they got there, they would be met with a bunch of rats as well. It was interesting how many of these things gathered in a building. Still, they would all meet their end to Yuurei, and while they were dying, Renji would look around for anything to take for their client. 



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Now that they were done, Renji would tell Yuurei where he had seen the hole. Of course, it was on the first floor. The duo would head down there, and when Yuurei saw the hole he would find something to seal it for the time being. When they were done with that, they would walk out of the building and their client would be waiting for them there. They had smiles on their face as their job was complete. Yuurei explained where to find the hole, and that the client needed someone to clean the place up.

Renji would open his bag and he would let out all the things he found for the client to keep or sell. The client would reward them for their hard work and once Yuurei felt that it was the right amount, he would be off and on his way back to Paradise Dawn with Renji on his shoulder.  

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