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Pest Control PT. 12 (Neutral)

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Yuurei was in his office relaxing and when someone would come over to his room. He would hear the knock on the door, and he would look over to it.

“Come on in.” He said to whoever it was and the person would open the door.

Yuurei would see that it was the messenger and he would smile at him. The man would walk over to him and he would hand him over the sheet of paper. He would take it and he would smile at him and the man would leave the room soon after. Once he was gone, he would look over to Renji who was laying down on the floor. He would smile at him and figured he would let him know what they were going to do.

“Hey Renji we are going to go kill some rodents today it seems like. Are you ready to do this?” He asked Renji as he waited for an answer.



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Renji would get up from the floor and he would stretch his arms into the air as he would look over to Yuurei.

“Sure I’m ready to go just give me a second.” He said to Yuurei as he would walk over to his friend.

The Exceed would climb on Yuurei’s shoulder and he would wait for Yuurei to be on his way. The light mage would walk over to the window and he would open it up. He would climb out of the window and he sprout wings from his back. He would fly as he would close the window and he would make his way to Orchidia City. The flight over there was swift, and it would be simple. There was nobody who would be in his way, which would allow Yuurei to get to his destination quickly. Once he got to the entrance of the city he would descend to the ground.



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bYuurei would disperse his wings and his eyes would turn back to normal. He would move through the streets of Orchidia. He knew where he was going because it was on the sheet his messenger had given him. The light mage would wave at the people that looked at him and they would wave at him.

While he moved through the area, Renji would climb down and onto the ground. Once that would happen, they would continue their walk through the streets. It wouldn’t take long, but they would arrive at their destination. The light mage would be at the Orchidia Market, and there he would see a man waiting for Yuurei and Renji to arrive.

The two of them would have a smile on their face as they approached the guy that they were going to work for soon enough. When they got close to him, they would come to a stop and they would wave at him as they waited for him to say something to them.



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The man would see them and he would walk over to them with a smile on his face. When he noticed who it was that was going to do the job, he was happy about it.

“Hey Yuurei, I’m glad that you’re here. I heard a lot about what you did for everybody who bought a shop. I seems like everyone has the same problem, so I figured I might need the same help. I was hoping you would show up and I'm glad that you did. Would you be able to help me out Yuurei?” He asked him as he was hoping for the answer he wanted too here.

Yuurei would hear those words and it would seem like this was going to be a reoccurring thing. The thing about this though was that he didn’t mind helping other people that needed his help. He would walk over to him and he would keep the same smile on his face.



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“I will be glad to help you. I will go in there and get rid of your rodent problem. You will have to find someone to clean up after I kill the rodents. Also, there is going to be a hole somewhere in the shop. I will need you to get someone to permanently close that for you.” He said to the owner.

The client would nod when he heard these words and he couldn’t wait for things to happen.

Yuurei would look over to Reni and it would seem like his friend was ready to go inside. They would move to the door and he would open it and Renji would enter and Yuurei would go in after. Once they were inside the door would close, and there the rat extermination would begin now.

They were looking around the area and they were trying to decide which direction they were going to go to. Renji figured he would decide where to go for them.



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“We should go this way Yuurei. I think we will find a bunch of rats this way.” He said to Yuurei.

The light mage would hear these words and he was fine with Renji taking the initiative. He would listen to him, and he would walk over in the direction Renji said. He would enter the room and there he would see that there were a lot of rats here. They would all look over to Yuurei and Renji and they would start running toward the duo.

When Yuurei saw this, he would look at Renji and the Exceed would open his bag. The bag would equip everything onto Yuurei and he would be prepared to fight the rodents coming toward him. He would rush straight toward them, and the fight would begin. He would jab the first rat in front of him and it would send the rodent flying into the wall. The second rodent would attack Yuurei and he would dodge it as he moved to the side.



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The Nephilim would continue his fight as Renji would watch. It would seem like they were focused on the man who killed their friend. The light mage would continue dodging the rodent’s attacks as they were trying their best to land a hit on him. While they were fighting Yuurei would start to make his move. He would strike the next rodent without hesitating. His gauntlet would take it out without a problem, and it would hit the wall and splat on it.

The light mage would see two of them coming at the same time, and he would kick them both without worry. They would be sent flying in the air and onto the wall. The rats would continue coming straight toward him, and he would continue fighting them head-on. Their deaths would be quick and the noises they made were simple and fast. He wasn’t done though as there were more rats that were moving toward him.



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Renji continued to watch Yuurei fight, and he noticed that his friend had gotten better, faster, and stronger. It seemed like it was showing off in his fights right now. Yuurei kept taking the rats out one by one. They would meet their end by Yuurei’s hands as they would be sent flying in the air. The rat numbers were truly decreasing to the point that he couldn’t believe that there were so many rats here, to begin with. It would seem like Renji had hit things right on the nose. The light mage would soon come to a stop with his fighting. He would stretch his arms into the air as he would see that all the rats in this room were taken out.

He would look around as he was happy that he cleared the room and now it was time to move and find more rodents to get rid of.



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Yuurei and Renji would look around the area they were in, and they would find a bunch of valuable things. It would seem like these things could be found in all these shops that he had cleared out. He didn’t understand it, but he didn’t mind it at all.

Renji would pick up the stuff and he would open the bag that he carried around. Once he was done with that, he would close the bag and he would look over to Yuurei, so they could move on from here.

“Alright let’s continue with the investigation here.” He said to Renji.

The duo would move through the shop and there they would find more rats. Yuurei would watch them rush straight toward him and he would take them out without a problem. These rodents didn’t have a leader to organize them, and he was happy about that. It made taking them out quick and simple. When he was done, he would look at Renji and wait for him to do his job.



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Yuurei would continue moving through the shop alongside Renji. There they wouldn’t find any of the rats anymore. Instead of that, they would find a bunch of things that Renji would be able to pick up. It was a good thing to do, and the light mage was glad that there weren’t any more rats. The two continued moving through the place, and they would come to the conclusion that there was nothing else to pick up.

Still, now that they were done with all, they had to find where all the rodents were coming from. The light mage started looking around with Renji. They would look for the hole for a while and soon enough Renji would be the one to find it. He would look for Yuurei and once he found his friend, he would take him to where the hole was. The light mage was glad that he found it, and now it was time to close the hole.



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Yuurei would look around the shop for something to cover up the hole. It wouldn’t take him long to find it, and he would pick it up and walk over to the location of the hole. When he found the hole, he would drop the huge item in front of it. Now that he was done with that, the rodents wouldn’t show up here again.

The light mage and the Exceed would make their way back to the entrance of the shop and they would exit together. Their client would look at them and wait for them to tell them the result. Yuurei would tell them everything that happen and where they could find the hole in the shop. It wasn’t just that, but Renji would open his bag and there he would hand over all the things that they collected.

The client would see this, and they were surprised about this. Still, he was glad about Yuurei’s hard work, and there he would hand over Yuurei his reward. The light mage would take the money and the duo would be on their way out of Orchidia City and back to Paradise Dawn.

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