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The Plague (Good)

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Yuurei didn’t expect a letter from Inspector Nilan, but when he got it, he was quick to open it and see the content that was inside it. It would seem like the plant that was causing people to be sick was growing out of control within the city and the roots were spreading underground and animals were becoming out of control. It would seem like if he wanted to know more, he would have to go to the meeting area that Nilan had pointed out for him.

Yuurei and Renji would walk over to the location of the meeting point without delay. If Orchidia was in trouble, then they needed to make sure that they could fix the problem. He wasn’t sure how bad it had gotten, but he was hoping that Nilan would be able to fill him on that.

As he was making his way toward the meeting point, he would see a man rushing straight toward him, and it wouldn’t take too long to see that it was Nilan.


#2Haru Akagi 

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Haru Akagi
So far any and all investigations into the weird weed-like plant growing along the ridge of the forest had fallen short. When they had previously attempted to delve deep into the woods in an attempt to discover the source, they'd found their energy draining from their bodies as if their lifeforce had been slowly leeching from their bodies. It was the most curious thing. Then there was the fact that those in the town that had come into contact with it had had strange sickly symptoms, although they hadn't died, simply been bedridden. It was all so curious.

By the time they received a letter from Inspector Nilan again, Haru had nearly forgotten about the whole beanstalk thing, given the titans attacking in the North taking all her attention for the past few weeks. Fortunately, they'd managed to deal with those strange creatures despite their monstrous size. She had been surprised but willing to give her time to further the investigation alongside Yuurei. Apparently, the animals in the area had been acting unnatural and aggressive, almost as if they were going insane. The worst part was that the sickness or disease seemed to be all over the city, meaning people's pets were being affected, not just those within the forest. Perhaps it would have something to do with the appearance of the giant humanoids. Although the two could still be completely unrelated, there was a chance.

Haru had been approaching the meeting point when she'd spied Nilan in the street, but he wasn't rushing towards her, his eyes transfixed on someone else. As her golden eyes trailed in the direction she'd spy Yuurei and Renji. Oh good, they were here too. Although Nilan rushing over to them was concerning. Falling into a light jog she'd hed over towards the group as well, hoping she wouldn't miss any important information from the inspector.



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Nilan was rushing toward Yuurei and Renji. He was surprised that they weren’t with Haru. As soon as he got there he was about to speak, but then he saw someone approaching them. The entire group had looked in the direction and noticed that it was Haru. He was glad that she could make it because he wanted to do this job with her in the first place. He had a smile on his face as he was looking at her.

“I’m glad that you could make it,” He said as he would look over at Nilan.

The inspector was glad that they were all here and he could only cough a bit to clear his throat. When he was done with that, he was ready to speak to them.

“So, I said a lot in the letter I had given you guys. Still, there is more to that now. It seems like the animals are getting wild and aggressive. There are animals on the outskirts that have started to attack their owners out there. It’s too much going on right now and I need you to take care of them. Please don’t kill them, and knock them out if you can.” He said to the group as he was hoping things would be done right.

Yuurei would take all this information and he figured their next destination was going to be the outskirts of Orchidia.

“Alright let’s go everyone.” He said as he started walking.

Yuurei would make his move and it wouldn’t take long for them to make their way to the outskirts. There they would see a bunch of animals being out of control and being aggressive. It wasn’t just that, but they were pale in complexion and had some strange algae growing out of them. He was hoping they could be saved, but he could see how angry they looked in their eyes.



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Yuurei was on the move, and he was heading toward the outskirts of Orchidia. Renji was on his shoulder and the inspector was following behind him. He was hoping that everything would go well, but he would find out. It wouldn’t be too hard as he knew that they couldn’t kill the animals. He kept moving as he had been around that area before, and he would hope it was the same place. When he got there, he would notice that the animals were roaring and moving around aggressively. He also noticed that they were of a different color. They were pale and it seemed like some sort of plant was growing on them. It was nasty, yet at the same time, it was sad because he couldn’t believe something like this could happen to these animals.

“I guess this isn’t going to be hard, but I will make sure not to kill the animals.” He said to the inspector as he looked at him with a smile on his face.



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Yuurei would move over to the animals, and soon enough they would look over at him. That was good because he wanted their attention and soon enough, they would run straight toward Yuurei. He would dodge the animals that were trying to charge at him. He would go to the first one without a problem and he would smack it on the back of its head. He made sure to hit the animal so that it would fall to the ground and knock it out. He wasn’t trying to kill them because he knew that once they solved everything they should go back to normal.

Still, he didn’t have time to stop and think as there were more animals rushing toward him. When he saw this, he would shake his head as he would continue to dodge their attacks without a problem. Whenever he saw an opportunity, he would smack them on the back of their neck, so that they would fall to the ground and be rendered unconscious for the time being.



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It wouldn’t take long, but he would knock out all of the animals that were attacking him. When he had done that, he would look over to the farmers that were waiting by their homes. They would rush over to Yuurei and thank him for knocking out the animals, and not killing them. He would smile at them as he was glad to help them out. He would move the animals into their areas for the time being. He was hoping that he would be able to stop this from continuing to happen. For the moment, Yuurei had to go back to Nilan and report to him everything that happened.

When he got back to Nilan, he would tell him that the job was done, and the man was happy about that. He would hand over the rewards for them, and tell them that this wasn’t over. The light mage understood this, and he was glad to help him whenever he needed him.

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