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Pest Control PT. 7 (Neutral)

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Yuurei was working on himself now. His guild master had thought about leaving the guild. He was going to travel through the world. Khalfani had given him responsibility. He was going to work with the others as he had always done. Still, right now he was going to do his job as a normal member of the guild. He planned on working hard and in what way by taking on a job. He had made his way through the city of Orchidia, and there he would look through the job board. There were a lot of interesting jobs there for him to do, but he was looking for a particular one.

There would be a job that he was used to or good at. He would be able to find what he was looking for eventually. He would see that there was a job for a cleanup. There was a rodent problem in one of the buildings and the owner didn’t know where they were coming from.



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Yuurei would take the paper off the board, and he would look at it. It would show him where he needed to go, and he would leave the area. People would see what he took and were wondering why he would do such a thing. He was making his way through the city now. He had followed the direction of where he needed to go. It would seem like the direction would lead him to the market area of the city. That was good because it meant that he didn’t need to work hard today. He was with Renji this entire time. The Exceed would walk right beside him.

“Are we going to do that method where I bring all the rats to you again?” He would ask curious to hear what he had to say.

The light mage enjoyed that, but he wasn’t going to make his friend go through that again. It was torture to do and took too much time.



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“I don’t plan on making you do anything like that Renji. It was good to see it happen, but that took too long. We don’t have that much time on our hands nowadays.” He said to Renji.

Renji would sigh with relief as he was glad to hear that. Still, he figured he wouldn’t be on his friend’s shoulder when they had gone to fight the rats. The duo would find themselves in the area where they needed to be and soon enough, they would see a woman standing by her store. It seemed like she was looking to see if someone would approach her. Yuurei would just follow the direction and he would be led right to her.

They would stare into each other’s eyes and soon enough she would notice who he was.

“I know you, you’re Yuurei right?” She asked him, but knew the answer to this.

“Yes, I am Yuurei. I’m here because of this request.” He would say to her as he would take out the sheet of paper from his pocket.



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Yuurei would hand her the sheet, and she would take it from him. She would look at it and when she confirmed it was hers, she would look at him with a smile on his face. She was happy that this was the guy that was going to take on her request.

“So you’re here for my problem. I bought this place not too long ago. Still, I couldn’t do anything with it because of a rodent infestation inside there. I was hoping I could get someone to clear them out. I also need to find out where they are coming from. After that, I need you to temporarily seal it while I get it sealed permanently.” She would say to Yuurei.

The light mage knew the drill, but he was glad that she had said it to him anyway. He wasn’t sure if things could change, so it was always good to listen to his client no matter who it was.



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Yuurei would walk toward the door with Renji by his side. Before he opened the door, he would look back at her with a smile on his face.

“I will take care of your problem. If you can please stay here and do not come in until I come in.” He would say this to her.

She would nod as she would understand her position with the infestation. Yuurei would look at the door once again and he would open the door without a problem. Renji would enter with him, and the Nephilim would close the door behind him. He would look around to see the mess everywhere and he moved to the back of the room. He figured he would find many rats there and then work his way upstairs.

Yuurei moved through the area and when he continued moving, he would hear the noises getting louder. It wouldn’t take long, but he would see a bunch of rats in a room. They would look at him and things would begin.



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Yuurei would see them running towards them both, and he would get into a fighting position. He didn’t have time for this, and he was going to handle it quickly. He would step back to avoid the first attacks of the rat, and Renji would run away from the monster. A few of them would chest the Exceed, but Yuurei would punch the rat that had missed him. He would kill the rat without a problem, and he would move on to the next one.

He would see that the next one was quick to swipe at him and he would crouch to dodge the attack, which would lead to an uppercut from him. He would find the rat flying into the air and then falling to the ground unconscious. He would see that Renji was running toward him with a rat behind him. That wasn’t good as he saw another one rushing straight toward him as well.



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Yuurei would shake his head like the one in front of him would lunge toward him. The berserker would jump into the air as Renji would slide on the ground to avoid the rodent from falling on him. This rodent would crash into its friend, and the light mage would take advantage of that. He would stomp on them both from above as they would crash to the ground. That was good, and it would seem like Renji was running away again as there were two more remainings. He would see that they were chasing the weakest link and he would only shake his head.

“You cannot touch him.” He would say this as he would close the gap between him and the rats.

When he was in front of them, he would punch them both on the nose and would send them flying to the wall. When he had done this, he had finished taking care of all the rats on this floor.



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Yuurei would look around and he would find a bunch of valuable things on the first floor, but he knew he wasn’t done. The next place was the second floor, and he would start heading there. Renji would pick up everything and he would put it in the bag for now. Once they were on the second floor, Yuurei would see a bunch of rats at the end of the hall. It would seem like they knew he was here, and they would start running toward him. That was good as he was hoping to deal with this quickly.

The light mage would step back when the first of the many rats would come. When he stepped back, he would use his other leg to kick the rat to the wall next to them. He would look over to the second one, and he would punch it before it could make a move. The light mage wasn’t holding back as he kept slaughtering them without hesitating.



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It wouldn’t take long, but Yuurei would find killing the rodents to be quick. The second floor would find itself cleared of all of them. He would dust his hands off from the hard work he was putting in but continued moving through this place. He was making sure that there weren’t any rats hiding from him. When he saw that there was nothing else. He and Renji would go around the second floor and collect all the valuable things on this floor. It would seem like these rats sure loved to collect things.

Renji would put everything inside of his bag, and they knew where the next place was going to be. They started heading to the first floor and they were now looking for where the entrance to the basement would be. It wouldn’t take long for Yuurei and Renji to find it and they would go down there without a second to waste. He would hope that there were that many rats remaining down there.



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When Yuurei got there, he would see the rest of the rats in a corner. It was like they weren’t happy with what he was doing to their comrades. The half-elf wouldn’t wait for them, and he would run to them without hesitating. Renji was surprised about that but didn’t say anything. When he got close to them, they would retaliate back. Of course, it wasn’t going to work, and he would start striking them down without a problem. In the end, they would be wiped out by him, and he would sigh with relief because he had taken them out. That was a good thing and now it was to do what they did on the rest of the floors.

They would start searching for valuable items. They would do that without a problem, and while they had done that, they had also found the hole of the rat problem. That was a good thing, and he would look for something to cover it.



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Yuurei had found something to cover the hole while they were collecting the valuable items. He would move to it, and he would pick it up and move it in front of the hole. When he was done with that, the duo would make their way to the first floor. The light mage would open the door and he would see that his client was waiting for him there. He had a smile on his face as he had finished his mission.

“Every rat has been taken care of. You just need to have someone clean the mess up. I found the hole, and I covered it temporarily, so you might want to get the covered soon as well. And one more thing we found all of this for you to keep and sell.” He said this as Renji would open the bag.

All the valuable things they found would fall to the ground. She was delighted to see this and glad to hear what he had done. She would hand him his reward and he would be on his way with Renji.

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