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Reaction Time and Restraint (WM)

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Yuurei had started his training with Jade. He was staying in Erwyr for the time being. It was a place where he couldn’t be bothered, and nobody would be able to find him. Jade had decided that it was best to train Yuurei on how to hold back as a fighter, and he wanted to train his reaction. The young man needed it and it would be helpful for him in the future.

Yuurei was in the back of Jade’s house, and he would look over at Jade as he was going to explain what he wanted him to do.

“So, what I want you to do is try out those test dummies. The objective of it all is to strike at them as fast as you can, but make sure you can hold back your strength to make sure it doesn’t break.” He said to Yuurei as he paused for a second.



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Once he gathered himself, he would smile at Yuurei.

“You might be wondering how you might be able to do that? Well, when I do it I allow my speed to take place, but I allow everything to happen. The only thing I don’t allow is the impact of my attacks to go all the way through. I place it elsewhere. Of course, we’re all different on how we do things.” He said to Yuurei.

Jade would take a seat not too far from him as he wanted to see what he would be able to do.

Yuurei would hear his advice, but he knew that this wasn’t going to be a simple thing. How was he going to be able to stop what he had been doing this entire time and change it to something different? He would relax a bit as he walked over to one of the dummies that were out for him.



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Yuurei would get into a stance as he was taking deep breaths and made sure that he had a clear mind. While doing this his eyes were focused on the target as he would move his right hand back and he would try. He thought about what Jade had told him, and while he was readying to attack, he would continuously think about it.

It was then he would finally strike the target in front of him. He wouldn’t hold back as Jade told him. When he connected with the dummy target, it would get destroyed with one attack. He would laugh a bit because he knew this was going to happen all along.

He would move on towards another dummy as he figured he would try again. While he was doing this, Renji and Jade would just watch him. It was hard for the Exceed to watch this because he felt like Yuurei didn’t need this type of training at all.



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Yuurei would try it with the next target in front of him, and when he attacked the result would end up the same as last time. It wasn’t surprising, but it would seem like this was going to take a while. Still, he knew that he couldn’t give up. This guy was here to train him, and it was why he had come to him in the first place. The light mage would try again. He was doing his best to hold back, but how was he supposed to transfer the majority of his strength elsewhere?

He was thinking about it as he continued failing with the targets. There were a lot of them out in the back, and Jade had a lot more where that came from. He expected this to be a long training session, so he prepared for today. The berserker would continue failing with the dummies. It was interesting to see him repeatedly try and come up with the same results. It would frustrate him, but he knew that if he kept trying, he would get it down right.



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While this was happening, Jade would get up from his spot. He could tell from Yuurei’s actions they were going to need more training dummies. The light mage kept trying as he was reflecting on what he was doing wrong. There must have been a trick to it. He wasn’t sure what it was, but he felt like today was going to be the day he would figure it out. He wasn’t sure he would be able to master it today, but he had to at least have an idea.

While the hours would go by, Yuurei would continue to push forward. Jade had brought out extra dummies for him to attack and would even meditate. He was surprised that this young man could go on this long without his will breaking, but it seemed like there was a lot to him that he didn’t know about. The Nephilim was destroying the targets in front of him, but while he did that, he was close to thinking about what to do.



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While he was training time would pass by, and before he knew it nighttime had arrived. He was exhausted, and everyone could see that. Jade would walk over to him, and he would explain to him that there was always tomorrow. Yuurei would listen as he would go inside, and he would eat a lot. Jade had prepared food for them after a while. He saw that things were going to take a while and he was happy to make the meal. It would seem like he had indeed exerted a lot of energy, but he was excited, nonetheless.

“I think I know what I’m doing wrong, but I’m still trying to get an idea. I feel like I know what to do, but I will think about it.” He said to them.

Renji would look at him as he would shake his head.

“I hope this works for you Yuu. You going to need to be in tip-top shape if you want to take on Ansem.” He said to him as he was eating his fish.



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Jade would hear their interaction, but he wouldn’t say anything. He would just nod at Yuurei’s statement, and he would continue eating. It wouldn’t take long, but they would all be done, and it would be onto the next day.

Yuurei was up earlier than anybody else. He had figured out what he had to do. It was something he was thinking about and now he figured it was time to try it out. The light mage was in front of a dummy, and he would strike at it with full force. When he connected, he would crack the dummy, but it wasn’t completely destroyed. It was a failure, but he noticed the ground and saw that he damaged the ground. He was sending his force to the leg that was being used as the center of gravity.

He was excited about this, and he was jumping around. He would continue to practice though as he knew he was far from mastering that.



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Yuurei kept going through the day trying out some of the dummies a few times now. When everybody fully woke up, they would see that the light mage was working hard and early. Jade could see the ground and he would see that this guy figured something out. This was good and he knew he would be able to do it. Still, he knew it would take him time to figure it out, but he didn’t say anything to him. He would look over to Renji with a smile on his face.

“It would seem like Yuurei is starting to understand it.” He said to the Exceed.

Renji would hear Jade and he wouldn’t be able to see it, but he would take his word for it. The light mage was training the same technique repeatedly. It would take him a few days, but he was able to finally hit a dummy without destroying it. Jade was impressed with what he was able to do in a couple of days, which meant they were able to move on to the next part of his training.



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Yuurei would be up the next morning, and soon after Jade and Renji would follow. The berserker was practicing with what he had learned, and Jade would smile to see that he was still at it.

“Good work with being able to do what I asked Yuurei. The next part of your training will have to do with your reflexes. The point of this is that I’m going to be the one to attack you. You are not to even attack back. All you will do is dodge, parry, or block. You will continue to do this until you can fully do this without getting hit.” He said to Yuurei.

The Nephilim would hear this and he figured this was going to happen eventually. He was ready though and he was just practicing his technique as he figured he would do that every day.

“Alright I guess I can try that. It should be an interesting thing to do.” He said to Jade.

He would walk over to his sensei, and he would get into a defensive stance. Jade would look at him and he would move a bit faster than Yuurei could handle for now.



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Jade would push forward and straight towards Yuurei. The light mage was caught off guard. He didn’t have enough time to dodge it, so he decided to go for a block. When he blocked the attack, he didn’t see the second attack. It would hit him, and he would stumble backward as he looked at Jade. This guy was strong, and he needed to be at that level soon or one day. He would get into position again and just like that Jade would rush straight toward him again. He would block the first attack, and then he would step back as he would block the second attack.

It was after all that he would see a third attack coming, but there was nothing he could do about it. This guy was quick with his attacks, but the pain he was feeling wasn’t a lot. It would seem like he was using what he wanted him to learn against him. Still, this was interesting because he really couldn’t follow his exact movements.



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They would continue with their training with jade, and it was harder to keep up with his movements. The man was fast, but that was the point. If he kept fighting him and he was moving at that speed, he would be able to catch on eventually. Still, it was hard trying to parry or dodge anything with how quick he was moving. All, he could do was block his attacks, and it was irritating him. In the end, it didn’t matter because he would get hit and would find himself stumbling back as he would chuckle.

Yuurei would continue and Jade would attack, but as the hours would go by, the light mage would become sluggish and would get hit more often than anything. The damage he was sustaining was getting to him, but it was also the fact that they were sparring for hours. Jade would call for it and said that he needed to rest and that they would continue the training the next day.



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Yuurei didn’t want to stop, but he would listen to Jade’s words because he knew what was best for him. The Nephilim would relax his body, eat, and get ready for the next day. He would be able to sleep throughout the night and when morning came, Yuurei was back at it again. He was training with the dummies as he was perfecting what he learned. He wasn’t sure, but he found this good to use, so when he fought others weaker than him and was training them. Of course, he didn’t plan on holding back on those he fought because he felt it be disrespectful. While he was training, Jade would come out as he figured he would start their sparring early.

He would approach Yuurei, and when he saw what was going to happen, he would ready himself. Their fighting would begin, and it would continue for hours. The light mage was getting better at blocking Jade’s attack, which was a good thing. He figured if he could keep this up, he would be able to dodge his attacks next.



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Still, it was one step at a time, and he wasn’t trying to rush anything. The light mage continue training with him and throughout the day, it would seem like he was getting better at keeping up with Jade at that speed. That was a good thing, and he was happy to see that. After a few days of training, the Nephilim started the next part of the spar. He was trying to dodge Jade’s attacks. This was harder than he imagined it would be. It would leave him vulnerable and prone to getting hit a lot. This was something that would happen throughout the day, but he knew that if just blocked all the time it wouldn’t do him good in combat.

The berserker continued his training with Jade as he knew this was going to be easy. He was excited though because he didn’t feel like this in a while. He never had a true teacher before, so he felt like a little kid.



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Yuurei was going through it, and this was harder than just blocking Jade’s attack. The young half-elf would go through this a week. His body rested after getting beaten up by Jade. He felt himself getting stronger, but at the same time, his eyes were becoming sharper. This was good and he couldn’t help but enjoy this. Renji was surprised that they were truly in this settlement for quite some time. Still, if this would make it so Yuurei could protect others and themselves then he couldn’t really complain about it.

The next day would come, and both Jade and Yuurei would go back at it again. This time, the light mage was moving efficiently and quickly able to dodge the incoming attacks from his sensei. He felt good about this, and he was excited to do this throughout the day. He knew that the hardest of it all would come soon. Yuurei would continue to parry as he wanted to fully be able to combat Jade.



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It wouldn’t take long, but the day would come to an end. Jade was impressed with Yuurei’s progress, and he could see that this guy wasn’t just talented but dedicated. It made him want to train him more and even see him succeed in what he wanted.

“We rest for the rest of the day and the same for tomorrow. I want your body to fully heal before we continue with your training. You’ve done well, I’m glad you never complained or gave up. Now we clean ourselves and eat.” He said with a smile on his face as he would go into the house.

Yuurei was glad to hear this from him, and he would bow slightly to Jade. Renji would get up and walk inside as he would take a nap while everyone was cleaning the sweat off them. The light mage would follow behind Jade and he wondered what else they would be doing in the next couple of days.


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