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Going Back to the Kingdom (West to North)

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Going Back to the Kingdom (West to North) Empty Thu Apr 21, 2022 9:33 pm


Yuurei had finished the tournament and with it, he had gained a lot of money. It was beautiful to see the different types of fighters he fought. The last guy was weird and scary. He seemed almost evil, but he wasn’t sure. He didn’t know what his deal was, and honestly, he wanted to be away from that. Still, his time in Baska was short as he didn’t know what might happen if he was away from his home for too long.

The berserker used the same means to travel as before. He wasn’t going to take a carriage this time. He was in a rush because of the dark guild that was there. The light mage moved through the area as he would see the change of scenery once again. He was once again in the north, and he was running through the place. His eyes scanned through the area to see if there was any trouble along the way.

It would seem like things was fine, which was good. Yes, the North had his friend and even Khalfani, but he was sure that not even he could defend it all by himself without him there. If he could, then would he need to be there all the time?


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