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Tournament Arc PT. 7 (Neutral)

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Yuurei was enjoying this tournament now. His last opponent was strong, and he was coughing up some blood. This time he would find his way to the infirmary. The other fight would start after the ten counts happen in his fight. He would follow the unconscious body to where the medic mage would be located. The woman would head over to Yuurei and she would start healing him. It would seem like he took a lot of damage in that fight, but it would be nothing compared to the next fight. He knew that whoever he fought would be in another league than what he had fought today.

The woman was working hard to make sure that he was fully healed. This would bring Yuurei to smile at her. This woman had powerful healing magic, which was a good thing for him.

“Thank you for healing me.” He said to her.

She would blush when she heard his words. She didn’t expect the current champion to speak to her.

“It’s not a problem. It’s my job after all.” She said to him as she continued healing him.



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She would look at him and she would see how handsome he was. She had to close the wound on his face and make sure there was no scarring there. It would be a simple task for her to do and while she was doing that, she would see him staring at her.

“I think this is an important job to do. You keep everyone healthy and others from dying from their wounds. I guess you can patch me up after the next fight I get into as well.” He said with a smile on his face.

“Yeah sure, it’s why I get paid for anyways. I’m glad to help you, but you’re all done.” She said to him.

Yuurei would move his body around and the pain he felt around his body was now gone. He was happy that they had her here. He would crack his knuckles as he couldn’t wait to fight the last guy of the day.



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Yuurei would walk out of the room now as he was making his way out of the tent and to his chair. When he walked around the arena, he would see that it was over. It had just finished and that was because he would see someone flying off the stage and onto the ground next to him. It would seem like he was unconscious and barely breathing. It would seem like his opponent was brutal and show no mercy. Still, it seemed like this guy had put up a fight as the man walked over to the tent as well. While Yuurei looked at him, he would see the malicious aura surrounding him, which made him shake his head. He was going to have to fight someone like that.

The people who worked for whoever founded the tournament would come and pick up the guy as they would bring him to the tent as well. Yuurei would move over to his seat, so he could speak to Renji for a bit before the next fight started.



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“I know you want to know about your opponents until you fight them. Still, I just need you to be careful with this guy. The other guy almost died and that’s all I can say.” He said to Yuurei.

Yuurei would hear his words and he would shake his head as he saw that. Still, he was glad that the Exceed was concerned for him. He would meditate for a little bit as they were cleaning up the ring and quickly fixing it. It would take a while, but when it was all done, the final round would start. The crowd was excited because it would seem like they were getting all the action in one day this time.

When the announcer saw that both contestants were healed and able to fight. He would make his went into the ring and he would have a huge smile on his face.

“Ladies and gentlemen. It seems like our defending champion was able to make it all the way to the last fight.” He paused as they would all yell excited about this.



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Once they had finished yelling, he figured he would continue speaking.

“It seems like he has someone strong to fight against. This guy took no prisoner on those he fought. I felt bad for those who fought him because it was a gruesome ending. They all lived but basically were at death’s door in the end. Give it up for Aoi.” He said as the crowd start yelling.

Yuurei would get up from his seat as it seemed like the fight was going to start now. He wouldn’t give it a second thought. As he walked over to the ring, both his magic circles would appear above his hand, and he would have the stars enter his body. He would become stronger than he was before. He would step into the ring as he got into a fighting position.

His opponent would get into a fighting position as he was holding on to hi Kanabo. They would both eye each other and soon enough the announcer would walk away before saying they were allowed to fight.



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When he was safe, he would announce them to fight and Aoi would rush straight towards Yuurei. He was quick on his feet, and he would swing his Kanabo without hesitating. Yuurei would dodge it barely, but then soon after he would be kicked straight in his stomach. It would send him flying and he would feel the blow from the attack. That was crazy and he chuckle a bit as he looked at the man.

“Get up before I crack your skull open.” He said to Yuurei.

Yuurei would relax a bit as he would get back into a fighting position. He didn’t like the way this guy spoke to him, and he would take a deep breath as he was pouring mana into his gauntlet. He was going to have to do his best in this fight. He would stand up as he would get into a fighting position. The man would rush straight toward Yuurei again, and he would try to kick Yuurei this time.



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The light mage would see this, and he would avoid the kick this time, and that was when he saw the man’s Kanabo trying to get him. He was barely able to dodge that as it would tickle his nose. He would skid on the ground as this guy was powerful, and for some reason, he felt like he was holding back. Aoi would see this, and he would have a smile on his face. This was perfect and he figured he would move faster now. He would rush straight towards Yuurei and the Nephilim would try to punch the man. He would connect his punch and the man would feel it indeed.

Still, the Kanabo was coming straight towards the berserker, and it would cause him to spin into the air as he felt blood coming out of the side of his head. He would fall to the floor but get up quickly as he jumped away from Aoi. The man was trying to crush him, but he had missed.



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Yuurei noticed that he had gotten faster, and the blow to his head really hurt. This guy was strong, and it seemed like he was holding back early. Aoi would see that he should go all out on this guy. He felt him holding back, but so was he. He would get this guy to show him everything that he could do. Aoi would make his way towards the berserker now. Yuurei’s eyes widen when he saw how quick he was. He was faster than he was, which was bad. Yuurei would get into a defensive stance as the Kanabo would come striking upward on Yuurei.

It would have him stumble back from the attack and he would feel a punch into his gut soon after. It was then that he would finish it off with a kick straight into his chest and away from him. Yuurei would fall to the floor and on his back from everything that was done to him.



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The announcer would start counting now that there was someone on the floor. The crowd gasped as they were surprised to see that Yuurei was on the ground again. Aoi was getting ready to attack him the moment he would get up from the ground. He was upset that this guy wasn’t showing off his true potential.

Yuurei figured it was time to go all out. The last hit that was done to him, felt like he was going all out. This guy was freaking strong, and this was good. His eyes turned to gold as a mask was manifesting over his face. His body was also stretching out so he would become taller. The light mage would get up from the floor as his wings would come out from his back. He would get into a fighting stance as Aoi was surprised that this was him going all out. This was perfect for him as this was what he wanted.



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Yuurei would crack his neck as he would look at Aoi a look that man wouldn't be able to see because of the mask.

“I guess this will be the second time I ever used this, so enjoy yourself.” He said to the man.

It was then he would lift himself off the ground and soar straight towards Aoi. When he was doing this Aoi felt strange, which was a good thing. It was what Yuurei wanted to do to him in this form and it was perfect. Aoi would see that he had closed the gap between them, and Yuurei would attempt to kick the man, but he would dodge it. He was moving slower than before, which was a good thing, and now they were on the same playing field.

Yuurei would see the Kanabo coming, and he would soar up into the sky to avoid the attack, and then he would come right back down to continue their fight.



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Yuurei would make his way in front of Aoi again and this time he would throw a feint punch, which the man would avoid, but Yuurei would move his body, so he would be able to drop kick Aoi before he got too far. Of course, this would hit, and Yuurei would fly around and towards the man who was stumbling back from the blow. When he looked over at Yuurei he saw that he was in front of him already.

The Nephilim would punch Aoi on top of his head, which would bring him down to the ground and to his knees. Yuurei would do a rising kick on the man’s face as it would bring him up to his feet and Yuurei would kick him away from him. Aoi would cough out blood from all of this and he would gather himself as he would look over at him as if he was going to have to do his best. He should have finished this before but look at what was happening now.



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Aoi would gather himself and he would start rushing straight towards Yuurei. The Nephilim would dodge the Kanabo and parry the kick that was coming after. He would throw jabs at Aoi, but he was quick to dodge and avoid them. It would seem like he got used to Yuurei’s speed. It probably caught him off guard, which he expected of course. The two of them were avoiding each other’s attacks as they were moving around the ring. The people in the crowd were surprised about this was going. They would land a few hits, they both spat out blood and even stumbled back from each other before going back into it.

It was indeed a worthy fight, and Yuurei was glad that he had come here. Still, it was time to finish this right now. He was going to allow this to continue going as this formed drained a lot of his mana, which he was not proud of.



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Yuurei would go all out now as he would rush straight towards Aoi. He would see that the man was ready to fight, but that wasn’t going to be enough anymore. He could see that Aoi had taken a lot of damage as he did, but he was more worn out due to the transformation Yuurei had done. He would dodge the Kanabo, and he would quickly go in for a strike into the man’s stomach. Aoi would gasp for air when this happen, but Yuurei wasn’t done there. He would kick the man right on the side of his face, which would send him flying through the ring.

The light mage would fly straight towards him before he could hit the ground, and he would punch him on his back and slam him into the ground. Aoi would gasp for air as he would hit the ground as he was done for the fight. The announcer would come in as he was surprised about how the fight turned around.



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Yuurei would disperse his transformation as the announcer counted to ten. It would seem like Aoi was unconscious and unable to continue with the fight. He would sigh with relief because this was the second time he had transformed into that form, but not the first time he transformed in this tournament. They would celebrate his victory as they were happy to see the defending champion once more. The crowd of people was excited to see everything that happen, and the shouting wouldn’t stop. He would wave at everyone because they were here for the entertainment.

He was here for the experience and to fight against new people. Yuurei would sigh with relief as he walked off the arena. He would get his prize money for the tournament, and he would pick up Renji while he was at it. They would head over to the tent, so Yuurei could heal before he headed back home to the North.

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