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Tournament Arc PT. 5 (Neutral)

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Yuurei had come back to the Baska City to fight Baska Rock. It seemed like there was another tournament about to start soon. He was invited because he had won the last time, so they wanted to see if he wanted to defend his title. The light mage was more than happy to do this. He had brought Renji with him as the two of them would walk through the area. It had been a while since they had left the north. He didn’t mind the place, but the jobs that he had done were weird. He was hoping new ones would come soon enough, but for the time being here he was.

The light mage would see a bunch of fighters around here. It would seem like a lot of people were not the same as last time. He would see a few of them that were here before, and they would recognize him.



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Yuurei would make his way to the sign-up area. When he got there, they would see him, and they would smile at him.

“We’re glad you’re here. You don’t have to worry about signing up. We already have you on the list. The tournament is the same as last. It seems like a lot of people had shown up again. Still, you won't have to go through the preliminaries like last time.” He said to Yuurei.

The light mage would hear this and he was glad that he could take it easy. He guessed that was the perk from being the winner of last time. Still, he would find himself sitting down, and he would wait for everything to happen.

This time only thirty-one people would make it through the beginning. That was good to see, and it seemed there was some new blood moving onto the actual tournament. Yuurei would get up from his seat.



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“Ladies and gentlemen the first round of the tournament is going to start now. We have our defending champion Yuurei. He made his way here from the North just to take part in the tournament. So, let’s do this. He will be taking on the first match of the day. He will be fighting against Jin from the East.” He would say this as the challenge was getting on the to the ring.

They would look at each other as they were getting ready to fight. They were going to fight with everything they had. It was a fight, so that was how things were done. Yuurei would open his hands and he would reveal two magic circles floating in his hands. The stars would come out and would enter his body. While he was doing this, his opponent would rush straight toward him.

When he got close, he would strike at Yuurei and the light mage was quick to dodge the attacks. It was then he saw a magic circle appear in front of him.



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This guy seemed skilled, but he didn’t care about that. He just chuckled a bit as he would lunge to his right, and he would roll on the ground. He had seen a bunch of fire coming out and he would sigh with relief. He didn’t get hit by the attack and he would look over at the guy he was facing. He was a serious guy, and it would seem like things were going to be interesting or maybe not?

Yuurei would watch the guy shoot out a bunch of fireballs at him. He would dodge them, and he wondered what the guy’s strategy was. He didn’t watch anybody fight, so he could enjoy the fights more. It was then the guy was up and front with Yuurei. He smiled because it would seem like he was using his magic as a form of distraction.

Yuurei would see the kick and he would counter it with a kick of his own. Their kicks would connect canceling each other out as they both stepped back from each other.



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Yuurei figured he would end their fight now. The guy had potential, but it wasn’t enough to defeat him. The berserker would run rush straight towards him. He was so quick, that the guy in front of him was surprised. He heard about this guy, but it was different when you experienced it firsthand. The light mage would strike a palm straight into the man’s abdomen and soon after followed it up with a spinning kick to the man’s face as he spun in the air and fell to the ground.

The light mage would sigh with relief as he would stand tall. The guy on the floor would stay on the ground now as the announcer would count to ten. He wouldn’t get up from those two strikes. The berserker was hoping that not everyone was this weak when it came to him hitting them. He would get off stage as he would wait for the other fights to begin.



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Yuurei would relax for a bit as the other fights would continue. Renji saw how quick his fight lasted and wondered if the others who were in the tournament were worth fighting. It would seem like Yuurei felt the same way.

“Was the guy that weak?” He asked him.

“It wasn’t that he was weak. It was just that he couldn’t take a hit. He was out in two shots. I didn’t think that would happen, but I hope the next round isn’t like that.” He said to Renji.

Yuurei would keep his eyes close as the fights continued. He meditated while this was happening because he didn’t want to see the fights. It wouldn’t take long, but the first round of the tournament would soon come to an end. When that happened Yuurei would open his eyes as he would see the announcer on the ring. The fighters had all been clear to continue, and he was getting ready to start the next round.



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Yuurei would get up when the announcer had called his name to the ring. He would go up there without a problem as he would wait for his opponent. When his opponent had arrived, he would see how big and strong the man was. He wondered how he won his last fight but figured he would find out soon enough. Yuurei would get into a fighting stance and his opponent would do the same thing. When the announcer told them to fight, Yuurei would rush straight toward the man.

He did that because he noticed that he wasn’t going to move against Yuurei. He would throw two jabs at the man and he would take them both head-on. It would seem like Yuurei had done some damage, but it wasn’t enough to take him out. The man had grabbed Yuurei second hand, and he would lift the Nephilim into the air.

Yuurei saw this and quickly enough he was slammed onto the ground. He would gasp for air from the impact, and he would see that this guy wasn’t going to let him go. He would be lifted into the air again, which meant he was going to have to do something quickly.



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Yuurei figured there was one thing he could do, and it was to break his wrist. Well, that or at least damage it, so he could release him. He would charge mana into his gauntlet as it would make him much stronger than he currently was. It was then he would swing his right arm straight into the big guy’s wrist. It was all or nothing or he would be slammed. The man was getting ready to take Yuurei to the ground again, but when he felt the blow on his wrist he would scream from the pain as he would let him go.

Yuurei would land on the ground and on his feet. He was impressed by how strong this guy was. If the first guy had his tenacity to stay up, then it would have been a better fight.

He would step back as he would see that the man was holding onto his limp wrist for a bit. That was when he cracked it back into place as he looked over to Yuurei. That was interesting, but that probably took a lot out of him.



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The man would look upset with Yuurei, but he would also look worn out. It would seem like he was right, and it was time to end this fight. He knew what the guy had done in his previous fight to win. He took hits and then grabbed his opponents to make sure that they couldn’t escape. When he hit the ground, it actually hurt quite a bit. Which meant that this guy’s strength was no joke.

The light mage ran straight towards him. He could see that the man wasn’t going to move. It would seem like the man was too slow to be moving then. He would use this to his advantage. The light mage would get close to him. Instead of going in front of him to hit him, he would be smart. There were a few more rounds for him to do, so he had to make sure that he wasn’t truly hurt.

When he got close to him, he would move around him and towards his side. He would move faster than the guy could react so that was a good thing.



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When Yuurei’s theory was proven to be correct, he would take advantage of this. He would throw a barrage of punches straight toward the man. While he was trying to turn, he would be met with a bunch of hits from the guy he had been fighting. He would feel the blows and soon enough he would no longer be trying to reach for Yuurei. He was surprised that such a small man could hit so hard. Everyone would see the man fall to his knees and then to the ground as he was now unconscious. The announcer would step closer to the two and he would start counting.

In the end, the man never got up from the floor, which meant that Yuurei was declared the winner of this round. The light mage would sigh as he had to give it to the man for taking his hits. He would walk out off the stage, and he would take a seat next to Renji.



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Now that Yuurei was done, he would wait for the other matches to start and finish. He, of course, would close his eyes. He didn’t want to see how his opponents fought because it would be better to learn how they fought while fighting them. He would instead find himself meditating. He would do this the entire second round. It was a good way to heal himself and better understand what he had done wrong. He could have played that better and made sure that he wasn’t grabbed by the man.

Still, it happened, and it was in the past. He did know what to do the next time he fought that guy. It reminded him of Brone as well as his friend did something similar. In the end, the second round was over, and now there were only four fighters left in the two brackets that were being held at the same time.

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