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Tournament Arc 5 [Ragnar]

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Today she was going to the tournament area with Ragnar instead of herself this time. She watched as her daughter got ready as she needed to go to the daycare. " But I don't want to go to the daycare. I'd rather go and watch you and uncle," She spoke in our cute high-pitched voice. She giggled and watched as her daughter was pouting and then looked at Ragnar and shrugged. " Up to you. Ragnar. What do you think we should do?', Quilla asked. Suzaku gave Ragnar pleading eyes as her eyes widened and sparkled. Her icy Blues were hard to miss as they were like clear pools of water.

Whether or not Ragnar agreed she would either pout or be happy about it. She grabbed her backpack and started to follow as they all started to leave with her snacks and water. She locked the hotel room. She went downstairs and told the housekeeper that they don't need any housekeeping today. Her pink hair flowed behind her as they followed the path towards the tournament area, but if they were going to drop her off then they would go on their way to the daycare.



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Ragnar was getting ready, he had his armor on and his hammer ready to go and ready to fight. As he left his room, he walked out to see Suzaku asking her mother that she wanted to go with Ragnar and Quill. Ragnar ignored this as he was thinking about how he was going to murder some people today and then he heard words he didn't want to hear " Up to you Ragnar" and then Ragnar looked down to see a small child staring up at him with clear water for eyes.

Ragnar looked at the little girl for a moment before looking over at Quill and gave her a look, that he was sure that she could feel even through the helmet that says " I want you dead..." Ragnar then turned back towards the girl and said " Sure you can come with us today....." Ragnar then vanished the idea of murdering someone today from his mind. He wasn't about to show this small child his true side, atleast not at this age. Maybe when she was older.

As they went downstairs and towards the arena, Ragnar was completely silent towards Quill, and clearly very distant as he walked next to her. As the approached the arena, Ragnar went over to the ticketing place to get Suzaku a ticket, there he also found a person he had used to do some of the missions he wasn't able to do before. Walking over to that man, he found out that the guy was here just betting on the arena, and that was when Ragnar slapped some money in his hand and said " You watch that girl right over there, make sure nothing happens to her. If something does happen to her... well you know what I have done to people in the past. Quillareine is also her mom so there is that. "  With a pat on his shoulder, Ragnar turned and got Suzaku a ticket.

After handing the girl the ticket so she could get in and watch, Ragnar turned to Quill and said " First time I have done this? Do we both need to sign up together or can you sign us both up? "

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She could feel the gaze of Ragnar as she asked Ragnar the question. She didn't really care, though, so she started to walk on ahead with this way of her hips. She flipped her hair as they walked towards the tournament arena. You walked in, followed her as they stood beside her and Ragnar on the other side. For now, it was silent between the two, as she could feel that Ragnar did not like putting him in the spot. As soon as she got there, she could feel that Ragnar had to find someone to watch her, but truthfully, she already did have someone. She looked at the man who was standing there, leaning it against their arena as she always found him here for some reason. " Floki. can you watch her? I trust you," she questioned. She looked at his long black slick hair and his green, emerald eyes. She swears to all the gods that if she was not already interested in someone, she would probably end up going for him.

He was literally the description of tall, dark and handsome. His skin was a little light colored, as if he was from the iceberg area. Gave his side smirk and with his silky voice, he answered, "Of course, my princess," he then walked towards the child and with his own magic he made a ticket appear for himself and then in the other a stuffed shark which was just like hers at home. She happily smiled, "Sharky! I almost forgot you. Bye mama and uncle," she was already in a hurry to go off. As soon as they went in she looked at Ragnar, "He was my fighting partner a few times here and I've met him occasionally," she explained simply before she continued to go forward as they had a battle to win.



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Ragnar once he arrived, he saw someone he had never seen before. He was tall, dark and handsome with long black hair and emerald green eyes. Apparently he was also a mage as he saw him summon up his own ticket and a small shark. Ragnar looked back at his guy and tilted his head, the mission was still the same. Watch the girl.

Ragnar listened to what Quill had to say before nodding and then turning to focus on the tournament itself. They signed up without any issue as they apparently knew Quill well enough but they only knew Ragnar from his reputation and his bounty. Thought apparently they did not care about that in anyway as they allowed him to sign up with no real issues at all.

As they entered the arena, they were all split up into their own teams and then the rounds started. The rules were as follows, you could not kill anyone, if the opponent is unable to fight or is knocked onto the ground to the count of ten then they lose. If they are knocked out of the ring, then they lose. All of this was fairly simply and straight forward all things considered, and there would be three rounds of this kind of fighting until the finals.

Ragnar couldn't help but sigh in his helmet as he thought about how much he would have to hold back in this place because he wasn't about to rip someone's head off while his niece was watching. Ragnar wondered when he got so soft and he couldn't help but look at Quill as he thought this before turning back towards the fights.

The fights pasted uneventfully until Quill and Ragnar came up against two humans. Once the announcer gave Quill and Ragnar's names, the two humans simply walked out of the arena onto the ground below and disqualified themselves. Apparently they didn't want to deal with Quill, which to be fair, Ragnar would not want to either if he had the choice.

The second match was the same as the first, with the two surrendering before the match even started. It appears that Quill was well known enough at this point that most just didn't want to deal with it, and the fact that while killing wasn't allowed there was nothing anyone could do to stop it most likely didn't help. Quill at her power level could easily accidentally kill someone without too thought.

It was only until the final match that someone didn't leave the ring at this point. It was a duo of a dwarven warrior wearing a set of heavy dwarven armor, a big hammer and a helmet and a young looking women with long black hair, a gaunt face and wearing a black dress. From the previous fights it appears that the Dwarf wasn't able to be thrown around like normal, so most likely it had something to do with a piece of his equipment. He fought a very similar way to Ragnar, using his armor to tank blows while punishing the enemy for getting too close.

The women on the other hand appeared to be some kind of summoner of undead creatures. She would often use them to simply over run her opponent with sheer numbers, or summon a big one in order to remove a problem if she thinks her opponent has a good way to deal with a horde.

As the entered the ring, Ragnar looked at Quill and said simply " You take the Lich wanna-be... I will take shorty. " Ragnar then walked towards the side of the arena, a 30 meter diameter circle, and he expected the dwarf to follow him and apparently he agreed. Well that was helpful, it would be much harder to fight if they fought together but they clearly didn't have any teamwork.

Lets see how this swings out.

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As the two were watching all of this fold out, Suzaku asked Floki, "Why are they surrendering so much?" she batted her eyes at him and then looked back at her mother and uncle. He chuckled darkly as she explained in his silk tone, "Because your mother has battled many battles in this arena enough to be feared,". With that answer, Suza was satisfied as she smiled happily and looked at Floki, feeling as he wasn't judging her for her teeth. He wasn't purely perfect either as he had his own secrets.

On Quilla's point of view, she watched the people come and leave as it finally was left with two people. Ragnar wanted the dwarf as the woman was hers. Good... She was about to reach into her pocket and get her mask, but remembered Suzaku was watching. Sighing softly and gazed at the woman, "Looks like I'm going easy today," she scoffed at Quilla after Quilla said that. Swiftly the woman summoned her stuff and paid attention to Quilla only.



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Ragnar looked at the dwarf for a moment and then began their part of the combat. Ragnar did this best to simply approach and then back away. He wasn't trying to end this fight instantly, and after his last mission where he got stabbed through the lung he wasn't really in the mood to get another injury like that. Ragnar moved quickly, but clearly the dwarf was like him and wasn't a practice of the magic arts. So that made this easier for Ragnar, but it also made it easier for his opponent.

Ragnar was lucky in the fact that he had a huge reach advantage over the small dwarf, even with his two handed axe there just wasn't a way that he could get within range of Ragnar without taking a shot. Either way there wasn't much Ragnar could do about it at this moment as he pulled out his hammer after dodging around for acouple of swings and then made the first move. Swinging the hammer down onto the dwarves head, the Dwarf did the smart thing and put his weapon up to block, expecting it to hold. The issue was it didn't hold at all, in fact it shattered instantly on the impact and Ragnar's hammer went slamming into the top of the dwarves head, compressing his spine and most likely making him even shorter then he was before.

Ragnar was as the man fell to his knees, stunned for a moment, and Ragnar reached down with his hand to kill the man, only to remember who was watching in the audience. Looking at the dwarf through the helmet, he said simply " You got lucky today my friend.. very very lucky.." and Ragnar then gently tapped the man's breast plate, shattering it into shards using the power of his hammer and the man went flying off the ring and slammed directly into the wall, leaving a crater.

Ragnar had assumed that the man was going to be fine, as he turned to assume that Quill had done her part already for the combat. It isn't like she should be inconvenienced at this point. It was just a summoner after all.



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She could see Ragnar getting really into it, but she knew that he wasn't going to kill anyone with Suzaku watching. It was pretty much a shame as she could not kill anyone either, as this time she actually felt like it with this thirst for blood within her. She went forward as she finger banged the woman with her other hand, going up in the sky to snap her fingers. She was going to activate two of her spells at once till she got to the woman's face as she was going to stop onto the ground to summon her earthquake. " Your're not deserving such a hit, yet you shall be knocked down by these flowers of beauty," she whispered. A flower of Black shot through her finger as the summoning circle shined brighter brown. As the flower was going towards her, the earthquake underneath the woman was also there as she had a dodge. Two things.



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Ragnar stood back and watch that Quill was still playing around with her opponent. Well that was interesting, maybe because she also wanted some bloodshed but wasn't able to get it because Suzaku was here so maybe she was just playing with her food as it were. Ragnar took a step back and he could hear some people in the audience ask why he wasn't helping her in the fight. Ragnar didn't really see the need at this exact moment in time. It wasn't like Quill had even taken a hit or anything remotely damaging and even if she did, it wouldn't matter. If Quill wanted to, she could just bring her half of the fighting area down and force the women to fall onto the ground and get disqualified.

Ragnar sat back and watched until the fight was eventually finished, however it was, dodging any attacks that came his way and even if he was knocked out of bounds by one of them it didn't really matter. He was still going to get his part of the prize money. As he looked around the arena, he looked to see his guy was in fact still watching as he was told to.

Eventually Quill would stop playing with her food and eliminate the person, there by causing Quill and Ragnar to win their bout. They got their prize money and went home.



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The woman looked at her as she started to control her skeleton summons. The summons were pretty weak and she wondered how she got this far. Her earthquakes destroyed them easily as the Rose itself knocked down the woman. Her daughter was cheering for her as she looked up and saw that Ragnar also took down the Dwarf. This was pretty easy compared to her other fights, as maybe it was because Ragnar was with her. As soon as they were done with their battle, she then kicked to the woman who was on the ground as the summons reminded her of her guild master. How dare she try to pretend to be some Necromancer? After her and decided to go get her reward with Ragnar and then went to Suzaku, who is waiting for her with Floki. She thanked Floki for watching her daughter and he told her how he doesn't have a problem at all and kissed her hand.


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