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Price of Success [Ragnar]

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Yawning softly, she and Ragnar were walking within the streets of Baska. She kept her mask inside of her bag in case she did need it. Ragnar still had no clue about the mask as she has never worn it around him. Her long, beautiful pink hair flowed behind her as the wind was against her face. Her eyes were still brown as they shined like Topaz gems. Today they were going to buy something for Suzaku, but then they all heard a commotion. She looked at Ragnar as she was unsure where the noise was coming from, but then they realized it was coming from the blacksmith shop.. " We better go check out what's happening.", She calmly spoke as she then coldly looked towards where the noise was coming from. Ever since that one quest with Godfrey, she stopped trusting him and now was curious about what he was doing now. Was he up to no good?



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Ragnar walked around with Quill, still very shirtless. In his current form he got alot more looks then he did before, but that might also be because he and Quill were taking care of a child together. Well taking care of was a strong word, Ragnar was basically there to just help out when needed. Ragnar also heard the commotion in the shops, and he was interested because maybe Godfrey had managed to blow himself up or something during his experiments.

Ragnar nodded to Quills request as they both went towards the area, Ragnar pushed past the people looking around before they reached the front of the location. The place had been smashed up real good. The front door was broken and as Ragnar walked in he noticed that everything was broken. Armor was shattered all over the place, glass holding items were shattered and swords and other stuff were spread all over the place. Apparently someone came in to ransack the place. The weirdest part was that Godfrey wasn't around. That man should always be here.

Ragnar looked at Quill and then pointed his head towards the back as he slowly moved in that direction. Reaching the doorway leading into the back, Ragnar kicked the door in, sending it flying into the room and then rushed in. This place had also ransacked and destroyed. Ragnar began to look around, flipping stuff back over to see if something had happened and was trying to figure out something.Something happened here, maybe Godfrey was murdered and this was the struggle but where was his body then? Nothing made any sense.

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As soon as they go over there, she wondered how much the blacksmith has changed over the few days, as they haven't been here in a while. Once they got there, she looked at Ragnar and then saw the place as it has obviously been ransacked. She looked at all the glass that shattered and the weapons and armor that were lying all over the store. She wondered who could have possibly done this, or if it was Godfrey himself. Her eyes wandered as she could not see him. " Let's look around. I'm sure we'll find something.", She told Ragnar and continued to go her own way to look for him.

She went towards the backroom as many store owners usually hide there. She followed Ragnar as he ended up going where she was going, so they looked together. Her eyes watched as he decided to kick the door in, sending it outward as if it was nothing. He was quite messy when looking around. After a few moments of looking around, they realized that he wasn't here either and wondered where the hell he could be. "Mmm, doesn't seem like he's here," she sighed and realized that the sword as also gone. Out of nowhere she heard the door of the back entrance open, hearing someone staggering. "Godfrey...?" she wondered and went towards him.



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Ragnar seemed to realize that Godfrey wasn't here and that something weird had happened. Well that was only going to make this harder as Ragnar turned to look at Quill, and then realized something. The sword was gone, where the hell was that sword?! As Ragnar was about to speak a man entered the back entrance of the blacksmith shop staggered and winded.

He then began to explain what had happened. While he was thinking of new ways to improve the Blackblade, someone came up behind him and rendered him unconscious. When he came to, he found that the blade was nowhere to be seen, and that whoever attacked him must've stolen it, so he began searching for information outside as to its location.

So someone came in here, knocked him out, stole the sword and then fucked off. Well, that is good for a super evil artifact sword to be out and about. Well good news is that apparently the person didn't take Ragnar's hammer, which he had left in the shop for polishing and general maintenance. Ragnar had found it under a bookshelf. After grabbing it, dusting it off and then putting it over his shoulder he looked towards Quill.

" Well what is the..." as Ragnar spoke they heard a women scream pierce the air towards the main city. Ragnar turned towards it and then back to Quill and said " That is the plan I guess. " and Ragnar started to run towards it.

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Appearantly someone came in, stole his sword and ran off. She wondered who would do such a thing and then suddenly thought of a few people she had to threaten for him. Are they the suspects? Out of nowhere she then heard screaming as she looked at Ragnar. Quickly, she ran out and looked to see a woman's head being decapitated. Her body was dismembered and blood trails streaming down the cracks of the cement. Her heart was racing as the sight of it was exciting her inner self. Taking a deep breather she calmed herself as she went ahead to follow the trail with ragnar to see more bodies within the trail. "Who...", she started as she kept going forward.

Her eyes saw the catacombs and knew they had to enter it. More bodies? She saw more but these were rune knights, not that she cared. She gulped as they followed the path and saw a little girl, a girl around Suzaku's age. Her eyes studied the girl and saw the coffin and wondered what she was planning, truthfully really curious.



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Ragnar, Quill and Godfrey all ran towards the sound of the voice only to find a decapitated and dismembered women with the blood trail going beyond. As they keep following the trail, they found more and more bodies, each getting more cut off then the last. Eventually this lead to the catacombs at Giant's Tear Ducts. Walking into the catacombs, they find two dead rune knights. They must have been guarding the tomb at the time. Bad day for them.

As they kept moving down the catacombs they eventually located something very very strange. A little girl, maybe around Suzaku's age, holding a the blade that was stolen from the shop. Well it looks like we found out who stole the thing, as they approached the little girl spoke in a hollow voice. One that clearly wasn't her own. She began to tell a story about a blacksmith, ancient and powerful, eventually killed by his own creation.

Ragnar looked over at Quill for a moment to see if she realized the same thing he did. The scroll was made by this blacksmith, and clearly the people they killed to make this weapon again was to have a spirit inhabit it, or to give it enough energy or something. Ragnar doesn't understand magic. Either way this girl was clearly possessed.

At this point Godfrey did something very stupid, yelling about how he didn't care about what happened centries ago and ran at the girl. The girl with the movement of someone fighting for dozens of years, easily dodged the man and cut him down in a single swing of her sword. She then turned towards Quill and Ragnar.

Ragnar started to move, as this was going to be a fight now, and he called out to her " Are we trying to break the sword and possibly save the girl or are we just killing her? Your call. " Ragnar was down for either choice but Quill was the one with a daughter this girls age so maybe she would have different feeling about the matter as a whole.

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She gazed at the girl and her heart was beating as she was anxious. Did she really have to come to kill this girl? Her answer was right there as she explained the history of the blacksmith and the sword. Not Godfrey, but another. Godfrey didn't like the results and went forward towards the girl with rage. She knew this rage well as she hid her own inside. The blood, all the blood... She could... smell it, imagine the feel and it was getting to her. "Godfr-!", she tried to call out to him, but it was too late as he was too slow in comparison to her skills. That was fine, it was alright, but in all honesty, it wasn't.

The girl looked over to them as she was going to attack them next. Her eyes looked at the blood, at the girl covered in it and then at Ragnar... Her eyes lowered to look at her bag as she took out her mask and lowered her gaze. "I'm... sorry..." she whispered as her nose was burning from the hold of tears she was keeping. The mask looked demonic and as soon as she put on the white and black mask it then turned blue as her eyes glowed red. As the silence rose, she finally laughed as she bought up her sword. The girl came forward towards them as Quilla went forward with her as they clashed blades. "So worthy yet so young, if only," she mumbled in a demonic voice. This voice tone was not her usual, as it sounded womanlier, dark and as if she didn't care who they were. Her mind forgot about Ragnar being there as all her inner self cared about was killing this child. As it was her blood that she thirsted for.

As soon as she clashed blades, she stomped her foot creating an earthquake underneath her, doing S rank do her own sword and the girls. The original Quilla hoped that Ragnar will help her as she didn't like being this version of herself and she can't be stopped either till it was over.


[Used A rank dmg against her]


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Well things took a real turn for Ragnar. He looked over at Quill in time to see her look back at him and pulling something out of her bag. A mask, a demonic looking mask. He then heard an apology before the mask went on her face. After a moment of silence, the thing that was Quill let out a laugh and ran towards the girl and slashed weapons with her. " So Worhty yet so young, if only, " was the words out of the new version of Quill. The voice was very different but Ragnar didn't have alot of time to think about that as Ragnar went into motion. He really wished he had his armor with him but he had his own problems.

He attempted to move towards the fight, but from the side, using the earthquake spell that Quill had just used in order to cover him. He was meet by a swing of a sword, attempting to take Ragnar's head completely off. Luckily Ragnar wasn't lunging or that would have taken it completely off, instead he lunged backwards and he managed to escape with a minor cut on the front of his neck as a parting gift.

Ragnar had to keep his distance from this women, he knew that if he got close to this women she might just cut him in half. She was as strong as Ragnar currently and that alone was scary but she also seemed to use that blade like another limb. She was a master of that blade. So apparently the blade gave her the ability to use it on a masters level and also increased the users speed, strength and most likely endurance to take a shot as she had survived the earthquake.

Ragnar wasn't sure how durable this weapon was at this point, and he needed to find out but he kinda doubted the women would just let him hit it. She might just cut Ragnar down before he could do anything about it. Either way, Ragnar had to try something.

Ragnar rushed towards the women and threw himself at the women. The little girl attempted to pierce Ragnar's heart with a stab, and Ragnar moved himself slightly, but his opponent also moved in counter but not enough. Ragnar got hit in the chest, going through his right lunge and he went down to the hilt of the sword. With his left hand Ragnar grabbed the sword hilt and held it there. Ragnar wasn't sure how strong she was, but he was about to find out with this gamble. He wasn't as the blade went towards his left with a swift cut, leaving a massive hole in his side and the blood sprayed and poured out of Ragnar's wound but it bought him enough time.

With his right hand, he swung his hammer up towards the girls chest, making contact. Once contact was made, the girl still human let out a breath as all the air escaped her lungs and she went flying into the ceiling. She would have gone thirty feet into the air if the ceiling hadn't stopped her. She now had the same problem that Ragnar had, a severely damaged torso.

Ragnar coughed and blood came out of his mouth as he fell to one of his knees. He felt his breathing get harder and harder as blood filled his lungs. As Ragnar tried to rise to his feet, only to slip slightly on his own blood before using his left hand to push himself back up. Ragnar looked back at Quill, and he had just hoped she would finish this fight because Ragnar most likely could not, not against a master swordswomen anyway, not without taking another hit that like that he knew the same trick wasn't going to work twice.

[Took S Damage] [Hindered Torso]
[Used 3A of Damage to her] [Hindered Torso]

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Her heart was thumping like crazy as she looked at the girl. Swiftly could feel a pain as she hurried with a quick punch into the girl's chest as she saw Ragnar do his hits. Her sword was broken and all she had left were her spells and her fists. She went forward and took a cut of her own against her arm as she then fingerbanged towards her to shoot her though the chest with a star-like shape. Once the girl was killed, she then hurried and took the mask off and felt a chest pain as she looked towards Godfrey. It was complicated, but it was done. Once Godrey got up they then started to discuss something, but soon his brother appeared with a god-awful face.

They had to act fast as they were rewarded. Ragnar and Quilla just both left and told Ragnar he can go after the brother if he wanted to, but the relationship was gone with those two.





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Ragnar tried to lunge forward to help in the fight but only ended up coughing up his own blood onto the floor. Well this wound was worst then he thought, but he lucked out in the fact that he had a partner with him at the time. Ragnar watched as the girl's chest was left with a large hole in it, in the shape of a star, before the women fell to the ground dead. The swords then screamed a death wail as it shattered, leaving only the hilt behind.

At this point Godfrey woke up, he looked around and seemed to realize what had become of himself in the quest to become the sword maker. He then said outloud how he regrets the ten people that were killed in order to make the sword and the others that were killed by the sword itself. He thanked them for their work and handed them their money. As he turned around Godfrey saw his brother, dumbstruck by what he had just heard and then turned to leave. Godfrey chased after him to try and explain, but it was clear none of that mattered. Their relationship was over.

Ragnar turned to Quill and said " We will talk about the mask later, but first.. to a healer" Ragnar then left Quill as he went towards a healer to fix up his wound.


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