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Forging a Blade [Ragnar]

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Have fingers went through her pink hair as she looked at Suzaku. She told her that it was about time for her to go do some quests with Ragnar, so she can just watch some lacrima TV or play some games. She was excited to go do something inside the house as she was trusted to do things by herself while they were gone. Not only that, but they also had service 24/7, so if she needed some food or something, she could call them. She looked at Ragnar and asked if he was ready, and if so, they'll finally left to go out and do some things. But as soon as they left the hotel, she then ran into Godfrey. He started to say that he was looking for them personally as he wants them to come to a shop. He didn't really give them time to decide, so they decided to go with.



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Ragnar left his room, wearing his normal clothing, and he saw that Quill was waiting for him. They were going to go off and get some money from missions, they shouldn't have any issues finding some. Ragnar watched as the small child was now in the hotel with them, which was still a very odd thing that Ragnar hadn't gotten use to yet but still. Once they were about to leave Ragnar stopped at the door and said " If you get food, make sure it is something healthy. I don't wanna come back and see you ate cake or something for a meal. " Ragnar then shut the door behind him.

Quill and Ragnar then oddly meet up with Godfrey, who apparently looked for them, and asked to meet them at his shop. Well whatever this was, it was a mission and they were looking for that kind of stuff so they both simply left with him. Once they finally got back to his shop, a couple of things had changed.

One was a strange scroll on the pedestal, an anvil, the gemstone that Ragnar had acquired for the man along with a hammer and the ore that Ragnar had also gotten past the guards earlier. What the hell was all of this nonsense? That is when Godfrey asked the question, he needed them to help him forge the blade and in order to help him, they would need to pour their mana into it. Alright well that wasn't nearly as worrying as Ragnar thought it would be. He assumed that he would have to get this man the blood of innocents or something crazy, which Ragnar would do and has done for his own rituals but still. Weird for someone else to ask him for that kind of stuff.

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She heard Ragnar talk about her not getting cake and it better be something healthy. She chuckled at that as she knew that her actual favorite thing was sushi and other fish dishes. Cake and the like were her special dishes. After a nice walk of silence, they finally got to the shop. They were being escorted to the back of the shop where all the weapons were being forged, and the last time they were here she swore it was changed. Her eyes turned to see that there was a scroll saying on the pedestal, and then there were some things being read. He explains that he already has everything, but he needs assistance to actually forged the thing.

He said he didn't really have a thing called Mana, but he knew that she was a mage and could help him with it. She looked at Ragnar and then herself as she then agreed and nodded her head. She didn't really mind helping at all.



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Ragnar nodded to Quill and listened to the request and they both seemed to agreed that they would help with this. At that point the forging of the blade began, though it would take hours to forge this blade normally it appeared that Godfrey was working like a man possessed and from someone with thousands of hours of training doing this.

Quill gave the first patch of Mana as the spell was going on, and even Ragnar managed to help. While he didn't use his 'mana' for spells, he knew that he had it inside of him as that is what the abilities of some weapons drew on. Ragnar simply opened up that same thing during this, but also got tired much faster then Quill which wasn't surprising all things considered. The blade was finished in a matter of an hour, most likely leaving both Ragnar and Quill drained of their mana but they knew it worked when the sword glowed a brilliant white before slowly fading back down to a normal color. Something odd about this was that all the heat from the blade was gone as well once the 'spell' was finished, and after staring at the blade for nearly a minute in silence, Godfrey reached down with a file and made sure it was hard enough to cut. After doing that he ran his finger over the edge of the blade and frowned. The blade was extremely dull and blunt.

Though he quickly turned towards Quill and Ragnar and then said that he needed them to help finish this quest for him. There was another step to the forging of this blade and that they would need to do something alittle out of ordinary. They would need to use this blade and coat it in the blood of people, innocent people.

Well, that was a very quick jump from the stuff they had him due mere days ago. Ragnar remembered just the other day he had asked him to beat up a jeweler, and then kill his rival but that made some sense. Killing innocent people was another leap in the murder hierarchy that normally isn't skipped. Something had changed about this man, and Ragnar almost knew what it was.

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As her and Ragnar start putting mana into the blade, the blade will glow a brilliant color. The color was like a star of white as it was then being completed. After you hammers and other gemstone that was going with in it. It was finally finished. That is what she believed anyways. She watched as Godfrey will look at the soil. As he was wondering if it was sharp or not. He started to test it out with a few things, as in hiding or trying to cut something. He made a dissatisfied sound as the blade was dull and extremely blunt. He sighed softly, and then at turned around to go look at Ragnar and her and told them that they needed to help. She was getting really sweaty from the flames of the forage as she wiped her brow. Godfrey took awhile before he finally spoke up. He started to explain to the two of them that it was needed in required. She asked him what was exactly required as he explained that he needed the blood of the innocence.

That literally hit her inside.

Her face looked at Godfrey and wondered what happened to the man she once knew. He was just some typical forge blacksmith. He was nice and just didn't want to be lied to. She respected that. But now all he wants to do is finish this blade and to kill anyone in his way. She looked up that Ragnar, as in, wondering what she should do. She just nodded her head to him and took the sword and walked out. "Can... you do it for me?" ... She mumbled sorrowfully.



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As they left the shop, dull blade in their hands Ragnar was wondering how they would go about doing this. Would Quill bring some people out and they just stab them until they get their tenth kill. Do they make it look like a serial killer or something crazy. Ragnar didn't really have a plan but he was sure that Quill would help him figure it out until he heard something he never expected to hear. A sorrowful Quill asking him for something.

Ragnar turned and looked at Quill and looked down at the sword and was just generally confused. Quill had murdered innocent people before. Many times, even going as far as sending a girl into human experimentation but could she not do this? This was very strange to Ragnar as in his mind all of those things were just the same, they killed 'innocent' people. That is just facts, but apparently Quill didn't see it that way. Well Ragnar was going to have to do something about this as he reached down and gently grabbed the sword from Quills hand and gave her a gentle pat on the back. Ragnar then turned and walked away from Quill and then tried to come up with a plan.

It took Ragnar a moment or three to figure out a plan that might work at all. It would require him to break into another blacksmiths store, which honestly wasn't all the hard for Ragnar as he located a shop that he knew had enough stuff for him to hide his identity, which honestly was harder then Ragnar thought as he would have to make himself seem EVEN bigger then he already was in order to make it so he wasn't just the easiest person in the world to spot. After a bit of planning and figuring it all out and breaking into a few blacksmiths Ragnar came out of it with a set of armor that looked like someone stole it off a battlefield, as nothing remotely matched and was of different styles and makes but it worked enough to hide what Ragnar looked like, and he added some more height to himself then normal to make it slightly harder for someone to find him.

Good news is that finding innocent people to murder wasn't even remotely hard for Ragnar, as he simply walked into a crowded city street from an alley and took a swing at the first person he saw. Ragnar's strength, even with a dull sword sent the man's head flying through the air like a pinwheel. That is when the screaming started. Ragnar only managed to get through four people before a squad of Rune knights showed up, at which point it was time for Ragnar to go. Ragnar had no interest in fighting Rune knights, at least not with this shitty weapon, though to be fair every single time he killed someone with it, it did grow sharper and sharper. Maybe it would be a great weapon after this, but Ragnar didn't care.

Ragnar took a turn and simply ran, and ran directly into a wall of a restaurant, knocking over some people eating dinner before running through it. He had decided to simply run through the buildings rather then go around, there wasn't really any benefit not to and it might even slow down the Rune knights following him as they cared about the people they hurt as they ran behind them. Luckily for Ragnar, as he ran through these places he managed to kill a person or two in every one, it was getting very easy at this point to kill them and it took less and less effort as time went on.

Apparently the magic was working, and Ragnar had done the very best he could to avoid issues but he was causing more and more havoc as he ran through this town, destroying property and leaving corpses in his wake. It wasn't took long before Ragnar got his tenth and final kill, at which point the blade morphed and started to give off a dull glow and was now sharp enough that Ragnar could use it to cut through walls like paper.

Welp, now was the hard part. Ragnar had to escape all of this hell. Luckily he could do that but he had to finish the mission first and foremost. Ragnar simply ran back to the forge area, where Quill had hopefully stayed at while he completed the mission. As he ran past her, luckily his run speed was much faster then the rune knights, he handed the weapon off to her before continuing to run. Quill could give the blade back to Godfrey, get them both paid and then Ragnar could figure out a way to join them later.

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She itched the back of her head as she was really confused on what to do. She didn't want to kill these innocent people, and she was sure that Ragnar would. Her brown eyes stared at Ragner and then back up the sword. She then saw Ragnar take the sword. It was obvious that he did not mind doing it for her. Quilla was grateful, but she didn't want to say anything for now. At that moment, that was when he was already gone. It was obvious that he wanted her to stay put and not go anywhere with him as he was going to do all The Dirty work. She was wondering what was wrong with Godfrey. If it was the power that made him be like this. Sure, he tortured a few people, like that guy that was trying to steal from him, but he wasn't the type to kill just any innocent person, right?

It was obviously wrong as he just wanted any blood for his sword as long as they were innocent people. Why do they have to be innocent people? They could have been someone who was looking like they're innocent, but they were actually criminals. Or anyone. But they had to be innocent. Actual people who just walked in. Live their lives. Taking care of the little girl that she took care of and she couldn't think of the fact that she could have been one of those innocent people. What if she was? She remembered how that Dragon killed all those innocent people and she killed the Dragon woman for it.

There is no mercy behind it for her. Her eyes looked to see if there were some knights coming towards her. As soon as they approached her, they ask some questions to see if she knew anything about some man carrying a sword. Was Ragnar already found out? That was a little fast as she just shook her head no innocently as she looked at them in their eyes. There was nothing more important than eye contact. They nodded their head after a few more questions and then left. There is nothing more to say and nothing more to be done as she just waited there for Ragnar. Once he showed up, she could tell that he killed a bunch of innocent people. There was blood on there, so it all over as well as his body. She just accepted the soil and then went back to Godfrey to get paid and once she was, she left to go meet up with Ragnar elsewhere.




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Ragnar ran for several more hours, going through some houses only to go back through the hole he made in order to double back and really make the lives of the Rune Knights even more difficult. Eventually Ragnar lost them long enough to take parts of his armor and throw them into the sewer or garage cans as he ran.

He was sure he looked crazy but he needed to do this and he was so glad he grew up in the mountains where the air was thin otherwise he would have died from running this long. Eventually Ragnar did manage to lose the Rune knights that were following him along with ditching all of the gear he had used to finish the job. Ragnar eventually came back to the hotel, very tired and sweaty from all the running he did. He went directly to the shower and after that to bed.


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