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All Ore Nothing [Ragnar]

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She and, Ragnar, were supposed to go towards the cold hideout where she had to go meet Toro. They were going to meet at some hospital as they were going to see one of the gang members as they were constantly checking his vitals. That was what she saw a Toro doing at least. Today, she was wearing a sun dress with some legging's underneath, so no one could see anything under if she was fighting. Her shoes were bamboo sandals as they fitted perfectly, so they did not fall off so she could run. This was kind of a sad sight as she was watching the person being taken care of as they had some serious damage from the fight that they were a part of. Ragnar and herself stayed quiet till he was ready to say anything. Finally, Toro got up as he then started to give them the details of what they wanted them to do.



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Ragnar left his hotel room this morning armed to the teeth! He knew that he was going to go meet with the man of the gang of miners, who apparently had just gotten out of the hospital and was healing up somewhere else. The last clash didn't go well with the overseers but they did learn a piece of important information. Apparently they had all been set up by Frank-something or other.

Ragnar was 100% sure that this man was going to want revenge. He had already killed two people, no way he wasn't going to kill another person. Though here was Ragnar's next question. Was the man going to be smart enough to high powerful goons to try and stop Quill and Ragnar from coming because at this point, he should know that they are on his tail.

"So, I assume our mission is to find Frank and put him in the ground. He will more then likely beg for his life, maybe even try to bribe us not to kill him.  "
Ragnar said calmly as they walked towards where they were going to meet.

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The weather was a beautiful day to go out and kill some people, but for the sake of her client. It wasn't like she loved killing, not the pure her. Firstly, she listened to Ragnar as they walked. She looked at Ragnar for a moment and nodded, "Probably, but we should hear the man out once we get to the location. He did after all lose a lot of men from this betrayal," she insisted as they finally got to the hospital where they meet up with Toro. After he got up, he started to explain anyways as she predicted.

Apparently, after the battle against all those people they killed and found out that Frankan was responsible, Toro and the Cold gang did some digging, apparently to find out more information. The guy that they found responsible through the information before the person died, orchestrated the whole entire event. Of course, he did, as he was the smart-looking one. It was pretty typical that it was him who planned everything. She didn't want to say anything and kept a calm posture as she didn't want to give away any smart's remarks. Sadly, he brought the cute one and the bigger glutton-looking guy to their deaths as he brought them into the plan to get rich. All it cost were the miners and then have them all killed by her.

It was somewhat sickening to hear all of this. She knew this, but at the same time just hearing it from someone else's mouth just made her angry. But not enough for her to not be able to control it. In the end game, Toro wanted her to find Franken and kill him in any way, that she wanted to. She looked at Ragnar and wanted to know how he wanted to take care of him, as there were also some bodyguards as it was obvious that he knew they were coming for him.

"So, shall we begin to go find ourselves our target(s)?~" she gave a small cold smile as her eyes motioned towards the door as well as her body.



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Ragnar listened to the request and he nodded. So the man was smart enough, thought he doubted the man could afford mages powerful enough to stop both Quill and himself at the same time evne if there was two of them. Ragnar turned to Quill before saying " Lets go find him. I suspect he is hiding out somewhere and might be hard to find. "

As Ragnar turned and left the hideout with Quill, a young boy with a messenger bag ran up to Ragnar and said " Are you Ragnar? "

Ragnar turned and looked at Quill, surprised and giving a look behind the helmet of ' what the hell is this? ' before saying to the boy " Yes.. I am Ragnar. "

The moment yes came out of Ragnar's mouth the boy pulled out a letter, handed it to Ragnar before running off into the distance. Ragnar stood there stunned for a moment before opening the letter and reading it outloud.

" Hello Quillareine and Ragnar,

Thank you very much for all your assistance in my ventures. By removing the dead weight from my organization you have really helped with raising profit margins and allowing the business to flourish and do well for itself. And your efforts should be rewarded!

In my thanks, I would like for you to come get a reward, I will be at the first place where Quillareine meet me.

Frankan "

Ragnar turned towards Quill, handing her the letter for her to read over as well before saying " Well... apparently the man has balls big enough to need a wheelbarrow to carry them around. Too bad he will not be alive too much longer. "

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Apparently, some letter came for them as Ragnar opened the thing first. Frankan seemed to not be scared of them at all and he was actually thankful. This guy had some nerve as he was going to meet her foot up his. -- She sighed softly as she didn't even want to read it herself. Her hand waved it away as she clearly did not want to read it if he tried to give it to her again. Together, they started to head over to where they were supposed to go. Once they finally got there, she saw that he was standing there putting up his glasses with his fingers, and then letting his arms Dangle on his side. He had a smug-looking smirk. It really irritated her as the two bodyguards were standing in front of him. "Must be nice to stand behind somebody. Are you too weak to go against us yourself?" She asked coldly. After he talked about his plans, which she did not bother to even listen about and hoped that Ragnar was listening to it instead. He then ordered his two guards to go after them and kill them.

She was a little irritated and snapped her fingers as she spoke about how beautiful the roses were. Soon as she pointed her finger toward one at their face. Soon after the circle appeared, a rose of red, came out and shot through his skull. Once one of the guards was down, she noticed that Franklin's face twitched slightly. As it was making him maybe freak out, but he remained smiling.

She noticed that the other guard was becoming angry as they did not like the look of their partner's face when they died. Out of nowhere, the one that had fire magic was the one that was dying. Soon enough, he did die as he bled to death from the Rose, stricken through his head. It was an auto-kill hit. The wind mage started to throw magic spells toward both of them. Without even thinking. She let Ragnar go in to do whatever he needed to do to kill the other, but if he needed help, she'd use her earthquake spell. Once the mage was dead, she looked at Franklin's smile as it was then disappearing altogether. His face was not terrified after they both died, but she then saw him get on his knees and begging for his life.

It was truly pathetic as she slowly walked toward him. As she was walking towards him with Ragnar beside her, he started to tell them both where the money was that he stored away. He told them both where the money was in the first place, so he had no bargaining chip. She nodded her head toward Ragnar to let him do the final blow. "Disgusting, glad it didn't get on my clothes..." she mumbled coldly and turned away. They had to go to the location Frankan so kindly gave to them. The cash money was just outside of the mine. Got in there and collected all the money. She then went to Toro. He was relieved that everything was finally over and thanked her and Ragnar that he will now pay her in him for all the troubles. After being rewarded, they both walked off to their next destination.




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As they walked over to the area where they were supposed to meet, Ragnar noticed that the man was standing by two mages. Apparently those were the mages in question, and they seemed to be fairly strong all things considered and that is when the man started talking.

Frankan's plans basically consisted of the following. Kill both of them. Kill all the other people in the gang. Torture and kill Mattoro. Continue to exploit the miners and generally be an asshole about it. Ragnar sighed as he listened to this drone on and on and on, even at some point Ragnar tuned out. This went on for what felt like an hour, though it couldn't have been more then acouple of seconds. God this man was so boring!!!

Eventually the man turned and commanded the two of them to kill Quill and him. Well... make an attempt. That was when Quill murdered one of the mages by throwing a flower literally through his face. The man barely even started the fight and he was already deader then a door nail. Ragnar couldn't help but sigh loudly before yelling at Quill " COME ON QUILL!!! HOW IS THAT SPORTING? GIVE THESE FUCKING ASSHOLES A CHANCE TO DIE WITH SOME DIGNITY LEFT! "

As Ragnar said that a massive ball of air came ripping threw, and almost threw him off his feet as it ripped his cloak off his body and threw it flying into the distance. Apparently the other mage was not happy about the fact that his friend had died. As they screamed about murdering their brother, apparently that was the other person, as they attempted to murder Quill for doing that. Well, Ragnar couldn't let Quill have all the fun now could he?

Ragnar lunged the distanced that separated them and never let up. Ragnar needed to make sure this mage could not focus on anything else but Ragnar, and apparently while they were powerful mages they clearly were used to fighting together as a team. Ragnar wasn't really paying attention to whatever Quill was doing, it was possible that she had already killed the target as Ragnar focused on doing what he needed to do.

As Ragnar attempted to slap the mage with a hammer strike, the mage used their power over the wind to move out of the way and keep their distant, occasionally throwing spells at Ragnar which thanks to his lunging speed he was able to dodge without too much of an issue or atleast take the hit. The man clearly was a powerful mage, but wasn't an S rank mage, which is most likely why the other died to Quill so easily, but fuck this one was slippery!

" Of course she manages to murder the less annoying one! " Ragnar said to himself as wind deafened him as the mage apparently was getting powered up now. The mage then took all the wind around them and pulled it into a large sphere before throwing it at Ragnar. This one was apparently the big attack as it slammed into Ragnar.

Quill if she was watching would just see Ragnar vanish into this sphere of wind, wind so strong it was ripping up the ground that Ragnar was standing on. As the other mage started to turn to look at Quill, a massive hammer would come out of the sphere and slam into the mages side, sending him flying over thirty feet through several buildings and eventually landing in the ground.

The spell stopped, and Ragnar started to walk out of the hole that was made by the spell. Quill would see Ragnar's armor literally ripped off him. He was left wearing pieces of his armor, like his right leg guard, his left shoulder guard along with part of his right glove. He was effectively naked, if not for shredded pair of skin tight shorts he wore under the armor. Ragnar was also clearly wearing a cup, if she looked down to check it out. Ragnar turned to Quill before pointing at her and saying calmly " Not a fucking word from you. "

Ragnar walked towards where the mage went flying off too, throwing the pieces of his armor off him as he walked. He was very pissed off at this point and wasn't really in the mood to deal with much else. Once he arrived to the body guard, he was surprised to see that the man was still alive, though it was clear his entire rib cage was broken. Ragnar leaned down next to the mage, pulling his hammer out of the ribs before finishing the job by slamming it into their face.

Ragnar then walked back towards the area, having to walk the thirty feet back. He found Quill standing over Frankan, begging for his life and Ragnar shrugged as he said " Yep. Called it. " and that is when he started to talk about the money he had stored away but unfortunately for him he told them where it was. Oops. Now he had no leverage. Ragnar looked over at Quill and saw the nod. Well that is all Ragnar needed, as he kicked the man directly in the chest. This shattered all of his ribs, his collarbone, his spine and basically every organ he had. He was dead in less then a second.

Ragnar turned with Quill and started to walk towards the area where they were told where the money was. He was not surprised to find it near the  mines. As they walked to the mines, they walked over to his office, walking past several very very confused miners that were very confused why there was a very nearly naked man with a massive hammer walking next to this strange women but none of them were stupid enough to try and stop them. Ragnar simply kicked in the front door of the office and started to flip everything over to find the extra money. It was located in a safe in the floor, at which point Ragnar hit it with his hammer, shattering it instantly and he pulled the money out. It was already neatly in a big dufflebag so that was easy.

Ragnar nodded to Quill getting the money and then turning around and walking back towards the client. They had to report back to him about how they completed the mission. They went back to the hospital and told the Mattoro what had happened, even though he was very confused why Ragnar almost had his privates out at this point. Ragnar wasn't really in the mood to explain and simply told him to focus on the assignment at hand and stop asking stupid questions. At that point, Mattoro nodded and told them where they could find their reward money before laying down and allowing the doctor to finally start tending to him properly.


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