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The Legend of Hamsuke [Ragnar]

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She was putting her hair in a bun as she traveled the pink strands perfectly to make it pointy on top. Her brown eyes gazed at it yourself as she was scanning her whole entire body. She wondered what he will think when she sees him next time. Jin. What are you up to now? She said softly as her gaze went towards her door and turned to go towards it. She opened the door to see if Ragner was ready. Today they were going to go on a journey and adventure in some tomb with a group of people. Quilla was not really sure if this was going to be a good idea, yet she needed the money so. A lot of things can happen in a tomb that hasn't been really searched through. She waited in the living room for him, and once he was done, they would go out of the hotel room and walked toward the place where they were supposed to meet everyone.



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When Quill opened the door she would find Ragnar standing there naked in a towel, his hair still wet. Ragnar's upper body was also still wet as he looked at Quill before nodded to her respectfully. He was getting ready to come downstairs and would be there in a moment.

Ragnar got ready, put on all his armor and his large hammer, before going downstairs to meet Quill. As they would walked towards their mission, Ragnar read over the mission and apparently their goal was to get this shitty fighter killed. He was apparently very wealthy which allowed him to buy weapons and armor far above his station along with slaves that are skilled in magic. So this should in theory be easy, though he wasn't sure if Quill would be ok with killing the slaves or simply making sure they don't cast anymore spells on the man.

Given the man was wealthy and owned slaves, he most likely treated them like shit so that might be easier then killing them. Ragnar threw that idea out to Quill as they walked towards the group to get ready for walking into the raid. Maybe she would not have an issue with just killing them all and moving on with her day.

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She continued to walk beside Ragnar. She was wondering how this quest was going to be, as there were many possibilities. She listened to her companion as he started to say that they could probably kill the slaves or the slave master. When the slaves were brought up in terms of death, she cornered her eyes and a dark glare. Her eyes glossed in a darkened way as she made a frown that was fully out of disappointment. " We are not killing the people who are forced to do what they have to do to survive..." She spoke in a cold voice that was filled with spite. " Most of all, slaves.".

Soon enough, they got to the tomb where they had to go inside. We got further enough to finally see what they had to deal with as the swordsman was fighting the monster. She looked at Ragnar and wondered what he thought of his fighting skills. That was till she saw him getting healed. "I'll take care of the slaves; you take care of the sword master, or he'll meet a fate worse than death..." she spoke darkly as her voice was no longer monotoned and soft like her usual tone. This one was more filled with hatred.



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Ragnar watched a change happen within Quill. She had a deep hatred of slavemasters, along with a deep understanding of slaves. Apparently she would not kill the slaves, which Ragnar understood but at the end of the day they killed people. Their jobs up until now were killing people, some of them were simply doing their job and trying to provide for their families. They had killed two innocent men on the orders of another, and they didn't seem to care about that. Ragnar just shrugged as he listened to the orders.

As they walked down the tomb complex, going through various tunnels and pathways. They even managed to locate some traps which Quill and Ragnar easily disarmed and moved through, apparently they made this place easier then the last time, which told Ragnar they were going the right way.

Eventually they turned the corner and walked into a room and there was a massive hamster! The hamster also had a snake tail that appeared to flick around it's body and it even seemed to have the spark of intelligence in it's eyes. This creature as a legitimate danger, and Ragnar knew that as he grabbed his hammer for a moment before he forgot his mission here. He was there to watch and report back.

Ragnar watched as the fight started and the first thing he realized was this man was absolute crap. He swung his sword like he had noodle arms and he barely appeared to know what he was doing, the only thing that was saving his life was his armor and sword, and even then he was very outmatched. He even saw this after the slavemaster took a hit to his face, causing a large cut to happen. Ragnar was sure that if the beast was serious, he would have just removed the man's head from his shoulders but apparently this was a test for him as much as the slave master.

Then the healing and buffing happened from the slaves. This was where he heard the sound of Quill speaking. This time it wasn't a normal tone of voice, but one of hate and want of death. It caused Ragnar's skin to tingle slightly and the hair on his neck and arms stand at attention. This was interesting, Ragnar has never gotten that reaction from Quill before.

Ragnar then took his step forward and did the easiest thing he knew how to do. He tapped his hammer against the man's sword, as he attempted to block one of Ragnar's blows. It shattered into small fragments, as small as flakes of salt, before Ragnar followed up with another swing to shatter the man's armor and threw him ten meters. Sadly for him, he didn't go flying ten meters and only flew a mere one before slamming into the wall with a hard slam. The wall cracked and shattered from the impact and the slave master clearly had broken more then one rib along with possibly his spine as he attempted to get the air back in his lungs.

The man then attempted to speak, saying something about nobility and wealth before the large hamster-snake thing, flick it's tail towards the man's head and this time took it clean off, cutting the man off. Welp that was easy enough all things considered.

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Ragnar seemed to understand as he went to go and take care of the swordsman. She turned away and went towards the elves as she decided to just walk there without seeming like she was a threat. She flipped her hair behind her as her cold eyes looked at all three of them. They held their Staffs close to them as she knew that they couldn't hurt her as they were just healing mages. She warned the three that she wasn't going to hurt them, but if they wanted to be free, they need to be quiet and not heal or buff him. They looked at each other as if they were really going to be free if they just didn't do anything about the slave master. She told him that they were planning to kill him here and then. Her head signaled towards her companion as he was already in action, destroying the guy's armor. They nodded their heads and agreed to not do anything as long as they were going to be getting out of there safely. She sat right next to the three elves as they watched everything happen. Ragnar was destroying the armor that the guy was wearing and shadowing his sword. With his full strength, he was making sure that he couldn't get back up by hitting him against the wall. One of the elves were really hasn't in helping, but then realized that being free was more important.



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Once the slavemaster was very dead, Ragnar went over to his body and kicked it over onto the floor before turning around to Quill and saying simply " Well that was taken care of, not really even sure why we had to get involved outside of the Elven Girls. "

Then someone else came out of the darkness, a women in a maid outfit and while Ragnar gripped his hammer for a moment once he realized who it was he slacked his grip. He then began his report and stated that the hamster fought quite well but the healing and buffing made the fight more difficult then it had to be. Once the man was removed of his armor and weapon, he wasn't a threat to anyone even if he wanted to be. He was basically an average human with very expensive toys and little else going for him.

Ragnar explained this and they seemed to understand and nod before leading the hamster off into the tomb some more. Ragnar then turned and escorted the former slaves and Quill out of the tomb. As they walked down the tomb, Ragnar asked the simple question " So Quill, what will we do with our newly free Elves here. Do you wish to give them money so they can go and make a life for themselves or what would you like to do with this now? "

Ragnar personally didn't care one way or another about these wood elves. If Quill wanted to give them money, Ragnar would throw some money into the pot to help them out if only because he requested Quill and wanted to help her with her own goals even if he didn't care about them personally. Ragnar, Quill and the three wood elves would eventually leave the area they were sent too and finally link up with the last surviving raid group.

Ragnar explained to them what had happened, in the fact that they were ambushed by a massive monster and they only managed to get the three wood elves out before Vezio died in the combat. There was nothing that could be done about it, and while the members of that raid may not have believed Ragnar 100% they also knew the man was a slave master and didn't really care.

Ragnar looked over at Quill for a moment as he tried to think about her for a moment. Was the story she told her true, only she did get sold to that person and made a slave before escaping. Would that be why she hates them so much or maybe just the thought that could have been her fate made her hate the trade as much as she does. Ragnar didn't even want Quill to relive that kind of trauma if he could help it, as there was nothing to gain from that at this moment in time. They still had a mission to do, even if they didn't get paid for it at this point.

They needed to get the wood elves out of here and hopefully help them start some kind of new life... hopefully.

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Quilla looked at the elves and felt sorrow for them as she has no idea what they have gone through till now. Her eyes wandered back to Ragnar and the giant hamster who destroyed the slave master. Once it was done, she saw the Hamster do its' own thing as Ragnar came to talk to Quilla. He wondered what they should do with the elves now that they were done with their mission. Quilla looked up at him and then back at the women and boy who was just standing there hopeless and lost. The three probably had no independent lives before she could only think of one thing, "You could work for me for money, get you a job so you can earn up to an independent life. We can find a job each of you are good at first, go from there. I can even find a home for all of you to live with each other since you guys seem close..." she spoke in hopes they understand. They agree on her terms as it was freedom, a job and shelter.

Once they were done, they got rewarded.





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Ragnar listened to Quills offer to the two. They did seem to be getting the best possible deal out of this. They were clearly powerful mages, if not very weak, given that they managed to keep their slavemaster alive long enough to make it this far. Ragnar threw out the idea of having the healing one working in local hospitals and what not healing people who need saving while the one that knows powerful buffing magic to go and get a job as an enchanter. Ragnar knew some people that those talents could be made use of, though they were shadier but he wasn't sure if Quill could do any better... though she is a more powerful fighter as a whole then him so maybe she did know someone he didn't.

Ragnar knew next to nothing about magic but he assumed to make a weapon that is better then a normal weapon, knowing the spell to do that is a massive help in that. Ragnar threw out those ideas as they went to go get paid. Once they got paid and Ragnar went back to the hotel room, he took his part of the money he got from the quest and dropped it off at Quill's door step. If she was going to help these people, he might as well throw in as well, it isn't like he had a reason to have money right now anyway.


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