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Rock and Roll [Ragnar]

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Today, she and Ragnar received a letter from my Toro. That is what she was calling him for short as that was not his full name. Together, she and Ragnar went towards the cold hideout, and as they entered, she then saw the people who were a part of their family prepping and getting the gear on. Her eyes wandered and then finally saw a Toro who was also prepping himself. She went over there and asked what he was preparing himself for as she saw him hold two large axes and then hand one to her to hold for a second. He started to explain to the both of them that they were going to go in and finish the job. This time he was coming in with his men as well. Apparently, the cute guy who she helped and then the bigger guy that she also killed were already putting into their use before they died.



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Ragnar walked to the meeting as per normal, following Quill and this time he was silent there was much point in talking. They had cleared themselves of what they are and Ragnar didn't need anymore then that. As they both entered he saw people and the gang getting ready, putting on armor and getting weapons ready. Ragnar knew what this was, they were getting ready to have a throw down and Ragnar needed to join in.

Ragnar ran outside quickly, before whistling loudly, at which point his mount quickly showed up, dropped off his weapons and armor and then rode off. Ragnar taking his pile of armor and his hammer walked back inside to put on his armor. As he listened to the mission, while putting on his armor, he learned that they were going back to the mine to do some damage. There was some enforcers there and they needed to be handled. This should be their final mission for them and after that it should be all handled from there.

Ragnar put on his armor in the time it took for the man to explain what was going on, and he put his hammer in his right hand. Ragnar wasn't really sure how many of these contractors there were in this camp but it shouldn't be too much of an issue all things considered. In theory it should be as simple as having their gang keep the bulk busy while Ragnar and Quill take out leaders or problems as they come up.

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After he was done explaining about how they had to finish the job by killing everyone that was in there, He then asked her if she was ready and then asked Ragner, who was already getting his armor on. She already had her outfit on and weapon. She did not really need much more than that as she had her spells. After everyone was ready, the entire force of the whole entire gang of toros. As they all walked towards the mines with the two. No one really cared about being quiet, apparently, as everyone was grunting, or they were joking around about killing someone or all of the above. She just stood next to Ragnar as the two comrades. We're ready to help the client. As soon as they got close to the mind, they all ran in and started the fight and then that was when the two split up to do their own battles. She wanted to take care of these smaller people before going for the main guy.



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As Ragnar and Quill walked towards the mine, Ragnar wondered how many people there would be. He heard the normal things he expected from a bunch of thugs, talking and shit talking amongst themselves though he knew some or most of them will not be alive for too much longer. As they came up the ridge all of the men ran down the hill screaming at the top of their lungs and starting their fight. Well there goes an element of surpise. O well, Ragnar was never one for surpise.

As he walked down the hill, moving off to the side in order to make a possible flanking move later in the fight if his assistance was required. Apparently this flanking move drew the attention of not one but three of the guards here and they turned and pointed at Ragnar before running over to fight him.

Ragnar stood there for a moment as he tried to figure out what the best course of action was as fighting three vs one is normally a problem for most people. Well maybe not Quill as Ragnar was sure she could just cast a spell at her feet and kill everyone she might encounter but that was fine for her.

Ragnar allowed the three men to approach, allowing them to get close enough that if they started to run they wouldn't be able to escape. Ragnar knew that trying to fight all of them at once wasn't going to help him and he would have to quickly kill one and then move onto another and so on. Ragnar choose one at random and lunged towards him, apparently Ragnar was much faster then he expected because all that was on his face when Ragnar slammed his hammer into his chest was shock. Once Ragnar's hammer made contact and crushed the man's chest, he went flying into the distance thirty feet.

Ragnar turned towards the other two and made quick work of them as well. Even if they had armor or shields, none of that mattered as they were all shattered under the blow of Ragnar's hammer. All Ragnar needed was a single hit and they were done and out.

Ragnar then turned towards his comrade to see how she was doing, expecting her to be sitting and hanging out in the shade because she killed anyone who tried to attack her minutes ago while Ragnar was still fighting his.

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She picked up her sword as she was going to go forward toward her enemy. She knew she will have to kill everyone that was within this mine and that was against her client. Was it going to solve anything? Probably not, as he'll just find more enemies to call upon her and Ragnar. Her eyes looked fierce, but her eyes stayed the brown color that everyone knew her for. Her hand gripped tighter as she started to swing her sword towards the man's chest that she was against. Her enforcer was dead. She heaved as she put her sword down as the man was already slain. She looked around to see that everyone was already slaying the man or woman, that they had to kill. Ragnar, as he was doing his own thing. But it was time for them to finally meet up as she had to go and find Toro. That was when she saw Toro injured and yelled out for Ragnar. "Let's go, we have our last to kill," she slowly spoke in a demanding tone as any officer or commander would. They had a man to chase, and she didn't want to hog the kill unless he told her to go ahead.



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Ragnar saw that his comrade had quickly deal with the problems that she was dealing with. She then stared off into the distance, and Ragnar followed her gaze and saw what she saw. A man running into the mine. He then heard her voice. "Let's go, we have our last to kill," and Ragnar nodded as he then ran over to her and they both went into the mine together.

The man clearly knew the tunnels better then either of them, as he ran down them dodging easily anything that was in his way. Ragnar just kinda pushed anything aside that caused him issues or problems. It took them several minutes of running until Ragnar and Quill turned a corner and saw the man running down an old part of the tunnel and that is when Ragnar heard a rumbling. It was low but Ragnar knew what that meant as he turned his body to the side and threw his arms over Quill's body, giving her a hug, as a wall of dust and rock came spraying past them. Ragnar didn't feel the weight of a tunnel collapsing on him, so he turned his head and looked down the tunnel. It was a very isolated tunnel collapse it seemed, as he saw the man laying on the ground screaming. Ragnar, letting go of Quill, as if nothing had happened brushed off his armor of the dust and rock fragments as he walked down the tunnel.

Once he reached the end of the tunnel, Ragnar noticed that the man's leg was crushed under the rubble. He would bleed out soon, but hopefully he went into shock before then so it would be less painful. As Ragnar stood over him, inspecting the damage the man's started cursing loudly. He started cursing a name that he had heard before but one he didn't want to hear again. Frankan.

Ragnar looked down at the man and realized what had just happened. That man lied to Ragnar. He told him that he was innocent and he believed him, at least enough to tell his boss that he believed him. Ragnar leaned down to the man and promised him a swift death if he told him what he knew. Apparently he was hired by Frankan and not the other contractors. Well isn't that interesting.

Ragnar followed through on his promise as he crushed the man's skull with a single punch, turning it into a salsa like pulp. Standing up Ragnar looked at Quill before verifying that she heard all of that.

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As soon as they started to go after the other guy, she saw that Ragnar was already going to talk to the person. She was just there to witness everything that was going to be heard. Apparently, the contractor that hired everyone wasn't the two people that they already killed, but it was the one who was still alive. That's smart looking man who looked like he could be a scientist. She couldn't believe that they were killing innocent people, but then again, this was a part of the whole dark theme. She nodded her head towards Ragnar, as if she was signaling that she could hear everything. " I finish it off and let's get going.: She spoke softly as she turned away to go towards Toro. As soon as they got to him, she started to explain everything that happened between the people being innocent and the person who hired everyone. He was enraged and started to talk to both of them. They followed a Toro around as he started to tell the men to pick up all the dead from the gang. At least they respected the dead from their own little gang instead of just leaving them to rot like the people that they just got done killing. Once it was done, they were rewarded.





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Once he saw that Quill had in fact heard what they the man had just said. Ragnar left the tunnel and then the mines with Ragnar. She saw her explain what had happened from a distance, and he could see how angry everyone was over this, the most of all was Mattoro. That made alot of sense, the man had sent two people to an early death they did nothing to deserve. Well maybe not nothing, but nothing for Mattoro specifically.

They left the bodies here, well the body of the contractors, and they took the rest of the bodies with them to bury them elsewhere. That was fairly common in battles, if the losers were completely wiped out, they would leave the bodies there and the winner would take their dead and nothing else.

Ragnar followed Quill back to the location where they got paid. Once they got paid Ragnar turned and went off his own way, and he assumed Quill wouldn't care. She wasn't his keeper or his watcher so he didn't have any reason to expect her to follow him.

He went back to the mines, and the dead bodies of the contracts and began his bloody work. He went to every body and remove their heads, and placed their bodies elsewhere for now. After that he created a fire out of the wood nearby along with oil and anything else Ragnar could find. At that point Ragnar put all the of the heads into the fire and allowed them to 'cook' though Ragnar wasn't planning on eating any of this. He kept fueling the fire hotter and hotter until the skin turned black and charred, at which point Ragnar pulled them out of the fire and scrapped what amounted to hardened ash off the skulls.

Ragnar was left with dirty skulls, not nearly as clean as he would normally like them but he didn't have time to do the normal stuff he did as he was sure in the morning the other people would show up. Ragnar then started the other half of his work and started moving the bodies around. It didn't take him too long before he finished his work, placing the burnt skulls in a large pile in the center of this.

As the world zooms out, anyone watching will realize that this isn't just some random placement of bodies as it really makes a massive symbol onto this world. Very few people knew what this symbol was and those who did would be afraid. This was the symbol of Zalambur, the Devil of Blood and Murder.


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