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Grab a Corpse [Ragnar]

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It was time to do another quest with Ragner as she was trying to get him to be stronger. The fact that he talked about how strong she was and didn't need his company nor assistance kind of tilted her. Today she was going to go help that guy who wanted her to steal some bodies. They were supposed to meet up with Cain in the dark area as he requested. That was not his usual place when they needed to meet him. She looked at Ragnar as they were walking down the street as they already left their hotel. They haven't really spoken much about what they talked about last time they did a quest together and she wanted it to stay that way. Once they got to Cain, he was just there leaning against the wall with his arms crossed against his chest. He wore his magical get-up as always as well as his long trench coat over his suit. 161


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Ragnar was talking down the street with Quill as they were going to meet up with some guy. Ragnar had never known the guy but apparently Quill did or maybe she didn’t. Ragnar didn’t really know, either way. She seemed more angry at him than normal, but maybe Ragnar was imagining this. Either way they eventually found a man leaning against a wall with his arms crossed. He was wearing a long trench coat and also a suit, which was a little strange but Ragnar listened anyway. The man stated that he would need a ‘pristine’ corpse for his experiments, which Ragnar had literally no fucking idea how to make a pristine corpse. He only knew how to make a less than pristine one.

Ragnar turned to Quill once they had gotten the information and he couldn’t help but think why was he brought along on this mission. Was it to carry the body back to this man or? Though I guess Ragnar could easily pull his punches and get it done, it might take a couple of tries before he could do it. Maybe Quill had more experience with this stuff then he did and would know a good way to go about this.

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She walked with Ragnar as they were wondering about rather and not to do this. Or at least she was. Her eyes darted towards him and then towards the direction they were walking. As they were already done talking to the guy. The man with the skeleton face already told them the details. The guy wanted a fresh corpse for some experiment of some kind. It was obvious that it meant that they had to go find someone perfect to kill and then drag their corpse to the guy who has given them the quest. This also meant that they couldn't alert any of the authorities as they had to do all of this at night. It was OK with her, but the way she looked at Ragnar. It made it look like she wasn't. As she looked at him, she nodded to assure him that it was OK and that she would do what he did not want to do. 161


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Ragnar stood there and watched Quill as they walked away. Something was still up with her, but Gods know what that was. What are possible things that could cause her to change her personality like this, well the insight he got form his date told him more about here then he knew before. Maybe this was always her real personality and when he meet her, a harmless girl, wasn't the real her. As he processed over this 'new' information he saw her looking at him and nodding at him.

Ragnar raised an eyebrow as he looked back at her before saying " What? " Ragnar stared at her for a moment as if he was trying to figure out what the nod was for. This wasn't the first time they had killed someone together, hell they had killed over a dozen people together so far, what is another one. Why was Quill always so weird around him, he kinda wondered at this point if he was the cause of the weirdness and maybe she was totally normal around other people.

One of the thoughts that popped up in Ragnar's mind was that maybe Quill had a romantic interest in him, but that was thrown away as quickly as it appeared. Why would she be interested in him? Also, didn't she just set him up on a blind date with her best friend? What kind of person would do that if they were interested in you. That made no sense. So, Ragnar started to go back through the other possibilities. Maybe she could read his mind? That was something that existed in this world and maybe she heard how he wasn't sure if he would be able to not just turn a person into mist. But she had never been able to show that ability before, but what if she did have it. Well if she did have it and she was paying attention, she would have heard his theory about maybe she liked him. Hopefully she didn't hear that because that might become a conversation that he would prefer not to have to have.

Ragnar looked back at Quill for a moment to see if she was looking at him, if she could read minds, he would assume that she would be looking at him after what he just thought. At least that is what he assumed, though now that Ragnar thought about it. Just because she was looking at him at that exact moment doesn't prove she has mind reading abilities. How do you do a test to prove truthfully that someone does or doesn't have mind reading abilities.

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" Are you trying to read my mind, Ragnar?" she asked coldly and then looked away. She was wondering what he was thinking about, and sometimes she did wish she could read people's minds cause then she can tell if she could trust the person or not. She still had a hard time trusting people to the fullest besides the three people she has met that was not her friend. That was also not include her romantic interest. They continue to walk outside like some casual friendly Conversational hanging out. Wondering where they were going to get a body at? She did not know and wondered if Ragnar had any ideas. There are so many possibilities though, as they could even go and find some woman or man from a bar. She could totally seduce some guy and get some pristine body. Away from that subject, she continued to wonder what he was thinking about. " Are you going to tell me what's on your mind?" She questioned curiously.



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Ragnar laughed slightly at this but didn't continue until the question was asked of him. Ragnar then had to think about how honest he was going to be about this question before he realized it didn't really matter. Ragnar wasn't really the kind of person to hold anything back if asked a question, and what he thought wouldn't be difficult if he could explain it before hand.

" I was trying to figure out why you were being so distant towards me lately. One of the thoughts was that maybe you had romatic feelings towards me, but that was a stupid thought because then why would you set me up on a blind date with Akuko. Then you looked towards me an nodded, as if you were trying to comfort me about something. The only thing I could think of at the time was that me trying to handle the job we were given would be hard for me without spells given that I don't really know how to pull my punches.

That then lead into the thought of if you could read my mind, which then made me think that you heard my theory about you having feelings for me. So I looked over at you to see if I saw any indication that you could, in fact read my mind. "

Ragnar said all of this as unemotional as he could and as matter of fact as possible. Ragnar wasn't fully sure how Quill would take his theories but that was fine overall as Ragnar figured at worst she might get alittle upset that he assumed that she liked him, rather childish but possible, or that she would find it funny.

" Either way, I think we should wait until night and then find a drunk person coming out of a bar. No need to make this fancy or high stress. I just don't have a good way of doing this with my brute strength as a whole. I am sure I could figure it out, but it would take acouple of tries and I figure we want to avoid that if possible. "

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She listened to him talk and express his confusion. She listened and the more he kept going, the more her head started to hurt. She was wondering how he could confuse her actions as such. Was being friendly meaning any indications to romance? It was like with Jin, he was friendly to her and she only sees him thinking of her as just a friend. Even after that mix up where he almost kissed her and then had second thoughts. She closed her heart, her soul, her emotions as she will never show her true weakness again. To no woman, no man, unless it was Akuko as she has seen most of her already.

She went into her black bag with golden designs to pull out a book that helps her translate Joyan to Fiorian. Once she flipped a few pages she finally closed it and looked at him from the side glance. "I'm not interested in you, not like that. I don't even know romance as a whole, Ragnar. I can flirt, but as a job to get info and to kill. I see you as a comrade and friend, someone I'd take to war, nothing more.", she finished and then thought about luring and killing someone for their client.

" I could dress, lure him away from the bar and towards an alleyway... where you'll come out," She advised as she knew she could probably get somebody. A lot of the people who drink were either in desperate need of love and affection or they just wanted to forget everything. She knew this too well, as she also liked to drink. Her fingers went through her pink hair and flailed her hair behind her shoulder. Her eyes looked at Ragnar as she then looked towards the bar, which was up ahead. Thankfully, no one was really around at this time for them to hear their plan.

She knew she could be quite seductive, as she also knew that she could talk to someone into doing whatever she really wanted to. Sometimes in war you had a trick your enemies into thinking you were allies, or even more, lovers. She started to straighten her outfit to prepare herself for the 'enemy'. She walked backwards towards the bar and finger-banged 'I got to go' before twisting to turn so her back was towards him, going to the bar itself.



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Ragnar listened to what the women had to say, after she apparently had to translate some stuff from her thoughts and he got the answer he wanted, and honestly the one he expected. With a nod he now understood where he stood with Quillareine. They were simply friends and someone that they could go to war with, and that was something that Ragnar understood perfectly well.

With a nod to the plan, Ragnar turned and went into the nearby alleyway that they had agreed on. Ragnar looked around the alley for a moment and located a place to hide his massive frame. Ragnar waited as long as it took until Quill brought someone out, at which point Ragnar quickly wrapped an arm around them and put a hand over their mouth so they could not scream and pulled them deeper into the alley, more out of sight.

Ragnar was basically banking on the fact that Quill would have a spell capable of easily killing an average person rather then the normal spells she had, which wiped out ten people in a single shot. If that wasn't the case then Ragnar would simply plug the person's nose and keep their mouth shut as they suffocated to death. There was no way they would be strong enough to break his grip, unless Quill had somehow found someone as strong as her in that bar, though Ragnar might get some scratch and claw marks on his body if he did have to go this route with their victim.

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She was glad that was the end of that conversation. She finally went inside the bar as if she was some innocent pure woman. Even though she looked very young, she was actually almost to her 40s. Thankfully, she found someone who could turn her back to a 20 something year old woman. What had she got inside the bar? She looked around to see if there were some desperate fools who were looking for love. She slid right next to their chair and put a leg over their leg. She wondered if they wanted to have some fun. Her voice sounded perky and bubbly, unlike her usual voice. Thankfully, Ragnar nor anyone she knew was around. After a few drinks, she started to help the man up as he wanted to go to some room with her. She wondered if it could be somewhere secluded and dark as she was really into it. He chuckled darkly as he followed at her whim. Ragnar could see her coming out with some man and going towards the alley where he was. Once she got there, she saw Ragnar come out and grabbed him. As he held the man in place, Quilla took out her sword and stabbed him right in the heart as it was a vital hit. Killing him, they went and got rewarded.




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Ragnar saw that Quill stabbed the man directly into the chest the her sword, killing the man instantly. Well that also worked he supposed though she must be very good with that sword to do that small of damage to the person, also to not have it go through him and into Ragnar. Though that most likely wouldn't have kill him but either way. Ragnar pulled the body looking around found and object to hide the corpse in while they transported it. An emptied out Trashcan.

Ragnar shoved the body into the trashcan, after emptying it of it's contents, before carrying it through the backstreets and other things to keep it safe. While it was weird to see a man carrying a trashcan around it was less weird then seeing a man carry a body around. Without too much issue they arrived back at the contractors place. After handing the trashcan off to him, he looked at the body and said that it was considered good enough for what he would need. At which point Ragnar and Quill got paid and they left the area.

Once Ragnar got back to his suite he thought about the missions that they were doing and couldn't help but appreciate how simple everything was. Things could have been very complicated, some of that from Ragnar being too honest about things, but luckily he got simple answers back and things that made it clear to Ragnar know and what he was to this person. While he wasn't risking his life with this person, he could imagine that if they keep doing these missions he might have to.

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