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Competitor Takedown [Ragnar]

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Today she was going to meet by the door for Ragnar as she was already up and ready. After the whole fallout with that night at the castle, she has been feeling quite distant compared to usual. Her sleeping has been off and her emotions within were going nuts. It was quite the trip for her mentally. Even with all of it happening, she intended to be careful in showing it unlike that time with Akuko as she had to run off before she showed too much. On the subject of the letter, Godfrey requested their presence to go to his shop and wanted to talk to them in detail once they get there. "Ragnar, are you ready?", she wondered in her calm tone as she looked towards the direction he should be coming from. She then looked away while letting her soft fingers comb through her hair to distract herself. 151


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Ragnar was in his bed sleeping, and he only really woke up when he heard a sound come from outside of his room at which point he opened one of his eyes and groaned. God... Why did he feel like shit today? Maybe he finally got sick for the first time in his life? Or maybe it was the fact that he was simply getting out of shape now. Who really knew. Ragnar got out of bed and started to put on his clothes, even though he still walked around shirtless around town and only ever wore his shorts most of the time. It took only a couple of minutes as Ragnar did nothing with his long black hair either and he exited his room with a loud yawn. “ I am ready now” Ragnar said with a yawn. “ How are you feeling this morning? “ Ragnar asked while rubbing one of his eyes to try and become more awake.  WC 161


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"Fine, I'm... fine," she avoided his eyes as she was still overthinking about Jin and that night. Nothing happened between them, not really, but the emotions that were there were harming her heart and soul. "Let us go then," she insisted as they started to leave the place. They looked towards the shop to see him acting really strange and went to them as if they were just customers. "Hey, welcome to my shop, come check out some things," he said as he went in for a handshake, but what really happened was he put another letter in her hand. "Have a good day," he waved bye as if nothing suspicious was happening.

She looked at Ragnar and then towards the exit of the shop as she walked there. It seemed as if there was something important happening if they wanted help yet couldn't say nor do much. That was when she opened the letter. 155


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After listening to what she had to say, even he noticed that something was up, though what that could be Ragnar couldn’t even know. Maybe she also wasn’t sleeping well today? Ya, that was most likely it but know really knows at this point. Once they entered the shop, the man who hired him was acting like he had never seen them before, which is fair, if Ragnar had hired two people to murder eleven people, he would pretend they didn’t know the others either.

Ragnar waited as Quill opened the letter and read it with her. Apparently they need to kill the man’s main rival Wayland Ferron. The letter showed three main places to find the man, his shop in the morning or afternoon, an inn after work and then his home at night. The basic requirement was that they kill him, but because of the fact that everyone knows Godfrey is the person with the most motive for this he requests that the job is done at the target’s home at night.

As they start walking down the street Ragnar without looking at Quill asks two questions “ So how do you wanna do this? Also, you seem even more distant than normal. Everything you want to talk to me about? “ Ragnar was asking this out of legitimate concern for his ‘ward’, he was there to help protect her even if that was from herself. Ragnar was a man of violence, brutality and blood but he also knew enough about himself and what he felt to deal with the problems that came with that lifestyle.... Well for the most part.  WC 434


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The letter was about how she was to find some guy named Wayland as there were more details to it. She was supposed to find him at the inn in the evening, his shop in the morning and afternoon or home at night. She wondered which one Ragnar wanted to do so she gave him the letter. "I'm not sure, which would you like to do?", she coldly questioned as she also tried to remember what fully happened the night of the castle. Quilla had a lot on her mind, but she knew she had a quest to do. An assassination was quite simple, but if anything messes up then it can go bad. Whichever one can be undetected they should do. She bit her lower lip as she was curious if maybe they could do it at his house at night when most people will be asleep, not paying attention to the noises around them. Maybe even during the afternoon at the shop when it's so busy and loud that no one could hear him. She was obviously distant, she knew that much, but how will she answer?

"No, for now, I wish to accomplish this quest and perhaps talk about it later," she answered sternly as they now start planning on when and where they'll do their assassinations.


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Ragnar noticed a couple of things in that moment, one she started to bit her lip and Ragnar wasn’t fully sure if that meant that she was stressed out, curious, trying to think through a problem or what but that was still more emotion than he normally saw out of her. Well, that was interesting. I wonder what is going on with that? Ragnar nodded at what Quill said though, there was no point in badgering her now about it because god knows she would only get more distant and at his point, she could put her hand through his chest if she felt like it. So better leave that dog where it lies, as it were.

“ We should do it at night, we will just sit in his home and wait for him to show up and finish it up. We could always make it look like he killed himself or maybe a burglary gone wrong. Stuff like that happens all the time.” Ragnar said this as he started to move towards the man’s house.

Eventually they managed to reach the man’s home and taking a look around he noticed the the man’s upstairs window was open, and that was good enough for Ragnar as he jumped into the air, landing on the roof and after looking around inside the room for a moment saw the coast was clear and motioned for Quill to come up with him. As he sat in the room for a moment, he listened carefully to the house to see if he heard any movement or other sounds and nothing came. The house appeared to be empty even in the day, maybe his family was out... wait... did the man even have a family? Well I guess it didn’t really matter because his house was empty and now all they had to do is wait. WC: 746


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Thankfully, Ragnar didn't push the conversation further. She honestly couldn't remember the full details, but the end feeling was some strange rage and desire to be with the person. It was complicating her. She had to drink it off for a few days even after the night where they drank themselves to sleep. That is what happened, right? The two continued towards the person's house as he decided the night was better off. After sneaking in successfully, they went inside to see it was empty. "I see there is no welcoming party, perhaps we will be the welcome party for him," she coldly jested as her eyes dulled into the scene they were in. She looked around for a nice hiding spot for her figure as she felt like Ragnar would be harder to hide. His form was more built and larger compared to her own. "Shall you do it or shall I? We only have one enemy," she asked. 160


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Ragnar looked around for a moment and then started to move around the house, like he lived here and he started to look through cabinets and everything else. Ragnar wasn’t really interested in hiding and he already had a plan as once he got a good look around the house he came up with a plan. It wasn’t a good one, but it would in theory work. Once he came up with the plan, he would walk back up to where Quill was and explain the plan.

His plan was to go downstairs and start breaking stuff, make it look like a break in has happened, no one should hear it and when the man comes home for the night he most likely is going to try and come into his home and see what was taken or if anyone is there. Ragnar will lure him into a place where Quill will hide somewhere. At that point, Quill will take the man out as she sees fit, hopefully in a way that makes some sense for a burglary gone wrong but that was up to her. The end result was that their employer couldn’t get this pinned on him.

If he got any sign of agreement to this plan, Ragnar went downstairs and started to turn the place upside down as quietly as possible. He took everything out of drawers and dumped them onto the floor, flipped desks, tables and couches over and looked for anything of value. Anything that he did find of value he did keep, as it doesn’t make much sense for someone to rob the place and leave the valuable stuff behind. As he worked on this, he tried to make sure no one could see what he was doing from the outside and that meant closing the blinds or anything else to hide what he was doing.

It only took an hour or two to turn the place upside down and backward, and Ragnar went so far as to go to the backdoor and make it look like it was kicked open. Ragnar did try very hard to make this look like a robbery and once all of that work was done, Ragnar went into the room Quill had said she could hide in and then waited with a set of plates.

They waited there until night, and that is when Ragnar heard the sound of the front door becoming unlocked and opening. He then heard the man stop in the front door and become very quiet at which point Ragnar threw the plates down on the ground, shattering them into tiny fragments and he started to flip stuff over in this room loudly, enough to force the man to come look up into his room.

Luckily for Quill and Ragnar, the man clearly thought he could handle this as he came up the stairs to try and stop the person who was robbing his home. He just so happens to run directly into a trap. WC: 1,246


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She listened to the plan on how he was going to be a distraction, get him to come to the room she will be hiding in. Was that going to work? If she came home to see some huge man just towering in her home, she'd attack immediately or leave yelling out to anyone near if she was some sane person. She rubbed the side of her right face and shrugged, "Alright," was all she really said before going to the room where Ragnar will cause a mess. She didn't do much else as she tried to entertain herself as she waited. The place was pretty quiet and that was till she heard some crashing of things, but that was before the door opened and the man came in. She sighed softly, "The flower will bloom from your corpse," she snapped her fingers quietly as she peeked over the sofa to shoot him in the face with her flower. The only alarm he got was the split seconds of the summoning circle appearing. The rose started to disappear as she walked towards his dead body. The door was thankfully closed already and according to Ragnar's work, it looked like someone ransacked his place after someone shot him in the head.

Once it was done they did what they had to do to get rewarded.
EXIT- 750+


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It does appear like Ragnar’s plan went well enough, as the man was of course going to try and attack the person who was taking stuff from his house. That was a very manly thing to do, more so because the guy was a blacksmith and blacksmiths are manly. Though now that Ragnar thought about it more, what would he have done if the blacksmith had run.... Hmmm maybe he should have thought of that before they did this or while they were waiting for the man to come back home. O well nothing to do about it now.

Ragnar walked over the body and left along with Quill and they went back to his employer. Once they had informed him that the job was done, while he did seem sad about what was done he also said that it had to be done. Ragnar wasn’t sure why he had to be done but hey, nothing to be done at this point. Ragnar was just happy that he got paid as he had expected. Once they left, Ragnar couldn’t help but watch Quill and wonder what the hell could have happened and that is when he asked simply “ So when are you going to tell me what happened? “ Ragnar honestly didn’t really expect an answer from Quill given how distant she was normally with him, it was like she couldn’t be her real self around him and it was interesting to him. I wonder if it was because she couldn’t be her real self around anyone or only around specific people and he hadn’t earned that trust yet.

-exit- WC: 1500+

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