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Bandits and Scrolls [Ragnar]

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After their last quest was done and over, she ran into a messenger who gave both of them a letter from Godfrey. The messenger ran off quickly as she then opened the letter in front of Ragnar to read out loud what it was all about. " I suppose that once us to go over the hill and clean out some bandits for some scroll." She handed over the letter to Ragnar. She let him read it for a few minutes before walking off towards the hill as they were going to go right into action. " At least it's fighting more than just plain out killing one person this time. Although, depending on their circumstances, it might be too easy for us.", She shrugged and then started to walk. The weather was getting nicer even though it was night time. She let the wind hit her face and make her hair flow from behind. If Ragnar was behind. She would wait for him.



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Ragnar listened to what his companion said and he nodded. He was handed the letter and he verified the contents of it. Yea, apparently Godfrey needed them to go and get a scroll from some bandits. Well that didn't seem to hard, and easy enough for the two of them to deal with. Ragnar wasn't sure if he needed to go get his gear for this, but this was a lower ranked mission so maybe he wouldn't have to deal with it.

As they walked towards the hill, Ragnar commented " Of course it will be too easy for us. You are a mage well known in power and is beyond even some guild masters at this point. So unless this bandit camp also happens to be an army of mages, I think it will be a walk in the park for you. " Ragnar knew he was right, though now that he though about it, he never saw Quill fight. Clearly she must know how to fight at this point in her raise to stardom but still. Ragnar wasn't really even sure what her magic was, because she clearly wasn't like him in that way.

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Quilla listened to him talk as she was starting to walk towards where they need to go. She shook her head and looked towards him, and then looked towards the direction she was walking. " Rank isn't everything Ragnar. Sometimes power is from experience and even luck," She spoke in her monotone voice that has a soothing touch to it. She sighed softly as they were getting close to the tents. She could see the fire from the campsite as it was smoking above into the air. She wondered how many men women were there, or even, as gangs and bandits didn't care. The leaders were willing to sacrifice anyone. As they got within 10 meters of the camp, she looked at Ragnar and then forward, as everyone was surrounded by the campfire.

" Shall beauty and destruction be your death and the end of your suffering," She coldly spoke as she then lifted it up her hand and snapped her fingers. Crystalized flowers started to float from the sky of blue as she felt sorrow for the poor fools. They weren't bad people, possibly, but they had to die. As they floated on the ground from the summoning circle, she pointed towards a certain man for a blue rose to shoot from her finger's summoning circle. If the man didn't dodge, the stem struck the man in the head. All she could hear now were screams as she lifted up her other hand and snapped once more for another summoning circle to form under them as the bandits got up to go after them. Before they could, the spell reached them creating a large pink lotus flower underneath them as it immediately exploded. Their bodies were crumpled up and the blue crystalized flowers from earlier fell on their bodies making art with their bodies and the red that pooled on the ground where there were marks of explosions scarring the earth.




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Ragnar followed her towards the top of the hill, and also saw the tents in the distance. Ragnar decided to stand and watch for a moment to see how his friend would attack this situation. It took moments, mere moments for everyone in that camp to be dead.

Ragnar watched as one man get his head turned into a pot for a blue rose. After that he saw a massive summoning circle, over a dozen meters in diameter, easily able to cover the entire camp and the tents inside of it. As a large pink lotus flower bloomed, it would turn bright as the sun before detonating. Ragnar covered his eyes from the blast of light and power before he turned and looked back. All that was left were bodies, crumpled up into piles like laundry with blue crystals growing over them. From this distance Ragnar couldn't tell what exactly was going on, but on closer inspection he realized that those were also flowers. Well Ragnar could assume that someone might find this beautiful, as Ragnar did to a minor extent but he also sighed. He wasn't going to be able to have any fun today as he left Quill on the hill. He looked around and saw a lot of people, nearly a dozen bodies here.

That is when he heard a yell come out of a tent that was off away from the rest of the group, and a man walk out. It didn't take him long to realize what had happened and after yelling at Ragnar, seeing him in the middle of it and logically assuming that he did it, threw up a spell circle around him, one of equal size to the one that Quill had just cast earlier with Ragnar in the center.

Ragnar did his best to lunge towards the caster, attempting to avoid the spell, whatever it happened to be. Ragnar could only tell that it was brown in color which more then likely meant earth based magic but who knows at this point. Ragnar luckily was fast enough to move the needed distance before a large amount of spikes came up out of the ground, crushing the crystal flowers and the bodies that were left there. Apparently this guy really didn't respect the dead or art.

Ragnar closed the distance on the man, who was clearly surprised that a man of Ragnar's size could move that quickly as Ragnar was on top of him now and they were in melee. Ragnar threw the first punch, landing directly into the man's chest and much to Ragnar's surprise, the man's body didn't give. Ragnar wanted to see what this man could do, so the bracers he had on his arm activated, throwing the man ten meters... directly into the side of the hill. This bought Ragnar some time, as he turned back to Quill and yelled back " Find the scroll!! I will deal with this guy while you do that. "

Ragnar figured that his 'friend' would be stunned for a bit longer then he was, but was greeted by a large rock, as big as Ragnar, slamming into his side after he finished his sentence. Ragnar was thrown several feet and slid across the ground, before quickly getting back up to his feet, like an animal and looks towards where he put the man into the hill.

The boss walked out of the hill, still standing and brushed himself off from the dirt and dust Ragnar had just put on him.

This guy might be a challenge.

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She watched as Ragnar went on ahead towards the Camp to look around. It was very silent as she wondered if she killed everyone accidentally instead of just most of them. As she was growing up, she saw a large blast that was supposed to bind her. But due to her strength, she really didn't get affected by it. After she caught up with Ragnar, she heard him yell at her to look for the scroll as she then saw the man crumpled and destroying her flowers. He obviously did not appreciate the art that she created. She nodded. Rather, he saw it. Or not. Quickly, she decided to look around in the tents that were Hafley destroyed to see if she could find this scroll. After she looked through all the regular attempts, she went towards the larger one and saw that there were chests and his big bed. After she grabbed the scroll that she found within the small chest, she just made sure that the chest was in our arms tightly. Once she left the area, she made sure Ragnar knew it was fine to finish it.

She stood back and away from the fighting as she wanted to watch. See what he can do. He knew with full strength that he could destroy someone's body with just his hands, but there must be more. She wanted to study the man. As she then watched what he has done. Once he was done, they started to walk away with the scroll and went back to Godfrey, who wanted the scroll in the first place. As they handed him the scroll, he looked at it and had a frown beforehand. He was excited. What did he read? They were sent away soon after, but not before they were rewarded.




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The Bandit Boss cracked his neck as he looked at Ragnar before making a comment that Ragnar's shot was a good one and that normally that would have killed a normal person. He said that as another spell circle spawned in the air next to Ragnar.

Ragnar jumped straight back, barely dodging the series of spikes that came out of the spell circle and went flying into the distance. Ragnar wasn't really paying attention to Quillareine at this part as he knew that he had alot of work to go here for this guy. He didn't really seem hurt or hindered by the shot that Ragnar put into him, but maybe he had some kind of armor on him that protected him from some of that shot but maybe not. Ragnar would have to beat his ass to find out.

Ragnar couldn't just let the guy keep casting spells at him, as he started to run in circles around the guy dodging the spells that came for him by using lunges or quickly stopping using the lunges to stop his movement on a dime. The man was doing a much much better job at keeping a distance from Ragnar because it appears he didn't think he was the person that cast the spell and knew this was more then likely the best way to deal with this problem.

Ragnar needed his hammer, and he knew how to get it. With a single word being spoke, one that sounded like a language inhuman and not even of this world, a crack of thunder rang out as if it was on top of them. And the sounds of something massive coming through the forest.

What came out of the forest was a beast that was as big and wide as a water buffalo while being far heavier. The horn on his head was a single one, forming a T shape on it, though on top of the flat of that T were large spikes, where it appeared skulls had been placed. It's appeared to be closer to a massive dog in shape and size, it's mouth appeared to be big enough to bite a man's head off with room to spare, its teeth looked like short swords. From a distance color of the fur of the beast looked a dirty brass only as it got closer would people realize that it was not the color of the fur, it was armor. Sheets of Brass covered armor covered every inch of this beast and it didn't seem to slow it down at all in any way. The chains that were used to 'control' this beast was attached to a massive spiked collar around its neck. If anyone looked at the monster as it turned the corner, small gaps in the armor showed something possibly more terrible. This beast had no skin, it appeared to be made of machinery and parts mixed together with a living beast.

The beast came running towards Ragnar, running at a speed far faster then most likely anyone thought possible and on it's side was a massive hammer, over a meter long and the hammer face being over a foot wide,tall and thick. It took moments before the mount got to Ragnar's side, and with a simply putting his hand out to the side of his mount, the hammer ended up back in his hand. His mount didn't stay in the fight as it continued to run past them, and once it was back into the forest, another thunder crack happened.

Ragnar now had his hammer and he felt better as his opponent seemed to be confused about what had just happened, before putting up a hand in front of him and spawning a massive spell circle, one of S rank in size. Ragnar started to run towards the man, he wasn't going to make it in time but he didn't need to.

Ragnar was meters away as a massive spike came flying out of the spell circle, nearly ten meters in diameter and sharp enough to damage a castle wall. The Bandit boss clearly thought the fight was over, there was no way Ragnar could dodge at this range. Ragnar reached his hammer back and slammed it into the side of the massive spike, even though he felt it reverberate through his hammer and into his arm, the spell crumbled under the weight of his blow.

The spell shattered like glass against Ragnar's hammer blow, and while the man stood stunned for a moment that Ragnar not only lived through the shot but also seemed to disregard it completely. In that moment, Ragnar made contact with the man's face with the side of his hammer.

The Bandit Boss's last sight was Ragnar, slightly bloody, and a blur from his right arm and his entire head was turned into blood, chucks of flesh and bones. The man's head spread all over the near by hill as his body fell limp at Ragnar's feet.

Welp, Ragnar needed to finish that quickly before the Mage could do real damage to him and before he ran out of steam. With that, Ragnar put the hammer on his shoulder as he walked back to the man that gave them the job in the first place.


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