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Welcoming Committee [Good Quest | Haru & Yuurei]

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#1Haru Akagi 

 Welcoming Committee [Good Quest | Haru & Yuurei] Empty Fri Apr 01, 2022 7:53 pm

Haru Akagi
Haru, Yuurei and Renji. The trio had done a number of small odd jobs around Orchidia at this point. This evening they were planning to return to the riverside where a strange spirit had spoken to them telepathically. However, lazying around all day while they waited seemed like a waste of their precious time. Fortunately, they had been contacted by none other than Mr. Dacol Lubex, the man they had now spoken to twice already. He wished for some help during the morning and afternoon before they were scheduled to return to the river in the evening.

The silver maned feline would spy their client, his arms full of fliers. With a wave, she'd flag him down and his face immediately lit up at the sight of his assistants for the day. Immediately he'd rush over, handing all three of them part of the stack of fliers he had been holding moments ago as he explained the situation. He wished to give tours of Orchidia but required them to hand out fliers while he was busy doing such. Essentially they were to welcome those that were visiting and offer for them to wait until the next tour so Dacol should show them around. Simple enough.



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Yuurei was with Haru and Renji as they were going to the entrance of the city. When they got there, they would see Dacol anxiously waiting for them. He would wave at the man as he would see that he would rush to them and explained everything. He figured they could do that, and he was fine with that. They waited for the first person to enter the city, and when they did, Dacol would be quick to ask if they wanted to be led around the city. They would accept it without a problem, and they would leave Yuurei and Haru to be at the entrance of the city.

“I guess after we’re done with this we go see the spirit.” He said this to her.

It wouldn’t take long, but one person would find themselves entering the town. He would try to hand one towards them, and they would go around the light mage. They definitely didn’t want a flier from him and continued moving. He waited for a second person to show up and they would tell him that they didn’t want a flier either. He would rub the back of his head as he could see that these people were rude but figured this was going to happen.


#3Haru Akagi 

 Welcoming Committee [Good Quest | Haru & Yuurei] Empty Mon Apr 04, 2022 7:18 am

Haru Akagi
"Yea, easy done." Haru nodded, her mind still focused on the strange entity that had left her head aching the last time they had 'spoke' to it. She really did not enjoy the feeling of having her mind directly attacked like that, it was unpleasant, to say the least. As she began getting to work, the neko had very little issue handing out the flyers, at least compared to the light mage's efforts so far.

The silver maned feline found herself snickering just a little bit, as she smiled gently at the passerby some clearly a little nervous to have a demi-human approach them, yet still politely took the flyer from her hands. Overall, her experience was rather positive, with most people seeming rather polite, either accepting them or apologising as their hands were already full with other things. It seemed Yuurei was certainly pulling the short straw with the rude people.

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Yuurei kept trying to hand out fliers, but it seemed like it wasn’t working properly. It was getting annoying, but when he looked over at Haru it would seem like she was doing her job well. He stopped his work as he was wondering if he looked intimidating or something. It wouldn’t take long, but one of the travelers would stop in front of him. It was a woman of course, and she would look at Yuurei as he was trying to hand the flier out to her. She gladly took it out of his hand as she caressed his hand and walked away. He didn’t think anything of it as he continued to work.

Dacol would come back soon after as it seemed like he was done with helping them around the city. When he got there, they would see another person’s arrival at Orchidia and he was quick to take them on a tour around the city again. It would leave Yuurei and Haru to continue doing their job on their own again.


#5Haru Akagi 

 Welcoming Committee [Good Quest | Haru & Yuurei] Empty Mon Apr 04, 2022 9:06 pm

Haru Akagi
As the day wore on, Haru grew bored and low on fliers, as their client finally returned from his final tour of the city for the day. He seemed very satisfied with their work and rambled on about how everyone had loved seeing all the sights the city had to offer and that he should find himself some permanent assistants in the future. Dacol was so enthusiastic that he almost forgot about why else he had contacted the paradise dawn members.

It wasn't until Haru cleared her throat and asked if they should head over to the river now that his face finally fell. Apologising for his forgetfulness he'd take the rest of the remaining fliers from their hands.. He told them they should come with him to see Inspector Nilan first. Giving them directions to where they should meet with the mn before paying the duo for today's services.

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Yuurei was enjoying his time even though he was being rejected by the people who were coming to the city. He was able to spend time with Haru, which he found nice. The job itself was boring, and soon enough the hours would go by, and they would see Dacol. He seemed happy, and that was good and with everything he did, they would be able to get paid for what they had to do by the entrance of Orchidia. Still, now that they were done with this they were going to deal with the other pressing issue at hand. The spirit. Now that they knew where to go to meet up with him, Yuurei would leave with the jewels.

Renji hoped that they would get paid more than this by fixing the problem with the spirit. The light mage was just happy to give back the flyers and leave that area. He never wanted to do that kind of job again.


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