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[QUEST] A Heart of Stone

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[QUEST] A Heart of Stone Empty Fri Apr 01, 2022 2:21 pm


Ragnar roll himself out of bed today and started to get ready to some extent, putting on his non combat clothes as he tried to stay awake. He hadn't been sleeping well the past couple of nights and it was starting to get to him alittle but he had made plans with Quill and he was duty bound to meet with her and help her. Even though at this point she could most likely beat his ass in a fight now, he still offered his services. After walking outside of the suite that Quillareine still had in this tavern where they meet mere weeks ago.

Walking over to the room where he knows Quillareine was sleeping, he knocked on the door before saying " Hey! We going? " Ragnar was sure that his 'ward' was already ready but he still wanted to see what he could get away with.

As he stood outside of her door, he couldn't help but think about the last job he did and he wondered if that assassin he hired would keep his mouth shut about it. Of course he would! He is an assassin, it is his job to keep his mouth shut.

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Her eyes gazed at the ceiling as she was guessing herself. She had a long journey in two weeks as Joya was calling her name. She heard a knock on her door as she got up from her bed. She was wearing pants, normal t-shirt of white and black boots. She started to comb her long hair with her fingertips as her brown eyes looked into the mirror. Once she was done, she sighed softly and opened the door to find the tall man in front of her. She silently looked at him with a deadpan stare as she naturally did and motioned her head signaling that they can go now.

Once he moved out of her way she walked towards the door, and they left. They were meeting up with Mattoro, a man that hired them to destroy some mines, kill some people that he felt was betraying him and so forth. "I will follow to where we have to go," she coldly spoke in the nicest way possible.



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Ragnar watched as the door open and a women that appeared to only want him dead stepped out of the door. Ragnar had gotten use to this, as many people wanted him dead but normally they didn't work with him. Ragnar moved out of her way and they went to go to the meeting place of the man giving them both a job. Apparently this required an A and X rank pair to handle. As they walked Ragnar commented " You look so happy to see me as always. "

It didn't take them long to get to the place where they were going to meet Mattoro. Once they went into the alley where they were going to meet, Mattoro stepped out of another alley and after greeting them told them the job. While feeling bad about what had happened and the family of Giroud, he also knew that justice must be done for the men that died. The issue was, unlike the last guy, this guy they didn't know where he was going to be and they couldn't easily locate him so poison wasn't going to work. They would have to knife him, the old fashion way. Well that is something Ragnar finally understood and could get behind. Something he could do for himself and not have to hire someone to poison a man.

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"It's not that I'm not happy to see you, this is just my regular facial expression?" she coldly spoke in her soothing tone while looking at him. Once they got there, they went to talk to the guy. She listened to him say how bad he felt for the guy's family. If he was going to end up feeling bad, then why did he do so in the first place? She got her answer soon enough as he said that justice must be had for those who were killed. Those were his words specifically. She listened to him say how he wanted her in the partner of hers to go ahead and kill him the old-fashioned way. Apparently, he wanted the whole dark alley with a knife in his chest, but how were the two of them going to do this? Mostly without suspicion. As long as he's dead, the mission will be completed. So she turned and waited for Ragnar to go with her.



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Ragnar listened to the man talk and once he was done talking, he looked at Quillareine and nodded to her as they both left the area. Apparently they had to go find this man and he wasn't going to be the easiest in the world to find but he was somewhere in the city. This means that he needed to call back up some of his friends in the darker part of the city.

Ragnar took Quillareine to the bar that he normally got the help he needed. The bar was a shit hole, and it was filled with people who would normally try to start shit but when Quill entered, everyone appear to be on their best behavior. She had far more of a reputation then he did at this point, she had really made a name for herself in two weeks and there wasn't much Ragnar could do about that.

As they entered he went and talked to the bartender before asking for help finding Giroud, and then to report back to him about it. The bartender nodded before saying he will send someone to go look for him and then Ragnar left, hopefully with Quillareine in toe.

Assuming she followed, he would start to walk around the city himself, might as well as it might take the guy at the bar a bit to gather up some guys to find this guy. " So we might as well have this talk now, so why exactly am I considered your 'bodyguard' at this point in our relationship you are more feared and well known then I am. I also know at this point you are stronger then me, though I expected that when I first meet you because no one can make a raise this fast without first having a very high base. "

That is the only thing that made any sense to Ragnar, the only way someone to grow this quickly from what they were when they meet is that Ragnar was being lied to about the power of the person he was 'protecting'.

As they were having this conversation, Ragnar looked over and by sheer dumb luck, they found the guy! Giroud! The man had just exited a building and then walked into the building next door through the front door. Ragnar stood away from the building, as he waited for the man to come out. If the man did escape through a different exit, one of the people on his payroll would catch him.

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She wondered what knife they were going to use to kill the guy. She had a sword and Ragnar had an ax. So, were they going to buy a new one? They could possibly just murder the man in cold blood with the items they had. She made sure Regner was following, or at least beside her, and if he was, she would then ask him herself. " Do you want to kill him or shall I? I could care less, but if you wish." She coldly spoke in her distant tone that was as smooth as silk. They had searched around the town as they needed to find the guy who they needed to kill. Within a few moments, she then sees that the guy exit some building and started heading all over the town. She wondered what he was during going to so many buildings. During this, Ragnar wanted to ask her something.

She was taken aback even without showing such emotion, "Life... reveals slowly who you can trust and who you cannot and having someone you can trust have your back is better than leaving it open," she coldly speaks and sighs as she enjoyed his company. "If I didn't trust you nor want you around, I wouldn't have set up that date," she flipped her hair as she coldly stared at the way they were going to go.

"Now then, we have someone to stab..." she jested in her cold tone as they did have someone to hurt.



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Ragnar listened to his partner talk for a moment and he couldn't help but agree with her logic. Having him watching her back was better then not having someone, at the very least he could take a single shot from someone trying to kill her and give her time to retalate as required. Then she brought up the blind date that she set him and Akuko on. Ragnar laughed slightly at this before stating " Great blind date, setting two people up without telling them to look for the other. We could have easily left that bar without even knowing the other existed. You were just lucky I told that noble that his mother clearly got fucked by a horse to make a child as ugly and bucktoothed as him" That one of the things he said about that man's family, he basically said that his entire ancestry to the beginning of time most likely had sex with animals.

Ragnar said this as the man, Giroud,left another building and kept moving, going into a different building and then a different building and over and over again. This happened for several hours, Ragnar on several occasions went to try and go in for the kill only to be backed off as the man clearly wasn't alone. While Mattoro wanted the man dead, he didn't want it to be an open show of murder, so Ragnar backed off.

It was only until the sun started to set and the light started to go down that he moved towards the mine itself. Ragnar knew that this place was empty at night, there was no reason for anyone to be mining here and more so because of all the stuff Ragnar had been doing up until that point.

The man then went into his office and closed the door behind him, at which point Ragnar turned towards Quill and pointed his hand at himself and then the front door. He then pointed at her and pointed next to the door. Once they got into position, Ragnar would kick in the front door and quickly move into the room.

Giroud had just enough time to yell out before Ragnar had rammed his entire forearm through the man's chest with a knife hand. The blow left a large hole in the man, large enough to take his heart, and a large chuck of both of his lunges along with this spine all in a single shot. It basically looked like he was shot by a cannonball through the chest. Ragnar pulled his arm out of the corpse as it fell to the ground, at which point Ragnar sat on the man's desk as he pulled out his canten and started to pour the water over his arm to clean the blood off.

" So do you think we should just leave him here? Or place him somewhere else? They need to find him, I don't think there will be any confusion that he was murdered, not with the wound I put in him. "

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She quietly walked beside her friend Ragnar as they started to talk to each other. She was listening to him talk as he was talking about the blind date and how they could have messed it up. She wanted to chuckle or giggle even, but she knew she could not even show any emotions due to her fear of weakness. There is only one person so far that she showed any weakness to at all, and that was due to the fact that he made it reveal itself. She still regretted that day that she showed how she really feels. Yet she did not regret the actions that happened. " It was not meant to be. If you guys did not find each other then. Correct?", She spoke very normally.

After they were done talking, they started to follow the guy into our back alley. As Ragnar did most of the work. She watched him calmly as her eyes looked deadly towards the guy. Was already finished as he decided to do what he did and now he had to die. Once Ragnar started to push him in and stabbed him to death, she then looked up at Ragnar. " If they need to find him, I suppose we can drag him out a little bit more since it's nighttime. More towards the street, a little bit to the corner of between this alley and the street.", she dragged the guy's body and put it where people will see part of his foot sticking out from the alley.

Once they were done, they reported and got rewarded.




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Ragnar nodded at this as he watched the women drag the body out and make it more obvious. Someone was going to find this man eventually and they will know that he was murdered. It was very hard not to at this point. Once Ragnar had finally washed all of the blood off his arm, he started to walk back with Quilly he had to finish the conversation by saying " I didn't take you to be one for Fate and all that. I assumed you were the kind of person that believed in grabbing Fate by the hair and making it do what you want. "

Ragnar did notice that she was, slightly more distant then normally and Ragnar would have to get to the bottom of that. Did he miss something during her rapid raise to power that caused her to change, she was always icy and cold but she would normally atleast smile or laugh at his jokes but nothing so far.

Either way, he went with her to get paid.



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