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Train With Me [Good Quest | Haru & Yuurei]

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#1Haru Akagi 

Train With Me [Good Quest | Haru & Yuurei] Empty Wed Mar 30, 2022 7:43 pm

Haru Akagi
Another simple request, this one sounding far less surreal than the last. A fellow mercenary wishing to simply train alongside those with combat skills. Something both Haru and her comrade, Yuurei were rather adept in. Upon arriving at the outskirts of the forest, Haru would notice the various vines tangled throughout the trees from the strange beanstalk they were waiting to hear back about. They were not important right now as her golden eyes soon fixed onto a fellow silver-haired woman who had been waiting for their arrival.

"We shouldn't venture too far into the forest with this training." Haru muttered quietly to the light mage as they approached. hopefully, he also recalled that it might drain them of their mana and energy if they were to enter too deeply while whatever strange magic was at work was still around. Once they were close enough, Haru would greet the woman with a polite bow.

"Haru at your service and these are my fellow guild members, Yuurei and Renji." She'd introduce them all.

"Seheda." The woman nodded before going into details about why she required training. Explaining to them that she has been rejected three times when testing for the combat academy. The first thing she wanted to improve upon was the entrance exam's obstacle course, so she'd figured running through the forest would be good practice. Haru couldn't fault her logic on that one as she'd send a careful glance at Yuurei, they just had to ensure they didn't delve too deep.



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Yuurei had taken another job with Haru. This one was different yet simple, and he was fine with handling this job. Still, they were going to be around the forest, which meant they were going to have to be careful with going too deep. The Nephilim would be introduced to Seheda who explained her situation, and what she wanted them to do with her. The forest was indeed a good obstacle course, so he can understand why she wanted to train here. Still, before they could start anything he would speak up.

“Okay so I will lead the obstacle course then. I’m well adept with the forest. I will find a course that will test your skill.” He said to Seheda and she would agree with it.

Yuurei was glad that she wouldn't fight back, and he would look around for a bit before he started. Once he knew the direction he would run in, the light mage would kick-off and start running into the forest. He made sure that moved fast enough that Seheda and Haru could move in as well. He would jump over a log, and quickly duck under a branch as he continued moving through the forest. The half-elf felt like he was at home when he was running through the forest.


#3Haru Akagi 

Train With Me [Good Quest | Haru & Yuurei] Empty Thu Mar 31, 2022 1:43 am

Haru Akagi
Shooting Seheda a smile, Haru would follow suit into the forest, chasing Yuurei as she leapt over logs and ducked under branches. While this kind of thing was not her usual sort of training, the demi-human carefully observed the nephilm's movements and did her best to mimic them in order to keep up. Haru had been so focused on the natural obstacles of the forest it was a few minutes in before she realised the woman beside her had been talking to her the whole time. She was hammering on about how she she loves working as a mercenary and helping those in need.

"Oh yea, I get that."
The neko responded as she shot a smile toward Seheda causing the woman's face to light up. However, she had found Haru's smile far too distracting, failing to see a log in front of her as she fell face first into the leaf covered ground.

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Yuurei was running through the forest as he was not too in front of the girls behind him. While he was moving it seemed like things were going well for Seheda. That was good because her training was paying off. That was when he heard a loud thud behind him, which caused him to come to a full stop. He would move towards Haru and Seheda and he would see that their client was on the floor. He would rub the back of his head as he felt bad about this. Yuurei would help her get up from the ground and when she got up she would be embarrassed by all of this.

“It’s okay, we can continue with the training. I just think you should be focusing more on training than talking.” He said to her as he would look at Haru and was glad she wasn’t the one that fell.


#5Haru Akagi 

Train With Me [Good Quest | Haru & Yuurei] Empty Thu Mar 31, 2022 2:13 am

Haru Akagi
"Ah no it's fine, you've um... helped me enough... and stuff..." Seheda stumbled over her words, clearly flustered as her face grew red with embarrassment.

"Are you sure? We can go for a bit longer if you need." Haru offered, figuring they'd barely done anything really in regards to helping her, plus she felt pumped to continue this kind of training herself.

"N-No, it's really fine... " The woman murmured waving her hands in front of her before reaching into her pockets, "Here's your payment as promised." she offered the jewels towards the two paradise dawn members.

"Alright then..." Haru was a little hesitant but still took her part of the payment. Once the money was given over the woman would bow and start to leave, clearly still upset over her mistake. Haru would simply glance over towards Yuurei and shrug, not really sure why she was so upset over one small mistake. The only way to get better was to continue to practice.

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Yuurei would hear what she would say, and it seemed like she wasn’t having it. He would feel bad as it seemed like this was going to be the end of the job. The Nephilim could hear Haru pleading with her so they could continue, but in the end, it wouldn’t matter. She was done with the training for the day and there was nothing they could do to stop her. She would hand them the jewels and Yuurei would grab the reward, but he felt like they could do more for her. It also seemed like Haru felt the same way about this. They would watch the woman leave them and he would look over to Haru as their eyes would meet.

They had the same thoughts it seemed, but there was nothing they could do about it. The two of them would leave the forest and head back to the guild as their job here was finished.


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