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Remove The Drunk [Good Quest | Haru & Yuurei]

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#1Haru Akagi 

Remove The Drunk [Good Quest | Haru & Yuurei] Empty Sat Mar 26, 2022 11:42 pm

Haru Akagi
Previously Haru and her two friends, Yuurei and Renji, had helped Enil and his business with pizza orders, delivering them around town. Given how well they'd handled that job, the tavern owner had invited the trio back to help with a bit more of a serious problem. Upon arriving, he'd explain the situation. Apparently, another previous client of theirs had been acting a little too rambunctious recently when drinking at the establishment. It had gotten so bad that the man had been driving away other customers and putting a dampener on his business.

"I just need you guys to intervene, the guy won't listen to a thing I say." He sighed, feeling a little defeated over the whole situation, "I heard you guys had spoken to him and helped him with his issues regarding his mother recently, so I thought you'd be the best people for the job. Given your reputation with him, he might just listen to you lot. Just don't do anything if he's fine, only if he starts causing a scene." he urged, not wanting to strain any relationships. Haru would nod, they'd do their best to watch and persuade if necessary in the meantime she herself could enjoy a beverage or two.



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Yuurei would take a drink of his own now that he was in the tavern with Haru. They had to make sure that if Mitya got out of hand they would take him out. While they were enjoying their drinks, the Nephilim would see that Mitya would finally arrive. The light mage would keep an eye on him as he watched him walk over to the bar and was calm and talking to himself. That was good as it seemed like the man wasn’t trying to bother anybody. Still, he kept where he was at, and he would look over to Haru for a second.

“Have you’ve been networking within the North when we aren’t together?” He asked her wondering if she had been making a lot of money.

When he asked that he look over to Mitya and his eyes widen as the man had taken in about four drinks already. He was quick, and it wouldn’t take long for him to start getting rowdy.


#3Haru Akagi 

Remove The Drunk [Good Quest | Haru & Yuurei] Empty Sun Mar 27, 2022 12:31 am

Haru Akagi
"Yes, I've actually managed to obtain an exceptional contr-" Her reply was cut short as she felt someone bump into her, they apologised profusely, saying they wanted to get away from Mitya. She sighed as she turned to lay her golden eyes on their quest's target. He had been starting to complain about the quality of the drinks and yelling about how Enil was a biased jerk that was keeping all the good stuff for himself and his favourite customers. Her drink and their conversation were both clearly going to have to wait. Standing up she'd waltz on over to him, giving him a friendly smile.

"YOU!" He yelled as he spotted her, clearly recognising the demi-human, as he suddenly got up to embrace her in a drunken hug, pulling way he'd keep an arm around her shoulders, leaning in as if to whisper, "Has he been ripping you off too?" He 'whispered' very loudly into her ear as he pointed to the barkeep, clearly unable to discern just how loud he was being due to his inebriation. Honestly, she was a little lost for words as she politely removed his arm from around her shoulders before she carefully explained that she disagreed and that the drinks were perfectly acceptable.

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Yuurei would walk over to them both and Mitya would see Yuurei now. He would look at them confused for a bit, but drunk, nonetheless. It would seem like they were working for Enil right now. He was a bit nervous, but at the same time, he felt brave in front of them. The light mage would explain that Mitya needed to go home for today and that the next time he drank in here, he had to be more to himself. It was either that or he had to learn how to control his emotions when drinking. He was about to say something to them both but with everything they had done for him, he listened to them instead.

Yuurei would escort Mitya out of the tavern with Haru and he would look at him. Mitya would turn to them, and he would point his finger to Yuurei and tried to walk back in. The light mage would stop him from trying to come back and explained that he was not welcome here. When he heard that, Mitya would turn around drunk and sad as he made his way back home.


#5Haru Akagi 

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Haru Akagi
Haru was thankful that Yuurei had managed to handle Mitya in a mature, but stern manner. Hopefully, he'd reconsider returning for a while, or when he did he would apologise to Enil for causing such a ruckus. With a sigh she'd return back to her seat, only to be greeted by the tavern owner. He was delighted at how well and easily they'd handled the situation and was ecstatic that he'd made the right choice in asking them to attend this evening.

Haru grinned as she thought of a plan. Explaining to Enil that if Mitya were to return to his drunken ways anytime soon that he should get into contact with his mother. The drunken man doted and loved her sincerely, if she were to reprimand him he would certainly stop these childish antics of his. He thanked the neko for her advice, allowing her to get back to her drink and enjoy her evening alongside the light mage.

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When Yuurei entered, both he and Haru would be met with the owner. He would smile at him as it seemed like he was glad that they had taken Mitya out without any problems. The Nephilim was also glad that it didn’t take much to make sure that he had gone home instead of causing trouble. Still, what Haru had told Enil to do the next time Mitya came back made Yuurei laugh and shake his head because he was surprised that she would bring that up. Still, he was sure that plan would work. When everything was done Enil would go to the back to get money to pay them both for their work today.

Once they got paid Yuurei would go back to his drink as he was drinking with Haru. He figured they would continue talking about her advances throughout the North. He was glad to hear that she was doing quite fine and he had nothing to worry about.


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