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Pizza Delivery [Good Quest | Haru & Yuurei]

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#1Haru Akagi 

 Pizza Delivery [Good Quest | Haru & Yuurei] Empty Fri Mar 25, 2022 10:04 pm

Haru Akagi
Haru had been about to explain to Yuurei and Renji about how she'd come to meet Khalfani, their guild leader when they finally reached their destination. A tavern that sat opposite to Mitya's bar, the young man they had assisted previously a couple of times now. Entering the place, she'd note just how busy and bustling it was, with customers filling nearly every seat in the restaurant.

A tall, burly brunette man, with bags under his eyes, would greet them, asking if they had a reservation or were here to pick up meals. Shaking her head, Haru would explain they had accepted the job to help assist him for the day. Immediately his face lit up, thankful someone would be here to help him as he guided the trio into the kitchen. He'd briefly explain the situation, he'd fallen very far behind in the orders without his usual assistant, pointing to a pile of dockets with each of the current orders.

He'd show them quickly around the kitchen, pointing out all the important things like the ingredients and utensils they would require before leaving them to get started on preparing and baking all the meals so he could tend to the other needs of the customers, like drinks and such.



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Yuurei was excited about this job more than anything else. He was listening to Haru speak and honestly, he was enjoying her company more than anything right now. Still, this was a cooking and delivery job and he loved cooking. When they got to the tavern, they spoke to a man who would bring them to the kitchen and pointed out everything that they would need to make pizza. The light mage’s eyes sparkled as he looked at Haru.

”I will get started with the pizzas. I’ll put the tomato sauce and expand the dough and I’ll let you prep the ingredients onto the pizza. If you can please keep an eye out for it to be cooked. Ten minutes should be enough.” He said as he would turn on the oven, so it could start heating up.

Yuurei would start pounding on the dough that he was taking out as he saw all the orders he was making. The man was quick with it as he would expand the dough to make a circle and would start putting the tomato sauce on the dough and spreading it around it evenly. After that, he had moved it to Haru so she could put the ingredients on it, and he would let her know when it was all good.

He kept doing this until he prepped and made the foundation of all nine pizzas.


#3Haru Akagi 

 Pizza Delivery [Good Quest | Haru & Yuurei] Empty Sat Mar 26, 2022 1:18 am

Haru Akagi
Well at least one of them was in their element, Haru noted as she got to work, following the light mage's instructions. She herself, while not a terrible cook, usually avoided it if necessary. It was just too much hassle and work when one could just eat raw food instead. Despite her opinion on the matter, work was work and they were going to get paid for it at the end of it all.

Following each of the orders, she'd place the toppings on each one before placing them on the trays and shoving them in the ovens. Checking on them and removing them after ten minutes as Yuurei had instructed her until eventually all of the meals were baked. The kitchen smelt absolutely delicious with all the various scents that were wafting around. All that was left now was for them to deliver the meals to the correct addresses mentioned on each of the dockets.

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Yuurei was glad that he had Haru by his side. She was able to help him with getting things done while he continued everything else. As the pies got out of the oven, he would put them in a box before cutting them all into eight slices. He would close the box and seal the box with a string before moving on to the next one. Yuurei would do this to all nine pies and when he was done, he would look over to Haru with a smile on his face. Now that they were done with this, they had to deliver everything, which is what they would do. They would go to each address to drop off the pies that they had ordered before moving on to the next location.

It was a tedious thing to do, but it would pay off in the end as they would be able to deliver everything on time while the pies were all hot and ready to be eaten. Now that they were done with that it was time to head back to their client.


#5Haru Akagi 

 Pizza Delivery [Good Quest | Haru & Yuurei] Empty Sat Mar 26, 2022 1:53 am

Haru Akagi
Boxing up each of the pizzas, Haru would take some while Yuurei took the others. She figured splitting up would help to speed up delivery times. It wouldn't take either of them too long and soon enough they would meet back up the tavern, where the owner looked so relieved for all the orders to have been delivered successfully without any issues arising. He'd thank the trio with incredible sincerity, paying them all for their service while also giving them each a drink on the house to sit down and enjoy before being on their way as a bonus little thank you for being so efficient in their work.

During the drink, Haru would go back to explain her initial meeting with Khalfani and how he managed to persuade her to join him here in the North. Which honestly all came down to one thing. Money. He'd put on a display of his wealth and she took the bait.

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Yuurei would make it back and together they would be able to gain their rewards for taking on this job. This was something Yuurei had enjoyed so much, and he didn’t think there would be a job that would involve cooking of any kind. Still, now that they were done with this, they would be able to go around and see what else they could do around this place. He noticed that a lot of people needed their help in this city no matter how small the request was. What he was enjoying was that people were starting to know who they were, which was good and exactly what he wanted.

Still, now with everything settled, he would hear Haru’s story about Khalfani and how he got her to join Paradise Dawn. That was interesting, and Yuurei had made sure to tell Haru that if he would help her make all the money she wanted if that was her desire. The light mage was indeed quite good at making money as he had quite the large sum.


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