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A Blind 'Encounter' at the Club [Private]

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A Blind 'Encounter' at the Club [Private] - Page 2 Empty Wed Apr 13, 2022 7:42 am

At least this from she was still covered and not actually naked, But it was about the reaction she did not expect, After all he was not looking as most people would, No doubt she was being looking upon her."You get use to the stares after while, Far different then how people use to look at me at one point."It was interesting to be this way now compared to a far more covered up and clothed joyan woman."Just proves, I am not all that I am seen to be."She meant this entirely as a joke even laughing about it.

So far it was interesting, She was expecting to be the monster when she was not considered it. It almost seemed to shock her and left her a bit surprised."Oh? some one is far more different then what I expected to feel about this."Akuko did seem to think she would have ended fair more different then how it was, Ragnar was expected to be something she could expect guess how he would work in some ways, But some one to be entirely fore sure she was not a monster and other people where was new to hear of.

There was something about it that gave Akuko a bit of hope in her life when she already had fairly little of it now days. Could almost break the normal straight and plain face that she had on her face or the normal slightly smug look on her face when she was up to no good."I am oddly impressed with that."So she would be forward with it, because no point in hiding it. Even then he went as far to start flicking coins are people that could hurt them, It was entertaining.

"Well guess who is now a happy daemon with your actions and honesty."She would mention because it seemed to give her some kind of relief about it, Now she needed to ask him just to be sure."Should I change back to how I was? Or would you rather i walked around like this?"Since she could easily change back. Mostly was it him who wanted it, anyone else she would assume would just stare or make a move in which she did not mind at all it was kind of expected of them."And have you considered getting a glass of water?"which was also helpful to avoid a hangover.


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Ragnar looked over at Akuko for a moment before turning towards a waiter and getting a pitcher of water brought over to the table. While that was being brought to the table Ragnar said simply " You can stay in whatever form is most comfortable for you to be in. My personal feelings on the matter are that you look beautiful either way and both would make me happy. " Ragnar smiled at Akuko.

At that point Ragnar got his pitcher of water, which he simply started to drink like someone would drink a glass of water. Once he put the pitcher down, his fingers went back to holding a coin in his hand as he tapped it on table. As he looked around he realized something interesting, people either weren't looking at them right now or was only looking him. They seemed to realize that Ragnar was the one that had thrown the coin earlier and the looks were one of awe, fear, anger and basically every other primal emotion that Ragnar could see. He even saw some women look over at him like some men looked at Akuko.

" Interesting that the people here started to show their true colors when the threat of sudden death comes is now possible. Though at this point, there is very little difference between me and a rogue spell or arrow from the pit... they just know that their actions have a direct result on if they leave this place alive or dead. " Ragnar thought about this out loud, more to himself then to Akuko as he continued to tap the coin against the table, the sound making it very clear to anyone listening that Ragnar was still watching and waiting. Even though Akuko got 99% of his attention, he still had that 1% watching to make sure everyone stayed in line. At least everyone in his eyesight stays in line.

Though Ragnar stopped tapping the coin on the table for a moment before saying simply " Sorry about that, got lost in my own thoughts. Would you like me to put the coins away and we can continue with a new game perhaps? "


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Oh so it did not matter, Well by all means if she had a choice she would just  turn back to looking like a normal person because after all, it was just what she wanted to do in that time. Then again there was no longer a way to reverse what people knew and saw with her as a daemon.It seemed equal amount of time that Akuko took to change into a daemon, She changed back to what she looked like as a human."I guess it is my choice, I won't complain."Akuko laughed about it slightly.

There was something about being faced with death that made some one nervous, even having died before she seemed to understand that."Keep in mind, Some might just have there eye on something enjoy even if they are aware of risks."Some might honestly wanted to dance with a daemon and see where it went from there, Or what else they could use as a phrase to hint at things. But nothing she was not already use too might be a reason why Akuko knew she needed to look human most of the time."But I could wrong as well."She seemed to not be judging harshly.

But a new game was purposed, in which if there was a way to keep the interest of Akuko was suggesting a game rather starting at people long enough to want to scalp them for walking upon a daemon only to be seem like one themselves."What do you have in mind?"Since it seemed that Akuko did not mind playing a new game she had to just know what it was. Sometimes that might not get anyone too sick or drunk in the end."I don't assume it is a deadly game of coin tossing?"Akuko mention just as a joke to wait.


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As Ragnar looked at Akuko as she asked that question, Ragnar's drunk mind was filled with thoughts he would rather not have right now. Ragnar leaned back in his booth as he thought about what he was supposed to do for a moment, and he reached over to this pitcher of water and downed the rest of it before looking at Akuko and said " Well.. the game is called " Lets go back to my hotel" and the objective of the game is for Ragnar to go to bed because he is too drunk to keep talking to you and not make a fool of himself. "

Ragnar knew the water and the bread he had eaten was only going to slow the reaction of the poison he already had in his body, but he had to live with that as he stood up for the first time and realized that he was slightly more drunk then he thought as his vision wobbled a little bit and he felt his balance go ever so slightly. Yep Ragnar was making the right choice here, and he wanted to make sure he wasn't going to cause Akuko any issues or problems. This was the first time they meet, and it wasn't 'really' a date anyway so Ragnar wasn't about to make any moves. Ragnar was a gentleman.. a very tall strong gentleman that has killed hundreds of people but a gentleman non the less!


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So plain yet also kind of fitting of a joke, after all she expected something else in terms of a joke to be said. It made this situation a bit more interesting to her and if anything seemed to make her a bit happy."I here I might have expected something typical, How silly of me."If anything Akuko felt a bit happy with how this went for some one she expected a it more different of seemed to be just about as normal and respectful as she would honestly look at in a person, it was a bit relaxing.

But it seemed he wanted to collect a few things to make sure he could get sober a bit easier with out a hang over, in which was smart. Just he might need a bit more later but had to make due with what he had. But she had no problems asking."If you are going to sleep, Then where will I sleep?"Akuko was still respectful person, she did not assume they would share a bed right away. Not that she would mind a cuddle buddy after all since with Ragnar she had no worry with how he would be.

It showed sometimes, looking beyond the monsters or the murder. These where people who might just honestly realize in the end of they day there still had things normal people might wanna a feel to help them relax in life. Then again Akuko did not actually show Ragnar her fancy magic tricks she got with the daemon form, It was not just looks after all."If your room contains a chair or a sofa, I will manage."If he offered she would cuddle with him, But boundaries were respected. So she would wait while they walked to where he was staying, To know where she would considered to be resting.


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Ragnar got the handful of things that he knew would help with his hangover in the morning, or whatever it happened to be. He kinda just hoped that he would be fine in the morning and if not... well that is fine. Ragnar thought about the question for a moment before looking at her and then shrugging before saying " You can sleep in the same bed with me, if you don't mind sleeping next to a space heater. " Ragnar at this point didn't have any issues with having her sleep in the same bed, it wasn't like anything other then that was going to happen tonight.

Ragnar kinda figured Akuko wasn't about the do that, she seemed more.. reserved in that department then her personality would suggest. Either way, Ragnar walked with Akuko back to the hotel he was staying at, it was one of the upper scale ones as Ragnar did legitimately have money, not as much as Quill who Ragnar was sure could sleep on king size bed of money if they wanted to.

As they entered the hotel, people greeted them at the door before Ragnar went up the elevator, hopefully with Akuko coming in with him. Once they entered the hotel room, which was on the top floor, Ragnar would point towards a room and say simply " Shower is in there if you want to take it before coming to bed, towels should be in there as well. If you aren't ready to go to bed, and wanna hang out and need something room service should be able to get it for you without any issues. " As he yawned loudly before stretching, he walked towards the bed and got into bed before falling asleep in under two minutes, breathing deeply as he slept soundly through the night.



A Blind 'Encounter' at the Club [Private] - Page 2 Empty Sat Apr 16, 2022 7:21 am

It seemed Akuko still in the end went all long with it after all."I am sure it isn't that large of a deal, I am sure body heat isn't all that."Akuko admitted. Even if she was not going to sleep right away. But everything seemed to be a bit more clear now, Since it was not going to be much of a problem, Akuko would just when she was ready settle into it.

With knowing everything where it was."Thank you for letting me know."She would let Ragnar go off to sleep as quickly as he did as she looked up the evening sky and realize that forgot, when it was night time her human look was gone. She would just look at her own reflection of a daemon for moment and left herself to the thought of and wonder of, Is this what was needed to feel something then a hollow emotionless void with her mind? Was this one of the things she needed? it was a battle of inner thoughts for sure. She had not been in depth with her own emotions since the one time she woke up with tears upon her own face remembering her own death, Then well Quillareine had to deal with Akuko cuddling up to her, depending on the person most would not consider it a horrible thing.

Maybe this was just one of the things she that had been finally known to her to come to terms. It would be a total ten minutes after Akuko little mental struggle, She would finally sit open spot of the bed. But rather then lay upon the spot of the bed. She just choose to lay sideways across Ragnar to rest her head on an area where she could honestly listen to a heartbeat of him.

It seemed to, relax her she felt at ease doing this, Sure she could have cuddled up to Ragnar but this was something she felt needed. Maybe this was one of the missing pieces to understand what mentally she felt was missing, She just had to hope Ragnar did not mind this since it was not normal but there was a comfort here, Even if Akuko was looking up at the ceiling for a moment she did drift into sleep herself, The heat did not bother her, The noises did not bother her. It was a simple things with in the moment. To Akuko, just maybe there was hope for things she could finally learn the answer to that mystery. If Akuko could spend a bit longer then an evening resting that like it would be one of the few things she would consider heavenly.


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