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A Blind 'Encounter' at the Club [Private]

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A Blind 'Encounter' at the Club [Private] Empty Mon Mar 21, 2022 11:06 am


Ragnar had travelled a long way to find this girl again. Apparently she needed his help again, someone else but have found her and she was in hiding somewhere in Bosco. Apparently at a club in this city somewhere, as he reached into his pocket and pulled out the note.

Dear Ragnar, I hope you're doing well. I won't forget when you saved me while I was defenseless. I am doing well now and hope that you will give this a chance. I need you to meet me at The FCT club and give them the symbol I gave you. They will let you in.

Please Enjoy, Quilla.

Ragnar didn't really see a reason why she would be calling him otherwise, but apparently she was really underground because she also requested that he didn't wear his normal armor to this event. This made sense, she must not want to stand out anymore then she already does.

That meant Ragnar was currently walking around this city completely shirtless, his body covered in scars of various shapes, sizes and thickness. From his waist he wore a thick black leather belt, with a rim of silver metal and polished steel studs surrounding it. The belt held up a ragged red cloth that served as a kilt that went down to just past above his knees. On his wrists and ankles was a set of bracers of the same make as his belt. Ragnar's black hair, now not being hidden by his helmet, flowed down past his shoulders as he looked around for this club.

Ragnar noticed that people did give him a look, sometimes more then one from both men and women. Ragnar didn't really care about this but it was something to notice as he walked through the city. He wasn't from here but eventually he managed to find this club, but it required him to ask some questions to people and get pointed around for a bit. He only had to punch acouple people which was good for him.

Eventually he found the hidden club, a bouncer out front looked at him, though he was half a foot shorter then Ragnar and over a hundred pounds lighter, but to be fair to this man, he was massive by normal human standards. Ragnar looked down at him and showed him the Red Lotus symbol, at which point the man looked back up at Ragnar before nodding and allowing him in.

As Ragnar entered the club, he realized that this wasn't like anything he had been in before as he heard the lights, music but he could also smell something he never thought he would smell here. Blood. As he turned around to look, he eventually located the sounds and walked towards it. He eventually reached a location where people were eating, drinking and watching two men fight. I see. This place was something of a higher end entertainment. In addition to dancing, drinking and eating you can watch a fight. Interesting.

With that in mind, he went and looked around for the location where he was supposed to meet Quilla.


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If there was ever any kind of interesting games, It was sometimes riddles that she knew actually have to answer, The kind of that should be fair enough to answer. A good riddle or trick was sometimes made better if a person could figure it out or even know what was going on. But this time Akuko was gonna deal with something vastly different, Vastly new. Some time while settling in here Akuko got a letter that talked about something she did not expect at all.

"Dear lovely friend, Akuko.

You're probably wondering why I'm sending you a letter instead of telling you to your face, but I have a gift for you and need you to meet me at the FCT Club. Give them this symbol and they'll let you in."

Surely this had to be something had to truly be interesting for her to just leave this message, Maybe this symbol shown gave her some kind of interesting what was the worst that could happen dying? again? well that was just be plain and drool. So it was now a new kind of game. Akuko better be getting some really good sour candy from this, or some really bitter foods. But she was getting ahead of herself. Akuko needed her sense of adventure and now would go seeking out where she was told too.

Aside from the port she used to arrive here, No one really knew Akuko and she was oddly okay with it. So she would go and fine the place and act casually as she would walk to the door, Taking a moment to lower her pink glasses and point the red lotus symbol at door. Alright she had to ponder if she was going to be the oddity here, being looked at like she was that monster that bumped in the night.

There was things here to make Akuko feel at home, Blood sports? But there was so much to it most likely. Some one was busy woman and did some digging around. She had to wonder, was it a drink and a show? Or was it more then that?

This point she had to ponder aloud."What else did Quilla set up here? I can assume this was not all."Yes she had to think there was more, After all this joint was nice but in some ways she had to assume there was something else to it. Maybe she needed to be on the look out for what exactly it was. But while she found the final part of this puzzle she would find some one to get a drink from. With her horrible habit of getting anything that was either Bitter, Sour or both."A Whisky Sour."Her Fiorian had improved enough to be able to say things slightly normally but still have some what of a notable accent of Joyan in it. So she would wait to get her drink to figure out where to go from here.


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Ragnar looked over every inch of this place for his ward, but he realized that she wasn't here. It was hard to hide a women as tall as Ragnar was. She wasn't here. Why did she summon here? Ragnar growled softly, scaring some of the people near him as he went to the bar. Ragnar pushed the people out of his way, and he asked the bartender for a drink. He showed them his symbol he was given, and apparently that allowed him to get away with whatever he wanted effectively. So apparently she did give him something that was valuable. As he waited for his drink to be made he looked around and started to now notice something, there was alot of nobles around here. There was too many here for this to be a place where they would normally allow someone like him in. I wonder what they thought he was.

He asked the bartender once he got his drink and he was informed that he could fight in the arena with this token. Interesting.. that could be interesting. After hearing the rules, much to Ragnar's annoyance, he wouldn't be able to kill them. That means he would be really hampered in what he was allowed to do. As he slammed his drink down, he turned around and slammed directly into another man, spilling his drink all over him.

Listening to the man, he had clearly been drinking, and he was big enough, being six feet tall maybe alittle more. He clearly was some kind of fighter, based on the muscle mass he had on him along with the scars but he was also clearly a noble based on his regal appearance and the air of entitlement. He must be someone important because when the bump happened people around them stopped talking and watched to see how this would go down. Ragnar then started paying attention to the man was saying.

Oaf! This is worth more then what you most likely make in your life! How are you even in here?! I expect that you will pay for my clothes to be replaced and for a new drink! As this happened the man poked his finger into Ragnar's chest, at which point Ragnar looked down at the man and told him in very clear terms how he felt about this man. People gasped at what Ragnar had said to this man, and women blushed and men stood agasped.

The knight in question stood even more stunned, he clearly never expected this, or was atleast not sure how to take this. This hooligan had just insulted the honor of him, his family and his ancestors. His face grew red with anger and rage as he challenged Ragnar to a duel in the pits. Ragnar nodded, and said simply that he could have any handicap he wanted. He would need it against Ragnar.

Ragnar left the man screaming after him, attempting to make fun of Ragnar as well but Ragnar wasn't listening to any of that as he went towards the sand pit. The fighting arena was a twenty foot radius circle, filled with a sand floor and having wooden walls that were over ten feet up so the crowd could look down at the fighters. Ragnar simply jumped into the ring as he waited for his opponent to show up. Apparently Ragnar had started something as he could hear the noises from above.


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Well if there was ever one way to grab attention, it was by making yourself known to everyone in the room by breaking the setting the ego of some one else's complete straight and best humbling them with the harshest reality that no matter who you are and what your status was in life, Some one else will do what they want and you could in fact be powerless against them. To Akuko it was more interesting and funny to see happen because she was use to these kinds of fights among people.

If Akuko was placing bids it was on this giant, scared man who walked around here shirtless and armour parts. At least she could be delighted to know he was prepared for whatever he needed too. I was all coming together why Quillareine requested her to go here, Because it felt like a normal place for her to be in. But she just had to watch, After all she bloody her hands enough with some kind of war in the name for other people, It was kind of how she ended up in with a longer story made short.

But alas that might be for another time. For now she had a show to see and a man to watch with great interest. So most likely while the group of on lookers would start to gather. Akuko would make sure she would closest to the edge of the area to look. It seems it was a well made whisky sour. Since Akuko was meddling type of lady with her joyan accented fiorian."My bet is on:Tall, Black haired, Scarred and Quiet."Even if there was not bidding actually going on, Akuko was just going to add more to it. Then well Akuko would make sure she was noticed in some way.

By this Akuko wanted, To be the odd lady out, Much like she was already here. Then again not daemons to be roaming around here. But that was another mystery. Until there was any sign of any other daemons lingering around. Just now she wanted the show to happen. She also wanted to be up front for it.

So Akuko would the easiest viewing point for such an event to be seen. Resting herself on an easily see ledge and rested against slouching out slightly. Taking off her purple glasses and getting them to the side, she then took a drink of her Whiskey Sour and loudly just asked Ragnar."Well Stranger of scars, What is your chosen poison?"It was a confusing way of asking some one what they want to drink, But Akuko was not still some what messing around in her eyes."I would like to know what I am getting for the victor after he wins so I can hand it to him"Akuko was also being a bit of antagonist to the man Ragnar just set off and brought to a fighting area, But in the battle of ego's one must always attempt to set the spot light one some one.

Now Akuko was content to see if her attempts to stir anything up worked or if it was just drowned out in other things happening at the time, For now Ragnar at a eyes of golden yellow eyes, waiting to see what would happen, She had faith in him.


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All around the arena, people now started to bet some privately but some very loudly. It appears that Ragnar had made some noise in his first time here and people either wanted him to be put in his 'place', while some loved his balls and wanted him to succeed in this duel. The odds seemed to be heavily in the knights favor, but that was clearly shown shortly.

Ragnar was falling into his mind set he needed, he needed to not kill this man and that would require him to prepare himself mentally for that when he heard a voice, one the pierced the sound of the others. Ragnar turned towards the person asking the question, to see a women with yellow eyes staring down at him. She was attractive, but she sounded strange, she was from another country though which one Ragnar could not recognize at this moment in time. As he listened to the women he smiled with one side of his mouth, she was clearly trying to pick a fight with everyone in this bar coming up to him and saying that. She could be fun, if she can hold her own. " Whatever you decide. It will make no difference to me in the end. "

As he said that he heard something heavy hit the sand, as he glanced over to see a fully armoured and suited knight standing on the other end of the arena. He had a shield on his left arm and a sword in his right. This man came ready for kill apparently.

People around the arena starting yelling and cursing, as they didn't seem to realize the rules or thought it was unsporting. When Ragnar challenged the man to the fight, he said he could bring whatever handicap he needed. He clearly took that to mean that he could bring his entire wargear with him. While technically within the rules of the challenge, it wasn't in the spirit, as normally people were not simply allowed to be fully armed and armored against an opponent that wasn't.

Ragnar smiled, this time ear to ear, his teeth showing clearly as he hunched over, his arms out wide as he knew that he had alittle breathing room now to go alittle nuts. Ragnar lunged at the man, moving faster then he assumed most people in this place thought most capable of, much less one of his size. He was ontop of the man in less then a second, but the man pulled up his shield as he attempted to brace for impact. It never came.

Instead, Ragnar saw that he put up his shield, and grabbed the sides of it, before spinning it like a wheel of a ship. This meant that either the straps on the shield would break, the knights arm would break or he would go flipping over. Luckily for the knight, he was simply spun quickly, his body trying to follow his arm as he was sent head over heels onto the floor. As he knight landed on his back, the wind knocked out of him, Ragnar slammed his foot down on the man's shield arm, it sounded like a thunder clap when it made contact with the man's shield. It dented the shield enough to make it worthless in a fight.

Ragnar then dropped his body weight in a drop knee to the man's armored chest plate, also damaging that but not enough to make it worthless. This was now a match that knight was even worse contest then before, due to the short distance between him and Ragnar he had no room to swing his sword and the man knew it. Ragnar leaned down and said something loud enough for the people listening could hear, which was everyone as the place was silent after the series of events, they apparently didn't have alot of high ranked A Adventurers come in here.

" Give up and you will walk out of here.... don't and you will be dragged out of here with the hope to get your arms and legs fixed. The rules are I can't kill you, doesn't mean I can't make sure you never walk again, or feed yourself. "
The knight, apparently realizing that this might not be a match he could win, but not wanting to lose still had his sword free. With a stab, the man attempted to pierce Ragnar's chest from the side. Ragnar simply lunged backwards, putting him back on the other side of the arena in a flash as the knight stood back up gasping to get his air back. He took his shield off his arm, and held his sword in two hands now.

This is what Ragnar gets for trying to be nice to Nobles. Ragnar looked back up at the women who offered him a drink earlier and just kinda shrugged at her if she was still there. He had offered the knight a chance to walk out of here with his arms and legs working, but his pride damaged. Now he is going to walk out of here with everything damaged or broken.


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Well which was truly the show, everyone shutting up and Akuko being right? Or Ragnar just beating a man up and putting him in his place. If anything Akuko did not have an ego so she would just consider it down to the man getting beaten up by a person unexpectedly. It left Akuko not but an extremely delighted smile. Then again Akuko had mind set of sometimes being made to be humble was a good thing, Even if she could benefit from it because of her own habits."What a shame, people went really quiet quick huh?"She would actually say this at a reasonable and normal volume because seemed to be the only other people really speaking at this point.

With how this fight was ending Akuko just seemed to be about how she expected but the fight was fun to watch. So letting out a bit of a sip. Remembering the rules of the her tiny little piece that she did not know Ragnar had or not, But Akuko would show her red lotus token."He seems to have chosen his fate."Akuko would start off by mentioning that at least. She was displaying it to be able to choose his fate and she was a cruel woman in this matter she was.

Only because of just how things in life she was use too."I would say he meets the ferryman and pays is toll to him."Akuko liked to words things for dramatic effect it seems. But she would eventually to get the point while she took a large sip of her drink."Welcome him to the plain of the dead, May he walk with his kind there when he reaches their plain."Was Akuko cruel? maybe but she viewed it as stepping in and sparing a fool from suffering and bleeding out if no one tended to him. Sometimes a fool and his head were easily parted, One needed to give up when the chance could had been talked and they clearly lost.

Maybe it was just not that simple and he could be saved, But this token as sway in things here. So Akuko would play that she had it now and since it has gone far enough, what was just finishing him off most likely a fairly simple thing."Unless you think otherwise?" Akuko would ask Ragnar himself what he thought, She really did not care in the end. If Ragnar just said he would let him suffer with living she would just as easily let him suffer.


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As soon as Ragnar jumped backwards, away from the lunge and his opponent clearly decided not to take his offer of peace, he heard someone ask him a question. It was that women again that offered him a drink, and he looked back for a moment to let her know that he was listening and he heard it but he then turned and focused on his opponent infront of him. Was Ragnar going to let this go or was he going to make this man suffer. That was the question.

Ragnar watched his opponent start to circle him, as he tried to find a weakness, apparently he was taking this seriously now and less like an easy kill. Ragnar waited for him to make the first move, which was a lunging thrust, attempting to pierce Ragnar in his chest. Ragnar stood still before the last moment moved slightly, moving it from a kill shot to a wound that wouldn't kill him. The blade entered Ragnar's lower right chest cavity, where his liver was located and went clear out the other side. At which point Ragnar reached down and slammed his hand on the blade's guard and hilt, though he didn't hold the knight, and held it there. This was to prevent the opponent from slicing around inside of Ragnar's body and possibly nicking something important and if his opponent wanted to leave the sword that was fine by Ragnar.

The room gasped as Ragnar allowed the hit, and the knight apparently realized after being proud of his hit what his opponent had done. Letting go of the sword and jumping back as he realized that he didn't want to be in the range of Ragnar's fists if he could help it but it was too late as Ragnar's other hand came slamming into the man's already damaged chest armor, crunching it inwards and sending the man sprawling over the sand from the hit. Ragnar looked down at the blood now coming out of his body as he pulled the sword back out the way it came in. Now Ragnar had the longsword, though in his hands it looked like a knife. Ragnar then took the weapon in both of his bloody hands and snapped it in half, like a twig before throwing the other two parts away.

As the man was still on the ground, he started to slowly get up and Ragnar was still standing, bleeding alot from the sword wound in his chest, but it most likely wasn't fatal. Atleast if he got stitches soon. Ragnar then called out " This fight is finished. This man can no longer fight me. He has lost his armor, his shield and his weapon. If I were to hit him again, he would be turned into a mist, which is against the rules of his place. "

While there were some people who started to question this, this eventually grew to people talking amongst themselves trying to figure out if Ragnar won the fight or not. And this seemed to keep people busy as Ragnar jumped out of the arena, near the person who he had been talking to and he pointed his head over to the bar. As he walked over to it and sat down at the bar, a women in white robes came over and started to cast a healing spell on Ragnar's body, as the wound started to close.


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This was bold, something she expected go to entirely differently but if anything even if it was anything Ragnar really did care about it was impressive he chose to just leave the person there to his fate weather or not they lived was up to the people around. Alas the shows over and Akuko had some one far more interesting to bug or talk too. More intending to talk too rather then bug. But Akuko would wait a few minutes just to see what went one with the man left in the centre stage. As well she wanted to finish her drink.

There was something about the classic whisky sours they made here was just pure gold to Akuko.Plus she did want to give the victor a bit of time to actually relax and have a moment alone just to actually be healed before being the figurative pain the butt she could be to anyone around her."It is better, To get another drink first."She could mention in general because heck not like she cared if anyone listened to her or not. But it was a nice drink and a show in the end. Akuko expected everyone here to be a bore.

Because so far she only got stares, most likely from how out there she looked. Then she would just walk over to a close by bar keeper and with her still accented fiorian ask for three things."One cigar, one Trinidad sour and a large boot of dark ale."Yes not just a glass a boot. They should have these here right? This place was overly fancy and complex they should have everything. Then she would collect things she order. Make sure her cigar is lit up to enjoy and made her way over to Ragnar.

Sure, mister tall, scared and black haired could have by the time she got there had ordered his own drink and such, But there was something else to it. Not just a needless thing it was Akuko showing a Ragnar a sign of respect and interest. Then again Akuko expected almost nothing in return even almost to be shrugged off. She was just some pinkish purple haired lady in a strange out with light pink shades, Even with her out there looking finger accessories and fluffy boa. But now it was time to move in and some what attempt to talk to Ragnar.

When she would find Ragnar, She would lightly place that glass boot of dark ale by him and slide it over slightly to him to see if he was interested."I can admit, I expected you to kill him out right."Akuko might be smoking a cigar but she was polite enough to make sure any of the smoke did not actually really go near him.Taking a light sip of her Trinidad Sour. Akuko would take off her sun glasses, leaving them to hang off the edge of right side of her skirt."Forgive me if I am nosey and come across rude."Stating her intention right away for it, Because she was not looking to trick anyone here at least with words, That was not her behaviour."How did you end up here? considering how different you look compared to any other person here. I am fine you do not wish to answer."He had her interest even if it might not mean much. But it seemed Akuko had a wonder bug to squish. So with her accented fiorian the joyan woman finally was attempt to speak to Ragnar face to face, Not knowing the connection of how he ended up here.


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Ragnar sat there for a moment, as he felt his wound close up. The other man would not need to anything healed, atleast physically. Even though he did get a hit on Ragnar, it was clear to everyone in that room that Ragnar had won the fight. He had left the man with no weapons, no shield and heavily damaged armor. This was against a man who was fighting with just his bare fists. The knight was left embarressed, and due to the rules of the arena that was the best Ragnar could hope for. If he was injured, people might feel bad for him and feel that he got what he deserved from his beating, but now that he wasn't it was up to the people around him to make sure he was punished. Nobles are vindictive and never leave anything they can use off the table. Ragnar doing this should, in theory, make the Knight's life much much harder now.

Ragnar stood up after his healing was done and went into a darker part of the bar, at a booth in the back which some people kindly left for him as he approached the table. Sitting down in it, he put his right hand over his eyes as he closed them for a moment. Why the hell was he summoned here. Where the hell was his ward?! That was when Ragnar heard the sound of a glass hitting his table, his fingers parted slightly, just enough to see as he saw the women that was cheering him on before. Now that he had a better look at her, he realized that she was... strange but to be fair so was he.

She was a women with pinkish purple hair, light pink shades even though the bar was dark, claw like finger accessories and a fluffy boa. She honestly could have passed for a noble with odd tastes, she did look like she might fit in. As Ragnar sat at his booth, he listened to what the women had to say before giving a very slight smile at her. With a gesture to sit down in the booth with him, Ragnar grabbed the drink and started to drink it.

" It would be against the rules if I killed him. Luckily for him, I have gotten better about not doing that to people. As for why I am here, I was summoned here by my ward. A young women who wanted my protection, but she is clearly not here. I know she isn't here because a women as tall as I am is hard to miss. She gave me this token to get in, so I assumed that she really needed help but apparently not. "
Ragnar said as he pulled the token out of a belt pouch and flicked it onto the table where it landed.


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Well this conversation surely did get interesting.Starting to see like maybe this path was was set for the both them maybe at least depending on how the rest of this conversation went."Maybe, But I do also assume sometimes people get carried away, In terms of the rush of the fight."This however was personal life experience left in Joya rather then anything she would witness in Bosco. After all different places worked in their own ways."Good one you for knowing when to stop, For anything I have seen in Joyan is generally opposite."These was easy to work with and continue on from.

As tall as she was something interesting to pose because Akuko did not see many as tall as this person, But she knew some one that tall."Not that I know many that tall myself, I do know one person that tall who happens to be a she...interesting."Was this a happen stance of chance and they knew the same person, would surely be an interesting situation to happen if that was the case for it might explain how Akuko herself has not been able to find this person in mention.

Then next was the token, In which just seemed to make this start coming together because maybe showed that could happen. Then Akuko would just take a puff of her cigar, Then pull out hers and place it next to her."I am starting to piece together who you might be mentioning."It was the exactly same thing she placed on the table. She just would be sure she was correct by asking this person one question."Was this overly tall woman a blonde haired lady named Quillareine?"If the answer was yes it would all make sense at least to Akuko.

Not something she would consider any thing normal for her friend to do but not ruled out possible."Oddly sheltered woman talked about travelling from a different land?"This might be awkward if it was not the case but it was just something Akuko had a feeling. Not that if the answer was not Akuko would be bothered she did not actually having a conversation over all with him so far.

In Akuko's case she was playing a puzzle solving situation."I was merely given a letter by my friend Quillareine, Told to come here and that there would be a gift for me."So far was it a gift? Well it was nice to have cigars and drinks with out having to pay a price, There was always interesting connections to he made in some in there areas."With no mention what that gift is."Maybe she needed to figuratively open her eyes a bit more to find this gift, For all she knew it could be something in front of her now and she would not realize, she would pick up her drink and take a small sip from it, to continue to piece together this puzzle.


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Ragnar sat there for a moment as he listened to what the women next to him was saying. Apparently she had an idea of the person who he was talking about? How likely that was, Ragnar wasn't sure given how big the world was, his ward most likely wasn't the only person of her size but then she named his ward by name, along with her description down to how sheltered she was.

Well Ragnar basically knew that this women knew Quillareine, and as he drank his dark beer he heard something about a gift that the women was expecting. Interesting, what could that gift be? Ragnar drank his beer as he thought, but in less then five seconds of silence between them Ragnar thought of something and it made him laugh out loud. The laugh was genuine and not forced, but it sounded more like low thunder then a normal laugh as Ragnar turned towards the person he was sharing his table with.

" So you clearly know Quillareine, now you have no idea what this gift is? But lets ask you this question, and you can just be honest about this, do you find me attractive? " Ragnar asked this question straight out right, and the answer didn't really matter to him and he wanted to see how this women dealt with being thrown a massive curve ball out of nowhere like this, because once he got an answer he would continue "" Do you think your friend would be capable and willing to set you up on a blind date without asking you first? I believe that our friend Quillareine, has decided to set us up on a blind date because what are the odds that both of us get a letter from her, saying to meet here, in a country far away from where she normally is, and both get tokens like this. "

Ragnar took another drink of his beer as he leaned back into the chair as he looked around the bar for a moment, to see if she was hiding in some corner that he had missed ready to pop out and say surpise or was simply watching to see how the 'date' went. Nothing else made any real sense to Ragnar other then that, because the odds seemed to low for both of them to be here at the same time with this.

Ragnar then took his letter out and threw it across the table to Akuko before saying " Though now that I think about it, that makes more sense then she was in trouble based on the " I am doing well now and hope that you will give this a chance. " I take it this means... this Ragnar said as he pointed his finger back and forth between the two of them.


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There was something but this moment that Akuko could consider remarkable in some way, that these things were merely entirely not just happen stance, But when he started laughing Akuko could not help bit crack a smile. The answer to what this gift was, Was sitting right next to her."Oh and here I thought this game was for more complex from my dear friend."In which she seemed to be openly admitting she thought there was far much more to this then walking in and finding man. Maybe she needed some words will Quillareine after this when she found her again. But then shortly after she could not but laugh a tiny bit herself, But she did not seemed to do it out entirely out of mockery, There was a delightful situation happening now and Akuko could admit she liked it.

Akuko would at least answer his question."Oh? How bold of you to ask."Good thing for Ragnar, Akuko was a honest woman and took these things for the fun they are."I would say, given how we are getting along, With how different you stand out currently, I could say you are in fact good looking."So there was something there, Then again she was not hiding anything at all, So it might be easy answers from her.

They both seemed to reach the same conclusion."Quilly is capable of a few things, This one I could say  was not one I expected."Not at all she expected but it was interesting and oddly refreshing to her, Made her wonder what else she will throw into the mix at this point."I guess she succeeded in throwing her closest friend into a blind date."They did not know each other names at all and she seemed to already be enjoying herself.

But Akuko would not be looking around to check inf Quill was hiding some where, since she would have find her by now if she was hiding around here, After all some one would have most likely have been gazing at her for ideas of lust because that was just what she was use to other people looking at her like they really wanted other things rather then just talk. Then well with a large sip of her drink she simply said."Well then, I guess were are no longer strangers here."Since Akuko would no consider him a stranger."I am Akuko Hisako. In Joya it is normally reversed to Hisako Akuko with the last name being first, But It is different here and I have adapted to using my first name before the last."If Quill had spoken to Ragnar as she thought she did, Akuko was a name he heard before, Just Akuko was smaller then Quill.

This was fairly good entertainment so far."I hope you did not mind dark ale, I do not assume people I intend to talk to enjoy drinks like I do. So I made do with a guess."Akuko mentioned because she seemed interested in learning his tastes.


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Ragnar smiled at the women, as he drank some more. The boot was nearly empty at this point but Ragnar didn't notice as his body did well with the liquor. As he listened to what she had to say, apparently she did find him good looking. That was nice atleast, though it came with the condition that they were having a good time together. Also apparently she was just as surpised by he was that they got set up on a blind date.

Ragnar heard her name and he nodded at her before saying " Ragnar Asgeir. I am more often known as Ragnar the Red. As for the drink, I personally don't care too much about the drink itself. " As he said that he drank it down fully before getting a waiters attention. He then ordered a drink with tequila, ginger beer and lime, but he ordered one of this size. He wasn't sure what it was called here, but he gave the ingredient list and they knew what he was talking about and went to get it.

" So here is my question... How did you get to know Quill? Also what war or battle was she in? I ask because clearly she has killed people before but she doesn't seem like the kind to just.. kill willy nilly so I assume something. " Ragnar thought back to the last talk they had, and how if she tasted blood, she would freak out. Before recently, Ragnar would not have been too afraid, but now he knew that he needed to watch himself around her. Maybe this women can give him some answers on that, but as he looked around the bar he noticed something interesting. Everyone was looking at them, some subtly with glances and others not even trying to hide it. It was hard for Ragnar to tell if they were looking at him or looking at Akuko. As he thought about this his glass arrived, which was basically just a copper beer stein with a two full limes in it cut in half and the other ingredients. Ragnar drank the liquid and sighed happily. Refreshing.


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Then well now it is time for Akuko to do her typical Akuko things."Oh?...So I can call you Raggy the Reddy?"Akuko laughed about well either that would be something to annoy some one or he would get a good kick out of it."I mean that entirely for humour."She would be sure to mention that due to never knowings entirely if a person would understand her humour. So far it was something that she knew she had to be careful about with strangers at off times, when she was actually caring to try and keep a person around.

It was a fairly in depth question. That Akuko did not mind answering to him at all about."Oh you want to get to know miss war priestess Quilly huh?"Akuko mentioned with a casual laugh about it, To Akuko it was a simple story that started a long time a go."You have to keep in mind, I have known Quillareine since we were both children, So you have a fair amount you could learn."But maybe she needed to focus in on small things before so many other things could pop up."She had a life thrown upon her in which could have dulled her mental state to a few things."She was raised as a priestess and Akuko was for the most part the only other person who was around her that was a child at the time.

Akuko and Quillareine where the only two children around each other the most, so it showed their connection."She was raised to be just that, A priestess of fighting, upon a nation often fighting over personal matters or land, She had a fair of amount of expectations and things she was use too...I just happen to be the only child around for the most part and the only one who tried to make her life not so serious all of the time."That time almost felt forever a go, But they were in a different part of the world now having something different going on.

Was this all giving him answers? maybe not but she would get to the point."With the given the parts of life she had been in, The land we are from. Quillareine has done a fair amount of fighting, Even at one point I had too as well. But she did a lot more then I, It was not until the past few years that the situation changed for both of us."Akuko and Quillareine's life was so far being mentioned to have seen and dealing with land and lords arguing and fighting with one another, With them just trying to keep living on in some way.


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Ragnar couldn't help but smile every so slightly and laugh at the 'nickname' he was given. He had never been told that kind of joke before to him, as most people in their right mind would never give that name to a man like him seriously.. well not if they wanted to live long.

Ragnar listened to this story, quietly and drank his drink as he listened. He ended up staring off into the distance for a bit as his mind tried to process what was going on with this women. So her father tried to sell her off to nobles at some point, but she was also trained as a war priestess. This added another dimension into the game that Ragnar hadn't really expected and also added the question of before. If she had done fighting before, why the hell did Ragnar even need to help her back in that place? Was she fucking with him and wanted to see who would help her in that moment and Ragnar drew the lucky card or was it something more then that.

Ragnar thought back to a moment and realized that it had to be something more then that because as time went on, she became more and more distant to Ragnar but when they first meet she did smile and show atleast the barest emotions. Maybe the Quill he meet back then wasn't the real Warrior Priestess Quill. But that kind of stuff doesn't just happen to people, their minds don't just shatter like glass like that normally. Ragnar would have to get to the bottom of that later, but for now he had to listen to what Akuko was saying and see where this went.

Ragnar nodded at the end of the story before saying " Well, enough about your mutual friend. How about this. You can ask me any series of five questions and I have to give you an honest answer and then I will do the same to you. Lets get to know each other. We can even make a game out of it if you like and drink if you choose not to answer a question. " if this was agreed to Ragnar called over to a waiter and told him to bring ten shots of the strongest liquor they had. The worst and stronger it was the better this game would be at the end of it.


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So this was an interesting thing to be posed with, Akuko did not mind it at all. It in fact made it more interesting."Oh how brave of you."Akuko said because this could go in interesting ways."I like this game far different from the one I subject other people I know too."After all her jokes were a bit more strange and in some manner more hand hands on, This was a good change as she would ask for another extreme bitter and sour drink that in which she had gotten before, As well as two cigars. Akuko seemed to be good and simple to deal with when you pick up how she works.

Since she was asked to make up five she would be sure to make some simple ones and maybe some that provoked some kind of thought."What do you consider extremely undervalued that people think of useless?"It was a simple question a fairly easy to answer it had no single things that could be open to many things, it could be food, objects or other things upon his mind in that moment. It was something Akuko felt was fairly basic enough to give an enlightening answer.

Then she would finish her current cigar to continue on another one. then took a sip of her new glass of Whisky Sour, Because well she would not let the things she got go to waste."What is the most annoying habit you have met in a person?"Akuko was going to more personal and complex things rather then the simple things, Because she felt it was a better way to understand a person. These questions did get a person to think after all, Akuko wanted to keep things interesting rather then anything hopefully expected in standard conversations.

Then she would side down her finished cigar, pick up a new one lit it up. She would continue to ensure she got no smoke near Ragnar, Since she did not know if he would smoke cigars or not, So far that is why she did not offer him one because of her unknowing if it.But she still had to think  of questions."What do you do, To learn things about a person with out openly asking them?"She was now considering making a few simple questions, She had been saving them for more of the end parts of her questions.

One of them being something like this one."Entirely based off of one action you see person able to do or not, What action would you say that if they did not do, Makes them a horrible person?"It was an interesting one Akuko felt was not super complex to answer. She felt it was fairly simple.

But her last one would be the most simple one of all."What is your most favored meal?"Yes compared to the other it seemed maybe plain but that was entirely the point of her questions, larger complex ones into a rather easy on in the end.


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Ragnar sat there drinking his drink as he listened to the questions, and he couldn't help but groan outloud when he heard some of them. Jesus Christ, Ragnar had never thought about some of this before and now he would have to do alot of introspection to figure it out. As he sat there for a moment, he reached over and took a shot of the clear liquid they were given as a way to avoid a question. He wasn't sure why he did it, but maybe it would spark some kind of answers in his brain. Ragnar sat there for nearly five minutes before he came up with all of his responses, staring off into space and occasionally looking at Akuko to see if she was giving him a hurry up sign or anything. Thought even if she did, the answers to these questions wouldn't come any faster.

Eventually he started his answers by saying " Answer to Question one. Honesty, atleast in my line of work you basically survive off lying to other people for one reason or another. I try to do my best and not lie to people. Answer to question three. Watch them and see how they act and treat people, animals and things around them. While you might not get their true thoughts, you will get enough to learn something. Answer to question four. Abandoning their comrades or loved ones to save their own skin. Answer to question five. Meat, Gravy, Rice and uncooked carrots. " Ragnar then looked directly at Akuko as he said this " Answer to question two. The ability to ask me very hard questions that I have to think about alot.  " Ragnar said this fairly straight face before smiling and laughing to hopefully let Akuko know that he was joking, well half joking.

Ragnar then sat back as it was his turn. Ragnar wanted to start out with just some general questions. " What do you believe in? " While this one was pretty general, Ragnar wanted to see where Akuko would take that very open ended question.

" How old are you? " Ragnar just wanted a straight answer at this point, because he knew Quill might be older then him even though she looked younger then him by far. It was very hard to tell with women sometimes what their age was and he just wanted to check, though in theory she should be around the same age as Quill.

" If you could have a legend made about you, what would it be about? " This one should get an interesting answer atleast, even though it might just get a funny one.

" What makes a good person a good person? "
Ragnar was always interested in this, because some people thought it was the actions of the person while others thought it was the inner thoughts of that person. Maybe Akuko had a completely different take.

" And finally. If you had a switch that every time you flicked it, it would give you one thousand jewels, but someone within five hundred meters of you die. Would you flick the switch? "
This one was a crazy example but it might give Ragnar some insight into the women. Maybe she values life differently then most, and Ragnar was sure she did.


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It seemed like Akuko almost played the game too hard to start with, Something in which she would have to mention later on. The fact he did not answer them in order either just shows some thought and interest. Akuko learned a fair amount based off of her asking questions."You are far more simple then your looks let on, Even a bit more admirable as well."Even to make it clear to Ragnar because she wanted to be sure about it."And I mean simple in a good way."With that out of the way it seemed his question to answer too did seem to get her to laugh slightly as well."Then in advance, I hope forgive me for being a pain in the butt."Akuko answered to his mention of having to think a lot.

Her beliefs might be fairly easy to get, Even if Akuko was an open annoyance there was a lot more to Akuko then she really seem to led on at times."I do no have religious beliefs, But person one is enjoy your life in which how you believe it is needed too and Look out for the ones you consider important."Simple beliefs for the trickster daemon, Even if she seems up front she might not be that way it would just show who she valued,Alas that was question one.

As for question two. It was simple to answer for Akuko had no reason to hide her age, It might be a different thing because she was a daemon too."35, I have been told it might not seem like that by some one before."She never looked into if being a daemon made her look younger or not, It just seemed like something she never needed to give a thought. Akuko was a bit younger then Quillareine but not by too many years.

Legends? interesting the name of Hisako Akuko one of a legend? She would actually answer it in the best way she could think."The legend of the daemon child. The trickster of who valued the life of friend, Loyal watcher and honest joker."It was a simple thing that might have left a few thing to ponder. But it was Akuko hinting at her past, something a bit simply spoken but allows for more information.

Extremely open ended, it was an interesting question.With the puff of smoke from an inhale of a cigar, a small sip of her drink."Commitment to what they believe is right."She started with that. She would expanded upon with it slightly."friendship to questionably loyal, A mission or task one believes is right, all require commitment."It seemed like it was just her idea of commitment, But every person had their own view.

A moral question between greed or death? considering Akuko's own experience with death it was an interesting question to pose at her."Based off first mention, No."Then she would also add into it something else that might be interesting to hear from her."If this switch did not kill anyone I know. I would flick it sparingly."Akuko seemed to value people she knew and was comfortable with out of anyone else and seemed to some what not be interested in out right pointless murder.

Then just to keep it going."What is something. Some one should try at least once?"Just to add at least one more question into it just to make sure there was things still being able to be talked about between them, After all she could think of a few more later.


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Ragnar sat there for a moment and listened to what Akuko had to say, and while that was happening he took another shot from the table. While it tasted like paint stripper and looked about as good, it did warm up Ragnar's chest which was nice. Ragnar hadn't had a good time drinking in quite a while and he was glad he was having it at long last.

The answers he got back were interesting and told him a bit about Akuko. One that she didn't believe in some of the religious shit he knew some people believed in, though to be fair, Ragnar believed in a Devil so what room did he have to talk about that kind of stuff.

The second thing he learned was that she might be more then she appeared, in terms of race, as saying daemon child. That is a very specific word, and while it could just mean the naughty child it might mean something else. Ragnar gave it a 65/35 percent chance that she was just a human but there was a chance she was not.

Third thing he learned was that apparently she believed in commitment and loyalty. So as long as you were loyal to the people you needed to be, and you followed through on the things you wanted then you were a good person. So her moral views appeared to be fairly grey all things considered and this was reinforced by the answer to the last question. She only really cared about people she knew, otherwise the classifier wouldn't matter.

Then he heard her question and before really thinking about it he said " Well.. either a fight to the death or fucking a beautiful women or man, whatever your preference is. " Ragnar said that and then thought about what he had said before laughing at himself. He might have made an boo boo there but he wasn't sure. He then moved on by stating " You still have four more questions to ask me beyond that one. " Ragnar said as he continued to finish his drink before ordering a pitcher of water and started to drink that by himself.


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So this was what she was going to be dealing with? interesting.Akuko almost wanted to go into dig into something to possibly tease him with something, But most likely not really needed for now. After all she had to think a few more questions.That was an interesting answer after all and if anything she did not mind the answer to it either.

Akuko just wanted to see his answer to that because it was a pretty good question with so many answers. Alas she was also coming up with a few other questions."Sleeping in or getting up early?"It was fairly basic but sometimes that also was a good thing, At least however there was more questions to come and had some other ideas that might be more interesting to answer.

It was followed up with."If there was something you could tell your younger self that would be helpful later on in life, what would that be?"Something else that seemed a bit hard in thought, But Akuko would be trying for a mix of simple and complex between them. At least in her mind at least. It honestly depended on Ragnar's view of what she asked.

Maybe a signal of pride and ego might be next."What do you currently your greatest accomplishment in life so far?"She made sure to say so far because that could easily change at some point. But it was one that seemed fitting to throw in at this time.

She just had to some up with a few more.This one would be one that would be a bit of a perspective question."What would you hope people say about you when you are not around?"it seemed was a fairly simple question as well at least in her mind.

But she would wrap it up at least another because she did not ask in a series of five."Finally, How does one get on your nerves quickly?"Akuko most likely was asking this to see what she had to avoid down the road if  she saw Ragnar beyond this, Most likely she had a feeling she would see him beyond this, But it was entirely a matter of how life works for them.Then well it was now back to Ragnar to answer the question to Akuko had her casual sip of drinks and smoking her cigar casually.


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Ragnar started to notice something he hadn't felt in awhile. Was he getting drunk at this point? Was it because this has been the first time he had been drinking in over two years? Now that he thought about it, yea. He was off in the woods for two years before this and only now was this the times where he was drinking. Well crap. Hmmmm maybe he should be careful from now on and wait for the water to come and save him from himself.

" Sleeping in. Getting up early is only important in campaign when you need to ambush someone before they wake up. " Ragnar said as he thought about his younger days in Icebergia, ambushing other tribes for resources.

Ragnar thought about the question for a moment before just saying honestly " Learn how to deal with emotional, mental and physical suffering. The sooner you learn, the stronger you become. " As he said that, he got the attention of another waiter and got some bread before eating it while he answered the next question.

" I don't have anything I would consider a great accomplishment. Not like I killed a dragon or anything in my life. Killed some drakes in mines but that isn't anything to write home about. " Ragnar  honestly did think that, drakes weren't the scariest thing in the world and honestly pretty easy to deal with over all once you could get past the scales.

" Just don't get in his way, it isn't worth the trouble. " Ragnar always wanted to make sure people knew that getting in his way was never going to be worth the trouble he would cause to them. It made his life so much easier and allowed him to get some tasks done that might be impossible for him to do normally without any fuss.

The last question was one where he stopped eating for a moment before looking at Akuko and saying simply " Being a coward when talking to me. Tell me what you want, be honest with me and be straight.We may have problems because of how you said it, but I will not get angry because you said it. " Ragnar said as he finished the bread, and brushing the crumbs off the table for a moment. Ragnar stood up for a second and excused himself as he went to go take care of business quickly.

After washing his hands and coming back, he sat back down and said " Alright. So it is my turn to ask questions. And I am going to ask you all the same questions you asked to me back to you, because honestly.. they are such good questions I couldn't think of any better while I was in the bathroom. So.. " Ragnar also realized that he was slightly more drunk then he cared to admit, and how he became such a lightweight was beyond him.

Ragnar then wondered if the drinks were spiked, but that most likely wasn't the case and Ragnar had just become a light weight, after drinking half a gallon of ginger beer and tequilla, nearly a gallon of beer and several shots of what amounted to 180 proof booze. Ragnar was sure that he would have put a normal person to the grave with the amount he has drank and he was only now starting to feel it, but as the night went on more and more drunkenness would come and Ragnar knew it.


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Entire the same roaster of questions? interesting. Was the booze getting to him? Or was it just her being good with her wits. It was a good thing to ponder."Sleeping in,For sometimes I have troubles getting a good sleep."So neither of them where early people for different reasons. Even since her changes in life happen she did often have times have a problem of just waking up sometimes during the evening, Then again in the end since she really had no other obligations to do these days she had no arranged sleeping time or wake up time.

Akuko's message to her past self would be a bit different."What you think is the end,Is not the end."It sounded so different compared to most things. A bit cryptic maybe but there was a reason for it in the end. But it was the best advise for her past self, It would be eventually something that might make sense. The next one would be a bit harder for her, it was one that would take a bit harder in her mind and thoughts.

Her greatest accomplishment in life so far?"Continuing on from a great personal tragedy."also sounding vague but at least it was an answer.Eventually when the time for talking about these things happen, Akuko would talk about it and her answers would make more sense. But it was answer none the less, to continue on with the things they where talking about.

Akuko assumed people would say any things behind her back that one was not brave enough to admit in front of her. Like how pretty she was or much like Quillareine was looked at before with some kind of look of lust. But being a the type of lady she was, She was sure a few people often mention how much of a pain she was."For one so annoying, She has her intentions easily seen."That was one she hoped some one would actually say, Even if she assumed it was not.

Akuko answered it with something very particular and very easy to do."intentionally pointing reflective surfaces at me."Because it was when mentioned, something easy to do, the shiny glass of your drink, a mirror, reflection of a window that you could see yourself in, if some one intentionally pointed that at her, it would reflect her daemon apperance rather then what she looked like currently.

Before she really considered anymore question Akuko looked upon Ragnar's for a moment while casually smoking that cigar she had still and asked."Did you need to slow down your drinking? even then do you need to stop drinking?"Akuko seemed to be honestly asking to make sure if she was okay or not, Akuko had been drinking slowly enough that she was not really bothered or effected at this time, But if Ragnar was gonna not be able to stand it was most likely better he stopped, Since there was always other days to think.


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Ragnar listened to what this women had to say, answering the questions. She gave some very interesting answers and even Ragnar in his intoxicated state had some questions, including why pointing a reflective surface at her upset and annoyed her.

He then heard the last question and he sighed before saying " Yea. I am going to stop drinking. I have been off in the woods for two years, so my tolerance is shot to hell but beyond that, I have some questions for you."

Ragnar then leaned back into his booth, closing his eyes for a moment as he spoke out loud " So based on the previous answers, including Legend of the Daemon Child, What you think is the end isn't and finally the reflective surfaces. So what are you? I have limited it down to Vampire or Daemon. If you are either of those I don't really care one way or another. It doesn't disqualify you from you being my friend or whatever you think this is or want this to be. " Ragnar says as he pointed to himself and back to where he last saw Akuko.

Ragnar opened his eyes at that point to see what kind of reaction he had finally gotten from Akuko. He realized he might have hit on a sore spot, but maybe not. It didn't really matter either way, Ragnar wanted to know this information and hopefully didn't upset Akuko enough to send her running but if he did.. well that would suck but he would live with it.


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This almost in some manner bother Akuko, But only because it means her hints made a drunk man connected what she was through wits, when he always mentioned not wanting to think of things too hardly. She thought it would just been sweep by."Might be good,Last thing I think you would like to deal with is sickness from drinking."She admitted to start getting herself not too bothered by the reveal. But then again maybe she needed to leave less hints about it.

But if the cat was out of the bag so to say, she had no reason to hide it from me. So she would just turn into her daemon appearance. Putting her glasses on the table, resting her cigar on it, it would take a moment for all of the normal flesh to change over to that of a daemon with her fancy boa being gone with to tail like appendages with blade looking ends took place, her normal fancy covering were replace with linger nailed claws."For some one who does not want to think, you pieced it together quick that I am a daemon."It still seem like Akuko even if she looked her daemon features, she would pick up her cigar and take a sip of her drink.

Her hair seemingly standing on end by it's self, her skin light blue with patches of dark blue, Being covered while seemingly having her clothing gone. Daemon Akuko looked a bit different. But still acted the same."I am a daemon, If that makes you feel any better knowing."It was just her leaving at that for a moment. Waiting to see what he was thinking even if mentioned it would not effect anything.

But in seemingly typical Akuko fashion."Aren't I a wonderful monster?"She would then just laugh about it as most likely the people around them were nervous about a woman changing into a daemon out of no where, after all as far as Akuko knew, Daemons where not super common or seen often. She would get up from her spot for a moment and playfully place her light pink glasses on his face and then sit down on his chair, then settle back into her spot like it was nothing. Now she was just being bit more open about how she acts, just not using the magic she had yet.


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Ragnar listened to what Akuko had to say, and then he saw something strange happen as his eyes made it look like Akuko shifted and morphed slightly. Turning from a women that was fully clothed with a pink boa to a women that appeared to be basically naked, outside of the fact that anything that would have shown on a normal women appeared to be covered by patches of dark blue.  Ragnar was basically stunned by this, as he looked at her up and down trying to figure out what happened, and once the pink glasses went on his face he snapped out of it.

Ragnar smiled as he reached up and gently put the glasses on the table before placing his hands on the table in front of him and looked at Akuko in the eyes, trying to keep his brain from wondering. He wanted to show this women respect, and not look at her like a piece of meat. " First off, I am very capable of thinking about things happening outside of my own head. Introspection is not a strong suit of mine. Second, monster is a word that doesn't apply to you. Atleast as far as I can tell. " Ragnar looked around the bar at this point and said " I see plenty of people in this bar that I would consider more of a monster then you. Being a monster is about your actions, not your race, creed or anything else. "

Ragnar couldn't help but turn his head and found someone staring directly at Akuko, and he could see the man nearly drooling at her. Ragnar took a his pouch of money off his belt, and dumped the change onto it. As the metal coins clanked on the table, Ragnar picked one of the pieces of change up and then threw it at the man. Unluckily, Ragnar was too drunk to hold back his strength but luckily he was too drunk to aim well.

As the coin made a loud crack as it broke the sound barrier, it slammed into the man's chair, breaking two of the legs off the back and the man came tumbling down backwards. A bunch of people stood up at this moment figuring there was a gunshot that had just gone off in the bar before getting calmed down by a member of staff that told them to sit down and that everything was fine and that nothing happened.

Ragnar got a very stern glare from one of the managers of the place as people tried to figure out where that sound had come from. The manager most likely saw Ragnar do it, and was now keeping an eye on him. All of this happened while Ragnar tapped another coin on the table, looking around the room again briefly before bringing his attention back to Akuko. " Sorry about that... bad habit with reacting out of anger. So I guess one of those monsters I was talking about could have been me. "

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