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Time to Move On (West to North)

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Time to Move On (West to North) Empty Sun Mar 20, 2022 9:20 am


It was time to leave the West, Yuurei had been traveling Fiore because of two things. The first being that he wanted to spend time away from the South, and think to himself and get over things, and the second was because he heard of a rumor of the formation of a new guild. He was curious about that because he didn’t know how guilds came to be. It would be a new experience for him to experience, and if anything, it would be a good place for him to stay.

Yuurei and Renji were taking their trip smoothly. They were inside of a carriage on their way towards the North. It would be an easy and fast trip. The roads weren’t blocked, and there were no bandits waiting for them on the side of the road. This was a good thing because it would give the light mage all the time in the world to rest. Renji was by his side sleeping as well as things continued. The rider would soon find himself in the North Region and when he did, he would come to a stop because his promise was to only get Yuurei to this part and that was it.

Yuurei would feel things stop and he would open his eyes and pick up Renji as he got out of the carriage. They were now in North Fiore ready to take on their next journey and adventure.


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