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Mage and the Beanstalk (Good)

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Yuurei was relaxing in Orchidia and enjoying his time. He didn’t check the entire place, but he was getting there. While he was enjoying his day, it would seem like his last known deeds had made people truly aware that he was here. How did he know that, well he watched someone approach him? When Inspector Nilan got close enough to Yuurei he would bow slightly as he looked at the young man.

“You must be this Yuurei person I've been hearing about. I got a job for you are you okay with accepting it?” He asked him.

Yuurei wanted to know what the mission was before he could accept it.

“Sure, but you got to tell me the content before I truly accept it.” He said to the guy.

“Okay, I need you to investigate an unusual plant that has been growing in the middle of the city. Each day that passes it grows quickly and it reaches the sky right now. I need you to chop it down because anybody who gets into contact with it contracts a mild sickness. Please take it down even though I’m pretty sure it could prove as a great tourist attraction.” He said to Yuurei.



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The light mage figured he would do that as it would be something quick and easy to do.

“Okay I will chop it down, but you have to find someone to move the tree when it falls down.” He said to Nilan as he started walking towards the middle of the city.

Yuurei was making his way towards the center of the city, and he would see why he didn’t make it to the center of the city. It seemed like they were having people stop others from getting too close to the tree. The light mage would walk over to them, and he would have a serious look on his face.

“I’m here to inspect the tree. Inspector Nilan sent me here.” He said as he had gotten the man’s name before he left.

The guard knew who the inspector was, and if he had told this guy to see the tree, then he must be good. They would allow Yuurei to move forward and the light mage would do just that.



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Yuurei would quickly make it to the middle of the city, and he would look up to see the huge plant that was in front of him. He didn’t think something like this could exist, but here it was. That was crazy, but right now he needed to find a way to cut it down. He had the spell for it, but he looked around to see it more. It was a beauty and someone that was from the forest was something he didn’t want to cut down. Still, if it was getting people sick it meant that it didn’t belong here, and someone had forced it to grow here.

While looking around he found a space where if he cut the tree, then it would fall and just fall onto the streets and no buildings would be hit. That was good, and he would position himself and he would do a horizontal swing and once that was done a magic circle would appear and a horizontal light slash would fly straight towards the tree.



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The slash would go straight through the tree, and soon enough it would start falling down and it would soon come down and hit the floor where it fell perfectly in. The light mage would shake his head as he would go and collect a sample. He took some of the sap from the vines and when he was done with that, he would head over to Inspector Nilan. When he reached him, Yuurei felt bad, and he took a piece of the tree for himself. He figured he could give it a new life somewhere else.

“I cut down the tree, and I have a sap sample from it.” He said to Nilan.

“Thank you for doing that quick job. I’m surprised at how strong you are to do what a lot of people couldn’t. Here take this reward for your trouble.” He said as he would hand over jewels to Yuurei.

The light mage would take the money and he would be on his way onto his next job.


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