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Stage Manipulation (Good)

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Yuurei had heard about an outlaw that was running around Orchida who wasn’t caught. He was pretty sure if he wanted to, he could take on a job related to this, and he could capture the person who was causing this place all this trouble. Still, instead, he would find a quest that would seem like it was related to the outlaw. He stared at it for a few as it didn’t have much information. It spoke about the outlaw and that they needed help with them. It also said to meet the client for more information with directions where to find them.

The light mage figured he would go see what this was about, and he took the sheet and started moving to his new destination. Renji was looking around the area making sure that Yuurei wasn’t attacked from behind. His friend was too relaxed that he felt like he always had to be on guard.



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Their travel through Orchida would take them close to noble hoe, and he knew this because of how big and elegant the house was. He would see guards not too far from him, and he would start walking over to them and see if any of them were Jelies. When he approached them, they would both be on guard as they looked at Yuurei wondering what he was trying to do. The light mage would stop walking as he put his hands up in the air showing that he meant no harm.

“Sorry to startle you guys. I’m here looking for Jelies. Do any of you go by that name?” He asked as they shook their heads and then one of them would leave to go him.

It wouldn’t take long, but soon enough there would be two guards walking back to the entrance of the noble home and he figured that one of them was Jelies.



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When both guards arrived, one of them would step forward and towards Yuurei. He looked at the man in his eyes as he was serious as they can be. The light mage didn’t have time for all of this, so he just took out the job sheet. Jelies would see this, and he would quickly snatch the paper out of Yuurei’s hand and crumbled it.

“Follow me.” He said to Yuurei and started walking away from the noble house.

Yuurei didn’t like getting things snatched from him, but he was hoping this man had a reasonable explanation. He would follow him as he would look at him waiting for an answer. When they got far enough from the house, Jelies would stop and sigh because he was hoping that this guy would be able to help him.

“Sorry about snatching that from you, but I couldn’t have the other guys see that. Still, I will explain what’s going on and what I need you to do. I will pay you of course.” He said to Yuurei as the light mage would nod as he was okay with this.



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When Jelies knew that this guy would be able to help him he decided to tell him everything.

“So, I’m the head of bodyguards in that noble house. The thing is I’m not really strong, and I got this position by pretending and paying people to use it as my accomplishment. Now there is this outlaw who will only turn himself in if I win a fight. If I lose, he wants to be free and have all charges on him ignored. There is a battle stage where we’re going to fight in front of everybody and I need you to set up traps that I can use to get the outlaw caught in them. Do you think you can gather materials and set up the traps at night for me?” He spoke a lot and he was gathering his breath because he seemed really desperate.

Yuurei thought about what the man had said, and he was helping someone out, but it was for the wrong reason. Still, he figured if he was getting paid and it wasn’t harming anybody good then there wouldn’t be a problem.



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“Sure I’ll help you just give me the location of the battle stage and I will go set everything up at night. I assume you want me to report to you the next day because it will probably be too late right?” He asked Jelies waiting for an answer.

He had caught his breath and he was happy to hear that this man had agreed to this.

“Yes, prepare the traps at night, and then come to me tomorrow, so everything can start.” He said to Yuurei.

Jelies would hand over the directions to the battle stage as well as what he wanted him to get for the traps. Once everything would settle from the two, they would go their separate ways and Yuurei was going to get to work now. Still, before he could do anything it would seem like Renji had something to say.

“I’m starting to see that a lot of the jobs that we’ve been taking have been to help questionable people. They all seem to be doing dirty things to better themselves. I’m starting to question all of this.” He said to Yuurei as they were walking.



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Yuurei thought about what Renji said and honestly, he was right about that. The people that needed their help recently were those who truly didn’t deserve it. If they weren’t paying him, he wouldn’t have helped them at all. Still, there was no use in complaining about and they had a job to do right now. The first thing they needed to do was go around town and get things like nails, and things that would allow them to loosen the woodwork on the battle stage they were going to be fighting on tomorrow. The light mage figured that finding these things wouldn’t be too hard.

He would have to walk through the town of Orchida though as he was looking for the shop. He couldn’t find a craftsmen shop at first, so he decided that it was best to ask the locals. When he had gone up to a few of them, they were excited to have him around and were gladly giving him the information that he needed.



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Now that he had the direction on where to go Yuurei would hesitate. He found his way to the shop and when he entered the shop, he would make his way to the counter. There he would be met with the man who owned the shop as he was happy to see a customer.

“How can I help you, sir?” He asked waiting to be of assistance.

“Ah, yes, I need help with some long nails, and a hammer please.” He said to the owner.

The owner would nod as he was happy to help him. He would move around the counter as he would start getting everything the light mage would need. When he came back to the counter, he would have a pack of nails in a bag and one hammer ready for purchase. The half-elf would pay for the items, and he would leave the store as he had gotten the materials that he needed to sabotage the stage they were going to fight in.



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Yuurei would move his way towards his next destination, which wouldn’t take long to get there. He would look around and he would see that he couldn’t do it at this time of day, so he decided to enjoy the rest of his day with Renji. They would go around the area and eventually would find a place to eat. They had a lot of work ahead of them, and soon enough the sun would go down and the light mage would start making his way to the stage. When he got there, he would look around again and he would see that there was nobody around. This was good because it meant he wouldn’t be bothered, and he wouldn’t have explained what he was doing.

The light mage would get to work as he was sabotaging the stage the nails and using the hammer to put the nails in and at the same time using it to loosen the woodwork on the stage. It would take him quite some time, but he would be done with his work, and he would head to where he was staying for the night.



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The next day would come and Yuurei would report to Jelies about what he did and where to expect the traps. The guard would thank him for the work, and he would head over to the stage where the outlaw would show up. A lot of people would show up and before Jelies got up on stage to deal with this guy, he would pay Yuurei for his trouble. The light mage would nod as he was glad to have help and he would check the content before putting it away. The two would start fighting and Jelies would use the traps there were on the stage to his advantage as the outlaw would find him tripping and losing his balance due to everything Yuurei had prepared last night. Still, what happened next would make Jelies the victor and the berserker that much richer. Now they were looking for their next job to grab more income for the future of their journey.

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