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Miller Time (Good)

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Yuurei’s reputation throughout all of Fiore was getting out of hand. A lot of people started to hear about him, but what bothered him the most was that it was all because he was doing good deeds. He felt as if he was putting a target on his back, but at the same time, the feeling of helping others was something he couldn’t stop doing. He was now walking down Orchida’s streets and while just enjoying his day with Renji something would happen.

A random stranger would walk by and was holding out a letter for him to grab. The light mage was remembering his time in Baska City. He would grab the letter both would bow to each other as the stranger walked away from Yuurei. The light mage would open the letter and there he would read the content of it all. He was surprised that this guy even knew he was in Orchida, but news traveled fast, and he figured he would go meet this, Dex Miller.



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Yuurei followed the directions of where he needed to go as he traveled around the streets and watched as people smile and waved at him. He would wave back as he continued moving to his destination not taking long to reach it. When he got there, he would see a man with an afro in front of him as he looked clueless at first before he started talking.

“So, you must be the famous Yuurei, everybody has been talking about lately. I’m Dex a famous detective in Orchida so that’s something we can relate to. Still, I’m not here to talk about who’s well known. I’m here because I came up with a brilliant idea and I wanted your help on the matter.” He said to Yuurei with a smile on his face.

“It depends what it is and I will see if I want to help you out.” He said to Dex as he waited for him to explain it all to him.



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Dex heard this and would nod several times before he decided to explain everything to Yuurei.

“I need you to retrieve several items for me before we can start anything. One is a large bag of animal blood, which can be found in the butcher shop nearby.” He said this as he would give Yuurei the direction of the butcher shop before continuing.

“After you obtain that, I would need you to go to a nearby forge and steal a bunch of weapons that have a lot of wear and tear on them please.” He said as he would hand him the direction to the forge near here before talking again.

“Once you collect that I need you to bring everything around here and I will explain everything else when you come back.” He said to Yuurei.

The light mage didn’t like this plan at all but figured he could give it a try and see where it would lead to. He felt like he was being set up, but he figured it would be interesting.

“Sure I’ll do this for you. I’ll be right back then.” He said as he started walking towards the butcher shop.



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Yuurei walked through the streets to get there quicker. It was an easy trip as there wasn’t anybody who stopped him from moving quickly. When he got to the shop, he would enter the front door and he would look around to see the various meats that were put on display and the others that were refrigerated in the back. He looked over to the owner who was relaxing and waiting for customers to come in. He would look over to Yuurei and wave at him.

“How can I help you today sir?” He asked Yuurei as he knew who he was.

“Hey, I was wondering if you could hand me a bag of animal blood? A friend of mine wants it, but I have no idea why. I just figured I’d help him out.” He said to the man.

The butcher found that weird, but at the same time, he figured he would help him out. It wasn’t going to hurt anybody if animal blood had gone missing.



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The butcher would go to the back as he would go to the freezer room to get the bag of blood Yuurei was asking for. It wouldn’t take long for him to arrive with the bag of blood, and he would hand it to Yuurei.

“I hope you stay in Orchida for a while. There might be people who need your help.” He said to the light mage.

He would bow slightly as thanks for not asking questions and not giving him a hard time about this and would leave the shop. The next place to go to was the nearby forge around here. Yuurei would start walking as he held the bag of blood in his hand. His travel wasn’t long, and he would soon make his way to a forge with a person working hard on their next creation.

The light mage would approach them without hesitating and he would smile at them happy to see them.

“How are you doing today?” He asked him.

“I’m doing fine, what about you? Why is Yuurei approaching me here today? You got something you want me to make you?” He asked Yuurei as the light mage would rub the back of his head because it wasn’t what he was here for.



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He sighed as he figured he would get this done and hopefully the blacksmith would agree without a problem.

“A friend of mine has an idea, but in order to make that idea a reality, he needs a bunch of weapons that are tattered and worn out. Do you think you have some of those that you don’t care about?” He asked the blacksmith.

The blacksmith would look around and when he found the barrel of weapons, he would point over there.

“You can take those without charge. They are weapons I messed up on while perfecting my craft. If they find some use, then that would please me.” He said to Yuurei.

The light mage would nod as he would walk over to the barrel of weapons, and he would grab as much as he could as he started walking towards the alleyway that Dex wanted him to go. While walking back to the alleyway though, Rune Knights would see Yuurei carrying a bunch of weapons and walked over to him to ask him some questions.



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When they got close to him, they would all stop as one of them would look at him.

“Halt! Why are you carrying all those weapons? It looks like you stole those explain yourself, or get taken away.” She said as the other Rune Knights moved around.

Yuurei would turn around and had a smile on his face as he looked at all of them.

“I didn’t steal these, I asked the blacksmith to give me them and he did. Still, I’m trying to help out Dex with some weird idea he has.” He said to the Rune Knights.

They would notice that the person in front of them was Yuurei and when they heard Dex, they would nod as they knew of him too. They figured Dex’s idea wouldn’t hurt anybody, so they would help out with the plan that Dex wanted to pull. They would get to the scene and would start setting everything before they could get everybody to show up.



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They would scatter the weapons around the alleyway, and once they had done that Yuurei got the blood and started putting the blood on the weapons, and putting the blood around the floor and walls of the alleyway they were in. It wouldn’t take too long because he had the help of the Rune Knights, but it would seem like they wanted to play around with him. Once they were all done, the knights would leave the area as they didn’t want Dex to see them here. They also planned on screwing the Detective over by having the council take over the scene over him.

Still, now that they were gone, Yuurei could move on to the next part of the plan. He figured he needed a way to get everybody’s attention. He figured shooting out magic into the air would be for the best, and he would swing his arm into the air as a huge light slash would make its way up into the sky. When people saw this, they would start making their way to the alleyway to see what was happening there.



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Yuurei would use the gathering of people to slip out of there and he would find Dex not too far from him. The man looked excited and happy about what was happening. He would look over to Yuurei as he felt like this man couldn’t have done any better than what he had done.

“Thank you for setting all of this up for me. I couldn’t have done it without you. Here’s your reward.” He said this as he handed Yuurei his reward of jewels.

The light mage would nod as he was glad to help, and he would check the money to see that there was a lot in there. When he was done checking the content, Yuurei had started to walk away to find his next job to take care of. As for Dex he would run towards the crowd and push his way through and towards his staged crime scene.

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