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Path of the Dragon PT. 2

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Yuurei was able to get an audience with one of the Black Dragon’s top brasses. They acknowledged his strength after what he had done to the three thugs. They wanted him to prove his worth before getting a tattoo, which he didn’t think was hard to do. He had been summoned by Yomu, but before that Weirdlock had given him the magnifying glass that he used last time. He was working for two people at the same time, which he was fine with. It was interesting and with Renji on his shoulder people kind of knew who he was working for. When he got to the Black Dragon’s location, he would walk in and he would stand tall as he would make it to Yomu’s location.

He didn’t say anything but waited to be spoken to by the man of this place. The man would take the cigar out of his mouth as he looked at Yuurei and hoped this guy was a winner.



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Yuurei looked at him waiting for him to say something as he had to go do his other job while he was here.

“Yuurei I need you to do something for me. I want you to go to one of the hot springs that we protect. They have money I need to collect, and I want you to do it. Here’s the location of the hot spring.” He said as he pushed the paper on the table before he put the cigar back in his mouth.

Yuurei would walk towards the table, and he would pick it up and when he went to take the paper Yomu would press his hand on the paper as well.

“Don’t mess this up and you will be recognized as just some foot soldier.” he said as he would lean back on the chair.

This would leave Yuurei to take the paper, and he would bow slightly before walking out of that place. While moving walking through the streets of Hosenka he would sigh with relief that he was away from Yomu.



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Yuurei would take the magic magnifying glass and he would use it on the paper. It would take all the fingerprints that were on there. This would be good for Weirdlock to use for the case he was working on. Still, now he was going to do his second job, which was his undercover job. The light mage walked the streets, and those who saw where he had come from would clear away from Yuurei. They didn’t want to get in trouble because of something simple as looking at them. The half-elf would make his way to the hot spring and when he got there, he would step in as if he had the authority of the place. He didn’t want to be rude to the people there, but he had to act the role of a bad and tough guy.

One of the hostesses would come to him as she would bow slightly to him with a smile on his face. He would do the same thing as he felt it was only a polite thing to do.



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“How can I help you today sir? Are you interested in one of our baths?” She asked him waiting for an answer.

Yuurei would remember what Yomu put on the paper, and he would smile at her.

“Yes, you can. Yomu needs a bath.” He would say these words to the hostess.

She would hear those words and her facial expression would change. She didn’t know Yuurei was working for the Black Dragon, or she would have told him that he didn’t need to be so polite. Instead, she would become nervous, but tried her best to act like everything was normal.

“Ah… ah yes come this way. I will take you to the springs for your bath.” She said this as she would move him to follow her.

Yuurei would follow behind her as he noticed that other hostesses knew who he worked for now. The hostess would take him to the spring, and she would look at him with a happy facial expression.

“Please enjoy your time here, while I go get everything you came here for.” She said as she would walk away from him.



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Yuurei would look around the spring that he was in, and it looked amazing. He figured that on one of his days off he would enjoy his time here. Renji was looking around the place as well as he wondered why this hot spring needed protection from the Black Dragon. He would tap Yuurei’s shoulder, and when the half-elf looked at him, he would ask.

“Why does this place need protection from the Black Dragon? It confuses me that people would come here to cause trouble.” He spoke to Yuurei.

The light mage understood where he was coming from, but he also knew why they needed protection.

“If they don’t pay the Black Dragons, then they most likely will get a group of people to cause trouble in the Hot Springs. This would bring the Black Dragons to come and see if they want protection. Trust me you don’t know what would happen if they continued to refuse their protection.” He said to Renji as he did his best to explain things to him.



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While he waited for the hostess to return with the money, the light mage would hear someone gasping for air. The light mage walked over to the direction of the source, and his eyes widen when he saw that someone was on the ground and dead. He would take the magic magnifying glass to see all the fingerprints that were on him, but one thing was for sure this man was part of the White Star Gang. Renji would notice a silhouette to Yuurei’s right and he would tap his friend before pulling his ear to look in the direction he was in.

The light mage would see the silhouette and he would also see something that was rather familiar to him. He could see the Ouroboros tattoo on them. He would find himself moving towards the silhouette as he was trying to figure out who it was, but before he could it would disappear from his sight. He blinked a few times as he was confused about where they had gone.



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Yuurei shook his head because he missed the opportunity to find out who was doing the killing. It wouldn’t take long, but the hostess would appear behind him. This would cause him to jump because he didn’t think she would sneak on him. Still, she had the bag of money with her, and she would hand it to him, and she would apologize for startling him. He would take the bag from her, and he would be on his way. He had to drop this off before going to Weirdlock and tell him what he had discovered.

He had left the hot springs without being seen and while he walked around the districts, he would make sure he wasn’t being followed or that nobody would spot him. It wouldn’t take him long to make it back to the gambling den. The light mage would enter it without hesitating and when everybody saw it was, they would continue as normal.



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Yuurei made his way to Yomu and the man could be seen with two females side by side him as he was sitting down on the couch. When he saw Yuurei he would smile at the man as he could see that he had the bag of money, and he came back in one piece.

“There you’re Yuurei. I’m glad you could bring the bag alive. Bring it here.” He said to Yuurei.

Yuurei would walk over to Yomu as he had handed the man the bag. Yomu would check the bag and he would be happy to see that it was all there. The man figured Yuurei might have taken a bit off the top, but that wasn’t the case.

“You’re good to do what you want. I will be looking for you later, so stay around the district.” He said to Yuurei.

Yuurei would bow slightly to him as he would make his way out of the gambling den. Now that he had done this job, the half-elf decided it was best to head to Weirdlock and tell him what he saw and give him all the information that he had gotten with the magic magnifying glass.



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Yuurei would walk through the streets of Hosenka, and he had made sure that nobody was telling him. He had gone through some alleys and made sure that he would take sharp turns. It wouldn’t take him long, but he would enter Weirdlock’s office to find the man working on the case. The investigator would see that Yuurei was still alive and in one piece. He would stop working as he would look at Yuurei.

“Hey Yuurei, do you got more fingerprints for me to look at?” He asked him.

Yuurei would hand over the magic magnifying glass to Weirdlock and he would put it on his table.

“You should find Yomu’s fingerprints in there, but I have some news. I don’t think that Ouroboros on that note was referring to the Black Dragons. I think it refers to a person. There is another dead White Star member in the hot spring. I saw someone there with the Ouroboros tattoo, but before I got too close, they disappear.” He explained to Weirdlock.

The investigator heard this, and he would pay Yuurei for his work and told him to continue doing his work because they were not done here. Yuurei would sigh as he would leave the office as things were getting interesting.

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