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Home Sweet Home (Good)

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Yuurei and Renji were now in Crocus for the time being. They had taken a young girl here and decided to stay here for a bit before heading back. He couldn’t believe that he was traveling around Fiore even though he wanted to do this with Kailani by his side. Still, his travel through Crocus allowed him to get an understanding of this place. He didn’t notice the time that had gone by, and Renji was the person to had brought his attention to that. His train of thoughts broken he was now looking around the area. His eyes were taken by surprise by the night that had fallen on him and this city.

It wouldn't take long, but he would notice something scary, which brought him to jump back as it was creepy as hell. He saw an armored man twitching and making a bunch of noise while being stuck on a wall. He wasn't sure what was going on, but he looked like he needed help.



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Yuurei was ready to fight this thing if it jumped at him, but instead, he would hear the armored man speaking. The words were broken up, and he would look confused as he couldn't put the words together. He didn't know what this guy was trying to say, but in almost everything he had said, one thing came up. It was the only thing that was properly said, and it was Lady Merlin. He figured that this man needed Lady Merlin, but needed help, so Yuurei figured he would offer a hand in that.

"Do you need help finding Lady Merlin?" He asked the unidentified person.

Abbadon would hear Lady Merlin's name from someone else, and he would move a bit towards Yuurei before coming to a stop.

"Help...Home...Lady Merlin." He repeated these words, which brought Yuurei to move towards the armored man.

Yuurei would nod as he moved around and place Abbadon's arm around his shoulder to help him walk.



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Yuurei would walk with the armored man hoping that everything would be fine with this man and that somebody would know who he is. If they didn't know him, then hopefully they knew who this Lady Merlin was. They would continue their march through the dark night, but something would happen. Yuurei felt Abbadon moved and soon found him running away from the area. He was going the opposite direction from where they were going, so it brought Yuurei to chase him down.

He would come to a stop as it seemed like he was doing for a particular reason. Of course, he didn't know what it was, but it seemed like it was harmless. He wasn't trying to hurt anybody, but it seemed like he was trying to gather himself. Still, he would do his best to help Abbadon even though the same thing had happened to Yuurei a few more times before he saw someone in the distance.



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The light mage had found himself in Mercurius gates, but he didn't know about this place too much. He was only here for a day. He would see guards standing in their post, and he would approach them with Abbadon next to him. The half-elf would stop walking as he got close enough and he would look over to them with a smile on his face.

"Good evening guys. I found this guy confused and it seemed like he keeps calling out for Lady Merlin. Do you guys know where I can find her?" He asked as he hoped to get an answer.

"Oh you found Abbadon, it seemed like he got out again. Yes, if you keep going down this road you will find Lady Merlin's mansion. It isn't easy to miss, so don't worry about it. I'm glad you were around." He said as he would look away from Yuurei and back to his post.



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Now that they had found a destination Yuurei had started walking towards the mansion. He had also found out this guy's name at least. His travel continued slowly as ever, but at least one thing stopped and it was that Abbadon was no longer running away from him. It seemed to like hearing the assurance that Merlin's home was this way had brought the man to calm down. Renji was looking at the knight carefully as he had to be on guard just in case he tried to do something.

It wouldn't take long, but he would see the mansion that the guard had told him about. He was happy and he would keep it moving forward.

"We're almost home Abbadon." He said to the man, but all he could hear was Lady Merlin's name.

In the mansion, there was a lady looking out the window watching the group approach.



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The woman would see what was the problem with Abbadon from here, and she would step away from the window to prepare a potion for the problem. Yuurei would arrive at the front gates of the mansion and soon enough the gates would open, which deducted someone knew they were coming. He kept walking until he was at the front of the doors of the mansion. There the three of them would be met with a woman waiting for them.

"Are you, Lady Merlin?" He would ask her.

"Yes, I am, if you can bring Abbadon inside for me. I need to treat it for what's wrong with it." She said this as she would enter her mansion and left the door open for them.

Yuurei would enter the mansion and he would immediately see a chair with straps, which made him hesitate for a second, but figured those guards wouldn't bring him to something evil.



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Yuurei would put Abbadon on the chair, and when he did that, Abbadon would be the one to strap himself onto the chair. It would seem like they had done this before, which meant it wasn't his place to step in. Instead, he would step back and wondered what would happen next. Merlin would look at Yuurei and she would have a smile on her face.

"Good, you stepped back. He's going to do things that might make you think it's hurting Abbadon, but it's not. It's a Homunculus that I created." She said this as he would give him the potion.

It wouldn't take long, but Yuurei would start shaking and moving uncontrollably. Still, it couldn't come off the restraints. The light mage was confused because he heard everything correctly, but this was a guy right. She called him a Homunculus, which made him wonder what that was.

"What's a Homunculus?" He would ask.



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Lady Merlin would hear Yuurei and she would explain everything to him. He was more surprised that something like that could exist in this world, but he had to believe it because it was right in his face. He would relax a bit and when he gained his composure again, he noticed that Abbadon was no longer twitching and doing all those crazy things. Instead, he found the Homunculus looking at Yuurei and Lady Merlin.

"Thank you for bringing me to Lady Merlin. I'm better now, so you can untie me now." He said to them.

Yuurei would be the one to do that as he would get up from the chair as he would extend his hand towards Yuurei for a handshake. The light mage would gladly accept as he would shake his hand. Lady Merlin smiled because she was glad that nothing bad happen to Abbadon. The armored man would step back as he figured Lady Merlin wanted to talk to him.



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She would walk towards Yuurei and Renji and they would both look at her.

"Thank you guys for bringing Abbadon to me. I have been trying to make sure that there wasn't anything wrong with him. It seemed like this was the final push to perfecting him. I'm glad nothing happened to him out in Crocus. I know you didn't expect this, but take this reward for your efforts." She said to them as she handed them a bag of jewels.

He saw this and he actually was fine with the reward. He would rub the back of his head as he wasn't sure what to say.

"Thank you. We just saw someone who needed help and did what was best." He said to her.

"If you want to help out, then meet Abbadon at the Cathedral tomorrow." She said to him, which confused Yuurei.

Still, he figured this would be a good way to make up for the payment she gave him. He would accept that offer as he bow slightly at the two of them and left to find an Inn to stay in.



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