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A Birthday Gift to the Lord (Good)

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Yuurei had taken a nice job from the lord in charge of Hargeon. It was to make a warship, but he didn’t have all the details, so he was on his way to see the man. The day was colder than usual due to the vast water near the city as he walked towards a certain area where he would find Reign Valystasia. There was a party going on, and it seemed like they were celebrating someone’s birthday from what he could tell. Renji wondered if they could stay instead of doing this job, but he knew that Yuurei would refuse his request even if he had asked.

When they got to their destination, they would find Reign talking to a bunch of locals as they were all excited about him being around them. The light mage started walking through the crowd as he would make his way to Reign.



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Reign will see the familiar boy with the cat on his shoulder, and he would smile and wave at him. Both would do the same thing as they had gotten close enough to the lord to speak to him.

"I'm glad to see you again. I assume you're here for the job request?" He asked.

"Yes, I figured making a boat shouldn't be hard to do especially since elves are used to crafting things around nature." He said as this would be his first time he had ever done anything like this.

Reign would laugh a bit hearing his words, but figured that if this young man had taken the request he was confident in his abilities to get things done.

"I need you to go to Mywand's warehouse and collect the materials I ordered. He will be waiting for you to open up the doors for you. After that head to the docks and start building the ship there using this blueprint. Also, please do not use magic to make the ship, I don't want to dishonor my father." He said this as he handed Yuurei the blueprint.



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Yuurei would take the blueprints and he would bow to Reign before walking off. His next destination would be Mywand's warehouse. It was a nice walk from where he was to his new location as people were surprised to see how formal he spoke to the lord. The light mage ignored everyone as he felt like he would get in trouble for looking at any of them. When he made it to the warehouse, he would be met with a guy who he had helped out before. The man that owned a local shop in the city smiled to see Yuurei and Renji.

"Mywand, we're here because of Lord Reign's request for his material." He shouted.

Mywand would nod as he would start opening the door to the warehouse.

"I see, glad that a nice man like you is doing this job for the lord. I didn't have enough time, so do you think you can take the lumber and materials right there into these wagons out here?" He hoped Yuurei wouldn't mind doing extra work.



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Yuurei didn't say anything to the man as he would enter the warehouse and grab a bunch of lumber from the floor and started moving towards the wagon that was provided to him. Mywand was impressed with the man's strength as his he felt the look of the boy didn't match his strength. The light mage would find himself going back and forth as he would place all the lumber where they fit and then placed the other materials on top of the lumber and around them. It was a fun job as he would keep him moving and at the same time train.

Renji cheered him on as this was something he needed Yuurei to do. Once he was done with putting everything into the wagons he would find himself looking at Mywand wondering if he had gotten it all.

"That was a good workout. Did I get everything?" He asked.



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Mywand would look into the warehouse to check and see if the young man had missed anything, and once it was clear he would come back to the half-elf.

"No everything you need is in those wagons now. My men will drive the wagons to the dry docks for you. So, just get on one of them and you will be on your way. Have fun building that ship for the lord." He said to Yuurei.

Yuurei would nod as he would get onto one of the wagons and when they were ready his men would ride off. Their travel was the quickest thing Yuurei had seen that wasn't on foot. It was enjoyable, to say the least as the wagons would come to a stop.

He would look outside and he would see a huge space for his work and he would hop out of the wagon.



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Yuurei would open up the blueprints as he would look at where to start. It would seem like these instructions were simple enough for anybody to read them and construct the ship that was ordered to make. That was good because he needed all the help he could get since he was doing this on his own.

"Alright let's get this started. It seems like the lumber is cut up in the ways they need to be so assembling it would be all I have to do. It also seems like once I assemble certain lumber together, they want me to place some of the other materials before moving onto assembling more lumber." He spoke out loud as he was going through the blueprints.

Yuurei kept reading, and Renji was looking at the paper as he understood as well.

"I can help you with this Yuu. I use to make toys for a living." He said proudly of his past accomplishment.



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Yuurei was happy to hear that from Renji and he would take the exceed's help on this. The two of them would get to work as they were both moving around the lumber and building the ship together. Yes, Renji was strong enough to move around things even though he had a small body structure. It was good that they were doing this together as it meant they would be able to cut the time spent on this. The cat didn't enjoy the sweaty feeling in this cold, but he didn't to be on Yuurei's shoulder all day. Their work took hours to do, and once they were done with assembling a part of the ship, it was now to placed different materials onto that part before moving on to the next phase.

The men on the wagon were surprised at the feat that this mage and his companion were accomplishing. They wanted to help, but they weren't fit to pick up any of that lumber.



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As the time continued to go throughout the day, so was the completion of the warship that was being made. Yuurei and Renji had gone through a lot as they had assembled a lot of the ship's parts while creating the frame of the ship and of course filling up the spots. They had also disassembled a few things with the few occasions where they had messed up. The light mage found himself sweating through the cold weather, and Renji found his fur drenched in sweat. Still, the two pushed forward as they were getting close to finishing it all. It wouldn't take long, but soon enough they would be able to try this big thing out.

A few more hours and they would be able to complete everything that they had worked on for the day. Both would fall to the floor next to each other to catch their breath. They were exhausted, but it was worth it because in front of them was a completed ship.



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They would take a few minutes on the floor before Yuurei would get up and look over to Renji with a smile on his face.

"We finished the job Renji. I don't think I could have done this without you. Still, now it's time to go get Reign and show him what we accomplished." He said as he got up from the floor.

"It was nothing. I'm glad I could help you because I think you would have failed." He said as he got up and made his way onto Yuurei's shoulder.

Yuurei would laugh a bit hearing his friend's words before heading in a direction to get Reign. Of course, he didn't have to go that far as he would see the young lord with a bunch of men behind. It made Yuurei nervous because he wasn't sure if he had done something wrong.



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Reign would stop in front of Yuurei with a smile on his face and the men behind him would do the same thing.

"Did I do something wrong, my lord? I finished building the warship, with this guy's help of course, and no magic used whatsoever." He said to Reign ensuring that magic wasn't used.

"I'm glad you got the job done. I had someone approach me and told me you were basically done with all, so I came here with men to test the ship out. I hope you don't mind if we do that?" He said to Yuurei waiting for an answer.

"Oh you can go ahead and do that. I was coming to get you just for that." He said with a smile on his face.

He was excited to see if their hard work would pay off and he couldn't wait to see the results of their labor.



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The group would find themselves moving towards the newly made ship. The guys that were with Reign would inspect the ship to make sure that everything was correctly done. They didn't want to trust a guy and a cat they barely knew. The last thing they needed was the ship to be destroyed on their way out to sea. Yuurei would stand back and allowed them to get to work. It wouldn't take long, but they would be reporting back to Reign that it was good to try out and he would smile as they had prepared a ship to be in front of the warship so they were tethered together.

Once it was secure they would start moving the ship out to sea and test it out through the waters. Yuurei and Renji were also on the new ship with the lord as they hoped that nothing bad would happen with the ship.



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It would take about an hour of the crew moving around Hargeon's water. They were testing sharp turns amongst other things. It was a warship, so they were checking out the firing mechanism that was placed around the ship. It was working perfectly fine, and the sails were nicely secured so they wouldn't topple down from any strong wind. They would untether the ships from each other and the warship would find its way on a private dock owned by Reign himself. Everyone would find themselves off the ship as Reign would make his way towards Yuurei with a smile on his face.

"Thank you for your hard work. Here's your reward with a bit of extra in it. I hope to see you again when I need your help you two." He said to Yuurei.

Yuurei would bow to him after taking the reward and soon after would walk away and back to the guild with an accomplished smile on his face.

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