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Battle Cry (Everyone)

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Slowly, Hildegard's court was assembling in Sachsia. Niko was already taking care of the West Gate, while Wilhelm took care of the East Gate with Mzuma oddly enough. Some were inside the palace to stop the attacks over there, however, Shere took the liberty to clear the South Gate because not everyone could clear this attack. Whatever Brunhild did, she ensured that magic couldn't be used near the South Gate. Oh, boy. Guess they didn't expect someone like Shere to appear after centuries.

See, Shere was a werewolf. A werewolf from the the original bloodline. Not turned but birthed from the bloodline of the first one to ever exist. She had lived for many centuries already and became bored with everything. Long ago, before Bosco, and the ancient empire that existed here, she reigned supreme. She unified all packs under her command for the sake of seeking out battles against other Alphas. Eventually, after a few decades, she left them all behind and started to wander the world.

From battling the Hashashin in Desierto to the Samurai in Joya, she did it all. In the end, she only came across one other born from the same bloodline. An extremely old werewolf who was a first descendant from the precursor bloodline. She found a peer and decided to stay in Savannah for many decades to battle him each day till she would finally manage to defeat him. In the end, her first friend died of old age despite their bloodline granting them abnormally long lifespans.

Once again, Shere got bored. She returned to where she was born which was now a place called Bosco. Unfortunately, the new generation of packs had once again divided and succumbed to infighting. She didn't care anymore though and decided to get off the grid. Shere secluded herself from the rest of the world and lived as a hermit in the woods. Spending her days training, hunting wildlife, cooking, and sleeping till she met Hildegard. Hildegard convinced Shere that the world had changed and many powerful opponents had risen since her time.

Hildegard ensured Shere that she would turn the werewolves interested in citizenship into actual members of society. No more infighting. She would make them members of the military to give them a cause bigger than themselves. In addition, Shere would be free to annihilate anyone presenting a threat to Hildegard and her dream. Shere took Hildegard up on her offer and decided to do something that she had never done before in her lifetime. She would limit herself to cure her boredom by experiencing life as a citizen of a nation.

Today, she finally got a taste of that danger. Brunhild attacked the South Gate with magic nullification users and monstrous creatures that were bound to Quetza. Whoever was going to show up here had to battle these gargantuan beings without any magic. Shere decided that she was going to focus on the biggest one while the rest would have to focus on the other ones. She was already incredibly tall compared to everyone but her transformation was something that nobody here had ever seen before. They might've seen a werewolf before but nothing as monstrous as her.


Special Quest: This topic may be entered by everyone who isn't already in one of the other topics (alts included). At most 5 people may enter this topic and roleplay freely among themselves battling the kaiju (without waiting for Shere's reply).

While Shere is already exceeding 5 meters in height and battling a Godzilla-like creature, the other participants are free to battle the other beasts which are about 3 meters in height. Luckily, another court member is in the topic and is buffing you to become 3 meters in height while coating your weapon with magic making it much stronger. Somehow, it bypasses the magic nullification. Anyone entering this topic may only use their big size and weapon to battle these beasts without the use of any magic. The word count in this topic may be used towards Weapon Mastery.

The topic is treated as a S-rank Event Quest, however, the rank of the participants do not matter to enter as long as a minimum of 2500 words per participant is reached. A maximum of 500 words per post may be submitted. First come first serve. After 5 people have entered the topic, the topic rotation of those 5 must be followed, however, if someone doesn't reply within 24 hours during the rotation they are skipped and considered removed from the topic.


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This wasn’t exactly something that she had anticipated doing anytime soon. She had never bit off something more than she could chew but… This totally took the cake. Seeing those monstrous creatures in the distance the woman couldn’t help but run towards the approaching calamity. She was a hunter damnit and it was her job to protect the people here even if this wasn’t her home, even if this wasn’t her kingdom. Many others didn’t care either.

She wasn’t expecting the enormous werewolf fighting what looked to be some godzilla looking creature. Practically the size of small buildings and slugging it out. She’d bite the inside of her mouth and feeling the attention of someone else on her? Well the woman found her brows shooting up when her body was enhanced. She was already pretty tall so becoming three meters in size with a big ass blade?

Yeah this wasn’t something she was going to forget anytime soon. Gritting her teeth and bracing herself the woman took her time to try to keep the gathered kaijus at bay. She wasn’t about to charge in and would only give a hefty slash towards those that did. Stunning them or kicking them away from her as she glanced from time to time at the other combatants that were making a mess of things.

Jeez… Not many people can make me feel small…

Adjusting her footing a bit the woman took a swing at one of the approaching beasts. She didn’t anticipate felling it by any means but she at least did cut fairly deep with yoru. These fella’s would be kind of difficult for her to slice on her own so until others arrived the woman would continue to poke and would continue playing hard to get until she was certain enough they could push them back.

There was no way they were going to let them get into the city and she’d be damned if they would be getting by her. With yoru and her equipment doing the heavy lifting the woman figured she could at least hold out.

Grimacing slightly as she felt one of their claws bite into her leg the woman’s arms moved before she could even really think and she’d cut deep into the offending kaiju. She’d make a sweeping gesture to keep the others back and then use her boot to kick them away from her. Snarling in irritation she wasn’t sure what she was doing. Fighting from the front was her thing but doing stupid shit like this wasn’t something she was sure she should be pulling yet.

She was confident she could hold her own in terms of keeping them away but. Numbers had a habit of edging out mistakes and she knew if she fell that they wouldn’t be too privy on forgiving her. It made her set her jaw a bit and banish the negativity from her view for the moment.

After all just look at the size of the damn thing…


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Poropo Poproporp
"Goodness gracious...how did I end up being so hefty?" Poropo had decided to enter this battle through a series of forgotten events - the monk did not know how he ended up in Bosco again. The last time the monk was here he was chatting with a warrior named Knuckles Shi. Now Poropo was three meters tall and squaring off against an equally large beast!

Poropo continued to mumble to himself about this strange situation, "I feel so bloated...more than usual. My Elder Sage's Staff also feel much stronger than usual...but I cannot use my magic gifted to me by the Iron Deity." The monk looked down at his proportionally enlarged staff, normally used for enhancing his connection to the Iron Deity - now the staff would need to be used as a blunt weapon against a large beast.

The creature in front of the monk roared with great wrath, readying itself to pounce on the anxious monk, "RAAAAAAAAWRGH!" The monk was bombarded by spittle which he wiped off with the sleeve of his silk robe - the creature definitely knew how to salivate and scream.

The monk could do nothing with magic in this situation, even with his Elder Sage's Staff being stronger than normal - Poropo also felt his connection to the Iron Deity was so weak he best leave the praying for after the battle, if he survived, "perhaps I joined to rid this world of impure creatures such as yourself...I shall end its suffering!"

Motivating himself to fight this creature, the monk took an offensive stance - the stance was awkward and untrained, but the large creature seemed to believe the monk was ready to fight as well. The creature and monk stared at one another for a little, seizing each other up in order to obtain as much physical information as possible.

The monk believed he would normally be outmatched, but the creature did not have a large weapon to increase its reach. "If I can stay just out of reach of its claws, then I will come out of this ordeal unscathed," mumbled the monk to himself as he started to pace around the large creature.

The creature believed it had strength and speed, but not reach like the strange monk. The muscles on the creature were far more defined compared to the rotund monk who seemed to have enough muscles in his legs to hold himself up, but no more than needed. The creatures leg muscles were not only strong but also flexible, so even if the monk could lunge a little, the creature could lunge more effectively!

Addressing the creature, the monk said, "you have one chance to surrender, beast! I will not let you pass and hurt anyone else! Prepare yourself or flee!" The monk twirled his staff in front of himself to look larger than normal - if the creature was a bear then perhaps staff-twirling would be intimidating, but this creature was something entirely different. A bear sure was smaller in comparison and probably drooled less than, but the monk had never seen a bear in person.



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Fighting a rebellion for a foreign government usually wasn’t the line of work Nadine preferred, but she was one of the first ones racing out of the mercenary barracks at the mention of giant monsters. You just really had to enjoy the little pleasures that life did offer you, after all. Others were rallying as well to defend the South Gate. The name Shere was tossed around like a protective totem among some of the hurried rumors, but the name ultimately meant little to this demi-human. Already the sounds of thunderous fighting and roars could be heard as the group approached, and over some of the smaller buildings they could all see the spectacle of the gigantic werewolf slugging it out with an equally large monster.

Some of the mercenaries slowed either in fear or awe, but not Nadine. Ahead of them a court member was waving them forward eagerly, shouting orders that none could hear above the chaos. Behind him soldiers were falling back from several monsters that dwarfed them in size. The rampage in the streets cut down many of the unfortunate unable to flee the danger. As the court member gestured to the mayhem with an urgent  finger he also pointed his staff towards Nadine’s group as they approached him.

The glorified stick began to glow, and a change overcame the first batch of mercenaries. Each of them grew to three meters in height in the span of several seconds. Nadine stopped to observe the sudden change to her body. Her weapon, Indra’s Gauntlet, also seemed to have been altered or powered up somehow. The elemental energy from the item practically radiated around her fist.  

Despite everything going on around her, the demi-human grinned as her golden eyes swept back to the raging battle ahead. As far as Nadine was concerned, this petty war did not exist in her sight right now. There was only the hunt in this urban jungle, and her prey trying to tear everything down around themselves. It wouldn’t be too much of a shame if she managed to enjoy doing her work, would it?

Some of the other defenders had already started to form a front line against the tide of chaos with their newfound bulk, and Nadine wasn’t far behind them, still grinning as she sprinted to catch up. A monstrous serpentine creature managed to break through the melee, and she immediately changed course to intercept it. The beast hissed and coiled up on itself before springing at her, its lower jaw unhinging as two massive fangs attacked from above.

Nadine stopped to brace herself for a counterattack. Her hands raised up to catch the pair of fangs as she slammed a boot down on the monster’s lower jaw to pin it against the ground. The sheer size of her opponent started to push her backwards, but with a hard yank she ripped one of the fangs out from its socket and stabbed it through the serpent’s tongue and lower jaw.




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“That’s a big bitch.”

Sho walked onto the chaotic scene, his clothes waving in the breeze. He took a deep breath before smiling. As the action was calling out to him. As if it was beckoning him to this very spot. A pair of monsters clashed off in the distance, one a lizard-like creature while the other being a rather large wolf. Sho wouldn’t know it but one of them was fighting for his side, considering how the fight was going he could only deduce one thing. That the wolf was fighting for the people and the lizard was moving to destroy the city.

Two others had made it before Sho and they were already battling monsters that stood roughly three meters in size. One was a female wielding a black blade with all sorts of gear while the other looked like a monk with a rather large staff. “I wanna be big like that!” Sho was excited to leap into this without much thought to it. There was thought to it, he saw something and he wanted to fight it, a pretty simple thought process actually. There were more monsters making their way into the city Sho knew he had to make a stand here and defend the people of the city with no hesitation. He was a Rune Knight, after all, fighting bad guys was their thing. Not skipping a beat Sho went to activate a spell to quickly leap into action but nothing happened. No magic circle or anything, something was nullifying magic. This came off as a surprise at first. But he wasn’t too heartbroken about it; he didn't have much in the spell department anyways. Or the magic department. He was looking to save up to get something more and train harder. But things always came up and it seemed he was always out on a mission with Captain Seika.

“Well, it seems my magic doesn't work here, guess I gotta do this the hard way.” He said calmly as he drew his large blade from off his back and gripped it between both hands. Then suddenly it was as if he was being bewitched at that very moment. As if his battle stance signaled that he was ready for the incoming spell. An unknown caster shot out a beam from a distance causing Sho and his weapon to grow in size.

He wobbled a bit as the spell caught him off guard making him grow to three meters in height along with his already massive weapon. Sho looked around to see he was now three meters tall and his weapon had grown proportionate in size as well. Along with an added effect, Sho could feel the energy coming off the blade as if another spell was cast. Unknowingly too Sho a second spell was cast, imbuing his blade with magical properties. Gathering himself Sho took a fighting stance with both hands on his weapon and prepared to do combat with the Kaiju making their way into the city.




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There was a silence that penetrated the atmosphere, like a tidal wave that could not be arrested. Silence all around in a country that had been ravaged the animals that stood in front of Hassan.

Standing on the shore of a dirt road in Sachsia, he watched the disaster that was caused by evil creatures. Certainly, they were even more wicked than he, who concentrated mainly on doing things for the crowd.  No child ran out, playing joyfully and carefree. There were no wandering adults either, filling day-to-day needs to try to make ends meet. There was nothing, just the stench of stagnation; the repeated scent of death that was caused by evil beings. There was no sort of remorse coming from them,  the Kaiju roamed free and it seemed that there weren't too many people willing to challenge them.  The one currently in front of him as he took on the proposed height from the support magician was especially mean.

 it had blue eyes, cold and unyielding, seemed to portray of façade of uncaring. It didn’t matter how many of these villages it destroyed. It didn’t matter that it didn’t even know why was causing such destruction. Whether the beast was at fault or not due to some sort of influence or control, no matter what the root cause, none of that mattered to these creatures.

"Tch, even the people at sleeping calamity have such limits on their actions. Such aimless violence, such a source of strength. Wasted on the rabid. "

The set path is taken from beginning to end always resulted in the same outcome anyway. Like a proven experiment, even if each situation offered slightly different variables, the course of action taken proved strong enough to overcome such differences. He should have learned by now, after all these years, that the only constant truth was the truth of disillusionment. It certainly didn’t help that these humans were weak. The people that we're supporting and following Hassan weren't as strong as him, so it was up to him to make up for the difference and engage with the creature, one on one. He had no gauntlets or other weapons, even his magic was basic to the point that nothing was worth using. However, he still had to try.

"I'll give you one chance to run while you can. Once the fighting starts, I won't rest until you become a pelt to shield me from the cold during the wintertime. I have business in this place, and so far, the only problem that we have with each other is your sense of timing."

Hassan was essentially telling the creature to cease its activities and quite possibly come over to the village at another time. This was too much work for him, and it could be a waste of time if he suffered a serious injury and was unable to do anything but rely on others. With his life in danger, Hassan had to be quite careful as to how he would approach this battle.

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Lucretia was a bit grateful she wasn’t on her own here and could fight a bit more freely. Her magic had been largely defensive before so she felt that it would have been a priority to do so if the damn stuff had worked in the first place. Growling the woman hoisted Yoru up and without even hesitating now that what amounted to ‘backup’ arrived. Though honestly she wasn’t the sort to consider that a bad thing. Anyone that lent their assistance in such a manner was worth their weight in gold. Even a peasant with a pitchfork would have been welcome and she wasn’t going to spit on the efforts of others. No instead she’d capitalize on it if she could.


Lucretia let out a roar of challenge, sweeping her weapon up and over. The kaiju directly in front of her was the one she was aiming for, the bastard that had made a good slash at her leg. Though it wouldn’t be for much longer that the damn monster would be standing; Yoru was a type of blade that did grisly and damning work. Especially with the strength that she felt flowing through her from her equipment.

It wasn’t clean work but she set the blade to about halfway through the first kaiju’s body before shifting her sword in a brutal arc from out of it’s chest cavity. Her aim was to deal with as many of the immediate kaiju as she could. She wasn’t too sure what everyone was handling but she knew they’d carry their weight one way or another.

She felt her eyes dilate a little bit as one of them gave a good hit to her side. Sending her sliding along. She’d grit her teeth and spit to one side, a mix of blood and spit splattering on the ground. She’d let out a deep growl and stare at the offending kaiju. She had it about up to here with the damn creatures. And if they were on equal footing, or rather equal sizes…

The up and over would be expected so instead she’d make a sweeping motion from a more diagonal position. Looking to bisect the offender with yoru; she wasn’t about to let these bastards get any further into the city and if anyone else was near her she felt like they would at least meet her on that end. The damn kaiju would not be getting past her without a bloody struggle.

Even if that bloody struggle meant that she had to give more than her all or what she was willing to give. Her icy blue eyes narrowed and her lips pulled back in a sneer ass he could feel the battle fury start to nip at her heels. She wasn’t a berserker or barbarian or any kind of rage machine but DAMN did it feel good to get her blood pumping and save some people! Even if those people weren’t going to remember her.

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Poropo Poproporp
The beast and the monk were done sizing each other up - the beast meant business and pounced at the staff-wielding monk! With sharp claws and rippling muscles, the beast swiped at the frail, old man! The monk was prepared but slow - a good lunge from the creature closed the distance enough to get a strong attack against the monk which hit the staff with great force! "Ah!? My staff!" The monk did not want his precious staff to be taking damage and then breaking - his connection to the Iron Deity was strengthened by the Elder Sage Staff!

"HAAA!" The monk was upset enough to retaliate with a swing of his own using the heavy head of his staff - the muscular beast was hit square in the face, but the muscles seemed to ripple and form again, as if unscathed! More damage than a simple strike would need to be done against such a large and ferocious creature - the monk did not know if alone he would be enough to defeat this creature. Poropo looked around in a panic to see if there was anybody else he could rely on, "Um...no - everyone else is having their own struggles!"

The monk was not along against the five beasts, but he could not recognize any of the helpful faces. They all seemed far more adept at melee combat than the monk - if only there was not a magic nullification field in the way! However, the monk imagined if the nullification field was gone - if the beasts happened to know any magic then the situation would only get worse! Poropo had to stick with his staff and try his hardest to beat this impure beast into submission by himself! "Raaah!" The monk swung with the butt of his staff as a way to hit two times in quick succession.

"RAAAAAWRGH!" The beast in front of Poropo was not happy with being a sandbag for the monk - the creature swiped past the staff and landed a scratch onto the rotund monk! Not even Poropo's heavy armor, Rhadrian's Shelter, was impossible to break - thankfully the plate armor withstood the single claw attack, allowing the monk to push through the claw strike and continue hitting the beast with another swing of the Elder Sage Staff! The monk was getting used to fighting with a staff as a blunt weapon, but Poropo still missed his magic dearly!

"Oh Iron Deity - HAAA! Please give me the - HAAA! Strength to Waaah!? Push through!" The monk and the beast exchanged blows - if not for the enlarged size and enhanced staff, Poropo would have been eaten by the muscular beast! One swing after another, the beast would not go down without a swing in return - Poropo was the same way as the beast attempted to to take down the big, bald man with claw strikes. Perhaps the two of them would have to change up their fighting styles to get the better of the other, but for the time being they did the very least in an attempt to get the slightest upper-hand on the other!

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Her little victory with the serpent’s fang was short lived at best. From the corner of her eye Nadine saw the beast’s long tail swing around from the side and whip into her side and back. The force made her slip and stumble, and now she stood fully in the serpent’s mouth as she continued to persist against its closing jaws. Staring forward at the dark hole of the creature’s throat she had no doubt in her mind that it would swallow her whole if she faltered here. With both hands holding up the roof of the serpent’s mouth Nadine slowly gave way a little, bending her elbows and knees as the kaiju began to raise its head off of the ground.

Now that her arms weren’t fully extended she was able to pull one arm down low and reach an uppercut straight to the roof of the serpent’s mouth. She felt bone fragment beneath the blow of her Indra’s Gauntlet, and that only encouraged several more blows as she roared back defiantly when faced with the serpent’s raspy cries of pain. Soon after the serpent wobbled before collapsing to the ground, blood leaking from its mouth out onto the street.

Laying between the kaiju’s open jaws Nadine caught her breath for a few moments. Somewhere, another fighter was shouting something about milk, and the battlecry made her brows scrunch together in mild confusion. Still breathing heavily as she stood up Nadine stepped back onto the street to reassess the situation. She still felt warm bits of brain matter clinging to the fingers of her gauntlet, and none went to waste as she idly licked the chunks off for a mid-battle snack.

The World aura revealed a few notable people out in the crowd of defending giants.

An affable Knight.

A peculiar Fairy monk.

A stalwart Wolf huntress.

And, an ally in Calamity.

Her gaze lingered on this last person, a white haired man who was about to bare hand a kaiju. Nadine would have given a low whistle of approval if she hadn’t been sucking kaiju blood from the finger of her gauntlet. She would be keeping an eye on Hassan from afar, very much interested in witnessing his performance. For now, she’d pay an old friend a visit.

Reinvigorated by the promise of more fighting the demi-human ran towards the frontlines again, heading straight for Lucretia. The swordswoman was making good work of Yoru’s reach and bite, but numbers weren’t in their favor here.

“Coming up from behind!” called out Nadine as she got closer, and as she passed Lucretia she lunged forward to tackle a charging scaled covered kaiju with four muscular arms. The collision stopped both of their momentum with a heavy thud as they tried to push each other back. The kaiju’s lower pair of hands grabbed Nadine by the waist and raised her off the ground. She fended off its other hands with vicious jabs of her own before stomping on the beast’s face.




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Sho stared down his first opponent, a hairy creator that resembled that of a monkey. It let out a bellow that shook the very ground beneath it. Sho charged forward with his weapon drawn. He leaped high into the air while bringing the sword downward with all of his might. The ape-like creature raised both of its hands into the air and clapped, grabbing the blade. Sho was stunned for a moment at the beast's ability to react. ‘Figures this won’t be easy.’ well he had hoped these monsters put up a good challenge. Sho was suspended in mid-air for a moment as the beast showcased its strength at that very moment he figured he made his move. With both feet, Sho kicked downward into the beast's chest at that moment. The beast stumbled backward a couple of steps, stunned at what just happened. Sho scrambled to his feet after falling because he used both feet to kick. Sho took the blade and dashed forward once more the beast regained its stance. Sho went to go for a big swing, slashing from left to right aiming at the beast’s gut. The ape creature moved its arm in such a way that it blocked the blade with pure muscle. The blade did indeed cut but not enough to do a mortal wound. The beast screamed out in pain and jerked its arm back to get away from the blade.

Sho regained his balance after the beast jumped back. The beast landed incorrectly and caused it to stumble. While doing this Sho saw his opening and dashed forward with all of his might. Dashing forward Sho pulled his sword back to go for a thrust through the beast’s chest. With one mighty pushy Sho shoved the blade through the chest of the beast. The tip of the blade burst through the chest of the beast and out the back. The beast cried out in pain trying to get Sho back. Sho pushed the blade through causing it to pierce the beast back. Bloodshot out from the wound and with a push back Sho knocked the beast off the blade onto the ground. Sho took the blade and shook the blood off onto the ground with one swipe of the blade. Stepping over the body of the beast Sho made his way over to the next beast. This one is more lizard-like in nature.

Sho rushed over, moving at his top speed to the beast. With a slash, Sho caught the beast by surprise but the initial attack glanced off the scales making a spark from the attack. “Shit,” Sho said under his breath working to regain his balance. With a swift motion, the lizard-like creature swiped at Sho with claws out. Sho leaped backward to dodge the attack. The attack met nothing but air Sho then jumped back inward with a focused look on his face. With a swipe of his sword, the beast clashed with the edge of the blade using its claws.



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As the battle continued to go, the blue eyes wolf-humanoid-like Kaiju tried to grapple with Hassan. Due to its huge advantage in the terms of size, as well as being used to that size, it figured that getting in close in regards to Hassan's lack of armor would be something that it can use to tear through Hassan's vital points and ultimately end his life.


Its yellow teeth were showing as the scent of blood continued to fill the battlefield. Such a scent for beings such as the monster-infested kaiju was intoxicating for the being because it was able to excite them and give them the impression that there was a meal not too far away for the monster to enjoy. However, Hassan was not on the menu.


Using his quick speed, mostly due to the fact that Hassan was granted such an extreme property of speed from his earrings, Hassan managed to flip out of the way while looking around for something to throw at the creature to throw it off and try to cripple it. The first thing that he thought to do was grab some dirt from the ground that he managed to scoop up when he was rolling about in order to avoid the creature running at him. As soon as he did so, he kept it in his hands rather rightly in order to throw a punch at the creature's face.

This actually stunned the being since Hassan was running around the battlefield as if he had no real way of combatting the creature outside of using his fists. That was true, he really didn't have anything else besides the kind of strategies that a caveman would employ if they were truly desperate and had no real way of combatting a creature that was immune to magic outside of his fists. However, in addition to the street fighting experience that Hassan had, he also was a martial artist when he utilized palm magic the way that he did. It should still work the same, he should still be able to defeat this enemy in front of him.

"Take this!!"

When the punch landed in the creature's face, he also released the dust and dirt that was accumulated from the ground that was gathered from Hassan scooping it up. The creature was blinded and it made it known that it was experiencing some difficulties with its sight while waving its claws around and covering its eyes with its other free hands. It was attacking randomly, trying to hit Hassan even though the creature was nowhere near close to him. In a way, Hassan was playing it safe by studying the creature's movements and trying to see what it was capable of. His particular Kaiju seemed to have a good sense of smell and it was quite possible that it either mutated from some kind of dog or wolf-like creature. He wondered if there could be something he could do to affect the creature's smell in the meantime.

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The consistency of those around her was fairly reassuring, even if their strengths lay in other places they were giving it their all. It was one of those moments that filled lucretia with a semblance of pride for other humans; not that she didn’t already have some but that was kind of unfair when you considered most of them to be part of her clan or the family.

Grinning ear to ear, the woman widened her stance and eyed the kaiju in front of her. The four arm beast would be a problem if it got a hold of her. Being able to restrain her while the others pummeled away? Yeah that wasn’t something she was looking to be a part of. Growling she’d level her sword almost ready to swing when…

Seriously? Of all the people to be here and of all the voices she could have heard it was nadines that rang out? The woman almost missed her upcoming swing but was grateful that she could adjust and use the awkward momentum to slam the flat of her blade against the nearest one. A beast of some kind that she wasn’t really sure how to classify it as. It looked like it had several different types of creatures stitched together but without the stitches.

Seriously Nadine we keep on meeting up in the strangest places…

With the flat of her blade pushing it away from her the woman could focus on the other one that wasn’t flat on it’s ass. She’d take a running start before trying to practically run the other one through. She didn’t care who or what you were; stabbing something through a heart should put you right down in the ground.

But either she missed it or the beast’s heart was in another place. It didn’t appreciate being stabbed in the chest with Yoru by any means and Lucretia found herself getting launched backwards and yoru was still sticking out of the kaiju’s furry chest like some kind of shish kebab. Snorting she’d push herself up and crack her knuckles. She wasn’t just a swordsman. Her entire body was a damn weapon and she figured the Kaiju would find out the hard way.

The icebergian brought her fist back and with a small hop wouldn’t punch the kaiju directly but instead would punch the sword that was sticking out of it’s chest. Looking to drive the large handle in and then out the backside of the creature. It wasn’t exactly the best idea but it definitely wouldn’t let it make any motions other than trying to draw out the sword… or going down like a sack of damn bricks.

Thankfully after a few resounding blows the kaiju had enough of the blade and worked on it’s own to draw the blade out of it’s chest. Snarling in pain as it’s ‘friend’ came to it’s rescue. Bearing down on lucretia and forcing a grapple. Of which the hunter was only too happy to comply with..


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Poropo Poproporp
The monk and the unnamed, muscular beast were fighting each other to the death - if one of them messed up then the other would take the lead and kill the other! However, the monk did not want to kill the beast despite the reverse being true - Poropo was a peace-loving monk who only joined this fight to spread peace across the whole world, maybe. The monk was still not sure how he ended up in this situation, but this situation needed to be resolved and forced into peacefulness while the monk could still stand! The monk pushed the beast off him with his empowered Elder Sage Staff and yelled, "Stop fighting! You are more than just a beast...maybe! You do not need to look how you act! Wait, did I say that wrong? WAH!?"

"RAAAAAWRGH!" bellowed the beast as it lunged again, slashing at the Elder Sage Staff - the words of the monk did not reach the ears of the beast. The pair were locked in combat with no escape until one of them could no longer move. Magic was not an option still, even though magic would be extremely helpful right now! Perhaps the person responsible for the nullification magic thought the risk was too great and kept the nullification field going, but the battle against the large beasts was well under way and nobody else was breaching the defenses!

The monk was frustrated and yelled, "Just turn the nullification field off! I need my magic to fight this beast without getting mauled! RAAAAAH!" The monk charged the beast after staving the creature off for the umpteenth time - the beast was injured with many bruises and welts, but the monk was inversely scratched and gashed open in various places. The only places protected were his torso, arms, waist, and legs - all else on the monk was fair game as Rhadrian's Shelter could only protect so much on the body of the monk.

Despite the loud pleas of the monk, the nullification field was not deactivated, leaving all the defenders to fend for themselves without their magic to aid them. The monk felt especially vulnerable considering the Iron Deity gifted the monk his magic - Iron Deity magic was all the monk had! The ability to use his Elder Sage Staff as a weapon was a luxury bypassing the restrictions of the nullification field, but even the staff was not something the monk was used to wielding as a blunt weapon!

"HAAAA! I am getting tried of being ignored by you and the person responsible for the nullificaAAAAAH!? The nullification field, HAIYAH!" The beast would not stop attacking the monk and the monk could not stop complaining about the situation - neither let up their crusade against the other for stopping meant certain death! Poropo wanted to leave the beast alive, but if the beast continued to get back up after a thrashing then the only option left was to strike the beast hard enough to knock out or fatally found the creature! "Do not force me to hurt you anymore! HAAAA! Get off me! Go away!"

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“Hah!” smirked Nadine in response to Lucretia’s comment, “you say that, but you do not sound disappointed, either!” Their joking aside, it was reassuring to see the swordswoman here. If things went to hell Lucretia would surely be a safe port to fall back to amid a storm of angry fangs and claws.

Still being held up off the ground by two of her opponent’s four hands Nadine lashed out with her gauntlet in a vicious backhanded swipe, breaking the fingers of a third hand trying to grapple her. The kaiju’s last hand managed to grab her other arm, and the beast tried to pull her in to bite the demi-human. Nadine quickly brought her feet up to brace against the kaiju’s chest and resist the motion, but an idea struck her as the monster snapped at her with its jaws. Reaching out with her gauntlet she shoved four fingers into the creature’s mouth and dug her thumb under its chin.

Gritting her own teeth with the effort Nadine played a tug of war game with the kaiju’s lower jaw until it ripped off with a sickening noise of tearing flesh. Her fingers released the gorey chunk of teeth, bone and meat as she pulled her arm back, her hand then forming a fist before rocketing forward again to strike. Indra’s Gauntlet pulped one of the beast’s eyes before Nadine was thrown down onto the ground in a heap. The kaiju’s foot then slammed into her side and sent the woman rolling with a pained gasp. Before she could recover the monster was already upon her, bringing its foot down over her chest. Again she gasped as air was forced to leave her lungs, but her hands were already grasping at the oppressing foot to retaliate.

Getting a firm grip on both the front and back of the foot the woman muttered a promise of retribution before twisting the kaiju’s foot violently and breaking its ankle.

As the beast roared and stumbled back Nadine sucked in air to her starving lungs, slowly rising onto her hands and knees. The kaiju lost its footing when it tried to put weight on its injured ankle, collapsing to the ground in pain it couldn’t remedy. Seeing her chance the woman scrambled to her feet and lunged to catch up to the downed monster. Her gauntlet formed a fist before punching at the kaiju’s bloodied remains of a mouth, smashing through teeth to ram itself into the creature’s exposed throat. Her fingers opened and constricted around the boney length at the back of the kaiju’s neck, squeezing hard around its spine while slamming the beast backwards into the ground.

After its spine had been crushed and broken Nadine stood up and backed away with a relieved sigh. She wouldn’t give it the honor of a clean death. Not when there was more work to do. Leaving the kaiju broken and gurgling on the ground the demi-human once more surveyed the frontline in careful consideration.




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Sho pulled back his blade after clashing with the beast Sho pulled his blade black for another swing. A swing that would serve to put an end to the beast’s reign of terror. The lizard-like creature used its claws once more to clash with the blade, making a loud metal-sounding noise. Sho could hear the others yell out as they clashed with their own individual beasts. Sho wanted to help out but he was preoccupied with his own beast at the moment. The beast used its free hand to swipe at Sho but he leaped backward to only leave the claw hitting nothing but air. The lizard-like creature roared out of frustration. Sho dashed back in this time with a forward kick into the beast’s chest causing it to stumble backward a couple of steps. With that Sho tried to catch the beast off balance with a downward swipe of his blade. The blade met the beast’s right shoulder blade; it got caught on the scales and lodged itself deep into the beast’s flesh. The beast yelled out in pain as it tried to remove the large blade from his shoulder.

Sho had full control of the blade, yanking the beast around trying to get the best of it at that very moment. Sho managed to pull the blade free of the beast’s shoulder leaving blood to sputter everywhere. He knew he was getting somewhere with the beast so he knew he had to keep pressing onward to keep the beast off balance at that very moment. With another downward slash, Sho’s blade met the head of the creature causing blood to shoot out all over Sho at that moment. His outfit got extremely dirty as the killing blow landed against the second kaiju. The beast fell to the ground with the blade lodged into its skull. With a pull, Sho removed the blade from the corpse of the lizard-like kaiju. With that Sho’s eyes turned to the monk fighting with the beast before him. He managed to land a few blows with the blunt end of his staff but he was having trouble killing the beast. Sho dashed over to the monk struggling with his kaiju and thrust his sword into the back of the beast. It wasn’t paying much attention to Sho because it was too busy getting thwacked on its head. Dazed and confused, the beast wouldn’t know what hit him at that very moment.

The Executioner Blade stabbed through the back of the beast, exiting out through the front of the beast. “Looks like ya needed some help,” Sho said while thrusting the blade through the back of the beast attacking the rotund monk. Sho would remove the blade from the beast causing blood to shoot out suddenly as Sho flicked the blood from his blade once more onto the ground. It was time to move on to the next creature that tried to get into town. Sho would dash off into the distance not far from Nadine and Lucretia.



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This was something that could be seen as a chance that Hassan wouldn't have again as the creature started to flail about. Hassan quickly scanned the area and managed to see a wheelbarrow on fire that was giving off a terrible stench. upon a closer inspection, it seemed that someone was o their way to deliver some cow manure or to move it from place to place. When the fighting started and people were left to be victims of collateral damage, it seemed as if the wheelbarrow caught fire along with the person who managed the horses being dead as well. This was actually sad that a person had to die such a horrible death of being crushed and burned as if he was being cooked as a live human. Even worse, they were dying next to the stench of burning cow dung. There was no time for prayers in order to ensure that the man's soul would have left this world in the hands of the right god, Hassan was no priest that was capable of something like that.

"Without disgracing the body or stepping on it, Hassan grabbed the wheelbarrow and started to push it towards the wolf-like creature without making any sort of sound with his mouth. Screaming after every single attack or attempt would be a stupid thing to do and he didn't want to alert the creature or somehow figure out that the creature is able to hear things that at a greater level than the average human. As a matter of fact, something like that might be possible with the mutations that these beings may have endured before seeking the flesh of animals and humans alike to satisfy their hunger and need to destroy.


With the crash of the wheelbarrow into the chest of the creature at full strength, there was a minor scrape wound that was done to the chest of the creature as it took the blow of the attack head-on. There was also the fact that the burning dung fell all upon the creature as hit body was set ablaze as well. Such a thing was a sight to behold as it tried to stop drop and roll, giving Hassan even more needed time to think about the strategy he was planning out in order to beat this beast once and for all. Everything that he was doing was good and all, the wounds would be infected by the fire burning through the flesh of the creature and by the full access of burn wounds being smothered in the feces of cows, Hassan's own death, if he failed to propely defend himself and slay the beast, would match with the end of this beast as well. It wouldn't be in vain, but he still desired the best possible outcome for himself.


Looking down at the wheelbarrow that was currently broken into pieces after being charred and bursting through the defenses of the kaiju creature, Hassan took the longest piece he could find that was on fire and armed himself with it.



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Why would i ever complain about having someone I can trust fighting against giant bloody monsters? It’s like a dream come true ain’t it?

Lucretia let out a laugh; her confidence in this matter had soared given the sheer number of people willing to lay down their lives for this portion of the struggle. Her own personal struggle aside she was glad to see nadine here. The woman had a habit of popping up in the strangest places around lucretia so much so that the two of them had quickly learned to work with one another.

Which meant that they would rely on one another if things went sour; like right at the moment Lucretia was being gripped by this kaiju. Desiring to rip her to pieces she could already feel her armor taking a good brunt of the force that the kaiju was putting out. A lesser human might have cried out or screamed in pain. Or the untrained masses as they were…

But not lucretia. Instead she set about gripping at the kaiju’s shoulders. Drawing her head back and then… With a fierce motion slammed her head against the other’s repeatedly. She felt the pressure against her sides and her chest but she didn’t stop. Eventually her helmet cracked and fell apart; revealing a grinning face and icy yet passionate eyes.

Don’t think I’m going to let you off easy.

Lucretia found herself laughing and drew her head back for one final yet powerful slam. Sending the kaiju backwards still holding the woman yet a little less tight. Which worked just fine for her. With the Kaiju now on the ground lucretia’s hands found it’s throat and with a grin she’d start to squeeze.

She could feel the other’s hands clasp on her sides and she’d shush it as it started to cry out. Losing air or rather not being able to get any. She kept on hushing it as it’s struggles continued to grow weaker and weaker. Eventually it’s hands fell to either side and the woman let out a bemused rumble.

She didn’t hesitate to grab it’s head with her hands now that it was limp for the most part; bracing herself she’d give it a good one.. Two… then three! She felt the bone resist and she’d put a bit more pressure up until she felt the kaiju’s neck give way and with an equally resounding snap she’d set the beast’s head like an owl; facing directly back towards the ground.

The woman slowly stood up, dusting herself off and checking her head. Yeah she was going to feel that in the morning but hey… She would still be alive and the beasts around her were not. Lucretia looked about, spotting her sword and scooping it up. It felt a little unreal that she ever had managed to get her hands on the blade. She couldn’t wait to use it on a few more kaijus. Noting that they weren’t alone Lucretia prepared for another wave...



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Poropo Poproporp
Poropo was having a difficult time against a muscular beast which seemed to take hits better than the monk could - the constitution of the monk was fading faster than he could fight back while his endurance was even worse! The arms of the monk were sore while his spirit was having difficult keeping the poor monk motivated. Poropo was losing his will to keep fighting the beast whereas the beast may have been a little tired but had an enormous fighting spirit - Poropo wanted to say something to the beast and calm the situation, "Huff...stop fighting...what will happen if you keep fighting? Tell...puff...tell me what you want from all this fighting, beast?"

Poropo used his Elder Sage Staff as a crutch in order to stand up a little better while delivering his speech - he could not fathom making his way through this battle alive anymore so he began resigning himself. The monk clasped his hands in prayer while attempting to conjure up even a small amount of magic - Poropo wanted to communicate with the Iron Diety, his god and savior, before he perish, "Oh Iron Deity...huff...thank you-!?" With a sickly sweet stab, the beast in front of the monk was impaled!


The monk was splattered with bits of blood, shocked by what he just witnessed from the stranger - the muscular beast was felled by a stab in the back, a difficult way to go. The stranger said a few words and left, sliding the gigantic sword out of the beast which caused another burst of blood to pop out of the large stab wound of the beast. "Thank...thank you?" huffed the monk, unclasping his hands and leaning against his staff once more - the monk did not know how to feel about the beast having been slain right in front of him and took a moment to think.

"Rrrrrrgh..." growled the beast on the ground - the beast was not yet dead! Such a large sword must have injured the creature greatly but not enough to finish the job! The monk wanted to panic, but the beast was barely tethered to life at this point. Poropo looked down and attempted to waddle closer with his Elder Sage Staff acting as a crutch again. The beast slowly got up, flexing the muscles around the gaping wound going from back to front! "RrrraaaAAAAARWGH!" bellowed the beast in a broken string of growls! The muscles burst with strength and sealed the wound around the edges to stop anymore bleeding!

"Stop fighting already! HAAAAH!" shouted the monk, swinging at the legs of the still standing beast. The beast tripped and fell, finally unable to get up anymore. The muscles stopped flexing around the wound and blood started to spurt out once more, covering the front of the monk and his fine robes. The monk looked at the blood and then back at the dying beast in front of him, "this could have been avoid...if you knew my language..." The monk looked around to see if he could help anyone else, but the stranger seemed to be more able to than the monk.

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It came as no surprise that Lucretia and the Rune Knight Sho were holding their own rather well against the tide of monsters. Nadine had never been very skilled with swords, but seeing the white haired man stab his Executioner Sword into a kaiju did stir up some desire to learn. Now that she thought about it, even Lucretia's sword, Yoru, was exceptionally big too. Perhaps size did in fact matter as far as swords went. With Sho's timely assistance Poropo was able to defeat his opponent. As her gaze moved along to Hassan she could see that he was having some trouble. She wasn't exactly sure what had transpired during his fight, but from what she could see things were taking an interesting turn. The kaiju he was fighting was rolling on the ground while on fire, and the man had a flaming piece of wood in his hand. Surely even he had to realize it was a poor choice of weaponry, but she didn't see him having any other tools at his disposal.

With her mind set on a path Nadine ran towards her guildmate and further away from Lucretia and Sho.

By the time she managed to reach the wolf-like humanoid it had managed to extinguish most of the flames on its body, and the kaiju was trying to rise on its hands and feet. Approaching quickly from its right side Nadine swung an uppercut into its throat with her gauntlet. The heavy blow rocked the kaiju's body as it gasped for air, but the demi-human wasn't finished with the creature just yet. As the kaiju struggled to open its dirt clogged eyes to glare at her the woman shoved the thumb of her gauntlet into the nearest socket. Using that as a finger-hold she grabbed onto the monster's head and tried to force it back towards the ground. The kaiju's right hand grabbed onto Nadine's gauntlet trying to pry it away, but Nadine's free hand latched onto its wrist as she attempted to maintain control.

Caught up in the heat of the moment the woman hadn't really noticed the particular odor lingering in the area. Although, now that she was up close and personal with the monster the smell was impossible to ignore. What she had mistaken at first glance for mud, was not moist dirt at all. Unable to focus on holding her breath with her current exertions Nadine coughed and scowled. Having blood and gore splattering on herself was one thing, but wrestling with something that had been rolling in feces was something else. As repulsed as she was though, she didn't dare ease up her efforts for a moment knowing all too well that the kaiju would immediately try to murder her if she did.

Her golden eyes, narrowed into an alert glare through combat, fixated on Hasan as her head turned towards him. She didn't know if he had a plan or not, but she shouted one simple command to him:





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“No problem!” Sho said while running off he didn’t want to stick around to see what was going to happen next. There was more beast that needed to be slain at that very moment. He could see Nadine and Lucretia off in the distance, Nadine getting closer to the large wolf and Godzilla-like creature. They were several times bigger than everyone else. Sho dashed across the battlefield one beast opened its mouth and fired a condensed beam of energy that was aimed at Sho. Sho zig zagged in his dashing causing the beam to miss its mark completely. The creature that stood before Sho staggered for a moment. As the beam ceased the monster found itself trying to recharge before its next attack. Sho stopped right next to the beast and swung in a circular motion causing him to spin 360 degrees in nature. The executioner blade went clean through the monster's jaw. WIth that the top of the beast's head slid off onto the ground, the body collapsed quickly afterward.

Bloodshot out onto the ground as the corpse fell lifeless to the ground. Sho didn’t skip a beat he pressed forward with his blade dragging close behind him through the dirt to the next target. An eight-legged creature with mandibles. It shot web out from its abdomen. In an attempt to capture Sho and no doubt devour him. Sho leaped high into the air above the creature. The creature moved to motion its abdomen in a position to fire. But Sho came down too fast with his blade cutting the beast in two right down the middle. Green blood spurt out onto Sho as he landed in between the creature's remains. He looked up and scanned the area for his next target. One that was closer to Nadine and the large wolf. There was another contender pushing a wheelbarrow into the action!? One couldn’t be discouraged as all the help they could get they needed. Even if the wheelbarrow did break upon impact with a creature.

Sho felt filled to the brim with determination as he moved over to the next creature that stood before him. This one is a six-armed creature wielding large pieces of stone as if they were weapons. Not saying much, Sho rushed over to this creature to slay it. Sho pulled the blade up to slash from the ground into the sky at the beast's abdomen. The creature saw fit to block the blade with a stone slab. The blade impacting the slab, almost cutting through it in one go. Sho would pull his blade backward for another attack. This time he dashed around to the left to attack the side of the creature. Sho swung with all of his might into the side of the creature. But it spun around with its six arms blocking it with a piece of stone. This time the blade cleaved right through into the arm of the beast. The beast let out a roar of pain as Sho pulled the blade downward too remove the arm of the beast all together.




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It was about time that Hassan got to stab the creature. It didn't matter how precise it was in the sense of how much damage that Hassan was able to do. The most important thing about this situation was the fact that Hassan was doing damage while the creature was weakened and crippled by the few strategies that Hassan started to employ. He continued to stab away at the being, somewhat in a berserker rage due to all of the fighting that he was experiencing so far. The blood was splashing on Hassan's clothes with each and every attack, it was almost a caveman-like scenario with the level of violence that transpired.

Some of this actually reminded Hassan of his homeland of when his band of mercenaries was under attacked by enemy slavers that they hit a couple of weeks back. He was naive to think that it would have been enough to stab at the person as many times as he could and that would equate to the person is dead. However, Hassan's opponent still lived and a good friend of his ended up taking the poisoned crossbow bolt in his stead. It sucked, the simple fact that you wish that you can finish up all of the enemies that you had in your way, but they managed to survive like cockroaches That last little sputter can turn them into a suicide bomber that can turn the tides f any battlefield, something that Hassan knew all too well about.


With a slash at Hassan's legs, Hassan was taking a few lacerations on his lower body as he struggled to finish the job. However, for safety reasons, Hassan decided to fall back and reassess the situation in regards to the damage that the creature took. After backing off so he wasn't within arms reach. It seemed like the creature was having some trouble actually getting up. Each and every single attempt was met with a groan and a growl. As it continued, those started to turn into low-pitched breathing and a whimper as it laid down on the ground. The life of the creature was leaving its body, it was basically preparing itself to become fertilizer after being charred nearly to death with it. However, it sprang up as if it had one more spurt of life left in it's body. If the creature as going to die, it ws going to take Hassan with it, but his guildmate had other plans.

With Nadine expertly combatting the crature with her gauntlets, she basically knocked some sense into the creature and also blinded the heck out of it when she grabbed it's eye socket. With the amnount of brutality that Nadine was committing to the combat, she really did make it seem like it was child's play with how she was handling the being. At the same time, the smell was a little much, so her vigor started to turn down quite a bit as she turned to Hassan to finish the job.

She only said one thing, and that was the only thing that he needed to hear. For people to join the guild, it was best that they kept the tenants to heart, to seek power and defeat their adversaries.


Humping up in the air, Hassan put all his strength in giving the creature a thrust kick to the chest, knocking it down once more. Afterward, he gave the creature a powerful stomp to the temple with his steel-heeled boots. There was a rather satisfying crack as Hassan wiped the sweat off his brow and put his hands on his waist before looking at his guildmate.

"Thanks, you really saved my bacon there. "



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Seeing the others put their all against the various kaiju’s was certainly pumping up Lucretia; noting that they were spread fairly well and most of them were handling their kaiju’s effectively. Though the strange monk priest seemed to be having quite a bit of trouble with the one that was near him. Lucretia wasn’t sure if she should backtrack to go help him out or keep pushing forward. Gritting her teeth she was pretty sure he could handle himself; if he couldn’t then why would he come here?

The hunter pushed forward, past where the other’s were. Nadine and the man using his bare hands seemed to be doing well enough together. There was no point in assisting them without adding the ‘too many cooks’ line to a fight. She’d glance at the other individual with a large sword; fighting what looked to be a kaiju with multiple arms. He seemed to also have a handle on things.

Biting the inside of her lip she deigned to keep moving forward, holding her blade up high and moving forward. They were approaching the end of this fight from what she could tell. Or they were at the very least making a good dent on the kaiju… The woman halted when she noted the fight still going from a distance. Though her distraction was temporary as a pair of Kaiju stepped into view, one of them was an almost ape-like looking one and the other reminded her of an eel. Both of them were covered in scratches and bleeding from multiple wounds. Telling that they came from another fight.

Rolling her shoulders and charging forward the woman brought her sword up high. Looking to slice the ape in half with her first attack. Though it brought it’s arms up that didn’t seem to matter as shuro cut through it’s forearms one after the other. Lucretia put her full weight into the swing effectively bisecting the kaiju in one go. Startling both it and it’s companion. The latter of which let loose a screech of anger.

Lucretia was wide open unfortunately and she felt the claws of the eel kaiju bite into her armor and then down to her flesh underneath. Those were sharp! She hissed in pain and kicked out with a leg, causing it to flop just a bit. They were both a bit tired from the fights they had participated in so this was going to be a bit difficult.

Though the eel didn’t have legs it had a effective set of arms; which she’d change in a sideways swing. Cutting through it’s slimy chest with ease. It let out a scream of pain and with it’s last ditch effort would move down to try to bite into her head… Only to meet yoru on the way down. Effectively spearing it and causing the beast to limply lay against lucretia. With a disgusted look she’d kick off the eel from her blade and glance around…

No more citizens around... Good.


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Poropo Poproporp
Poropo watched as the other fighters were able to take care of their beasts one after the other. The monk had not really taken care of his beast - he needed help from the nice fellow with the large sword, but there was not only one person with a large sword. The second person with a large sword had stark white skin, stark white hair, and icy blue eyes - her sword was large in other ways such as a needlessly yet stylishly large cross-guard and the long, jet black blade. The blade contrasted with her pale complexion, as if the choice was stylish rather than mechanical.

The first individual with a sword, who helped Poropo, had a differently large sword - there was no cross-guard and the blade looked machined with a hold punched at the far end of the blade. The individual wielding this massive hunk of metal seemed to do so effortlessly - a well trained swordsman of unknown origin, at least from the perspective of Poropo. This swordsman also had white hair, not dissimilar to the pale woman with the jet black sword. There were no other swordsman on the battlefield from what Poropo could see, but the monk was too busy with his immediate surrounds to care about the other gates being defended.

Within his immediate vicinity, there was another white-haired person who seemed to be using a wheelbarrow to battle their beast! Poropo was shocked to see a person come into this battle barehanded but then attempt to use a broken wheelbarrow to do combat! If these people are kind, then perhaps Kind Monk Poropo could introduce himself - their treatment of the beasts made the monk feel a little sick, but the beasts were extremely aggressive towards anything they saw. Killing the beasts is likely the only solution without access to magic.

"This irritating nullification field is hindering the ability of anyone to put down these beasts without hurting them...I feel the need to pray for these beasts," mumbled the monk to himself. Poropo leaned on his Elder Sage Staff while attempting to clasp his hands in prayer - the tricky situation almost made the monk fall over so instead of standing he decided to just sit. Still being three meters large, the monk felt a little wobbly on his feet anyway, so sitting was the best course of action for this prayer.

With a second to himself, the monk attempted to pray for the fallen beasts, "Oh Iron Deity, bless the beasts coming to your domain - teach them of purity and kindness as you have done with me so many years ago. I wish only the best for them if you would allow it. As for the other people here...please bless them as they walk their paths - may kindness find them, please." Poropo finished praying for basically everything he could see and looked around at the battle field - the beasts all seemed felled and nobody was seriously injured, except maybe the pride of Poropo. The monk felt as though he could have done better with his enhanced Elder Sage Staff, but perhaps not being the one to finish his beast was for the better.

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The strength behind Hassan's kick knocked their opponent to the ground and out of Nadine's grasp. It was a fine display of power, followed up by a coup de grace that ended in the pleasant sound of shattering bone and the mashing of tissue. As both Hassan and herself took a well deserved moment to rest Nadine glanced over her shoulder to study a splintered and burning building from afar. It was no where near the front lines, but had thought she had heard something strange as she was moving to assist her guildmate. There had been several far off shouts as well earlier to 'watch out' or 'get down,' too. Feeling that the nullification field was still at work the burning building made her very curious. She would have to make a point of trying to find the kaiju that did that later; no doubt it'd have some interesting flavor to it at least.

Her gaze returned to Hassan as he thanked her. Nadine's expression wasn't as aggressive anymore, and the mention of bacon even tugged a half-smile on her lips.

"Maybe, but it's unfortunate not all of the bacon could be saved. That's plenty of good meat going to waste." As her voice trailed off she looked down at the creature they had killed together. Exposed burn wounds had already been soiled by the filth it had been rolling in. The woman then looked at her own hands to make sure that she hadn't been coated in the mess, and even though she saw nothing she'd still be giving herself and her clothes and gear a thorough cleaning. Blood still stained her hands and arms, and she hadn't forgotten about almost being eaten twice in this battle.

"If we're lucky, maybe the big bad wolf will share some of their kill, too." Nadine pointed over her shoulder with her crimson covered gauntlet towards the giant werewolf battling the largest of the kaiju. Personally, going home with a bag full of smoked kaiju jerky sounded like a pretty swell bonus reward to her. The demi-human was going to cut some fillets out of the salvageable corpses once all the dust settled.

"Maybe I'll save some for the others when I get back. Calamity is always hungering." Again she'd smirk, still amused overall at finding another guild member this far from home. However, it made sense that her compatriots would find their way into this conflict one way or another. "I'm Nadine Archambault. I'm going to need more training if I'm going to catch up with you bare-handing monsters."

She chuckled behind a widening grin, the gesture more sly than friendly. Her mouth opened wide as her tongue slid out, just enough to reveal the green symbol on it. It was a smaller version of the marking painted onto Hassan's own shoulder: the emblem of the guild Sleeping Calamity. Once she was sure he got a good look Nadine hid her tongue behind another hungry smile.

"You'll have to treat me to a fight sometime, Monsieur."




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After slashing into the air Sho removed the blade causing what's left of the arm to be mangled. Sho backed off to avoid getting smacked with a slab of stone. A clash of blade versus stone made a loud bang. Sho could look around to see things were starting to wind down around him. There weren’t many kaiju left to fight, some even started to turn hide and run. For Sho, he stayed locked in combat with the beast before him. A slight misstep could lead to some pain for Sho. So he made sure to stay ahead of the situation before him. As he dashed in he was met with a flurry of blows directed at his body. For the moment all Sho could do was blocked as the blows came in. One after the other heavier than the next Sho did the best he could to survive the onslaught of blows. With one glancing blow, it became the deciding coming moments. Sho deflected the blow of the slab of stone with a shift of his blade. This caused the beast to lose its footing altogether as it put all of its might behind that attack.

With that Sho stepped inward with a sword facing outward. A slash at the midsection of the beast. A decisive yet mortal blow that would leave the beast falling to the ground in two pieces. With that Sho stabbed his weapon in the ground. Breathless for a moment he composed himself. Readying himself for the next possible bout. But that’s the thing the beasts were all turning and running away. Sho stood up valiantly and pulled the sword from the ground. He slung it over his shoulder, looking outward into the horizon.


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