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Battle Cry (Everyone)

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With the help of Nadine and her incredible strength, the battle was over. Or at the very least, his battle was over. Defeating the creature that threatened to kill him and cause him harm was only fair play to Hassan's eyes. He had no idea how the kaiju were capable of creating such disposable soldiers that had so much strength to them. But Hassan was feeling a little bit embarrassed at the end of the fight. He was hoping rather heavily on Nadine's interaction to turn the tide of his battle and he kind of hoped that it wouldn't be mentioned boasting in front of their other guildmates. If there was one thing that Hassan didn't want to be seen as in regards to his other comrades, it was weak.

"I promise to do better, just keep how this went to yourself for the time being. I'd rather avoid the jeers from the others and in all honesty, we all have one of those off days, right?"

Making light of the situation was the best that he could do at the moment. At the very least, he was hoping that Natalie would go for it as Hassan took the time to inspect the corpse. Even though Hassan tried to burn the creature to death with flaming cow dung and the smell of cow manure and burning flesh was mixing up to be something that could make even the bravest of men uncomfortable, he still tried to inspect the corpse to the best of his ability.

When it came to battling beasts, it was important to know if there is anything out of the ordinary with the body if it seems like they came into being with some sort of mutation or unexplained magical presence. Now, Hassan was no scientist by any means, he had no idea what could be considered as normal or within the realms of nature, this place was completely different from his home country.

"Oh, a fight huh? I almost forgot that our small band of mercenaries tend to enjoy such activities among each other. Once I manage to get a hold of my powers, I'll gladly show you what I can do. However, getting payment from the town for helping them with the kaiju dilemma would be for the best. Some good food and a warm bed are all I need. "

Priorities and personal pleasures, even the mystical dead body of the Kaiju couldn't change the desires that man tends to abide by. After finding that there was nothing that he could do with the body after poking around the chest cavity, he thought it was best to simply leave it alone.

"In my home country, we tend to use all parts of our kill as a way to either make ends meet or make meat. This might be the first time in a long time where I killed something that wasn't human that I couldn't use at all."

Well, there is a first time for everything.



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After looking outward into the horizon Sho looked around to see the other combatants of this makeshift party. The man with the wheel barrel, the demi-human, the silver-haired woman, and the rotund monk. They all had put in significant work putting down their respective Kaijus. Not long before Sho attached his weapon to his back and began to leave. Looking around for a moment he realized he was still three meters tall and the spell had not worn off yet. The same could be said for the rest of the party. They were still large, some talking while others sat in solitude. Sho was one of those ones in solitude. He could see the large wolf off in the distance still fighting their Kaiju while the smaller ones had been either killed or fled the battlefield altogether. The thing was Sho felt like this wasn’t over, not by a long shot. This was only the prelude to something bigger altogether.

Not saying much but a whistle Sho headed off near the city and sat down, waiting for something. Not sure what he was waiting for but he was indeed waiting for either more Kaiju’s to come or the spell to wear off. Regardless he wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon.


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