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Fortune Wheel Main Switch

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Fortune Wheel Main Switch Empty Tue 08 Jun 2021, 05:50



  • Main accounts don't have a restriction on the Fortune Wheel while alternative accounts need to provide a post of the day to roll.

  • It's possible to switch mains for Fortune Wheel purposes in this topic.

  • Do note that you will be banned from the Fortune Wheel if you switch mains because you don't want to provide a post of the day on an account that you don't really roleplay on anymore.

  • In order to confirm the change, you need to post with your current main (before the switch) in this topic and use the template below.

  • There is no need for confirmation once you have posted in here. You may go to the topic titles and switch (Main) to (Alt) and (Alt) to (Main) in the necessary topics.

  • You may only switch once every 2 months.

[b]Name (Main):[/b] What is the account name of the current Fortune Wheel main?
[b]Name (New Main):[/b] What is the account name of the new Fortune Wheel main?

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Name (Main): Ramses
Name (New Main): Ariael


Fortune Wheel Main Switch Empty Wed 11 Aug 2021, 12:04

Name (Main): Raza
Name (New Main): Lil B

Fortune Wheel Main Switch 5286ed187dbceb8201cb3fe94990f008

Fiorian (#99cccc)|Desiertan (#ffcc00)|Stellan (#ff6600)| Savannan (#009966)

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