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III - Prin-Prin

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Name: Prin-Prin

Slot: Companion

Race: Penguin-like creature

Class: Unique

Quantity: Custom

Element: Nature

Mana: 1000

  • Strength: 41
  • Speed: 41
  • Constitution: 41


Height: 3'3"
Weight: 40 lbs

Appearance: Prin-Prin has the appearance of a penguin with a few small differences. Some of these include the purple set of wings on her back and the strange stitching on her chest. Around her waist Prin-Prin carries a pouch that she shoves whatever she finds interesting into.

Description: Chie came upon Prin-Prin in her travels, and it was love at first sight. She's not really sure what exactly her companion is, nor does she care. Prin-Prin is Prin-Prin.

Personality: Prin-Prin has an upbeat and bright personality, which meshes quite well with Chie's. She is very loyal and angers quickly at anyone who disrespects her owner.


Requirements: None.


  • N/A: None

Companion Perks:
  • Basic Speech: The Companion is capable of speech.

Partner Perks:
  • Bonus Quest Experience Reward: The user receives an additional 15% experience when completing quests.
  • Bonus Quest Jewel Reward: The user receives an additional 15% jewels when completing quests.

Points Breakdown

Please list Companion Points gained and lost for a faster approval process.
  • Unique
  • Beastmaster Start Companion
  • Speech Lv. 2 / Bonus Quest Experience Lv. 3 / Bonus Quest Jewel Lv. 3 (6+9+9=24)

Total points Acquired: 24
Total Points Spent: 24

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Chie has claimed Prin Prin.

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