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Theofratus Philomele

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Name: Theofratus Philomele

Age: 24 | June 21st, X766

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Homosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Sevese

Ethnicity, Mother: Bellan

Class: Summoner

Race: Human

Rank: C-rank

Guild: Empyrean Divine

Tattoo: Cherry Blossom Pink | Left Hand

Face: Altair - Granblue Fantasy


Height: 180cm | 5'9"

Weight: 60kg | 132lbs

Hair: Blueish Silver

Eyes: Honey Brown

Overall: Theo has silver-blue hair and innocent looking brown eyes. He has a heartwarming smile and a cute face for most occasions. His facial characteristics are quite soft giving him his young adult charm. He is thin and fit with a hint of muscles and his height would be described as average. He likes to dress fashionably and is sometimes flamboyant going for a more regal look if the situation demands it, but he also pays attention to his casualwear. He carries himself with grace and elegance in his movements and posture without being too extra, just enough so he can make some eyes turn. His preference in color comes down to white, black, blue, brown and purple in addition to all the variety of shades of these colors. He always dresses appropriately for the occasion but prefers more comfortable clothing, with big shirts, loose pants and robes or cardigans.

Extra: Glasses


Personality: A gentle and kind soul, he rejected the way his parents and most of his society treated people that were not up to their standards and decided to treat others with respect and care for them unless of course they mean him harm.

He does not care to judge others, only their actions when they hurt innocents, that can change his stance towards them. This situation aside he is protective and supportive of others, trying to help them realize their own dreams if he can help in some way.

He is quite social and likes a good laugh and a good time but also appreciates his private time with a good book, allowing him to recharge his batteries and be his best self. That said he can have mood swings due to his depression lingering from his childhood years but his spiritual support group is always there to cheer him up.

Even though he is a fan of a good time he is a calm and serene person, a good listener and wants to believe that he gives good advice, although it's mostly to trigger the other person towards making a decision themselves that's best for them.

He will gladly make friends with anyone he finds interesting, and most of the time he always finds something interesting in everyone. His trauma with heartbreak is still fresh despite a few years having passed but he is still unable to unlock his heart and offer it to a significant other, as such he doesn't pursue any kind of intimate relationships-at least until he can uncover the truth-.

The slight smile rarely leaves his lips as he diligently practices his craft, using his alchemy to help others when they seek his aid, however he draws the line when it has to do with the free will of others.


  • Books & Reading: Nothing spells an amazing time better than a book for Theo, his gateway to escape the routine of life and travel to different places of the world through stories, myths and legends. Learning about traditions in every aspect of each culture, from local rituals to culinary delights, he's a sponge absorbing everything he reads.
  • Alchemy: His studies involve a mix of science, magic and herbology. Knowing most plants' properties, even from places outside Fiore, properties of chemicals and just the right ingredients -it's like he can hear them guiding him- he knows to concoct the right potion for most situations.


  • Oppression: He's done taking orders and will not allow anyone to take away his freedom again or tell him how to be and act. If he's in a situation where he feels like he's being suffocated he will remove himself from that situation post-haste, as well as the people involved in it from his life, except in the event of a sincere apology and a change in manners.
  • Deception: Not being true to oneself and not being straight with others, hiding behind a fake and giving insincere promises is not the name of the game for him. It's better to be truthful even if it hurts the person, than the person finding out later and hurting more... unless the truth would kill.


  • Knowledge: There's  a wealthy amount of knowledge to be gained through life and Theo is all for it. From life experiences, dealing with various situations and of course arcane knowledge, this force drives him forward and makes him strive to better himself.
  • Adventuring: Despite being a book enthusiast he's not one to sit in one place for long, he loves travelling and adventuring, especially when there's good company involved and plenty of experiences to be had.


  • Heartbreak: Not wanting to experience another severe heartbreak he has closed himself emotionally. His trust in sentimental relationships broken he no longer seeks the comfort of another person's touch.
  • Loneliness: Despite him not wanting any sentimental relationship with others, he is still very much a social person and loves to be around people he likes. Moments alone are fine, but not loneliness in life.


Strength: 1

Speed: 1

Constitution: 1

Endurance: 1

Intelligence: 87


Magic Name: Evangelia

Magic Element: Light

Magic Enhancement: Upgrade - Defensive

Magic Description: A magic that allows the caster to call upon benevolent spirits. They can communicate normally and appear in humanlike shape but don't have characteristics as they are figures of pure light and mana.
The caster is also able to provide support through the use of supplementary, buffing and defensive spells.



~Be Creative, Chart Your Course~

Theo was born in a prestigious family well known in the art of war and healing. Paladins and priests that fortified the ranks of the army and were well known for how ferociously they fought and how devoted they were to their country. He spent his childhood living in quite a wealthy household with all the relatives living next to each other, training and sparring daily, they were a rowdy bunch but kind and devoted to their goal. The kindness soon proved to be something that had to be earned, he didn't possess any kind of healing magic nor the prowess of a warrior, he hadn't even managed to perform any kind of magic and to their frustration his parents had him locked up in the house, he wasn't allowed to go outside or have any kind of conversation aside from his family. He got homeschooled under stern eyes and was criticized harshly for any mistake he made, with only his mother showing him some kind of pity and leaving him books to read.

Loneliness and depression found their way in his heart and his only escape were the adventures of the books' heroes, but that was only temporary. Overtime his imagination grew and he could now create stories and adventures in his mind, create his own heroes with their own unique personalities, he had a corner of hope and light in his heart, he wanted to leave and live his own adventures and that same light of hope took a form as it slipped from his hands and created a humanoid figure. It talked to him and astonished him, uncertain of what just happened he started talking to the figure, created from nothing but light, it was a warm and friendly glow that made him feel hopeful and free, his heart was calm.

In the following days the figure kept him company, he had learned to summon it at will now and was quite happy to have a friend to talk to. His parents were oblivious to this as he did not care to reveal this secret, he had seen the real face of his parents and was not interested in them accepting him in the slightest, his life suddenly became more bearable and he looked to the future.

~Signs Of Love Overshadow My Dreams~

As time passed Theo felt his magic grow, he could not only call upon the figures of light but also create protective domes and enhance the capabilities of others. He kept his secret about the summoning but he realized he had to get on their good side if he was allowed to ever go out of the house for a chance at freedom.

His parents witnessed his newfound abilities and were quite joyous finally accepting him fully as a member of the family and started bragging about their son's strategical magic, he could be protecting and strengthening the army with ease thanks to the training they would provide him with- he cared for none of that all that mattered was to learn more about the outside world and get his chance-.

Time was passing and Theo was gaining ever more knowledge about the world, his magic allowed him free pass from his parents and they started treating him better, as much as he would like to deny it this newfound affection from his parents clouded his judgement about him escaping, but he never forgot about it, even while things seemed to be good he was under a lot of scrutiny to perform his best when training and was expected to surpass his peers, relatives or not. He still had his summons as friends to talk to and even get advice from as he realized that each one had their own personality.

That soon changed when a longtime friend of his father moved close to them with his family. He had a son that matched Theo in age and turned out that the two got along quite well. For years they grew up together, training, chatting, exploring, laughing and always being there for each other, they became inseparable and in time Theo came to look at him in a different way. They were both grown up and he had become a handsome young man in his own right, his heart would skip a beat and his stomach would be full of butterflies after Theo realized the feelings he harbored.

Theo kept going further away from his dream of escaping, despite that even now he was under constant pressure as to how he had to act and how he had to be, the only time he could be himself was with him, but he was here and that's where Theo wanted to stay. In time he learned everything and his reaction was very positive sharing the same feelings with Theo, he had finally found someone more than a friend, he found a partner. They made plans and dreams and promises of a happy life, Theo wanted to stay with him forever.

~Tell Me Why You Did It, Every Dream Falling Apart~

An all-out war was getting closer by the day, the city wouldn't be able to handle more attacks from the creatures. Theo would be sent with the rest of his family to battle and his-now-partner would be beside him. Their love had to be kept a secret as there was no family without a man partnered with a woman, at least in both their families' eyes. Theo did not care for that, as long as he had him on his side he felt like he could take on the entire world. The bond they shared managed to keep him sane and in time he forgot about his other secret, his old friends that were there for him when he needed them the most, with his time becoming more and more limited he didn't try to call on them for quite a while.

The time was neigh as they prepared for battle, the creatures showed themselves and charged towards the army. They carried gigantic axes and spears, claymores and halberds, the soldiers would take quite the hit if they landed on the wrong end of those weapons. Light danced among them and expanded into protective domes and barriers as the enemy was making a move. No soldier was harmed severely and they were quickly patched up with the war having concluded with his city's victory within a matter of a few days.

That could be their chance he thought, each soldier was to be granted a gift after a war, and theirs could be that of freedom, in his head at least, they would ask of it in a different way. But he was nowhere to be found, a soldier came running from the sides. He had become an apostate, he was seen walking away with two hooded figures while his place was in the battlefield. Theo was in shock, the description of the situation did not seem like an  abduction, he simply walked out of the battle with them, no dragging, no resistance, nothing.

And that's how his days went by, full of emptiness, he still couldn't believe what transpired with him, he had no one to turn to now. "Now that is just offensive dear, we're always here!" he heard a voice from inside his room, but no one was there. The light slipped from his hands once more and created a figure. He was never alone, he had forgotten that, even before him, he had those he could trust.

He decided to look past the shattered dreams that once filled his mind with love. He would leave behind the empty promises and now venture forth and find his own freedom with his friends supporting him. Easier said than done, there was a lot of convincing from the summons' part, after all he couldn't just forget so easily.

In time he requested the favor for his participation and performance in the war and despite his parents' disapproval he was granted leave and he set course for Fiore. With his hope renewed, his original course was set back on the right track, with the search for answers tormenting his mind in the meantime.

~Still Sorrow Keeps On Tying Me, But My Soul Wants To Get Free~

A couple years passed with Theo having settled in Fiore making his living as an alchemist or a mage taking on requests and helping others while gathering any knowledge and information he can, it turns out those hooded figures and their symbols that he learned of later are not something generic or common. His life on a turning point, he has found part of the freedom he wanted but his heart is still chained. On this path to freedom he helped with the founding of a guild along with like-minded people who want freedom, power and knowledge. Despite each individual having their own purpose for wanting these things they support each other and Theo has found a new family within the guild's embrace.

Reference: Scooping Apollo
Attribute Points: 86
EXP Points: 57,800


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This character application has been approved.

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