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Samhain: Slime Slaughterfest

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Samhain: Slime Slaughterfest Empty Wed Oct 21, 2020 1:57 am


Name: Slime Slaughterfest
Reward: 2x Pumpkin Pop
Type: Solo
Participants: This game requires one user.
Description: Ready to shoot some slimes?

  • To play the game, the player approaches the game booth in which the skeleton greets them and presents them with a gun.
  • He will open the curtain and let you try to shoot the slimes who will keep hopping around.
  • Roll six dices, in case you have at least four even numbers, you will have shot four and you win.
  • When the game has concluded, the user is considered removed from the topic.

#2Juni Anastos 

Samhain: Slime Slaughterfest Empty Wed Oct 21, 2020 4:02 am

Juni Anastos
Juni was a sad, sad bunny. Wiping the blood from her face and moving on from the game she lost, she decided to try something else. Putting her bunny head back on she took a brain from her basket. " Bone-Appétit " She painfully chuckled to herself and stuffed the brain jelly into her mouth, a gushing of sweet juice bursting and running down the front of the bunny headpiece making it look like she was bleeding from her furry mouth. Walking up to the next booth she smiled inside her headpiece but the deadly cold eyes of the bunny headpiece only stared at the skeleton being and handed her a gun. At this point, Juni had seen so many skeletons she didn't want to gender them. If they alluded to any gender she would follow suit but for now, they were skeleton beings and that was it. Hella spooky but also very nice so it wasn't super unsettling being around them.

The skeleton being the kind bag of bones that he was explained that all Juni had to do was hit a few slimes and win a prize. Now Juni was truly depressed because if she, in fact, did not win then she would have to really go back to Caius for shooting lessons. With her bullet magic all she had been doing was practicing her aim, now was the test that would prove if she had been doing well on her own or if she would need to go back to her master. She really hoped that all her training hadn't been for naught as she aimed for the moving slimes. " Only four right? I can do this ". The words of encouragement for herself helped her pull the trigger as she let off six shots into the slimes that were bouncing around. When she was done she put the gun down and took a look at her handiwork.


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#4Tomoe Tanaka 

Samhain: Slime Slaughterfest Empty Thu Oct 22, 2020 4:30 am

Tomoe Tanaka
Tomoe didn't even remember at which point his outfit had changed, but nevertheless it had. After bobbing for an eyeball and finding it, for better or worse, he had left soaked with blood. The previous skeleton had remarked that Tomoe had become absolutely filthy and needed a change of clothes, but... at no point did he figure that this place, so mysterious in its workings, would actually change his clothes. He had donned black robes and on the side of his head was the mask of some kind of ghost with an expression as if wailing or screaming in pain. They were a bit of a pain to walk in, but whenever he tried to get rid of the attire, it found its way back to him when he wasn't paying attention. It was simply something that couldn't be changed while here, it appeared.

"Slime Slaughterfest, huh...? Now that's more my style!", Tomoe spoke aloud with boisterous confidence that had previously been unlike him while in this place; perhaps he was finally getting into the spirit of... well, whatever this place was.

He stepped up just as a bloody bunny was moving away from the booth. This place let in all kinds, didn't they? Perhaps this wasn't a dimension of evil spirits as much as it was a magical psych ward gone awry. Regardless, the Joyan stepped up to the booth and was handed a gun.

"Shoot the slimes, and the pops be your... uh, prize?"

"That... didn't really rhyme, y'know?", Tomoe replied, scratching the back of his head, unimpressed by the skeleton's attempt.

"Slant rhymes count!", the skeleton proudly retorted.

And with that, Tomoe was handed a gun. Strange. As much as he'd practiced with one to become a more efficient Hunter, he'd never really used one in the field. Rather, he preferred the feel of a bow. If nothing else, he hoped that his time using a bow would carry him through this, as his gun skills were out of date. To make matters worse, he needed to shoot four of them with six bullets. That required either accuracy or dumb luck. He took aim at the hopping slimes, slippery bastards that they were, and unleashed his (probably rigged) gun's fury upon them.


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Such a peculiar time, despite the fact she had yet to win any of those silly games, Esperia had to admit that surprisingly enough she was having quite a bit of fun. At the very least she didn't feel the urge to put the skeletons hosting those games six feet under to make sure they won't trick another person! Although watching this game... Esperia had to admit she was quite intrigued. At one side, she was wondering where in the world they had collected all those little slimes, and at the other side was her curiosity to see how well she could possibly shoot one of them. Her aim wasn't really bad, in the end her family had used firearms for their work for quite a while, and she herself was quite a fan of firearms, so when she saw this particular game, it was hard to resist to not participate straight away! For a while she observed, merely watching at how the game functioned, upon which she finally decided to participate. The skeleton explained the rules to her, she had a magazine of six bullets, if she popped at least 4 slimes, then the price would be hers!

At least they didn't demand a participation fee from her... Grabbing a hold of the rifle she took aim, carefully handling her grip on the weapon to keep the recoil at a minimum and under control and then decided to give things a try. One shot was fired, but rather than focusing on whether she had hit the target or not, she tried to remain focused on the grip of the rifle, wanting to make sure she was wielding it as well as possible, and after several more shots were unleashed, Esperia took a deep breath and smiled, ready to see whether she had won a price or not!

Samhain: Slime Slaughterfest MHKs2Uu

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Steel had been wearing his heavy plate armor and Mjolnir for a while now. He really needed to switch out of it but for now he would keep it on.. You were required to make yourself look like a monster to be here. You had to wear a halloween outfit so to compliment his already existing outfit Steel had carved circular eyes in a burlap sack and pushed it over his head. This was to protect himself from the still moist inside of the pumpkins flesh. Afterwards he had cut and carved a pumpkin into a jack o lantern but instead of removing the top part of the pumpkin he had removed the bottom so that he could stick his head inside. His get up was supposed to be something like a headless horseman.

He passed one of the stands near the “usual haunts” and grabbed some roasted pumpkin seeds in a paper bag. It was free for people who were playing at the stands. He then moved on whilst munching on the roasted pumpkin seeds he had just gotten for himself he saw a stand with a skeleton standing behind it. The skeleton was shouting about how people should “come and play come and play.”

So Steel young as he was intrigued and made his way over to the stands. He first asked “So what is this game all about?” The Skeleton standing in the booth then promptly explained that if you shoot four of the slimes with the gun provided to you then you will win a prize. Steel then asked “So what is the prize?” to which the Skeleton in the booth explained that the prize was “pumpkin pops” The skeleton then explained what you could do with pumpkin pops and Steel agreed to play the games. Stepping up he picked up the gun and started shooting at the slimes that were hopping around up.


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#10Sage Meilyr 

Samhain: Slime Slaughterfest Empty Thu Oct 29, 2020 2:25 pm

Sage Meilyr
Sage was casually looking around Samhain in his witch costume, black pointy hat and black robes, with a black wand to complete the set altogether. Then he saw a booth where people were using a gun to shoot something. For some reason it peeked his interest. So he began to walk towards the booth. When he arrived at the booth, he was greeted by a skeleton.

"Howdy Sir," the skeleton greeted Sage.

"Hello there, what do we have here?" Sage asked with his usual gentle tone.

"Oh would you like to play? All you need to do is shoot these slimes," the skeleton explained.

"Slimes?" Sage questioned, intrigued.

The skeleton then reached his skeletal hand to a decorated golden rope, and pulled the rope down. A red curtain then began to part, revealing the things it hid before. When Sage saw what was behind the curtain, his jaw dropped a bit and his eyes sparkled a little. What was behind the curtain were a group of slimes of peculiar shapes jumping around.

"Aw how adorable." Sage said. The slimes were really adorable, especially when they jumped around their little space. Then Sage started to wonder how the slimes came to be. What substances were they made of and the most important question was if the slimes had any magical capability. Judging from the element of the game Sage guessed that these slimes are easily bred or made as the point of the game was to destroy these slimes.

"So all I need to do is shoot these slimes right?" Sage asked the skeleton as confirmation, suddenly a grim smile form at the edge of his lips, his eyes sparkled menacingly.

"E-er yes." The skeleton said, worried of how Sage seemed to like the idea of it. The skeleton handed Sage a gun. Sage grabbed the gun and immediately began shooting. With a smile across his face.


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MAN VICE JUST WANTS TO WIN ONE SKELLY GAME, WHAT IS THIS GACHA. Vice thinks his Halloween costume was cursed. Having prepared smuggled back-ups, Vice has already worked new magic. There is no more negativity. Shaking in cold confidence, Vice is now an orange shelly. Why is Vice an egg now? He thinks there's some deep philosophical metaphor to be made about his appearance. After thinking deeply, Vice just walks up to play more games. Orange Rift Herald is such a friendly costume, why would Vice be denied now? All the games have led up to shelly Vice's charge forward. Even if Vice had to take a lot of damage, through this new game, he will rank up. There's been many twists and turns, but the gold is ready to be received.

Another nice skeleton gives Vice instructions. It makes Vice comfortable to think the skeletons are not evil hidden Z-ranks. How do the skeletons benefit from this business anyway? Vice is starting to suspect where all these attractions are sourced from. The marketplace has way too many human thingies that undead don't need if they're nice. Spooky gun is received by Vice. The curtain hides something, and then it's revealed to contain slimes. Why must Vice keep abusing the cute monsters? Marksmanship isn't the mage's forte, but he does this game. Slimes are such deep 12 year old existences. What if one slime is actually the other slime? There's a movie where the creepy clones are led by a non-clone. All the skeletons and slimes look the same, but do they deserve to be seen that way?


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Samhain: Slime Slaughterfest Empty Mon Nov 02, 2020 5:11 am

Victor had lost the first game. He did not really know a lot about all this spooky stuff so it was given that he would. Now he was just merrily walking along in this area that seemed to be full of taverns and bars but there also seemed to be other games going on. Victor had gotten himself a bottle of whiskey and tucked it in a brown paper bag and was now just walking along looking at things that seemed weird to him but then again this entire place was weird to him so there was a lot to look at.

In Victor esque fashion Victor would take a swig of whiskey every now and again to stay in peak condition. Peak condition meant there was a slight buzz going on and you wobbled a little bit. Something the inhabitants of this strange realm felt was quite funny. And Victor would agree that he did look a bit funny when he was drunk. Some of the inhabitants seemed to say “trick or treat” instead of saying hello as a greeting so Victor thought maybe that was the modus operandi of this place.

Finding his next booth Victor would greet the skeleton standing in it by saying “Trick or treat” he was then briefed on the conditions of the game. You had to shoot slimes with a gun provided to you. Now Victor wasn't that good at handling guns but the whiskey inside of him steadied his aim as he started playing the game.


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Kurisa sighed as she knew she was not going to win that last game. That was alright since she had this game and two more to win one more pop. She left the area since she had enough booty of her own appearance. The place was stacked with people, some she might have known and a lot of people she did not know. She had doubts about finding anyone she knew at these games as they were probably out and about with friends or perhaps they found someone. Her heart tightened as she feared of her son finding someone to love. What if he abandons her too for his real mother? It was understandable, but she still felt selfish on the part.

Kurisa gazed at the next game which was to kill some slimes. She had several tries it seemed if not a little lower than that. Who has won so far? She did not mind killing somethings as she coldly gazed at her with an expressionless face. Approaching the game she motioned her pointing finger in a 'come here' way. The Skeleton went up to her with no problem and gave her what she needed to play. Tipping his hat he gave her a good luck.


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#18Günter Von Wolf 

Samhain: Slime Slaughterfest Empty Mon Nov 02, 2020 8:32 pm

Günter Von Wolf

As Gunter walks around the main hub of Salim-Huddan, he comes across a game booth. Being that he's kinda bored and Kratos is out fucking bony prostitutes, he'd check out the game. Inside he's greeted by an anorexic fellow with no skin. Or really any meat on the bones at all. This top hat wearing fellow says "Greetings boys and ghouls! It is I, your devilish devotee of the gaming arts. You can call me Skelly! You look like a true hunter, good sir. Would you like to try out a game?"

Gunter who was not expecting to be greeted by this anorexic fuck with really nothing going on and quite bored out of his mind, accepts. The skeleton then hands him a remington shotgun. "Take this, and blast any fuckers down that range! Simple as pie." the skeleton says.

With that, Gunter pumps the shotgun and aims down the range. As he does so, suddenly disgusting cum balls jump out of nowhere down the range. Gunter, a true hunter, fires at these cum shots. Fate would determine if he'd miss his mark.

After playing the game, Gunter puts down the shotgun and says "Well that was fun. Alright, take 'er easy." With that, Gunter walks out of the game booth while the anorexic fellow waves with a shotgun in hand, and says "Please do return! I love the company! And if you're dying to play again, stop on by!"

Gunter thinks to himself "This place is full of freaks and degenerates. Cock-sucking degenerates."


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This time, children are taught violence by being given guns! Well, despite that this one is surely made out of plastic (you can tell it by the weight, anyway), it still resembles the main point of it, right? Masami has been holding the gun improperly ever since a while ago, and the game won't start unless Masami holds it properly! He managed to do it properly this time; he pointed it towards the targets—the slimes, awaiting for slaughtering—and then shooting the skeleton gamemaster instead. Headshot! He would be able to gain candies from that achievement, wouldn't he?

Looks like that wasn't the case; time to get serious, then. The second chance was up, and Masami has to shoot at least four of those slimes to win the game. He wasn't feeling confident at all—it was better shooting using the pinky finger, classic combat and a traditional fest. He wasn't good with weapons since the start, anyway, even if the gun wasn't a real one at most. Attempting to shoot everything at most, and willingly narrating that Masami looked hella cool in the narrator's imagination despite verbally explaining that the character sucked. Oh yes, what a very smart kid; despite that it was just a game, Masami finished in a very tired state.

Samhain: Slime Slaughterfest Untitl19
#FFD699 (Fiorian) | #A23131 (Joyan)

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Doing his best to keep from throwing up into the vat, Aly successfully took out two eyeballs, and won the first of the games. A large glass of water was drank afterwards, to try and remove the taste of flesh and blood from his mouth. It didn't work, and the now even paler than usual elf made his way towards the next game. All he hoped was that there wouldn't be blood involved. Anything else would be fine, just no more blood. He didn't know if his stomach could handle it. Stumbling into the next game, Aly listened as a skeleton described what he was meant to do.

Wait, a skeleton? It had not occurred to him before, but everyone around him was a creature of darkness. Skeletons, zombies, even a vampire running around with an ice lolly of what was likely blood. The 'enemies of light' as he had always heard were living peacefully, and none were attacking him for being an elf. It was incredible to witness, and got Aly psyched up to move into the next game, one that require shooting. It was a gun he was given, which would make it slightly more difficult, but he needed to hit four slimes. Taking aim, he fired his first shots.

Samhain: Slime Slaughterfest Unknown

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#24Hitomi Minamoto 

Samhain: Slime Slaughterfest Empty Fri Nov 13, 2020 9:05 am

Hitomi Minamoto
Happy wasn't the word to describe how she felt, it was more like ecstatic. Genevieve had won her very first game and that gave her the boost in confidence she needed to play some more. Hurrying over to the next game booth she happily greeted the skeleton working the booth. Genevieve had noticed that the booth attended and all of the monsters working in Samhain were fluent in her mother tongue, and all languages that came across them. This made playing games so much easier as understanding rules and how to play were the key to success. Not having been able to talk to many people she was thankful she was able to do so here in Samhain.

The skeleton man happily guided her through the rules and showed her how to use the gun. Genevieve was nervous but her blood was pumping so she lined up her shots and let them rip one after the other. It was fun but before she knew it the game was over. Handing the gun over to the skeleton man she thanked him and took a look at her score, hoping she had gotten as lucky as she had done in the last game

- 201 -

Samhain: Slime Slaughterfest NRhlo2C

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