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Crash the Cash House (Quest)

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#1Ragnar Asgeir 

Crash the Cash House (Quest) Empty on Wed Apr 22, 2020 5:27 am

Ragnar Asgeir

Ragnar stood outside the house of some crime family, they were apparently new to the crime world of Oak and was trying to beat out their rivals by simply using brute force to remove the problems. Ragnar respects that quite a bit and that is why he decided to take this job and the money seemed easy enough. He was given a map of the city and a location where this cash house was, which apparently was in some deserted diner.  Putting the map into his waist pouch, he left and started to walk towards the area that he needed to be.

Once he approached the location that he was supposed to be, he realized that there was very little around him and it was pretty secluded from the rest of the city and the buildings around it as a whole. He can see why this was a cash house. As he walked up to the building, it was clearly an old diner as he pushed the door open,  he could see the booths and the bar along with the place where the cooks would be. The place had been ripped apart for anything of worth, even if there were some very dusty glasses on the back of the bar.  

Ragnar had no idea where to look for this so he started looking in the places where it would be easy to grab it if they had to run quickly, as he started to rip apart the place with his axe. He started with the bar and then eventually worked his way back towards the kitchen as he ripped that apart as well with his axe. He was very surprised that he wasn’t able to find it at this point, as he threw the chunks of dry wood into a big pile in the center of the room as he looked around for it.

Eventually he entered the storage room and he instantly saw that the tiles on the floor were loose and misplaced. Ragnar used his strength to throw the tile against the wall, shattering it, before looking in the hole to find the bag of jewels. Ragnar reached down and pulled it out of the hole before walking over to the large pile of wood. Pulling out his tinder box and flint, he began to start a fire. It did not take long as the splintered and dry wood started to go up in flames. Ragnar left the bag of money in his hand as he walked out the back door towards one of the alleys. Ragnar was way too visible to not be spotted instantly walking out of a burning building if he went out the front.

Ragnar then began to walk, he knew that someone would reach for the bag at some point as he walked and it would vanish from his life. It took nearly five minutes for Martello’s men to find him, apparently, they didn’t think he would leave from the back before they calmly and smoothly took the bag from his grip and vanished into the night.


Bonus Exp and +1 Strength please

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