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Clean Up Crew (Quest)

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#1Ragnar Asgeir 

Clean Up Crew (Quest)  Empty on Mon Apr 20, 2020 9:42 pm

Ragnar Asgeir

Ragnar was told by one of his few contacts in the city that someone named, Remy, who apparently had just finished a fight somewhere and had apparently needed some bodies cleaned up. Ragnar didn't know all the details about what had happened but none of that mattered to him as he walked towards the location he was supposed to meet this man. Ragnar walked over to see a younger man, with blonde hair and a very average-looking face. There was nothing about this man that said he was capable of causing violence or even cutting up the bodies but he was in the spot where he was supposed to meet this man.

You are Remy I assume....Ragnar said, as he just wanted to make sure before he said anything further on the matter.

" Yes I am. Thank you for coming, the project is right this way. " the man said as he walked towards the building. As Ragnar got closer to it he could see that the building was under construction and wasn't remotely finished yet and there wasn't a worker to be seen anywhere nor were there any sign that work had been done there recently. They must be not here or business was put on hold so that this fight could happen, either way makes no difference.

Once they entered the house, Ragnar smelled the sharp metallic smell of blood. He is very use to this smell so it would not cause him any issues, if anything he likes the smell of blood, it made him feel slightly more alive and ready to fight. As he looked around he saw ten bodies, all with various injuries on the body and face, this looked like a pretty good fight if done with very little skill in the way of fighting but as long as the blood flowed.

Ragnar listened to Remy explain that he would cut up the bodies to fit them into a sack, which he produced both an axe and a sack to put the parts into and told Ragnar to go get the bodies and put them next to him. Ragnar stared at the man, as if he doubted he would be able to cut a body up better then he could and quicker, but that wasn't his call to make as he shrugged his shoulders and buried his axe in the wall next to the door, giving Remy a small jump, as he went to go gather the bodies.

Ragnar grabbed the bodies one at a time, trying to give the small man a decent amount of time to get the bodies cut up into pieces. Ragnar grabbed them by their feet and simply dragged them across the floor, as his job was to clean up the bodies and not the blood. This work continued except for three bodies, who did wear different clothes which Ragnar was told to put those in the back to be buried.

Ragnar nodded at this before dragging him over to the window away from Remy and throwing the bodies out the window into the backyard. A corpse is a corpse, there is no need to respect the body after it was dead.

Once they were done, Ragnar, having pulled the axe out of the wall earlier, watched as Remy dragged the massive bag of body parts out of the building before putting it down and handing Ragnar his money.

Ragnar put it in his waist pouch, nodded to the man, before turning around and walking back down the street leaving Remy to do whatever other work was required.


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