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Yassen Hayama [Done]

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#1Yassen Hayama 

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Yassen Hayama



   Name: Yassen Hayama

   Age: May 4th, x769 (18)

   Gender: Male

   Sexuality: Heterosexual
   Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian

   Ethnicity, Mother: Fiorian

   Class: LVL 999 Murabito

   Profession: Farmer (Strength, Endurance)

   Race: Human

   Rank: D-rank

   Guild: Guildless

   Mode: Normal

   Tattoo: Back of right hand, Indigo

   Face: Tokugawa Ieyasu - Sengoku Basara



   Height: 5'10.

   Weight: 196 lbs

   Hair: Jet Black

   Eyes: Amber

   Overall: Yassen. The man among villagers. While most like to dress in slacks or a loose shirt, Yassen enjoys being comfortable. Starting with his torso he wears a simple grey and blue stripped open jacket with black shirt underneath. There are no noticeble markings on the shirt itself but the bells of the jacket are tattered showing its wear. His pants consist of a black pair of loose fitting slacks and he wears a black pair of shoes. His facial features are rather rough with a few scars going diagonally along the bridge of his nose and on his right cheek.

   Extra: -



   Personality: Yassen is an oddity among his peers and even more so around friends. What appears to be a rather stoic look on his face, the male is positively optimistic about things and doesn't care to speak his mind on certain topics. Never one to let an incident or problem worry him, Yassen tries to play the mediator when it comes to issues that are almost bordering violence, but when it comes to those terrorizing a town or attempting to harm innocent people he shows no remorse. A key point to notice about him is that he's almost completely lackadaisical in his demeanor which betrays the hardened eyes he has.  

When it comes to fighting he remains stoic and carefree up until the point where people are caught in the crossfire. His rational doesn't allow him to let those who have done nothing wrong get in the path of stray magic or a stray weapon so he is quick to defend those who cannot defend themselves. He surprisingly has a soft spot for children, noting that they are quite adorable when they aren't causing trouble. All in all Yassen is quite the charasmatic character whether you are good, bad or indifferent until you harm those that shouldn't be harmed he is your best friend.

  • Traveling While originally from Fiore, ever since his awakening to his new "power" Yassen likes to travel around to see the world and help those he can. While the act of traveling is new to him, seeing different sights and meeting new people are the best thing about it.
  • Napping: When he isn't traveling or eating, Yassen likes nothing more than a good nap. He feels as if it relives him of all the stresses of life and after any good fight it is definitely needed.


  • Bullies/Those who pick on the weak: Being one of the many who cannot use magic, Yassen abhors and dislikes those that bully people because of the lack of magical talent that they have. While he never uses violence to justify his actions, he stands up for anyone who is discriminated against for not having magic.
  • Hard Decisions: While not something he can control, being put in a difficult decisions is especially disheartening for the male. When given multiple decisions or a choice that would normally go against his rationale, he finds the best solution is to remove himself from the equation before things go bad.


  • Amassing Money to help his hometown: While the tiny village he was born to is quite well off, Yassen hopes to amass wealth for the sake of helping them florish even more. His true ambition is to make it a haven where all can come together to relax without fear of someting happening.


  • Loss: Even though its inevitable, Yassen fears losing those close to him or those he cares about. He treasures each encounter he makes because they simply make him stronger as a person
  • Losing Sight: While this isn't something about his physical sight, it is more so about his goals. He feels that as a person his goals are what drives him and without them he has nothing to fight for.



  Magic Name: N/A

   Magic Element: N/A

   Magic Description: N/A



   History: Yassen Hayama was born to a Fiorian family in Fiore, a simple farmers family that had no real magical talent. For as long as the family had breathed none of their descendants bore any magical aptitude and instead turned to the land as their discipline. When Yassen was born the family prayed to the Gods to bless them with someone who could use magic. Unfortunately for them he was not the child of prophecy nor magically inclined. As a child, Yassen grew up in the fields, learning to till and grow a myriad of items. Fruits, Veggies, grains. All of these and more were a daily part of his life. Living in a village of simple farmers and traders was a kind existence for him.

When they needed something exterminated or killed, they simply gave a request to a nearby guild or mages to come and handle the situation with no consequence to themselves. They were but simple villagers after all- the lowest of the low. As the male slowly grew he often wondered what the world outside of the village for people like him or would they always remain this way? His mother and father often told him to shed any ideas of the outside world. For how would he protect himself if something came after him? He wasn't strong enough to fight them off and he couldn't use magic or a weapon so what would he do?

The conversation after a period of time ingrained into his mind and kept his existence as a villager for years to come. It wasn't until after he turned sixteen that he found that the world had something more in store for him. Within the years the village had some trouble with goblins occasionally coming through ransacking and killing a few villagers. To respond to this the village enlisted the help of a few mages to come and deal with the issue.

On one clear night, the goblins had waited until the land was dark and the mages were gone for the day knowing that the goblins had learned their lesson. When they knew the threat was gone the stormed the village, taking and killing any who would dare be within their sights. Among those running had been Yassen and his family, the male choosing to hide behind a building thinking he would be safe.

He could hear it all as it transpired. The screams and cries of those being stabbed and run through by the goblins, only wishing he could do something but could a mere villager do? It was when he saw a young child, no more than ten, cowering from a gobling that was sure to spear him through without a second thought. He knew there was nothing he could do, but he could not let that child die. Without thinking he rushed the goblin who was the leader of them all, thinking of nothing than saving that child. With nothing but his fists he threw a single punch to gain the attention of the goblin, but the results were not what he had expected. Before him laid the dead leader, its face caved in by the young villagers fist.

Dumbfounded at first he slowly turned to look at the goblins that were around, their eyes filled with fear before they had turned and ran with their leader dead. He could only stand there in shock as he looked to his fist, the blood of the goblin leader still fresh on his fist. The next day the act was talked about across the village, and Yassen felt a sense of accomplishment. He had no magic or talent for it....but he had saved a young child. By punching a goblin. From that day forward he worked hard and trained to figure out the source of his strength, knowing he was not just a villager. He was the strongest villager.

   Reference: Ylva

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Include a colour of the tattoo in the event that you get it and change the magic information from striking to N/A on all fields.

#3Yassen Hayama 

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Yassen Hayama
alrighty its done


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This character application has been approved.

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