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Rin Moriyama

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Name: Rin Moriyama

Age: May 10th, X768

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Demisexual

Ethnicity, Father: Joyan

Ethnicity, Mother: Joyan

Class: Hunter

Profession: Fashion Model - SPD, INT

Race: Kitsune

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Blue Pegasus

Mode: Normal

Tattoo: right side of abdomen, in cherry blossom pink

Face: Fate Series - Tamamo no Mae


Height: 5'7"

Weight: 131 lbs

Hair: Pink

Eyes: Golden yellow

Rin's a tall, stunning, young woman with a slender, hourglass figure, and well-endowed chest. Her hair is almost to her waist and cherry blossom pink in color. It looks a bit messy but in a good way. Her eyes are sharp and golden yellow in color.

Atop her head is two large caramel brown fox ears, just above her arse, is a caramel brown, fluffy fox tail. As for her attire, she typically wears Joyan style fashion. Such as; kimonos, both short and long, shrine maiden hakama, and etc. She wears Fiorian-style, Bellum-style and even Sinese-style clothing.

Extra: Fox ears and a fox tail


Personality: Rin is a very temperamental person by nature. However, instead of showing it openly, she rather directs her anger and frustration towards something more productive. Like for example, someone makes an off-handed remark that annoys her, she can use her irritation to make an even better one back at them then play innocent and watch them lose their temper instead. It's one of the ways she calms her own frustration by getting a rise out of another person.

Her speech and the way she talks is polite when it comes to strangers. She is known to act somewhat cold towards others when in a foul mood, usually ignoring others when they try to speak to her. Rin is kind and compassionate towards others. If someone is in need of help, Rin would help them without much forethought.

Rin can be a social butterfly at social events and is very well mannered in everyday life, often giving off an air of elegance. She is quite energetic and a bit of an airhead from time to time. Rin is confident in her appearance and has a bit of an ego when it comes to her own looks. Despite this, she isn't flirtatious.

Due to her nature as a kitsune, Rin is very sly and mischievous. She’s not above lying and cheating to reach her objective. She also enjoys playing the occasional mind game with people she deems to be “interesting”. When she’s around those with whom she is close to on an emotional level, her polite way of speaking is more relaxed and informal. Rin is quite blunt, she’s not afraid to say exactly what’s on her mind. This can often get her into trouble with others.

Despite this, when it comes to matters of the heart, Rin is the complete opposite, she has a hard time how she feels for another person for whom she has affections for. When it comes to being around that person, Rin will be very jealous which usually leads her to be both physically and verbally abusive to her crush. Because of her lack of ability to be honest with her feelings for someone else, Rin’s words will often contradict her actions and vice versa. If anyone points it out to her, she will lash out in embarrassed anger at whoever pointed it out.

Rin is incredibly stubborn, once she sets her mind on something, it is extremely difficult to persuade her to change her mind. Rin is a sore loser when it comes to any sort of competition. Whether it be a spar to test skills, a board game, a race, or anything else, Rin hates to lose and will usually pout as a result.

Rin is quite clumsy, if she’s not paying attention to where she’s going, she could easily trip over her own feet, or run smack into a wall. She can be directionally challenged if she hasn’t been to a certain place multiple times. Rin tends to be claustrophobic, so she’ll avoid any and all crowds to avoid freaking out. They make her very uncomfortable and usually induce panic attacks if she can’t get out of them soon enough. This also goes for small enclosed spaces.

When Rin is in a romantic relationship, she is very affectionate and sweet to her partner. However, she is quick to assume if she sees her significant other with another woman. This usually will result in Rin becoming violent towards her boyfriend.


  • Fashion
    As a model, Rin enjoys fashion more than most people. Being able to wear so many beautiful outfits, even sometimes getting to keep them for free because of her work, is one of the most satisfying feelings there is.
  • Sweets
    The only thing Rin loves more than cute or pretty clothes, are sweets. Candy, cakes, cookies, and more. They give her energy and can even calm her down from being stressed.
  • Summer
    Rin's favorite season. To her, it's the best because it's when she can dawn her best swimsuit and go to the beach to play in the ocean.
  • Spring
    Rin's second favorite season. In spring, the weather is not too hot or cold. It's also the best time to go cherry blossom viewing.


  • Crowds
    Rin can't stand crowds, being squished between a bunch of people causes her great discomfort and distress. To the point where she could easily say she's claustrophobic, although that isn't actually true, just gets that feeling.
  • Humans
    Rin hates most humans and is very distrustful of them. Humans were the ones responsible for her suffering in her teen years. All the torture, ridicule and starvation she endured. She doesn't hate all humans though since her mother was a human.
  • Bellans
    Rin especially despises people from Bellum because of what she went through there back in her early teen years. She always says she'll never trust a Bellan.
  • Spicy Food
    Rin's tastebuds are very sensitive so she can't handle spicy food and so, she'll avoid eating them whenever possible.


  • Renown
    Rin is determined to become world famous as a model and mage. It is what she wants more than anything. If she could accomplish this, she would no longer need to be afraid of being treated like a monster.
  • Power
    Rin strives to become a powerful mage so that no one can harm her ever again as they did in the past
  • Bonds
    Rin wants to form strong emotional bonds with others. To have good and longtime friends. This also includes finding a lover who will always love her and stick by her for better or worse.


  • Physical Pain
    After being tortured physically while in slavery, Rin fears to endure that kind of pain again. Especially, if it's caused by a whip.
  • Being Hated
    After all the trauma that Rin suffered through, she fears that there may come a day when she's once again regarded as a monster and hated by all, including loved ones.
  • Thunder
    Rin has an irrational fear of thunder.



Magic Name: Fox-Fire Magic

Magic Element: Fire

Magic Description:
Rin draws on the power of her soul and spiritual energy in order to produce flames known as kistunebi or fox-fire. Unlike regular fire magic, Fox-fire Magic's flames are blue and burn at higher temperatures than regular flames. As a hunter, Rin does not excel at any particular type of spell. Her magic is good for offensive and supplementary purposes. Her flames can be conjured on the end of her tail(s) then, Rin can do a 360-degree spin to launch the flames at her targets. She can even use her flames to buff her speed or strength, among many other things. Fox-fire magic is very versatile in this way. 


History: Rin was born and raised in the slums of Joya. She never knew her father and only knew her mother. Rei was a gentle and kind woman, however, she’d been plagued by misfortune early on, she had once worked in the red light district as a courtesan when she had no money or place to live. It was there she met Rin’s father, Enzo Moriyama, it was he who freed Rei from the red light district, the two fell in love and from their union, Rin was born. However, it wasn’t long after they had their daughter that Enzo disappeared from their lives. After all, it was discovered after Rei gave birth what Enzo really was, a Kistune, this caused chaos in Joya, so in order to protect his lover and daughter, he fled the country. However, Enzo couldn’t have imagined what would become of them after leaving.

Rei and Rin were forced out of their home and had no choice but to try to get by in the slums. Rei did whatever she could to provide for Rin, even going back to selling her body for whatever chump change men in the slums would give her. Rin, on the other hand, had to stay inside their hovel. If people outside were to see what she was, they were sure to chase her out and her mother would suffer as well, which was the last thing she wanted.

There were still times where Rin would sneak out to go exploring. She would always make sure to be careful to avoid running into others, especially adults. Rin would only ever do this at times that her mother went out to work. Rin was already an outcast due to her animalistic ears and tail but, on top of that, she had cherry blossom pink hair and golden yellow eyes. This only made things worse. She had certainly inherited her mother’s natural beauty but had also inherited her father’s innate magical ability.

By the time Rin was eleven, she had started to show signs of being able to use magic. This only added to Rei’s worries. She tried even harder to hide Rin from the world, for fear of what the people of Joya might do to her. In the next year or so, Rei’s worst nightmare would come to fruition but not in a way she imagined. There was an epidemic that swept through Joya in the winter. It was especially bad in the slums due to lack of resources and medical help. During this epidemic, Rei was among the victims. This made in an orphan and now that there wasn’t anyone left to protect her, Rin was exiled from Joya.

Without even getting to say goodbye to her mother or to bury her, she was bound and put in a cage like an animal, put on a cart and taken outside the borders of Joya. While the cart driver was only supposed to transport her outside the border and leave her there, they had other ideas. Once they left the borders of Joya, there was a slave trader waiting to take Rin. The cart driver loaded Rin’s cage into the caravan and took his payment before turning around and returning to Joya. The young Kitsune was now to be sold to the highest bidder. Apparently, in Bellum, many rich individuals had the hobby of keeping demi-humans as pets or as personal servants. It just depended on their preference.

The next several years of Rin’s life she spent being a plaything for the rich. Being starved, having her body played with, even physical torture. She endured this all for so long. Rin had at least three different owners over a span of 3 years. When one got bored with her, they’d sell her off to someone else. Rin’s life had become a living hell. It was when she had her final owner, that she had decided she wished to free herself. After everything she’d been through, Rin wanted to be free, to be in charge of her own fate.

So, the night she was summoned to her master’s bedchambers to please him, is when she would grasp her freedom. She had been asked to feed him fruit and pour his wine. Rin had planning her escape for the last few weeks. It was fortunate, that another servant from the kitchen had managed to get their hands on cyanide poison from the servants who tended the garden and was able to pass it along to Rin. She planned to help the other servants escape after taking him out. She hid a small portion of the poison in a little pair pouch in the cleavage of her chest. When she poured him his wine, she added it in carefully to not be noticed. Once he gulped it down, his fate was sealed. He began to choke, the color from his face began to flush out, soon he was dead. He laid on his bed, completely lifeless. It was a quick and silent death.

That night, Rin and the other servants escaped from the mansion, most even fled the country. Rin included. She was finally free from the shackles of enslavement and could do what she wanted to. She was 15 years old at this point in time, still far too young to make it on her own. As luck would have it, a few short months after she’d escaped, she met a man, who had the same hair color and golden eyes as her. He also was a Kitsune and recognized Rin, letting her know that he was Enzo Moriyama, her father. Rin couldn’t believe it at first, but she did feel a strange bond with Enzo along with a feeling of nostalgia.

Rin decided to believe his story and followed Enzo. He took Rin in, taught her reading and writing, about the stars, how to fight and even about magic. Enzo trained Rin to learn Fox-fire Magic, a form of fire magic that was unique to Kitsune. It was different from most magic because it drew its power from the caster’s soul and spiritual energy. The next few years, she continued to live with Enzo until she reached age 18 and decided she wanted to set out on her own. Soon after she left home, Rin was scouted by a fashion agency from Fiore. The next year, she resided in Fiore, working as a fashion model, despite her being a demi-human, she was well-received by the public and gained fame and fortune. She used the money she made from modeling to buy herself a nice mansion in Crocus.

On top of being a fashion model, Rin took on mage quests to hone her magic and build up a good reputation for herself. She planned to take back her freedom and pride through these actions. Rin was determined to go from being labeled and treated like a monster to a world famous and much sought after mage and model.

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