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Nidelia Sponze

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Name: Nidelia Sponze

Age: January 1st x764

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Pansexual

Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian

Ethnicity, Mother: Fiorian

Class: Hierophant

Race: Nekomata

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Fairy Tail

Mode: Normal

Tattoo: Her right cheek, purple

Face: A picture made using an Anime Avatar creator by Rinmarugames


Height: 5'8

Weight: 150

Hair: Pastel lavender

Eyes: Green

Overall: Nidelia stands at a slightly above average height and carries herself with strong posture and confidence.  She has light purple hair with green eyes, and tends to wear her hair in a mixture of braids.  Her most common hairstyle is to wrap the body of her hair with a long braid, along with have a ponytail with the braid wrapping around it first.  She wears a pale blue dress that is slightly loose fitting around the arms, but the bodice is tighter and more form fitting, and the skirt of the dress is loose, but not a tent, so as to leave her the ability to run if need be.  On top of that dress she wears a crimson red velvet corset, and has a yellow scarf.  

Extra: None


Personality: She's sweet, kind and caring.  She tends to put everyone before her own needs, leading to her easily being taken advantage of when she was younger.  All of her childhood friends used to describe her as naive and innocent, but at the same time ridiculously smart about things, leading to her getting into trouble with simple things.  Now adays she's gotten better about letting others take advantage of her, but she still puts everyone's needs before her own, personally believing she herself isn't necessarily a huge benefit to anyone or even her guild.  She has low self esteem, but doesn't show it outwardly, even to her friends, following the belief to suffer in silence.

She also follows the rules of killing with kindness, in fact, she doesn't know how to hate anyone.  She believes that everyone needs to be loved, even if they are evil, and that as long as you're kind, you'll still come out on top.  That being said, she is a pacifist and refuses to deliberately wound another living person, she will let herself be killed before harming another.  This is what lead to her being a healer, as she prefers to preserve life, rather than take it.  This is part of what has lead to her believing she isn't worth more than what she can provide to other's.  She strives to be a better person everyday, no matter what.


  • Reading: She enjoys reading by herself in a corner in her own world.
  • Friends: There is nothing more important to her than friends that she can sit and talk to, and even go on quests with.


  • Scales: The texture and sensation of touching fish scales, dragon scales, any kind of scales, give her goose bumps and make her hair stand on end.
  • Haters: People who hate everything and everyone, for no real reason, though to her, there is never any reason to hate a person.


  • Peace: She believes that someday, if people could learn to love one another, no matter their mistakes, crimes, shortcomings, etc., that true peace can be achieved, so she works with her guild and guild members, striving to make that vision a reality.


  • Spiders: Classic case of arachnophobia.  Anything to do with spiders and she's three miles away screaming and being heard doing so.
  • Being alone: She greatly fears ever being alone, or even abandoned by everyone she considers her friends and or loved ones.


Magic Name: Beneficial Frost

Magic Element: Frost

Magic Description: Beneficial frost allows the user to utilize the Frost element to heal and protect their allies.  Whether it's by creating a temporary ice shield to absorb some damage taken by the enemy, or coating a wound in a light layer of frost that melts into one's skin to be absorbed to heal the skin. It allows for things like ice walls to guard one's self, or even freeze enemies in place for a small amount of time.


History: Nidelia grew up in a small community, a nice close knit one.  She was born frail and kind of sickly, leading to her having a weak disposition as she grew older, it also lead to some of the stronger people making fun of her and belittling her.  They constantly told her that she was too weak to ever amount to anything and that she should have just died to her illness as an infant.  She never had any hard feelings towards them though, and in fact believed it herself.  One day an elderly man came passing through town and he stayed at their inn, telling stories about his adventures and the guilds of the world.  She listened to his stories like they were the only thing she could ever care about in her life.  Her parents didn't like her spending so much time with the old man however, and kept trying to make her stay home, but she didn't listen and one day some of the bullies caught her outside the inn and actually, for the first time, began to beat her.  The man came out of the inn and immediately became angry and actually challenged the bullies to a fight.

Nidelia claimed it would be unfair, so many against one man, but the man shook his head and said he would be fine.  And he was right.  She watched as he defended her against all of them with training she could only imagine came from his years of adventuring and training that he said he did with his guild and on his own.  When the battle was said and done the man helped her up and used a small healing spell on her that he'd learned long ago.  After experiencing the kindness of the old man she decided that when she came of age she would leave home and try to find a guild and go on adventures of her own, and she decided to learn how to heal others, developing her personal belief system.

Reference: I discovered the site off of Rasmin's forum, so in a sense, Rasmin referred me.  :3  AKA Akira.

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Add colour to your tattoo, put in none for extra, add some more to your magic, remove the 200s comment on your personality and the 300 words comment down the end of your history, then you're good to go.


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I edited it! :3


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This character application has been approved.

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