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Saros Rigel Bordeaux

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#1Saros Rigel 

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Saros Rigel


Name: Saros-Rigel Bordeaux

Age: March 20th, X705 (82)

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Pansexual

Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian

Ethnicity, Mother: Fiorian-Elven

Class: The Spellsinger

Race: Half-Elven

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Rune Knights.

Tattoo: Black - Left Hand

Face: Haise Sasaki - Tokyo Ghoul


Height: 6'3" (1.95m)

Weight: 176.37lbs (80kg)

Hair: Black & white

Eyes: Blue right eye | Red left eye

Overall: A deceptively youthful face, Saros is far from the age he age appears; with most calling him 18. He is actually 82 years old and has great genetics to thank for his flawless porcelain skin and impressive stature to boot. Of course he is half human and so he inherited his fathers own dependence on bifocals which come in the same of a large round pair.

Saros usually keeps to himself, or stays buried in a good book and as such his own posture is one of someone who is meek and shy. He doesn't stand out in a room intentionally, and the only thing that might make him do so would be his eyes, hair and height. If you choose to stare because he keeps his nails painted silver it's your own choice.

Average build without much muscle, Saros is tall and a bit lanky but makes up for it by having a lithe frame due to his elven nature. His style being a mix of what some would call a mixture of goth, and posh and he isn't complaining about the comparisons.

Extra: Large circle rim glasses, gold cartilage piercing in right ear, pointed ears, and a tattoo of the solar system going down his spine with the sun at the top.


Personality: Saros Rigel is that person who walks around with their face deep in a book, unintentionally avoiding society and merely enjoying himself. Often a smile laying on his pale features because of an interesting fact or a new idea that was inspired from some form of literature. He has no problem socializing however, but his favorite form of creativity is that of writing and like all elves he values creativity like others value money.

Unlike most Rune Knights, Saros is accepting of all people and willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. An empathetic soul no doubt, he is often times treating others emotions as his own and it makes him a person that others can talk to easily when they're down or willing to share. He's a firm believer in doing what you will as long as it isn't hurting anyone, and isn't afraid to live the concept or preach it.

Some say he's wise beyond his years, but they don't usually know his age to begin with.

Saros appreciates all the different cultures and races the land has to offer, and being as easy going as he is he tends to just go and visit them instead of always reading about them. Even if he does prefer the way they're explained on a page he isn't opposed to seeing the words in living color. A generous and humorous soul, Saros is often found laughing in situations others would find dire; mainly because he knows not to take life too seriously.

This doesn't stop him from having a temper when provoked or when necessary, but he has a light hearted nature that others can't relate to. They would rather think the world is ending over something so trivial that it won't matter in an hour, and the man is always looking ahead. A lover of art and of living artistic figures, Saros is often inspired by strong personalities around him and always seeing things in a hedonistic light.


  • Reading: What Saros' whole life mainly revolves around, he is never without a book in his hands. Whether it be to pass the time, learn, train, or anything really he is always reading and enjoys all forms of literature. Though his favorite often involves science, be it science fiction or otherwise.
  • Astronomy/Astrology: Saros is an avid follower of the space time continuum and could probably school anyone on the subject. Taking Astronomy, the scientific study of things that deal with celestial objects, space, and the physical universe and Astrology, the study of the relative positions and movements of celestial objects as a means of divining information about terrestrial events; he often combines the two into one concept. It would be easy to send him on a tangent about the stuff so don't even bother getting him started.


  • Improper Grammar: He's not going to be breathing down your back about you not speaking correctly, but it's likely his biggest pet peeve. To hear people say things wrong, or write them the same way they speak them is the quickest way to earn a rise in his irritation.
  • Discrimination/Racism: Being a victim of it time and time again, obviously Saros isn't going to be a fan of it. Being half-elven, he was often taunted and shamed for his appearance and heritage by both elves and humans. It's exactly why he won't tolerate it now.


  • Enlightenment: Saros Rigel wishes to be enlightened with intelligence and an understanding of magic that others can't imagine. For him it is a matter of understanding the energy and connecting with it on a deeper level, and he is entirely motivated to learn all he can to make this happen.


  • Blindness: To lose his sight would be something he would likely never jump back from. Saros' whole life revolves around readings and literature and the beauty of things and to lose access to that is just something that shakes him to the core.
  • Mediocrity: Who in their right mind would want to live a mediocre existence? Saros is not a fan of the idea and is terrified of what such a life would be like, and he has a life span of 400 years! To accomplish nothing in that time would be... unbearable.


Magic Name: Belt of Orion

Magic Element: Light

Magic Description:
Belt of Orion, named after the bright white light magic that Saros uses to his liking. Due to the nature of his magic it is strongest when used to bolster his allies by bathing them in his luminescence, but he is also capable of healing and defensive spells. While they aren't exactly his strong suit they are useful, and in the fine line between these two contrasts he can use offensive and supplementary magic at a moderate standing. Saros' spells often come with some sort of spoken element or quote, as well as dramatic hand movements and white light encompassing his hands.


History: The offspring of a human mage and a wood elf, Saros has never had an easy life. Growing up he found himself often between the human world and the elven world, his parents wanting him to be well versed and both cultures and pushing him to be excellent at the same time. Different language studies, different after school activities, even light magic was pushed onto him and he was more than willing to accept the tasks. Finding an odd joy in advancing his knowledge and understanding as opposed to being concerned with jewel and power.

Saros went through a tone of bullying from his peers, being called names and treated differently because of his race. Though he chose to ignore them and their hurtful words, being better than what they would call him and proving them all wrong with his knowledge and skills. Setting a standard for excellence none of his contemporaries could equal; much to their own chagrin.

Years would pass, and the young man would unfortunately remain youthful while his own father withered away into old age. Watching helplessly as the man expired but instead of mourning he coped with the death most due to his understanding of the universal force, the yin and yang. An endless cycle, as all lives must eventually come to an end.

Eventually he would go on to become a Rune Knight due in part to his own pursuit of knowledge and excellence. He would set a fine example for the youth around him, and find enlightenment beyond what he already had. On top of hearing rumors of a magic tome said to house an incredible light magic, he won't stop until he has it in his grasp.

Deciding to spend the next decade or so honing his magic traveling the land, the now 82 year old man is ready to leave his mark on the world. Maybe to be the greatest scholar, or maybe to be the first man to find true enlightenment, only time would tell.

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This character application has been approved.

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