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James Macallan

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   Name: James Macallan

   Age: March 12th,X757

   Gender: Male

   Sexuality: Straight

   Ethnicity, Father: Caelese

   Ethnicity, Mother: Icebergian

   Class: The Hunter

   Race: Human

   Rank: D-rank

   Guild: Rune knights

   Tattoo: Right shoulder, rune knight blue

   Face: Roland - The dark tower by stephen king.



   Height: 6'3/190cm

   Weight: 176lbs/80kg

   Hair: black with early strings of gray or white

   Eyes: light blue

   Overall: James is a tall man with black unevenly cut hair and an uncouth stubby beard of the same color. He has light blue sharp yet dead eyes with bags under them that he inherited from his long past mother weathered by time. Playground fighting and long past bar fights have left James with a crooked nose and a cauliflower ear, His wife when possessed by evil cut off his left ring finger with a meat cleaver.

Usually he wears a medium weighted armor adorned with bandoliers, covered by an old and dusty serape type cape made from fur and raven feathers. Fighting has filled it with holes that continuously have to be repaired with patches. His boots are made of hardened black cow leather with spurs in the shape of magic circles/pentagrams. He wears a brown cowboy hat.

   Extra: missing left ring finger, crooked nose from breaking, right cauliflower ear



   Personality: James is a person whom at times appears detached or unsympathetic while he in truth really is not he just has a hard time connecting with people because of his fight against evil and what has happened to him and those dear to him, He seems to react angrily at acts of cowardice or self-pity as he thinks all people should attempt to work for the a betterment of self.

He possesses a weird sense of heroism that boundaries on self-centered gain/accomplishment often making him do things that are good but not for all the right reasons, He is perceptive and intelligent like a raven but lacking in the sense of general kindness(not that he is evil he just does not ask for forgiveness the way most others would.)

James often says that he lacks good imagination, which he describes by explaining he is a very practical man that does not seek the meaning behind poetic messages the way a thinker would.He is good at improvising and working on the spot but does so unimaginatively.

He is good at reading people and seeing through their deceitful agendas and has made a habit of staring into the eyes of others no matter how that makes them feel.


  • Labour: Physical work cleanses the soul. Something that James stands firmly by. He feels at his best when he is working. Be it slaying some evil bastard or doing yard work for an old lady incapable of doing it herself. Hard working people are always the ones most straightforward and the ones most truthful.
  • Gambling: Many people have faults and James is one of them. It’s not a heroic trait but James is a sucker for hazard games. He is almost addicted to them and has a habit of sitting down and losing all his money. This is also one of the reasons why he keeps going out on adventures(because he loses all his money and needs new money.)


  • Demons: He dislikes demons/daemons for what they have done to him and those whom he holds dear and also because they are two faced liars that do nothing but strike deals and trick their prey.
  • Cowards: People whom do not even try to better themselves. People whom are too cowardly to step out of their shell and do something with their lives. Cowards are the worst of people and they never prove themselves to anyone.


  • To Live a fulfilled life: James wants to not unlike many other human beings live a fulfilled normal life. He wants to own a house, Get a new wife and some day raise kids of his own. However to get there he has to have a steady income, friends and love. And to get love he has to face his fears.


  • Death of a loved one: James fears having to go through losing someone he loves a second time. His wife was possessed and killed by demons and after that he does not want anyone else he loves to leave him the same way. He is fine with someone leaving him for personal reasons but to have to watch them die would crush him.
  • Cowardice: James fears falling to cowardice. Something he appals and finds unfitting for others. Because of this he always tries to be on top of the situation. Knowing that he would claw his way out of any hard situation even if it takes both tooth & nail.

  • coprostasophobia: The only actual phobia that James suffers from is the phobia of sitting down on the toilet only to find out that you are not able to relieve yourself. Nothing is leaving your body. You cant take a shit so to speak. You want to but the shit is so hard that it just wont come out.



   Magic Name: Wild West

   Magic Element: Earth

   Magic Description: Wild west magic is a magic based on the cowboy western world. Things the magic can do would be things like the magic having the physical appearance of steel. Shoot bullets, flip coins, ensure your footing or unsure others footing by moving the ground around and enhance your stats. Lucky coins? Check. Duck and cover behind some magically created high ground? Check. Dig moats and manholes? Check. If the wild west could do it why can’t you?
Note: The magic can only use spell types limited by the users class.



   History: One cold night in the deserts of Desertio when the dunes were still and the people were lively one man clad in black stepped down from his horse. Hitched it outside the saloon and calmly walked inside. His face was obscured by his hat but those whom knew him cowered from his presence. He stepped to the bar and leaned forward setting his left arm on the table for support.

“Whiskey.” The bartender gave the stranger a nod and slowly faked moving down to pick up the whiskey from underneath the bar table instead moving for the shotgun hung thereunder. “Now bartender, quick with the whiskey. Don’t want no powder.” The bartender as if shook by lightning picked up the whiskey leaving his guns alone “. The stranger knew what the bartender was thinking and the bartender knew the stranger had a big iron on his hip. The whiskey poured into the glass and the stranger drank it in a single swig.

While the stranger was ordering, some of the common folk in the saloon decided to leave. They seemed to know that things were going to start heating up the moment that the stranger set his glass down. The saloon door swung open making a squeaky hinge noise as they ran out. When the bar had emptied and the stranger set his glass down one of the patrons still there moved up to him and set his hand on the strangers shoulder. The patron had the look of an old yet strong man. A clever disguise the stranger thought as he looked at the reflection in his glass. For in the reflection the patron was not. “We don’t take kindly to strangers in this town.” The patron said putting a smirk on the lips of the stranger. “You feeling lucky?”

The patron smiled and put one of his hands down on his holster. “We’ll see.” The stranger put his own hand on his holster and raised the front part of his hat slightly. “You willing to risk it?”
The patron cocked his gun “I think I am.”

The stranger moved faster than death as he cocked and elbowed the man behind him in the gut,turning around, drawing and firing his gun into the mans face. The other patrons stood up and started drawing their guns. The stranger put his left hand over the pistols hammer. Five shots in quick succession set the gun aflame and ended the other patrons before they had fully drawn.

The stranger raised his gun and blew the gunsmoke from the muzzle. Just as he blew the smoke out he heard the bartender pull the shotgun from down under. He turned again faster than that other son of a gun. Just as the bartender raised from below the bar table the stranger stabbed a knife in his skull. He then proceeded tossing his hot gun(almost melted) aside and started walking, whistling a tune.

   Reference: New main of Victor/Joppe

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Remove the Quotation marks around hunter, add a colour to the tattoo otherwise the rest is good to go


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This character application has been approved.

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