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Kyo Hisoka

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#1Kyo Hisoka 

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Kyo Hisoka


Name: Kyo Hisoka

Age: Twenty-Two | 27th August, X765

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Pansexual

Ethnicity, Father: Minstreli

Ethnicity, Mother: Stellan

Class: Spellsinger

Race: Neko

Rank: D-Rank

Guild: Fairy Tail

Tattoo: Under left clavicle, in gold.  

Face: Rakan - League of Legends


Height: 185 cm | 6'

Weight: 78 kg | 170 lbs

Hair: Platinum Blonde with red streaks

Eyes: Sapphire

Overall: Kyo takes a lot of pride in his appearance, although some may say that in order to accentuate the beauty he is gifted with, he goes a tad bit too far (and that would be an understatement). He sports perfectly coifed platinum-blonde hair, which he has taken the liberty to streak with a deep flame orange in certain places. The highlights are particularly visible at the top tufts of his fluffy ears and the bit right above his forehead too. Kyo's eyes almost have a glimmering quality to them, much like the gem that they share the color with, that is, sapphire. His body is chiselled and he has a certain grace about his carefully controlled movements since he is a performer. Occasionally he dons a cape made out of the feathers of a very rare and beautiful golden peacock.  

Extra: He has 'Naomi' tattoed around the base of his left ring-finger in purple. With the o facing the outside of his finger, and adorned more than the other letters, to serve as the gem of the ring.  


Personality: The most striking aspect of the neko's personality is his flamboyance. It marks his (over) confidence and is a reminder of his penchant for craving attention. The second aspect that most are likely to notice with ease, is his charm. He is the kind of guy who would shower people with compliments. Perhaps, it is just to have them be forced to return some or maybe it is just to be liked by them. His sense of humor and his happy-go-lucky attitude usually helps those around him to feel at ease.

Upon the first encounter, Kyo is likely to behave in a manner that aids people in finding him attractive and sometimes even agreeable. He will strike conversations in a way that helps him in finding common ground and try his best to extend a pleasant interaction. He will also find the smallest reason to sing or dance if such an opportunity presents itself. If he doesn't get such a chance, he'll usually at least hum out of boredom anyway. Before he met Naomi, he was an incurable flirt, now he tries to keep that side of him reigned in unless there is a way to use it for his wife's exploits.

As someone who likes to collect and recount stories, Kyo is a bit of a nomad, being in one place for too long usually serves to make him restless and on the occasion, a little bit annoyed too.

Since he is blessed with good looks, he is cursed with vanity. He tries his best to not love himself too much, but it is difficult to not boast. Naomi's dislike for excessive pride makes this a point of contention sometimes.

His carefree attitude is likely to not stay the same if he senses hostility. If a threat is recognized either towards him or more importantly, towards his one and only true love, Naomi, Kyo will make his displeasure known quite clearly. He does see competition in his performing arts as a threat too and will always do his absolute best to outshine anyone else around him. There is a well-masked insecurity behind his cocky and free-spirited attitude. But despite his flaws, much like the cape he wears, the neko has a heart of gold.


  • Admiration: Even just by deduction after setting eyes on the guy, it is no secret that he wants to be looked at and that he hopes to be admired. It could be for his smooth voice, or his killer moves, his sculpted features or his protective bravery... He doesn't discriminate.

  • Adventure: Tied in with his wish to travel, to meet new (fans) people and collect fantabulous experiences, Kyo doesn't shy away from a tale where he gets to be the hero.


  • Being Alone: Being by himself, takes away the option of getting all that attention and admiration that he craves so much. This feeling exponentially intensifies if Naomi (since he considers himself and her as a whole) is not by his side.

  • Lack of humor: Dullness is a plague. Someone who refuses to draw fun from anything is just a pain to be around. A lack of humor is not the same as having the ability to be serious when the situation demands it. It is a plus though, if someone is humorous enough to find a reason to laugh even when circumstances are dire.


  • Popularity: Since he likes to be admired, it is by extension that he prefers to have a greater number of people bestow that positive attention on him. He is not someone to shy away from the fame.

  • Naomi's Cause: The neko had been a bit of a philandering meanderer before he finally settled down with his lover. Her cause offered him a purpose and he is eternally grateful for it.


  • Losing Naomi: He never thought he could feel this way about anyone. She has been someone who grants him the care and attention that he needs while offering something greater to focus on and add meaning to their lives. Losing her in any manner, be it just the love that anchors them together or something darker... He is sure he wouldn't be able to cope with it.

  • Competition: He considers himself to be the best at his arts.Kyo is convinced no one cares for the second-best, so true competition is quite scary to him. The Neko is sure, if he isn't good enough he will lose all the admiration and fame he has so eagerly collected...


Magic Name: Grounded

Magic Element: Earth

Magic Description:  Kyo's magic simply allows him to manipulate and infuse the earth around him with magic. Much like his very warm and attractive personality, he lends a soft golden hue and glimmer to the sand and dust that is under his commands. He believes that he infuses his surroundings with such intense uplifting spirits, that even the earth rallies for him and his allies. He retains the ability to protect himself and his allies either by being on the defensive or on the offensive. Finally, he is always stretching the limits of his magic, and he can use the earth in numerous other ways to hinder an opponent or aid his allies.  


History: Kyo was born to two very liberal neko's that resided in Stella. While it was not unheard of for neko's to live in harmony with humans, not many actually ventured out of the forest to settle among mankind. This already made Kyo feel special. He was also the only child, which was another rarity among the cat-people. His parents were not shy of having ambitions that were greater than raising a litter. His parents while harnessing a fair bit of their free spirit, were more monogamous than other nekos that Kyo knew off. This was both admirable and something that scared Kyo, because he certainly did not believe he possessed the ability to be as loyal to a single person and walk in their footsteps.

Kyo grew up without having the share the attention from the ones that took care of him. Since Kyo attracted a fair bit of intrigue from the people of the town, he quickly developed a bit of his vanity. As he got older, he realised to actually earn fame and maintain the interest that was invested in him, he'd have to offer more than just fluffy ears. And so commenced the neko's journey to hone is talent and sharpen his skills in the performing arts. It didn't take much observation to come to the conclusion that the field was the shortcut to glory.

Gaining a little more insight, Kyo realized that just being good wasn't enough. He was always agitated sharing the spotlight, so if he wanted to perform solo and be better, he'd have to offer his audience something unique and extravagant. Having already begun wielding his magic, Kyo found several ways to use it to enhance his theatrics. Just trickery wasn't enough either, the content of his ballads mattered too. The neko was tired of retelling the same dusty, fabricated accounts. Over time, he undertook a quest to collect true stories about unsung legends all by himself. It was a naive ambition, which festered into something that made him a tad foolhardy, however, his charm, agility and sheer dumb luck helped him stay out of situations that got too sticky. From fierce warriors to gentle Knights, Kyo traveled and collected tales on them all. His performances became better and better. His looks, confidence and protective instincts, earned him a lot of favors  from damsels in distress... Till soon, he became the hero of his own scripts.

Life was all hunky dory until one day, he returned home to his forlorn parents. The line of nekos that his mother's family hailed from, came from a village nestled in the realm of the forest that curled around the town they had settled in. There was some bad news regarding this village. All the information was shrouded in unreliable rumors but the consensus seemed to be that the village had been completely destroyed. There wasn't a moment of hesitation between Kyo being informed and him taking off to investigate, to find the truth. It would make for a dark tale, but to sing of the land that was lost became a necessity, especially considering the distant, but very personal tie he had to it.

But his journey to the village was interrupted by an injured neko. Dark tresses framed her pixie-like face... Smooth skin stretched over her high cheekbones. When her heavy lids lifted, he saw eyes that seemed to be made of liquid gold. Despite her state, she was the pinnacle of beauty in the mind of the performer. She was brave and even in her weakness, she wasn't helpless. Never had he thought, that he'd be a victim of love at first sight. The road ahead ceased to matter, getting the woman to safety and healing her wounds was a top priority. Despite being her knight in shining armor, he was cursed with also being the one to tell her about the destroyed village. Little did he know, that she was the sole survivor. Naomi ended up being the key to the unfortunate details that preceded the village's destruction. Who would have known, that the recounting of a very true story, would change his life forever? The information gleaned from her, pinned the cause of the devastation on a few possessed folks.

Kyo's mother swiftly decided to provide a home to the orphaned neko the performer dragged in. Slowly, a relationship blossomed between the spellsinger and the spellhowler. Two nekos offered each other very different perspectives and forced one another to grow beyond their limited experiences. The inseparable duo depended on each other for a more wholesome life experience, till their goals melded with one another. He surrendered his skills to her purpose, until one day, after almost five years of living together, she deemed him worthy of a lifetime...  

He was happy in her presence and tagged along with her, while she indulged his adventure-and-attention-seeking personality. He continued performing all over Earthland, until fate brought them to Fiore around the time that Crocus dealt with a massive influx of demons. They were almost successfully fought off, but there were rumours that a few got away and that more incursions were to possible. Following which, Naomi wished to settle there to know more and aid anyone who wished to take down the demons. This led them to join the fancy guild called Fairy Tail.


Over the two years the two nekos spent in Fiore, their bond only grew stronger. They tied the knot, but Kyo struggled to define the concept of the union as well as adhere to any notions attached to it. So he faced some adversity, as he struggled with his polyamory, which made him feel like a failure. This was especially the case in comparison to her loyalty towards him and the admiration he held for his parents' relationship. Despite Naomi’s reassurances and that his choices didn't bother her, he continued to dawdle in guilt every time he is briefly attracted to another. This guilt dug into him regardless of whether he acted on it or not (more often than not, he did).

Overtime however, he did come to realise that he still had created something beyond the pleasures of the flesh, with Naomi, that losing her meant more than anyone else who entered and exited his life. Slowly he learned to be content in that and take his partner's words at face value and stopped beating himself up about his natural inclinations. For two years, the couple had roamed Fiore, following the wake of chaos caused by lesser demons and occasionally the possessed daemons. The two have been doing their part to stop any extensively harmful fallout from the incursions. They are well aware that their attempts are meagre and have not even made a successful dent on the threats which continue to rise. So they have vowed to train harder in an attempt to protect Earthland. Kyo is also trying to balance this while not losing his flair for his art, seeking to combine training with honing that skill.


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#2Kyo Hisoka 

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Kyo Hisoka
Refunds & Reclaims

  • Magic: NA
  • Weapon: NA
  • Off-Hand: NA
  • Head: NA
  • Body: NA
  • Relic: NA
  • Race: Reclaim (Nekomata)
  • Companion: NA

Attribute Reallocation

Total Points: 6

  • Strength: 1
  • Speed: 1
  • Endurance: 2
  • Constitution: 1
  • Intelligence: 1

Other Changes


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This character application has been approved.

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